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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, (W. W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883), 
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B I O G R A P H I C A L   A P P E N D I X

Many other biographical sketches, embraced in the body of the work, may be found by reference to the Table of Contents. 
WILLIAM W. BASTIAN was born in Jackson, in 1857, and in 1881 married Addie, daughter of Daniel and Kate Heyler, of Liberty. By occupation he is a butcher, of the firm of Heyler & Bastian, who commenced business April 1st 1881 and employ four men.

JOHN H. CHILDS, son of Richard and Margaret Childs, was born in 1836, in Monturesville. He married Miss Ellen Miller, of Athens, Pa., in 1860; they have five children. Mr. C. claims to have been the first man to enlist from Tioga county in the civil war. He joined Company G 10th Pa. volunteers in 1861, for three months; re-enlisted March 10th 1864 in Company G 7th Pa. cavalry, and served to the close of the war. He engaged in the mercantile business in 1880 in Nauvoo; in 1882 became proprietor of the National Hotel, and was appointed postmaster.

SAMUEL HARTMAN was born in 1823, in Williamsport, Pa. His wife was Mary A., daughter of Isaac and Christiana Werline. In 1861 he engaged in a general mercantile business in Liberty, which be still carries on. He has adopted five children, one of whom, Joseph Hartman, served four years during the civil war; another is in the regular army. Mr. H. is a son of James and Margaret Hartman.

JOHN HARTSOCK, son of Daniel and Mary Hartsock, was born in Liberty, October 5th 1836. He was a merchant the first three years after attaining his majority, and has since been a farmer. March 23d 1864 he married Mary, daughter of Matthew and Mary Decoursey, of Liberty, His children are Mary A., Henry E., Harriet E., William C. and Clara C,

RICHARD H. HARTSOCK was born in Liberty, in 1832. He married Miss Julia Miller, of Jackson, in 1858. He is a dealer in general merchandise, His parents were Daniel and Mary Hartsock.

JOSEPH HEYLER is a son of John and Elizabeth Heyler, and was born in Nauvoo, in 1860. Formerly a farmer, he is now engaged in blacksmithing.

ALBERT G. KRAIS is a son of Ludwig and Dorothea Krais, and a native of Wurtemburg, Germany. He was born in 1838; came to this country in 1861, and bought out the tannery of his brother Gottlieb in Liberty, which he carried on for several years, when he sold it and purchased 50 acres of land. In 1879 he became one of the firm of Vail & Krais, which turns Out about 5,000 sides of leather annually. In 1866 he married Anna, daughter of Christian and Mary Biser; they have five children.

GOTTLOB KRISE was born in Wurtemburg, in 1831. He married Mary A. Messner. He came to America in 1848 with two brothers, and located at Liberty. With the exception of a three years' tour in the west he has been engaged in farming and tanning; he now finishes 6,000 sides of leather annually.

JONATHAN KREGER was born in 1820 at Shamokin Creek, Pa. He is a son of John and Hannah Kreger. The father in 1824 took up 125 acres of wild land in Jackson. This farm is still owned by the son, who is also a carpenter, cabinet maker and undertaker, with a place of business in Liberty. In 1845 be married Miss Nancy Landis, of Liberty; of their eight children six survive.

CHARLES A. MILLER was born in Jackson, Pa., in 1840. His wife was Miss Clara Sebring, of Liberty, Pa. In 1857 he began as clerk in the store of Werline & Miller; in 1860 became a partner; in 1861 closed the business, and engaged in lumbering. He afterward engaged in farming, but in 1872 bought out Mr. Sebring and became one of the firm of C. A. Miller & Bros. In 1880 he built the elegant brick block which the firm now occupy.

PERRY MILLER, son of John and Catherine Miller was born in Jackson, in 1837. He married Miss Mary A. Casselberry, of Liberty, in 1868; of their eight children four survive. He enlisted in 1864 in Company B 8th Pa. volunteers; was twice wounded, and served to the close of the war. He is now a farmer, owning 56 acres

WILLIAM NARBER was born in 1832, at Hughsville Pa., and married Miss Harriet A. Moor, of Jackson, Pa. In 1856 he entered the mercantile business with Mr Sebring, afterward with Mr. Moor, and the firm is still Narber & Moor. Mr. Narber has been postmaster at Liberty since 1869.

DAVID OSTROM, son of John and Permilia Ostrom, was born in Tompkins, N.Y., in 1831. He settled in Liberty in 1846, and married Miss Catherine J. Foulkrod; they have two children living, and have lost one. Mr. Ostrom was drafted in 1862 and furnished a substitute. In 1866 he purchased the farm on which he now resides.

GEORGE S. SCHNEIDER was born October 14th 1844, in Liberty, on the farm he now occupies. In 1879 he married Mary, daughter of Frederick and Mary Heyler, of Morris. Their children are Anna and Mary C. The parents of Mr. Schneider were John and Catherine Schneider.

ROBERT C. SEBRING, son of Jonathan and Sarah Sebring, was born in 1819, in Liberty. In 1844 he married Miss Phebe Reed, of Trout Run. Four of their eight children are now living. Mr. Sebring has long been a prominent business man, having been merchant, farmer and hotel keeper, which last is his present business.

MICHAEL SHEFFER, of the firm of M. Sheffer & Sons, manufacturers of carriages, wagons and sleighs, is a son of John and Susanna Sheffer. He was born in Liberty, in 1821. In 1843 he married Mary E., daughter of William and Hannah Cox. They have had five children; four survive. He established himself in 1839 as a carriage maker.

FERDINAND G. THOMAS was born in Otsego county, N.Y., February 7th 1822, and is a son of Sheldon Thomas. Since 1849 he has carried on a farm, and since 1869 has been engaged in the mercantile business. In 1850 he married Leah, daughter of William Frederick, of Liberty. Their children living are William E., Elva J., Ida T., Emma F. and Elmer M.; they lost a daughter named Ada L.

WILLIAM F. WESEMAN, M.D., is a native of Hanover, Germany, and was born in 1822; was graduated at the University of Gottingen, in 1851; came to America in 1852; located first in Northumberland county, Pa., and in 1855 at Liberty. He enlisted in 1864 as first lieutenant under Colonel Cox, in Company B 207th Pa. volunteers, and was quartermaster until the close of the war. He is now practicing medicine at Liberty.

GEORGE R. WHEELAND is a lifelong resident of Liberty. He was born at Nauvoo, December 14th 1827. He is employed in coopering and farming; was formerly engaged in lumbering. He served nine months in the 207th Pa. volunteers. He married Mary A. Beck, of Jackson, Lycoming county. He has been school director, treasurer, etc.; was twice elected magistrate in Jackson, but declined to qualify.

ISAAC F. WHEELAND was born in Liberty, in 1845. His wife was Miss Mary Adela Lichtenthaler, of Monturesville, Pa. He enlisted in 1862 in Company G 13th Pa. cavalry; was in numerous engagements and was wounded several times, but served to the close of the war. He was elected magistrate in 1881. 

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