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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, (W. W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883), 
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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Biographical Appendix


Many other biographical sketches, embraced in the body of the work, may be found by reference to the Table of Contents.

ARTEMAS BARNHART, son of John Barnhart, born March 10th 1810, in Ulysses, N. ., settled in Tioga county in 1827, and has been engaged in farming. December 22nd 1833 he married Miss Annie Wood, daughter of Solmon Wood, of Rutland, They have three sons and two daughters.

ELISHA BEEMAN's birthplace was Schuyler county, N.Y., and the year was 1822. He married Emeline Parmeter, of Jackson, Pa. His life has been mostly devoted to farming. His father Havilah Beeman, born in Connecticut, when 18 years of age settled in Schuyler county, N.Y. In 1824 he engaged in lumbering at Lawrenceville. In 1834 he removed to Jackson; afterward to Steuben county, N.Y., where he died in 1863.

FRANK M. BEEMAN, of Millerton, was born in Jackson, in 1849. He married in 1870 Sarah, daughter of Henry and Sarah J. Trowbridge, of Jackson. He is a dealer in general merchandise.

JUSTIN C. BELKNAP JR. was born December 9th 1845. He enlisted in the 188th Pa. volunteers, in February, 1862; was in many battles, and was honorably discharged in 1865. In 1866 he married Alice, daughter of John and Elizabeth Hall, of Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Belknap have three sons and two daughters.

EDWARD B. EVERITT, son of William and Laura Everitt, was born July 3d 1830, in New Jersey, February 10th 1852 he married Naomi J., daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Larrison, of Jackson. They had four children, three of whom are living. Mr. Everitt died several years ago.

W. H. GARRISON was born in Jackson, May 11th 1843. He enlisted in 1862 in the 16th Pa. cavalry, was in a number of battles, and was honorably discharged June 27th 1865. He commenced farming in 1866. January 3d 1869 he married Amelia, daughter of W. B. Sturdevant, of Jackson. He has one son and one daughter. His father was William Garrison.

HARRY F. GRAVES, of Millerton, was born in Covington, Pa., in 1847. His wife was Miss Maggie A. Doud, of Sullivan. Mr. Graves is the publisher and editor of the Millerton Advocate.

OLIVER HAMILTON, of Millerton, was born in Webster, Me., in 1833. When 15 he left his native State, and in 1849 settled in Tioga county. He married Miss Jane Boyd, of Canada. He has been actively engaged in lumbering for many years, and is now conducting a large saw-mill at Millerton.

GEORGE W. HUDSON, son of Joel and Sally Hudson, and a lineal descendant of Hendrick Hudson, was born in Vermont, in 1828. He was young when his father died, and his mother brought her family to West Jackson, and lived until 1879, leaving 135 living descendants. George W. married Eunice Kemp, of Jackson; his occupation is farming.

JACOB LARISON, son of Theodore and Elizabeth Larison, was born December 26th 1805, and departed this life November 15th 1881. His first wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel and Naomi Gray, who died May 11th 1842, leaving two children. November 27th 1842 he married Ruby J., daughter of Abigail and Caleb Lawrence, of Wells. His business through life was farming.

WALTER MESSING, son of Andrew Messing, was born in Diefenort, Saxony Weimar, November, 5th 1832. He came to America in 1855, He is a farmer in Jackson. and makes a specialty of dairying. In 1863 he married Katie, daughter of Frederick and Catharine Weisser, who came from Wurtemburg in 1855. His sons are Walter, Charles, Albert, and an infant; their daughters, Elizabeth S. and Katie.

AUSTIN MITCHELL was born in 1841, in Jackson. He is a son of John and Elizabeth Hartzog Mitchel, His father purchased 120 acres of wild land in Jackson in 1834, and built a saw-mill. He died in 1869; his widow survives. Austin married in 1865 Sarah, daughter of Amzi and Rhoda Schoonover. They have seven children. His occupation is farming.

LOT W. MORRILL was born in Jackson, May 3d 1837, and always lived here. He married Eliza V. Smith, of Southport, N.Y. He is engaged in farming at Jackson Summit; was formerly a cigarmaker.

STEPHEN MORRILL, son of Stephen and Lucy Morrill, was born in Maine, September 28th 1796. About 1833 he took up the farm where he now resides, then an unbroken wilderness. He was in the war of 1812, and his father was a Revolutionary soldier. He married about 1824 Sophronia, daughter of Asa and Mary Frost. They had two children. In 1829 he married Sophronia, daughter of Aaron and Mary Jackson, of Lennox, N.Y. By her he had twelve children, of whom eight survive.

LEVI C. RETAN'S birthplace was Southport, N.Y., and the year of his birth was 1829. He has been twice married; first to Adeline Seeley, of Jackson, second to Mrs. A. Wilson, of Wells. He was formerly a blacksmith, but of late years, has been a farmer. He has held several township offices, and in 1881 was elected magistrate.

MATTHEW K. RETAN was born in Southport, N.Y., in 1827. His parents located in Jackson in 1832, then went to Seneca county, N.Y., and returned to Jackson in 1845. Mr. R. married Miss Margaret A. Mitchell, of Jackson. He was first a farmer, then went into the mercantile business in Millerton. In 1869 he was elected magistrate and served five years. He was associate judge of Tioga county five years. He has been called to several minor positions.

JAMES C. SMITH is a native of Jackson, born in 1843. His wife was Amelia Hudson, of the same place. He is a farmer. His father, Joshua Smith, is also a native of Jackson, born in 1817, and has been a resident there many years.

CHESTER STEWART was born in 1820, near Mitchell's Creek, Pa. He married Maria Seeley, of Jackson. He is engaged in farming. He served three years in Company D 16th Pa. cavalry. Nathan Stewart, his father, born in Tompkins county, N.Y., located in the Tioga Valley about 1820, and removed, in 1835, to Jackson, where he died in 1875.

WILLIAM B. STURDEVANT, son of Jackson and Esther Sturdevant, was born in Newcastle, N.Y., March 3d 1820. He came to Jackson in 1840, where he is engaged in cabinet making and in farming. In 1844 he married Mary, daughter of Levi and Olive Osgood, of Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. S. have had eight children, of whom but three survive.

CHARLES TILLINGHAST was born in Watkins, N.Y., in 1818. He married Maria L. Deming. He was drafted in 1862, and served nine months in Company A 171st Pa. militia. He is engaged in farming. His father, Charles Tillinghast, was born in Albany, N.Y., in 1794; settled in Jackson in 1837, and died in 1865. He was a son of Charles Tillinghast of Revolutionary fame.

WILLIAM TILLINGHAST is a native of Jackson, born in 1838. He was united in marriage with Miss Amelia Wilson, of Wells, Pa., who died in 1880. His occupation is farming. He was master of the Millerton grange for two years.

MRS. MELINDA WHITE, widow of the late John A. White, who died in 1862, was born in Herkimer county, N.Y., December 1st 1829. She still resides upon the old homestead, engaged in agricultural pursuits. Their children were two daughters, both married and living in Jackson. 

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