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1883 Tioga County PA History

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, (W. W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883), 
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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Biographical Appendix

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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Biographical Appendix , Union Township (W.W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883), pp. 33-35.

B I O G R A P H I C A L   A P P E N D I X.

Many other biographical sketches, embraced in the body of the work, may be found by reference to the Table of Contents.


JEREMIAH AUSTIN, son of Pardon and Hepsibah Austin, was born in Arlington, Vt., August 15th 1827. In 1857 he married Rhoda Ann, daughter of Dennis and Sarah McGuire, of Granville, N.Y. Their children were Frank B., Maggie L. and Lawrence G., now living, and Addie M. and Sarah J., deceased.

WESLEY BARROW, son of William and Hannah Barrow, was born in Union, July 2nd 1841. His first wife was Anna, daughter of Alpheus and Margaret Dann, whom he married in 1867. She died in 1876, leaving three children--Maggie, now living, and Ray and Guy, deceased. In 1877 Mr. Barrow married Marcia, daughter of Isaac and Melinda Leonard, of Chenango, N.Y. Their children are Robbie and Mary. He has always been a farmer.

ANDERSON BUNN is a son of Joseph and Catherine Bunn, and was born in New Jersey, September 19th 1827. He was six years in Blossburg, and since 1852 has resided in Union, engaged in lumbering and farming. In 1864 he enlisted in the 12th N.Y. cavalry, and served through the war. In 1846 he married Mary J., daughter of Robert and Esther Stratton. Their children are four sons and three daughters.

WILLIAM BUNN was born in Blossburg, August 15th 1847. He is engaged in manufacturing lumber with his brother Francis L, In 1873 he married Anna, daughter of John and Charlotte Lewis, of Union. They have one child, Lottie. Francis L. Bunn was born in Union, December 10th 1851. He married Emma L., daughter of C. H. Wittemore, of Blossburg, and has one daughter, Lena M. His parents were Anderson and Mary J, Bunn.

GEORGE G. COLLINS, son of John and Amelia Collins, was born at Williamsport, July 15th 1819. He is a mason by trade. December 29th 1844 he married Eveline, daughter of Jared and Margaret Newell, of Union. In 1849 he came to Union and engaged in farming. His children are Joseph, Margaret, William, Jared, Arminda and Isaac.

MRS. MARGARET DANN, widow of Alpheus E, Dann was born in Delaware county, N.Y., September 21st 1834, They were married September 13th 1850. He was a farmer and speculator. He was a member of Company F 12th N.Y. cavalry, and died in the general hospital at Elmira, May 6th 1865. Of his children Clayton A. and Mary E. are now living, and Anna, Ambrose M. and Cassius A. are deceased.

JAMES A. GORTON is a son of Charles and Mary Gorton, He was born in Luzerne county, January 27th 1821, and in 1843 married Polly M., daughter of Roswell and Sarah Whitney, of Susquehanna county. In 1844 he located where he now resides in Union. His children are Mary J., Sarah R,, Charles R. and Alice A.

ANDREW J GOSLINE was born February 17th 1828, in Newark, N.Y. He engaged in farming and lumbering, then followed the carpenters' trade till 1875. He and John Coup successfully explored for coal on Laurel Hill and South Mountain. In May 1876 he located at Lick Run Mills, where he is engaged in lumbering. His first wife was Mrs. Harriet M. Westbrook, of Rome, Pa., who died in 1866, leaving three children, William E., Mary E. and Andrew J. jr. His present wife, who was Annie E., daughter of William and Rachel Gordon, of county Down, Ireland, he married August 22nd 1868. His parents were Pomeroy and Charlotte Gosline.

T. S. GRISWOLD, son of Erastus N, and Mary A. Griswold, was born in Yates county, N.Y., June 23d 1925. In 1846 he married Nancy A., daughter of Waldo Reynolds, of Union. Their children were Mary, Nancy and Myrtie, now living, and Harriet G. and Melissa R. deceased. Mr. Griswold is a carpenter and joiner by trade; also engaged in manufacturing lumber. In September 1864 he enlisted in the 12th N.Y. cavalry. and served till the war closed.

THOMAS S. GROOVER was born in Union, November 13th 1835. May 6th 1860 he married Violetta, daughter of William and Violetta Maser, of Liberty. His children are Elmer E., Lester, Warren, Lulie and Sarah (adopted). Mr. Groover is a farmer, and an apiarian especially. He has been assessor two terms. He is a son of Joseph and Marietta Groover.

ANSON B. HARRINGTON is a son of Peter B. and Polly A, Harrington, and was born in Union, October 20th 1850. He was a miner seven years; was hotelkeeper a number of years, and is at present a butcher at Ogdensburg. In 1875 he married Alice, daughter of James and Mary Hermann, of Union. Their children are Anna M., Maud A. and Walter; they have lost a son named Frank.

JOHN M. HAWTHORN was born in Paterson, N.J., June 24th 1849, and is a son of James and Mary Hawthorn. He enlisted September 23d 1864 in Company F 11th Pa. cavalry, and served till the war ended. He was engaged in lumbering until 1880, when he bought his present farm in Union.

JOHN IRVIN is the eldest of seven sons of Benjamin and Prudence Irvin, all of whom were soldiers in the Union army at the same time; John was born in Lehigh county, May 24th 1831. He was a merchant in Ogdensburg till 1861, when he went out as lieutenant of Company D 106th Pa. infantry, He was honorably discharged in 1864, and has since been in the mercantile business. He was the first postmaster in Ogdensburg. January 1st 1855 he married Betsey, daughter of Ambrose and Mary Barker. Their children are Martha, Mary, Myrtie and Minnie.

SAMUEL MCCRANEY, was born in Leroy, Pa., December 17th 1855. He is a lumberman by occupation. He married his wife Charlotte July 4th 1876. Their three children are Worday, Jessie M. and Gertie A.

JOHN MCNETT was born in Union, July 30th 1807 and is a farmer. He has been twice married; first, at the age of 33, to Eunice S., daughter of John King, of Sullivan, Pa. His present wife was Alice, daughter of David and Fanny L. Bardwell, of Union, whom he married August 28th 1864. His parents were Eli and Perthena McNett.

ROSWELL MCNETT, brother of John above mentioned, was born December 14th 1809, in Union, whither his parents had removed from Massachusetts in 1804. Of their six children Samuel, John and Roswell are living; Andrew, Eli and Electa are dead. Roswell has been a farmer. August 11th 1850 he married Charlotte, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Pidcock, of Hepburn, Pa. She was born December 17th 1825. Their children have been Samuel E., Alice G. and Willis E. now living, and George E., Roswell D. and Willard D. deceased.

OSCAR C. MILLER, son of Charles and Melinda Miller, was born at Carterville, Pa., January 12th 1855. He has been engaged in the store of C. S. Green since 1865. He was united in marriage to Sarah E., daughter of William Swentor, of Roaring Branch, Pa., September 12th 1876. They have two children, Annie E, and Esmeralda.

SAMUEL MORGAN is a son of Samuel and Rebecca Morgan. He was born in Connecticut, March 1st 1816. Forty years ago he cut the first tree in the forest which covered the farm in Union where he has since lived. In 1846 he married Maria, daughter of Jewett and Sally Spencer, of Union. His children are six daughters and two sons.

WILLIAM M. NEWELL was born in Lycoming county, Pa., February 7th 1828. When he was but a child his parents, Jared and Margaret Newell, located upon the farm which he now owns, moving to it through the woods on horseback. He has followed farming all his life. January 22nd 1853 he married Ann, daughter of Alfred and Harriet Jackson, of Union. His children are Mary E,, Alfred J. and Frank.

WELLINGTON E. PRATT was born at Canton, November 26th 1844. He enlisted in Company K 106th Pa. volunteers, November 26th 1861; was wounded at Fredericksburg, December 13th 1862, and discharged in the following April; re-enlisted September 14th 1864, in Company B 12th N.Y. cavalry, and served to the end of the war. January 1st 1867 he married Edith, daughter of David R. and Mehitable Cole, of Minnequa. His children are David E. and William W. Mr. Pratt is engaged in the grocery and provision trade at Roaring Branch. He is a son of Julius and Rebecca Pratt.

NATHAN PURDEY, son of Abram and Temperance Purdey, born at Newburg, N.Y., August 11th 1836, married (March 26th 1856) Louisa A., daughter of Charles B. and Diana Smith, of Rhode Island. Their children are Frances A., S. S., Elizabeth, Myron E. and Temperance A. He is by occupation a blacksmith and manufacturer of edge tools, and is the patentee of a superior pipe wrench.

LAWRENCE RILEY was born in New York city, March 17th 1848; when 16 he enlisted in Company G 207th Pa. volunteers, and served through the war. November 2nd 1872 he married Harriet, daughter of Jacob and Mary Schmelzle, of Union. Their children are James D. and Mary A. Mr. R. followed lumbering until 1882, when he became proprietor of the Eight-Mile House, at Ogdensburg. His parents were Thomas and Bridget Riley.

ISAAC RUNDELL is a son of Abraham and Mary A. Rundell. He was born September 1st 1823, in Bradford county, Pa., and began farming at the age of 19. He settled in Union about 1847. He has been thrice married; first in 1853, to Louisa, daughter of John and Louisa Baldwin, of Cattaraugus county, N.Y. She died in 1855, leaving one child, Delia. In 1856 he married Betsey, a sister of his first wife; she died in 1860, leaving a son, Jabez; and he married Mrs. Hannah Rundell, whose children were Fanny, Wilmot, Jefferson, and Mary.

JACOB SCHMELZLE was born in Epershardt, Germany, August 15th 1825. He came to America in 1847; settled at Liberty, and afterward in Union, where he now resides, engaged in farming, In October 1848 he married Mary, daughter of Jacob and Christina Zink, of Liberty. His children are Christine, Harriet, George, Daniel, Mary A., Lydia J., Helen S., Charles W., Warren F., Horace G. and Cyrus.

ANTHONY R. SPENCER was born in England, in 1811, and came to America in 1827 with his parents, Anthony and Betsey Spencer. He married Theresa Morris, of Otsego county, N.Y. He is a stone mason and a farmer by occupation, He has six children living.

H. T. SPENCER was born in Connecticut, January 26th 1813, and settled in Union in 1821. He has been a farmer since 1838. He married Eliza, daughter of Ozias and Sally Kilborn, of Otsego county, N.Y. Their children living are Emeline, Henry H., James W., Clayton H., Alice E. and Louis M. Henry and James served three years in the Union army.

LYNDS SPENCER, son of Jewett and Sally Spencer, was born in Lyme, Conn. When 24 he commenced farming, which occupation he has since followed. The same year he married Betsey, daughter of Charles and Fanny Steward, of New Haven, who died at the age of 52. Six of their children are living. Mr. Spencer's second wife was Grace Wetmore.

WILLIAM SPENCER is a son of Lynds Spencer, above mentioned and was born in Union, April 9th 1839. He enlisted in September 1862 in the 132nd Pa. volunteers, for nine months; re-enlisted in September 1864 in the 1st N.Y. cavalry, and served through the war; was wounded at Appomattox. September 13th 1864 he married Ada, daughter of Stephen and Laura DeVoll. His children are Lizzie L., Stephen A., Mattie E. and Jack. Mr. Spencer is a farmer and dairyman.

ABRAM S, STEELE'S native place was Athens, Pa., and he was born in 1827. In 1841 he commenced an apprenticeship with Eliphaz Frela, of Wellsboro, a mason. After three years he started for himself as a master mechanic. In 1849 he married Hannah Shoemaker, of Wyoming county, Pa., and they have three children, In 1872 he located at Roaring Branch; has served as constable one year.

MORTIMER STONE was born in Luzerne county, Pa., November 9th 1828. He was a carpenter and joiner ten years, and about 1859 bought the farm on which he now resides, In 1848 he married Emily, daughter of John and Betsey Cure, of Luzerne county. His children are Julia E., Norman and Mary. Mr. Stone enlisted in the 12th N.Y. cavalry and served through the civil war. His parents were Benoni and Aurilla Stone.

SAMUEL STULL is a son of Thomas and Almira Stull. He was born in Union, October 28th 1849, and in February 1871 married Julia E., daughter of Mortimer and Emily Stone, of Union. His children are Katie L. and Thomas. Since 1875 he has been engaged in farming.

ELISHA W. SWEET was born in Ledyard, N.Y., August 9th 1835, and is a son of Frederick B. and Mary Sweet. When 18 he engaged in lumbering. In 1869 he removed to Union, where he carries on a large trade in lumber; is also in the mercantile business, and is Postmaster at Carpenter's. His wife is Electa J., daughter of Andrew and Marcella McNett, of Union. They were married September 5th 1860. Their children now living are Frederick G., Julia, Raymond, Kittie and Lyman. They have lost two, Andrew McNett and Mary.

CLINTON E. THOMAS began business for himself in 1879 on the farm where he now resides. He married (December 24th 1879) Ella M., daughter of Hiram and Maria Landon, of Union, and has children Morris S. and Bion L. Mr. Thomas has been inspector of election three terms. He is a son of E. D. Thomas, and was born in Troy, Pa., April 18th 1857.

CHARLES M. WASHBURN, son of L. L. and Melinda A. Washburn, was born at Rummerfield Creek, Pa., April 13th 1842. He enlisted July 16th 1861 in the 5th Pa. volunteers; was wounded at Fredericksburg, and discharged August 3d 1863 for disability. He has been a merchant four years at Roaring Branch; has been constable and collector. January 25th 1867 he married Julia, daughter of David and Ann Parker, of Lycoming county. He has three children--Mattie, Willie W. and Anna B.

DAVID WATKINS was born in Wales, in 1833, and came to Tioga county in 1868. He is a miner and farmer. Mr. Watkins and his wife Margaret have had ten children, of whom Elizabeth, John, Edith, Margaret and Mary A. are living. Mr. Watkins's parents were John and Margaret Watkins; his wife's parents were William and Margaret Reese, of Wales.

CHAUNCEY W. WHEELER, carpenter and joiner, is a son of Simeon and Clarissa Wheeler, and was born in South Owego, N.Y., August 28th 1830. He enlisted in 1862 in the 132nd Pa. volunteers; was discharged July 6th 1863, and re-enlisted August 15th 1864 for the remainder of the war. January 26th 1856 he married Lucinda, daughter of John W. Howard, of Liberty, Pa. Their children are Clarissa L., Charles O., Franklin H., John A., Henry and William.

JAY WHITEHEAD was born in Litchfield, Conn., January 30th 1826. His parents were John R, and Emeline Whitehead. He was engaged as tailor seven years in Canton. He then removed to his present farm in Union. He enlisted March 30th 1864 and served to the close of the civil war. In 1848 he married Jane L., daughter of D. S. Grautier, of Canton. Their children now living are Irwin and Bertha; Ella, Newman, Frederick, and an infant are deceased.

WILLIAM WILCOX was born in Delaware county, N.Y., December 26th 1828. He married Charlotte, daughter of Jonathan and Rachel Jackson, of Canton, Pa., in 1852. She died in 1862, leaving two children, Alice and Andrew. In 1863 he married Lucy, daughter of Joseph and Lydia Landon of Union, by whom he has children Lella, Joseph A., Dell and Ralph. Mr. Wilcox enlisted February 29th 1864 in the 11th Pa. cavalry, and served till the war ended. He is now engaged in farming. His parents were Thomas and Sarah Wilcox.

DR. T. F. WOOSTER is a son of Edwin and Celestia Wooster. He was born in Leroy, Pa., July 3d 1844. February 18th 1864 he enlisted in the 7th Pa. cavalry, and he was discharged September 1st 1865, He studied medicine with Dr. Holcomb, of Leroy, and in 1872 began practice there, but removed to Ogdensburg in 1882. In 1866 he married Betsey, daughter of Pearl and Maria Haxton; she died, leaving one daughter, Ida. His present wife is Hannah, a sister of his first wife. 

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