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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, (W. W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883), 
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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Biographical Appendix

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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Biographical Appendix , Richmond Township, Mansfield Borough (W.W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883), pp. 27-30.

B I O G R A P H I C A L   A P P E N D I X.

Many other biographical sketches, embraced in the body of the work, may be found by reference to the Table of Contents.


WILLIAM ADAMS, son of Lyman and Sophia Mantor Adams, from Massachusetts, was born in Tioga village, March 24th 1816. His wife was Ruth A. Daily, of Tioga. In 1830 he was apprenticed in the office of the Tioga Pioneer; in 1837 he bought out the paper and became the editor, changing its name to the Tioga Democrat. In 1840 he removed it to Lawrenceville, and called it the Lawrenceville Sentinel. He sold it, and in 1842 bought a farm in Rutland, and commenced the study of law. In 1855 he settled at Mansfield. He has practiced law and been a magistrate 25 years. [SRGP 83285]

CLARENCE E. ALLEN, son of Prof. Fordyce A. and Sarah Allen, was born in 1846, in Chautauqua county, N.Y. His wife was Miss Esther Mills, of Lawrenceville. He came to Mansfield in 1864, and is a well-to-do farmer. [SRGP 82548]

ZIMRI ALLEN is a native of Cheshire county, N.H., born in 1828. In 1857 he married Miss Lucena Stevens, of Middlebury, Pa. In 1854 he came from Massachusetts to Chatham, in 1857 removed to Richmond, and in 1861 bought the farm of 82 acres where he now resides. He has been supervisor, and has held other offices. [SRGP 83281]

JOSEPH BALLARD is a native of Burlington, Pa., born in 1809. In 1828 he married Miss Mary A. Bowman, of Towanda, who died in 1857. In 1868 he married Mrs. Rebecca Baker, of Sullivan, Pa. He has four children. In 1841 he settled in Sullivan and purchased 200 acres of land. In 1868 he located at Mansfield, where he now lives. [SRGP 09294]

LEROY BALLARD, of Richmond, was born in Sullivan, in 1842. He married Miss Louisa Harrington, of Columbia, Pa. They have two children. He is engaged in agricultural pursuits. [SRGP 09296]

JOHN M. BARDEN, M.D., was born in Benton, Yates county, N.Y., in 1834, and located in Tioga county in 1853. He studied medicine, and in 1862 was graduated at the New York City Homoeopathic Medical College. He commenced practice in Roseville, and located at Mansfield in 1881. His wife was Harriet H., daughter of Joseph and Phebe Ketchum. [SRGP 18264]

WILLIAM W. BAYNES, son of John and Agnes Baynes, was born in southern Pennsylvania in 1830, and died in 1872. In early life he removed to Rochester, N.Y., with his parents; returning in 1852 he purchased the farm on which his widow and a son, W. H. Baynes, reside. In 1855 he married Miss Rosetta Walker. [SRGP 82527]

LYMAN BEACH is a son of Lyman and Patty Beach, and a native of Wallingford, Conn. He was bom in 1813. In 1845 he removed from Earlville, N.Y., to Mansfield, and was engaged in mercantile business and lumbering many years. He subsequently sold out and began the manufacture of furniture; he retired in 1880. In 1837 he married Miss Harriet Thompson, of Smithfield, N.Y., who died in 1849. In 1852 he was married to Miss Lucinda Clark. [SRGP 19888]

AUGUSTUS N. BENEDICT, born in 1830, in Coventry, N.Y., came with his parents in 1837 to the west part of Richmond, where they located on the Post road. In 1857 he purchased the farm of 60 acres where he now resides. He married Miss Olive Jennings, of Richmond. He has been supervisor of the township.[SRGP 85920]

ORSON A. BENEDICT was born in 1840, in Richmond. He enlisted in 1861 in Company G 45th Pennsylvania volunteers; was in the battles of Antietam, South Mountain and others, and was honorably discharged in 1863. He married Miss Emma R. Kittle, of Fulton county, Pa., in 1867. He owns and carries on a farm of 107 acres. [SRGP 85922]

THURSTON J. BENTLEY, son of Isaac W. and Milley Bentley, was born in Rutland, Pa., in 1857. His wife was Miss Ida Benedict, of Richmond; they have one child. Mr. Bentley is a farmer and owns 76 acres. [SRGP 03200]

ASA A. BULLOCK was born in 1825, in Columbia, Pa. In 1855 he married Lucelia, daughter of Virgilius Sweet, of Richmond, He removed from Bradford county in 1867 to his farm of 133 acres in Richmond, where he now lives. [SRGP 58522]

CHARLES I. CAPELL, son of Henry and Fanny Capell, is a native of Santa Cruz, Canada, born in 1835. He came to Blossburg in 1869, and was brakeman and fireman on the Tioga railroad seven years. In 1876 he went into the hardware trade in Mansfield with F. Kohler, and in 1881 he opened a grocery and restaurant. His wife was Miss Adeline Shailer, of Merricksville, Canada. [SRGP 85924]

J. B. CLARK. JR., son of Justus B. and Catherine Clark, was born in Richmond, in 1832. He married Susan, daughter of James and Phoebe Lucas, of Troy. He enlisted in 1861 in Company B 101st Pa. volunteers, and served four years. He was taken prisoner at Plymouth, N.C., in 1864; was wounded at Fair Oaks in 1862. He has been a farmer and butcher, and in 1881 established the firm of J. B. Clark & Son, dealers in flour and feed at Mansfield. [SRGP 16278]

MELVIN L. CLARK was born in Richmond, near Mansfield, April 20th 1840. He enlisted in September 1861 in Company B 101st Pa. volunteers; served as second lieutenant, then as captain for nearly three years; was promoted to be lieutenant-colonel May 20th 1865, and was mustered out in July following. He married Sarah L. Beach, of Mansfield, January 3d 1866. [SRGP 60915]

PHINEAS V. CLARK is a native of Richmond, born in 1838. He married Miss Lena Niffen, of New York city. In 1861 he enlisted in Company B 101st Pa. volunteers; was in the battle of Williamsburg, and was discharged for disability in 1862. He was for thirteen years railroad station agent and telegraph operator at Mansfield. He was a trustee of the normal school seven years. In 1874 he built near!y opposite the depot a large brick dwelling, which in 1876 was opened as a hotel by John Vanosten. In 1881 Mr. Clark left his business in New York city, enlarged and refitted the house and named it Clark's Hotel, of which he is now proprietor.[SRGP 60912]

CLARK E. CLAUS, son of Benjamin and Nancy Claus, was born February 26th 1855, in Charleston. His wife was Miss Nancy Doxtater, of Herkimer county, N.Y. In 1876 he with S. E. Kemble purchased the livery business of John Vanosten. In 1879 he bought the entire interest, and he has greatly enlarged the establishment.[SRGP 85928]

GEORGE W. COVENEY was born in 1857, in Covington, He came from Monroetown, Pa., in 1872 to Mansfield. His wife was Miss Lelia Bullock, of Richmond. By occupation he is an engineer, His parents were Joseph and Philena Coveney. [SRGP 83145]

LEWIS CRUTTENDEN is a native of England, born in Sussex county, in 1813. In 1834 he married Miss Ann Watters, from the same county. He came to America in 1833 and settled at Peekskill, N.Y. In 1836 he engaged on the Croton water works. In 1839 he purchased 50 acres of land on Lamb's Creek, in Tioga county, where he has since resided. [SRGP 82434]

ROBERT CROSSLEY was born in 1836, in Yorkshire, England, and married there Miss Nannie Barrett in 1860.  He came to America in 1862, and af ter two years located at Mansfield, where he has a market garden of 18 acres, which furnishes employment for five men. [SRGP 83181]

CHARLES DAY was born at West Lawrence, N.Y., in 1844. His wife was Miss Anna Carter. He came with his parents in 1857 from Steuben county, N.Y., to Richmond. He enlisted in 1864 in Company K 210th Pennsylvania volunteers, and served through the war. He was in the battle of Hatcher's Run, and he was complimented by General Meade for bravery on the 6th of February in capturing from the enemy the colors of the 3d Delaware and carrying them through the fight. He is now engaged in the mercantile business.[SRGP 85932]

CHARLES B. DIKE, son of Henry and Martha Dike, was born in 1859, in Lycoming county. He married in 1881 Miss Martha C. Austin, of Richmond. He is junior member of the firm of Henry Dike & Son, lumber manufacturers and proprietors of Dike's saw-mill. [SRGP 30929]

EDWARD DOANE, son of Julius and Maria Doane was born in Oswego county, N.Y., in 1840. His wife was Miss E. M. Graves, of Covington. He came to Tioga county in 1843, with his parents; removed from Blossburg to Mansfield in 1880, and purchased the planing works of Joel Parkhurst, which he has since carried on, employing from six to eight men, manufacturing sash, doors and blinds. He enlisted in 1864 in the 167th Pa. volunteers, and served through the war. [SRGP 52630]

CHESTER W. FENTON, born in 1842, in Charleston, married in 1866 Miss Laura Goodale, of Richmond. In 1861 he enlisted in Company F 11th Pa. cavalry; was wounded before Richmond in 1864; was in the battle of Weldon, N.C., and others, and was discharged at the end of the war. His present occupation is farming. [SRGP 85935]

LUCIUS L. FLOWER was born in 1842, in Newark, N.Y. In 1868 he married Miss Stella S. Coles, who died in 1876. In 1877 he married Miss Wilhelmina Verscelius, of Watkins, N.Y. He enlisted in 1862 in Company I 103d N.Y. volunteers ("Seward Regiment") and was honorably discharged in 1865. In 1866 he located in Tioga county, and, with Lucius Flower, his father, and Stephen Wartons, he built a steam saw-mill. In 1871 they built another further along Lamb's Creek, which they still carry on. [SRGP 85937]

M. H. FRALIC, born at Lamb's Creek, Pa., in 1844. married Miss M. J. Doane, of Covington, in 1869. He enlisted in 1864 in Company K 210th Pa. volunteers; was in the battle of Hatcher's Run, Weldon and Gravel Run, where he was wounded, and was discharged in 1865. He is one of the firm of Fralic Bros., proprietors of the Lamb's Creek steam saw-mill. [SRGP 85940]

D. A. GAYLORD was born in Mansfield, February 10th 1850, and is a life-long resident. His first wife was Miss Emma Elliott, who died January 9th 1877. In September 1879 he married Mary E, Beckwith, of Pine City, N.Y. He is a salesman; his occupation formerly was blicksmithing; he was a member of the common council two years. [SRGP 66069]

IRA GILE is a native of Oneonta, N.Y., born in 1812. He married Miss Maria Mantor, of the same place. He located in 1838 on a farm of 102 acres in Tioga, which he still owns. In 1846 he moved into Richmond, where he now resides. [SRGP 85943]

MILTON R. GOODALL's birthplace was Richmond, and the year 1845. His wife was Miss Helen Knowlton, of Sullivan. He enlisted in 1864 in Company K 3d Pa. heavy artillery; was soon transferred to the 188th infantry, and served through the war. He was graduated in 1872 at the Mansfield musical academy. In 1881 he was elected magistrate. He is by occupation a carpenter and joiner and lumber manufacturer. [SRGP 52749]

SAMUEL S. GOODALL was born in Richmond, in 1856. He married in 1880 Miss Ella Close, of Chatham. His business is farming. He was town clerk in 1879. His father, Samuel Goodall, came from England with his parents in 1831, and settled at Crooked Creek. He was a wheelwright. In 1843 he married Anna Whitaker, who died in 1853, leaving four children. He then married Mrs. Ellen McClellan, and their son is Samuel S. [SRGP 85945]

VOLNEY W. GOODALL was born in Richmond, in 1860. He owns a farm of 90 acres. His father, William Goodall, born in England in 1817, came to America in 1830. In 1854 he married Sophia A., daughter of Leander K. and Lovina Spencer. He died in 1873, leaving two children. [SRGP 85947]

TRUMAN GRAVES, son of Elisha and Caroline Graves, was born in 1817, in Schoharie county, N.Y.; came to Richmond in 1843, and in 1844 married Miss Louisa M. Randall, of Smithfield, Pa. He is a farmer, owning 106 acres. His father, Elisha Graves, was a soldier of 1812; he died in 1871, at his son's residence. [SRGP 85950]

SILAS HALL'S birthplace was Aurelius, N.Y. He was born in 1811, and in 1826 located in Jackson, Pa., near the Bradford county line. He married Miss Jane Sims, in 1835. He removed in 1880 to Richmond, where he resides on a farm. [SRGP 73851]

ADAM HART was born in 1823, in Lawrenceville. He married in 1845 Miss Eva Dibler, who died in 1862. His second wife, who was Miss Jane H. Crowfoot, died in 1865. The present Mrs. Hart was Miss Lydia M. VanZile, of Rutland. In 1867 Mr. Hart purchased the farm in Richmond where he now resides. His father, John Hart, was a native of Germany; came to America in childhood and settled near Lawrenceville, where his parents kept a hotel several years. [SRGP 09258]

WILLIAM HOLLANDS is a native of Sussex county, England, born in 1812. His wife was Miss Charlotte Cruttenden, of the same county: they were married in 1836. He came to America in 1850, and opened the first harness shop in Mansfield. He was one of the council to incorporate Mansfield, in 1857, and has been burgess three years. In 1865 he was appointed lay reader for conducting an Episcopal church service, and in 1866 a church was organized, of which Mr. H. was financial manager and is senior warden, also superintendent of the Sunday-school. He is vice-president, and was secretary for many years of the State normal school. His sons George and Charles enlisted in the Union army in 1861. The former was taken prisoner in 1864, and never recovered from his eight months' imprisonment at Andersonville. Charles was killed at Fredericksburg in 1862. [SRGP 31438]

STEPHEN HORTON is the son. of John H. and Irene Horton. He was born in Orange county, N.Y., in 1835. He enlisted in 1863 in the State militia when Lee invaded Pennsylvania; re-enlisted, in Company E 35th Pa. construction corps, and served to the end of the war. In 1867 he purchased the farm in Richmond where he resides. His wife was Miss Prudence Allen, of Rutland. [SRGP 19861]

PROF. W. S. HULSLANDER is a native of Sullivan, and was born November 26th 1852. He graduated from the Mansfield State normal school in 1877; was appointed principal of the model school in 1877, and still holds that position. He married Miss Mamie Coyle, of Port Royal, Pa. [SRGP 04108]

DAVID J. HUSTED was born in Rutland, in 1830. He first married Miss Anna Jerrold, of Richmond, in 1853. She died in 1873, and in 1874 he married Miss Mary Shaw, of Richmond. In 1856 he purchased the farm in Richmond where he resides. He has been superintendent of the poor, and supervisor, and has held minor offices.[SRGP 51852]

HENRY K. HUSTED, son of James and Catherine Husted, was born at Southport, Chemung county, N.Y., in 1823, and came to Tioga county in childhood with his parents. In 1848 he married Miss Ann J. Evans, of Blossburg. He has been a magistrate five years. His occupation is farming. [SRGP 78250]

JOHN C. IRETON was born in Burlington county, N.J., in 1821. When 14 he was apprenticed to Charles and Samuel Sykes and brought by them to Richmond. At 21 he commenced for himself, and he now owns 200 acres of good land. In 1851 he married Miss Mary A. Spencer. [SRGP 85954]

WILLIAM H. KINNEY, son of Charles C. and Mary A. Kinney, was born in Providence, R.I., in 1840. His wife was Miss Ellen Smith, of Sheridan, N.Y. He was bookkeeper and paymaster for the Tioga, railroad in Elmira for a time, and came to Tioga county in 1877. He is station agent and telegraph operator at Mansfield. [SRGP85956]

LEWIS KOHLER, born in Tioga, in 1843, enlisted in 1864 in Company K 207th Pa. volunteers, and served to the close of the war; was wounded in battle before Petersburg, and was honorably discharged. In 1866 he married Miss Phoebe J. Webster, of Charleston. His business is farming, and he owns 175 acres. [SRGP 85960]

JOHN W. KOHN is a native of Wurtemburg, Germany, born in 1837. He came to this country in 1854, located at Mansfield, and learned the trade of tanner and currier. In 1862 he married Miss Nancy Rockwell, of Mansfield. They have seven children. In 1876 he purchased the farm of 365 acres where he now resides. [SRGP 85962]

HORATIO H. LAMB, son of Lorain Lamb, was born at Lamb's Creek, in 1820. In 1852 he married Miss Catherine Coffee, daughter of Peter and Catherine Coffee, of Brooklyn, N.Y. She died in 1869, leaving four children, In 1870 he married Mrs. Abbie S. Chandler, of New York city. He enlisted August 25th 1862 in Company B 170th N.Y. volunteers; was Wounded at Ream's Station in 1864, and was honorably discharged. He was a corporal. He is a carpenter and joiner by trade. [SRGP 85829]

GARDNER A. LONGWELL was born in Sussex county, N.J., in 1825. His parents, John and Margaret Longwell, removed to Tioga county from Canada in 1832, and settled in Rutland. His wife was Miss Sarah Jerald, of Richmond. In 1878 he purchased his present farm in Richmond. [SRGP 84675]

ISAAC LOWNSBERY was born in Schoharie county, N.Y., in 1811. His father, Isaac Lownsbery, served seven years in the Revolutionary war, and in 1818 located at Canoe Camp, Tioga county, on 160 acres of land, where he remained during life. Isaac in 1832 married Miss Laura A. Gillett, who died in 1846, leaving five children. In 1848 he married Mrs. Zilla Edsall, of Southport, N.Y. He is a farmer. [SRGP 39958]

ELIAS MILLER is a native of Herkimer county, N.Y., and was born in 1809. He married there Miss Eliza Putman, in 1842. In 1851 he bought 100 acres of land on the Mainesburg road in Richmond, where he now resides.[SRGP 07727]

ORAMEL NEWELL, son of Lyman and Lydia Newell, was born in Troupsburg, N.Y., in 1839. He came to Tioga county in 1865, and engaged in the practice of dentistry, in which he is now engaged at Mansfield. In 1870 he married Miss Emma A. Rockwell, who died in 1873. [SRGP 85970]

HORACE ODELL was born in 1844, in Mansfield. His father, Alexander Odell, removed to Tioga county in 1844 and settled in Covington, where he still resides. Horace married Miss Mary Jane Dike, of Richmond, in 1855. In 1862 he was drafted, and served a year in Company A 171st Pa. infantry. He is now a farmer and owns 125 acres. [SRGP 09652]

ALMERON PERRY was born in 1846, in Richmond, on the farm where he still resides. In 1870 he married Miss Jennie Davey, who died in 1877, leaving two children. In 1879 he married Miss Carrie Pratt, of Richmond. His father, Marvin Perry, came from Otsego county, N.Y., in 1828, and married Miss Laura Gaylord, of Mansfield, by whom he had six children. In 1831 he took up 80 acres of wild land on the Mainesburg road, where his son Almeron still lives.[SRGP 67164]

WILSON C. PHELPS, son of Gilbert and Eliza Phelps, was born in Mansfield, in 1844. His wife was Miss Mary D. Maxwell, of Coudersport, Potter county. He is proprietor of the Wilson mill and a manufacturer of lumber. [SRGP 85973]

PHILEMON D. REXFORD'S birthplace was Harmony, N.Y. He was born in 1839, and in 1859 married Miss Louisa J. Smith, of Sullivan. In 1865 he engaged with the Morris Run Coal Company, and he became outside foreman. In 1876 he bought the farm of 125 acres in Richmond, where he now resides. [SRGP 03064]

JACOB K. RIBBLE was born at Belvidere, N.J., in 1828, and came with his parents to Liberty township in 1832. He married Miss Dorothy L. Schmouder, of Germany. He enlisted in 1864 in Company E 207th Pa. volunteers, and died of disease in front of Petersburg, Va., January 16th 1865. His widow, Mrs. D. L. Ribble, came to Mansfield in 1873. [SRGP 85977]

AMENZO A. RICHMOND is a son of Ananias and Sally A. Richmond. He was born in Sullivan township, in 1851. His wife was Miss Carrie Hulslander, of Sullivan. He owns a farm of 92 acres. [SRGP 09453]

PHILIP S. RIPLEY was born in Burns, N.Y., in 1812 and came with his parents to Tioga county in 1815. His father, Rev. Nehemiah Ripley, was sent there as a missionary of the Baptist church, and after some years purchased a farm on Corey Creek, where he resided until his death, in 1849. Philip S. married Miss Lorana Webster of Sullivan, in 1837. He is a farmer and owns 120 acres. [SRGP 07718]

WILLIAM A. ROWLAND, publisher of the Mansfield Advertiser, was born December 1st 1835, in Toronto. He married Miss Mary A. Gwynne, of Murray, N.Y. The paper issued by him was started by H. C. Mills, as the Valley Enterprise. Afterward it was re-named and conducted by V. A. Elliott, by O. D. Goodenough, by Goodenough & Pratt, by Goodenough & Lewis, by A. E. Lewis for a short time, and in October 1878 Mr. R. took it in charge. [SRGP 85767]

FRANCIS M. SHAW, born in 1831, is a native of Richmond. He enlisted in 1861 in Company B 101st Pa. volunteers, and re-enlisted for the war; was taken prisoner at Plymouth, confined in the Andersonville and Florence prison pens, exchanged at Wilmington, and honorably discharged in 1865. He married Miss Celia O. Seeley in 1865. He is by occupation a farmer. He is a trustee of the State normal school. [SRGP 44745]

HORRY B. SHAW, born in 1838, in Mansfield, enlisted, at the first call for troops in 1861; re-enlisted, in Company B 101st Pa. volunteers; was honorably discharged in 1863 at Newbern; was in the battles of Fair Oaks, Blackwater, Yorktown and others. He married Miss Martha E. Howe, of Mansfield. His occupation is farming and he owns 100 acres. [SRGP 09655]

SEYMOUR D. SHAW was born in Richmond, in 1852, and married Miss Alice Grover, also of Richmond, in 1879. He owns a farm of 90 acres. His father, Andrew J. Shaw, married Minerva Love, of Richmond. They had five children, of whom three are living. Andrew J. died in 1879, aged 52. [SRGP 21381]

WILLIAM E. SHERMAN was born in 1828, in Springfield, Pa. In 1862 he came to Richmond and purchased the farm of 129 acres where he now resides. He married in 1850 Miss Emeline Parsons, of Columbia, Pa., who died in 1854, leaving two children. In 1855 he married Miss Catherine Courtney, of Troy. They have seven children. [SRGP 14990]

JESSE D. SMITH'S birthplace was Rochester, Mass., and the year was 1813. In 1839 he married Miss Laura E. Welton, of Franklin, N.Y., and the same year settled in Tioga county. He removed to Mansfield in 1860, and is engaged in the manufacture of boots and shoes. [SRGP 85979]

A. M. SPENCER, son of Leander K. and Lovina Spencer, was born at Canoe Camp, in 1820. In 1841 he married Miss Sarah Goodall, who died in 1866; they had three children. He married Sarah E. Caldwell, of Wellsboro, in 1869. They have one child. He has been county treasurer one term. His principal business has been lumbering. [SRGP 57254]

ELWIN A. SPENCER was born in 1854, in Richmond. By occupation he is a farmer and lumberman. He was elected town clerk in 1879, and held the office one term. [SRGP 57253]

FRANCIS M. SPENCER, son of Leander and Jane Spencer, was born at Canoe Camp, in 1840. He married Margaret M., daughter of Gilbert and Minerva Searles. He enlisted August 24th 1861 in Company F 11th Pa. cavalry, and served during the war, principally with the army of the Potomac. He came to Mansfield in 1865 and established himself as a photographer. [SRGP 58033]

MORGAN M. SPOOR is a native of Delhi, N.Y., and was born in 1820. In 1842 he married Betsey Fitzsimmons, of Chemung county, N.Y. He located in Middlebury in 1860 as a manufacturer of lumber. In 1869 he purchased the farm of 85 acres in Richmond which he now owns. [SRGP 85982]

LEVI A. STARKEY is a son of Joseph and Lydia Starkey and a native of New Hampshire; he was born in 1819. In 1843 he married Miss Phila Whitcomb, who died in 1866. In 1869 he was united in marriage with Miss Amelia D. White. With his parents he came from New Hampshire to Susquehanna county, Pa., in 1844; to Tioga county in 1847, where they took up 64 acres of wild land in Richmond. Levi A. is a farmer. [SRGP85984]

WILLIAM J. STRATTON, son of Seymour and Susan (Lownsbery) Stratton, was born in 1844, in Richmond. His wife was Josephine Gillett, of Richmond. His father's family located in Mansfield in 1815. He is a farmer and owns 195 acres. [SRGP 85987]

WENTWORTH T. VEDDER, M.D., was born in Oxford, Wis., April 7th 1858. He was graduated in 1880 from the Baltimore College of Physicians and Surgeons; came from Schenectady, N.Y., to Mansfield, July 5th 1880, and engaged in the practice of his profession. [SRGP 32121]

NELSON S. WALKER was born in Red Hook, N.Y., in 1838. He married Miss Ann Davis, of Mansfield, in 1862. He is a farmer. His father, Joseph Walker, came to Mansfield in 1838, and was the first brick maker in the town. In 1843 he purchased 50 acres of land near Mansfield. [SRGP 83658]

WARREN S. WALKER was born in Mansfield, in 1843. In 1875 he married Miss Addie Decker, of Covington. In 1863 he enlisted in the 35th Pa. militia; re-enlisted in 1864 in Company E 3d N.Y. cavalry and served to the close of the war. He is now a farmer, owning 63 acres of land. [SRGP 78252]

ROSWELL D. WEBSTER, son of Roswell and Betsey Webster, is a native of Sullivan, where he was born in 1823. He married Miss Mary J. Soper, of Columbia, in 1852. He removed in 1873 from Sullivan to Mansfield, where he is engaged in farming. His father, Roswell Webster, came on foot from Massachusetts to Tioga county in 1812, and took up 100 acres of land in Sullivan, where he remained until 1875, when he died, aged 86.[SRGP 09449]

JOHN E. WELLS was born in Lawrenceville, in 1850, and is a son of Edward and Jane Wells. He married in 1870 Miss Sarah Lucas, of Rutland. He is a farmer, owning 75 acres. He came to Richmond in 1870 from Bradford county. [SRGP 46877]

PLINY WHITAKER, born in Richmond, in 1820, married Miss Harriet E. Robinson, of Potter county. He is a farmer, and owns 110 acres. His father, Peter Whitaker, born in Canada in 1793, deserted from the British army after the war of 1812, and married Miss Ruth Lownsbery, of Schoharie county, N.Y. They had fourteen children, of whom eleven are living. He took up 50 acres in Tioga county in 1819. He died there in 1874; his wife in 1865.[SRGP 13488]

M. D. WHITE, son of Eri D. and Amelia Demming White, of Edmeston, N.Y., married Miss Munn, of Mansfield. His occupation is farming. His father purchased 75 acres of land in Tioga county in 1875. He enlisted in 1864 in Company K 5th regiment Pa. reserves; was taken prisoner at Spottsylvania and confined at Belle Isle, and at Andersonville, where he died in 1865. [SRGP 85993]

SUMNER WILSON owns a farm of 113 acres. His father, Sumner Wilson, was born in 1779, in England, and came to Massachusetts in early life. He married Martha Harkness; they had eight children. In 1821 he took up 400 acres of land in Richmond, where he died in 1834, and his wife in 1874. [SRGP 74411] 

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