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1897 Tioga County History
Office Holders

Tioga County Office Holders

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Typed for this site by Lane Alexander using information compiled from the 1897 Tioga County History
1897 Tioga County History Table of Contents
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Adams, Lyman 1814 Coroner
Aiken, D. L. 1865 County Auditor
Alba, Aaron 1828 County Commissioner
Alba, Aaron 1832-35 County Auditor
Alford, Chauncey 1833 County Commissioner
Allen, Henry 1859 District Attorney
Allen, Thomas 1875-77 County Treasurer
Allen, Thomas 1865 Commissioners' Clerk
Allen, Thomas  1852-53 Mercantile Appraiser
Anthony, Joseph B. 1821 Deputy District Attorney
Archer, H. S. 1860-66 Register and Recorder
Archer, H. S.. 1856-59 County Surveyor
Archer, H. S.. 1872 County Surveyor
Argetsinger, J. G. 1864 County Auditor
Atherton, Otis L. 1872 Mercantile Appraiser
Avery, Deruyter 1890 Mercantile Appraiser
Babcock, C. L. 1897 Register and Recorder
Bache, John N. 1848 Deputy District Attorney
Bache, John N. 1848-51 Register and Recorder
Backer, Peter 1834 Coroner
Bacon, A. H. 1846-47 County Treasurer
Bacon, W. D. 1810 County Auditor
Bailey, H. C. 1868-69 County Treasurer
Bailey, John W. 1867 Jury Commissioner
Bailey, John W. 1870 Jury Commissioner
Bailey, T. H. 1890 County Commissioner
Bailey, T. H. 1893 County Commissioner
Bailey,W. D.  1854-60 Register and Recorder
Baker, Isaac 1810 County Auditor
Baldwin, Buel 1839 County Commissioner
Baldwin, Ethan 1816 Deputy District Attorney
Baldwin, Ethan 1818 Deputy District Attorney
Baldwin, Thomas L. 1855-56 State Representative
Baldwin, Thomas L. 1861 Associate Judges
Barker, Ambrose 1860 County Commissioner
Barnes, John 1834-35 County Treasurer
Baxter, G. H. 1876 Jury Commissioner
Baxter, George H. 1880 Associate Judges
Baxter, George H. 1871 Mercantile Appraiser
Baxter, Harry 1882 Sheriff
Baxter, William H. 1884 County Commissioner
Beach, Sidney 1876 Mercantile Appraiser
Beauge, Eugene 1884 Commissioners' Clerk
Beauge, Eugene 1881 County Auditor
Beauge, Eugene 1890 County Auditor
Beauge, Eugene 1893 County Auditor
Beauge, Eugene 1896 County Auditor
Beebe, Hiram 1822 County Commissioner
Beebe, Hiram 1826 County Commissioner
Beecher, Hopestill 1813 County Commissioner
Beecher, John 1831-32 State Representative
Beecher, John 1824 Sheriff
Beecher, John 1820 County Treasurer
Beecher, John 1820 Coroner
Bennett, Albert M. 1874 County Auditor
Bennett, John C. 1852-53 Coroner
Bentley, Benjamin 1809 County Auditor
Bentley, E. T. 1861 Associate Judges
Bentley, E. T. 1866 Associate Judges
Bixby, Amos 1859 County Commissioner
Black, Jeremiah 1850 1852 State Representative
Blanchard, Oliver H. 1856-57 County Treasurer
Borden, H. H. 1869 Coroner
Bosard, Andrew K. 1875 County Auditor
Bosworth, E. J. 1867 Coroner
Bowen, George C. 1876-87 Register and Recorder
Bowen, John R. 1881 County Treasurer
Bowen, Stephen 1873 Sheriff
Bowman, C. O. 1863 State Representative
Boyer, Caleb 1808 County Commissioner
Brewster, A. S. 1835-37 Deputy District Attorney
Brewster, A. S. 1839 Prothonotaries
Brewster, Jonah 1840 Associate Judges
Brewster, Jonah 1845 Associate Judges
Brewster, Jonah 1831-36 Prothonotaries
Brewster, Jonah 1831-33 Register and Recorder
Brimegin, Andrew 1894 Jury Commissioner
Bryden, E. A. 1881 County Auditor
Bryden, Thomas B. 1878 County Treasurer
Bulkley, Israel 1811 County Auditor
Bullard, M. 1861 County Auditor
Burnside, Thomas 1815-18 President Judges
Butler, William 1859 Mercantile Appraiser
Caldwell, David 1850 County Commissioner
Calkins, J. F. Rev. 1854 County Superintendent
Calkins, J. F. Rev. 1867 County Superintendent
Cameron, David 1867 County Auditor
Card, H. B. 1862-63 County Treasurer
Case, Victor 1861 Associate Judges
Cass, M. F. 1881 County Superintendent
Cass, M. F. 1884 County Superintendent
Cass, M. F. 1887 County Superintendent
Catlin, Charles 1814 Deputy District Attorney
Champaign, William E. 1894 Sheriff
Cheney, Alpheus 1812 Sheriff
Cheney, Alpheus 1810-11 County Treasurer
Close, R. G. 1890 County Auditor
Close, R. G. 1893 County Auditor
Cochran, John 1829 County Commissioner
Cochran, John  1825-27 County Auditor
Cole, Lewis B. 1839-40 State Representative
Colegrove, Henry B. 1896 County Commissioner
Coles, Sheridan E. 1894 Mercantile Appraiser
Conyngham, John Nesbit 1838-49 President Judges
Cook, H. S. 1849 County Auditor
Coolidge, Otis L. 1896 County Auditor
Cox, Gen. Robert C.  1869-72 County Treasurer
Cox, Robert C., Gen.  1872-94 Prothonotaries
Crandall, Vine 1878 County Auditor
Culver, C. F. 1855 County Commissioner
Culver, Joel 1837 Coroner
Culver, Leander 1849 County Commissioner
Culver, Timothy B. 1884-85 Mercantile Appraiser
Daggett, Seth 1830 Sheriff
Daggett, Seth 1821 County Commissioner
Dann, Alpheus E. 1863 Mercantile Appraiser
Dartt, Justus 1814 County Commissioner
Dartt, Justus 1820-23 County Auditor
Davis, Frank M 1891 Jury Commissioner
Davis, Otis H. 1887 County Auditor
Davis, Otis H. 1890 County Auditor
Davis, Otis H. 1882 Jury Commissioner
Dean, Darius L. 1866-75 Register and Recorder
Deane, E. P. 1859-62 County Surveyor
Dearman, Justus 1863 County Auditor
Dennison, G. D. 1887 County Commissioner
Dennison, George 1817 Deputy District Attorney
DePui, Elijah 1818 County Commissioner
DePui, Elijah 1814 County Auditor
DePui, Elijah 1823-24 County Auditor
DeWitt, C. H. 1890 County Commissioner
Doane, Andrew J. 1881 Mercantile Appraiser
Donaldson, J. W. 1874 Commissioners' Clerk
Donaldson, John F. 1876 Associate Judges
Donaldson, John F. 1836-38 Prothonotaries
Donaldson, John F. 1839 Prothonotaries
Dorrance, Benjamin 1877-80 State Representative
Doud, Philemon 1837 County Commissioner
Douglass, William A. 1857 County Auditor
Doumaux, Louis 1896 County Commissioner
Dunsmore, A. B. 1895 District Attorney
Dyer, Calvin 1851 Associate Judges
Dyer, Edwin 1841 Coroner
Dyer, Thomas 1831-33 County Treasurer
Dyer, Thomas 1837-39 County Treasurer
Elder, Thomas 1822-23 Deputy District Attorney
Elliot, Mortimer F. 1882 Representatives in Congress
Elliot, Nathaniel A. 1848-49 State Representative
Elliott, C. V. 1877-78 State Representative
Elliott, C. V. 1879-80 State Representative
Elliott, H. J. 1878 Mercantile Appraiser
Elliott, H. J. 1879 Jury Commissioner
Elliott, Levi 1840 County Commissioner
Elliott, Mortimer F., Hon. 1873 Member of Constitutional Convention
Elliott, N. A. 1875 County Commissioner
Elliott, N. A. 1878 County Commissioner
Elliott, Robert B. 1815 County Commissioner
Elliott, S. B. 1861-62 State Representative
Elliott, Victor A. 1863 County Superintendent
Ellis, David 1848 County Commissioner
Emberger, Joseph 1896 County Auditor
Emery, Josiah 1832 Deputy District Attorney
Emery, Josiah 1838 Deputy District Attorney
Emery, Josiah 1851 Mercantile Appraiser
Emery, Josiah 1856 Mercantile Appraiser
Ensworth, A. L. 1864 Commissioners' Clerk
Evans, Samuel D. 1882 Jury Commissioner
Ferris, Joseph 1885 Sheriff
Fish, Edward A. 1870 Sheriff
Fish, Edward A. 1873 Jury Commissioner
Foote, H. M. 1880 District Attorney
Foote, Henry M. 1885-88 State Representative
Ford, James 1828 Representatives in Congress
Ford, James 1824-25 State Representative
Ford, James 1820-23 County Auditor
Fox, John 1846 County Commissioner
Francis, W. R. 1884-89 Coroner
Frost, Selah 1869 Mercantile Appraiser
Gardner, D. T. 1860 County Auditor
Gardner, David F. 1860-61 Mercantile Appraiser
Garretson, William 1837-38 State Representative
Garretson, William 1829 Deputy District Attorney
Garretson, William 1828-31 County Auditor
Garretson, William 1838 County Auditor
Garretson, William 1862-65 County Surveyor
Garrison, W. H. 1893 County Commissioner
Geer, Job 1831 County Commissioner
Gerould, E. B. 1830 County Commissioner
Gerould, Otis G. 1890-92 County Treasurer
Gibson, John Bannister 1812-15 President Judges
Gitchell, Benjamin 1834 Sheriff
Goldsmith, Charles 1861 County Auditor
Goodrich, James 1825 County Commissioner
Goodspeed, James C. 1888 Jury Commissioner
Gray, James 1809 County Auditor
Gray, James 1820-23 County Auditor
Gray, James 1828-31 County Auditor
Gray, John 1825 Coroner
Guernsey, H. A. 1852 Sheriff
Guernsey, John W. 1850-52 State Senator
Guernsey, John W. 1864-65 State Representative
Guernsey, John W. 1843 Sheriff
Hammond, A. 1832 County Commissioner
Hammond, Amariah 1828-31 County Auditor
Harrison, Leonard 1878 Commissioners' Clerk
Hart, E. 1865 County Commissioner
Hart, E. 1872 County Commissioner
Hart, George 1809 County Commissioner
Hastings, Hiram S. 1873 Jury Commissioner
Hazlett, Charles W. 1895 Coroner
Heggie, A. J. Dr. 1870 Coroner
Heggie, A. J. Dr. 1878-83 Coroner
Heise, David 1850-56 County Surveyor
Heise, David 1865 County Surveyor
Herrick, Edward 1818-19 President Judges
Herrick, Edward 1813 Deputy District Attorney
Hibbard, S. L. 1850-51 County Treasurer
Hill, Elihu 1828-30 County Treasurer
Hogaboom, Floyd F. 1894 Jury Commissioner
Hollis, T. O. 1871 County Commissioner
Horton, Alonzo B.  1884-86 County Treasurer
Horton, D. S. 1885 Jury Commissioner
Horton, Elias J. Jr. 1869 County Superintendent
Horton, Elias J. Jr. 1872 County Superintendent
Howland, Eddy 1810 County Commissioner
Howland, Eddy 1844 County Commissioner
Hubers, J. H. 1893 County Auditor
Humphrey, Abel 1856 Associate Judges
Humphrey, W. T. 1866-67 State Representative
Hunter, Arnold 1810 County Auditor
Hurley, D. P. 1870 County Auditor
Irvin, John 1891 Sheriff
Ives, Timothy 1812 County Commissioner
Ives, Timothy 1811 County Auditor
Ives, Timothy 1812 County Auditor
Ives, Timothy 1813 County Auditor
Jackson, James I. 1858 County Auditor
Jackson, James I. 1863 County Auditor
Jackson, Lorentus 1827 County Commissioner
James, John 1857 County Commissioner
Johns, Hiram C. 1860 County Superintendent
Karr, John  1884 County Commissioner
Kelsey, Daniel 1814 County Auditor
Kelsey, Daniel 1825-27 County Auditor
Kilburn, Ira 1812 Associate Judges
Kilburn, Ira 1808 County Commissioner
Kilburn, Ira 1811 County Auditor
Kilburn, Ira 1812 County Auditor
Kimball, William 1884 County Commissioner
King, L. K. 1881 County Auditor
Kinney, Simon 1815 Deputy District Attorney
Kinney, Simon 1816 Deputy District Attorney
Klock, Edwin 1874 County Commissioner
Knapp, J. A. 1862 Commissioners' Clerk
Knox, Archibald 1836 County Treasurer
Knox, George 1844-45 State Representative
Knox, George 1839-42 Register and Recorder
Knox, George 1852-53 County Treasurer
Knox, George 1834 County Commissioner
Knox, George 1846 County Auditor
Knox, John 1816 County Commissioner
Knox, John  1818 Sheriff
Knox, John C. 1858 Attorney General of Pennsylvania
Knox, John C. 1853 Associate Justice
Knox, John C. 1846-47 State Representative
Knox, John C. 1840-42 Deputy District Attorney
Knox, Samuel 1841 County Auditor
Knox, W. D. 1889 Mercantile Appraiser
Knox, William 1823 County Commissioner
Lamb, Daniel 1817 County Treasurer
Lamb, Daniel 1809 County Auditor
Lamkin, Harvey 1881 Associate Judges
Landrus, H. J. 1879 Sheriff
Lathrop, Austin 1853 County Commissioner
Lathrop, Austin 1848 County Auditor
Leach, Harvey 1889 District Attorney
Levegood, George 1848-49 County Treasurer
Levegood, George 1838 County Commissioner
Lewis, Ellis  1883 Attorney General of Pennsylvania
Lewis, Ellis  1854 Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Lewis, Ellis  1851 Associate Justice
Lewis, Ellis  1824-25 Deputy District Attorney
Lewis, Sarah I. 1875 County Superintendent
Lewis, Sarah I. 1878 County Superintendent
Lindsey, David 1814 Commissioners' Clerk
Losey, George T. 1889-92 State Representative
Losey, N. 1892 Mercantile Appraiser
Love, S. S. 1870 Jury Commissioner
Lowery, James 1853-54 State Representative
Lowery, James 1826 Commissioners' Clerk
Magill, James P. 1851-54 Register and Recorder
Mann, Asa 1817 County Commissioner
Marsh, D. K. 1869 County Auditor
Marvin, Frank 1895 Mercantile Appraiser
Mather, J. W.  1886 District Attorney
Mathers, Charles C. 1888 Jury Commissioner
Mathers, John 1849 Sheriff
Mathers, John 1855 Sheriff
Matson, James H. 1883 District Attorney
McDougall, Samuel 1827-36 County Surveyor
McDougall, Samuel 1839-50 County Surveyor
McNaughton, Daniel 1871 Associate Judges
Merrick, Israel Jr. 1847 County Commissioner
Merrick, Israel Jr.  1828 Commissioners' Clerk
Merrick, Walter T. 1896 State Senator
Merrick, Walter T. 1893-96 State Representative
Millard, Ambrose 1813 County Commissioner
Miller, C. F. 1866-67 County Treasurer
Miller, C. F. 1862 County Commissioner
Miller, Samuel 1835 County Commissioner
Mitchell, John I. 1876 Representatives in Congress
Mitchell, John I. 1872-76 State Representative
Mitchell, John I. 1888 President Judges
Mitchell, John I. 1868 District Attorney
Mitchell, John I. Hon. 1881 United States Senator
Mitchell, Ross A.  1896 County Treasurer
Monroe, A. J. 1851 State Representative
Monroe, A. J. 1849 Deputy District Attorney
Moore, Charles N. 1884 County Auditor
Moore, Charles N. 1887 County Auditor
Morgan, J. S. 1879 Mercantile Appraiser
Morgan, Jonathan V. 1893-95 County Treasurer
Morgan, Jonathan V. 1887-88 Mercantile Appraiser
Morgan, Jonathan V. 1885 Jury Commissioner
Morris, Benjamin W. 1814-15 County Treasurer
Morris, Samuel W. 1812 Associate Judges
Morris, Samuel W. 1808 County Treasurer
Morris, Samuel W. 1811 County Commissioner
Morris, Samuel W. 1813 County Auditor
Morris, Samuel Wells 1836 Representatives in Congress
Morris, Samuel Wells 1833-36 State Representative
Nichols, Levi L. 1850 Associate Judges
Niles, Alanson E. 1854 County Auditor
Niles, Augustus 1890-95 Coroner
Niles, Jerome B. 1883 Auditor General of Pennsylvania
Niles, Jerome B. 1869-70 State Representative
Niles, Jerome B. 1881-84 State Representative
Niles, Jerome B. 1893-96 State Representative
Niles, Jerome B. 1873 Member of Constitutional Convention
Niles, Jerome B. 1862 District Attorney
Niles, Jerome B. 1865 District Attorney
Niles, Jerome B. 1862 Mercantile Appraiser
Niles, Nathan Jr. 1813 County Commissioner
Niles, Nathan Sr. 1808 County Commissioner
Norris, John 1812-21 Prothonotaries
Norris, John 1812-18 Register and Recorder
Norris, John 1821-24 Register and Recorder
Norris, John 1808 Commissioners' Clerk
Norris, John 1814 County Surveyor
Norris, John 1824 County Surveyor
Overton, Edward 1819 Deputy District Attorney
Overton, Edward 1820 Deputy District Attorney
Overton, Thomas 1814 Deputy District Attorney
Overton, Thomas 1815 Deputy District Attorney
Owlett, Edward H. 1892 District Attorney
Packard, A. F. 1871 County Auditor
Packer, Horace B 1876 District Attorney
Packer, Horace B. 1896 Representatives in Congress
Packer, Horace B. 1889-92 State Senator
Packer, Horace B. 1877 District Attorney
Packer, Horace B.  1885-88 State Representative
Pardon, Damon 1843-47 Deputy District Attorney
Parkhurst, Curtis 1823-24 County Auditor
Parkhurst, Curtis, Dr. 1828-29 State Representative
Parkhurst, Curtis, Dr. 1847 Associate Judges
Parkhurst, Curtis, Dr. 1840 Sheriff
Patton, John 1821-24 Prothonotaries
Patton, William 1819 Deputy District Attorney
Peters, D. S. 1864 Coroner
Peters, James E. 1878 County Commissioner
Peters, James E. 1881 County Commissioner
Phillips, S. D. 1869 County Auditor
Pitts, A. M. 1891 Mercantile Appraiser
Pitts, Apollos 1853 County Auditor
Pitts, John F. 1893 County Commissioner
Potter, H. H. 1846 Sheriff
Potter, H. H. 1843 County Commissioner
Potter, H. H. 1832-35 County Auditor
Potter, Jerome 1867 Sheriff
Power, Simeon Dr. 1851 Associate Judges
Power, Simeon Dr.  1815 Sheriff
Power, Simeon I.  1858 Sheriff
Price, S. B. 1866 County Superintendent
Purple, Ansel 1851 County Commissioner
Purple, E. J. 1864-67 Mercantile Appraiser
Purple, Elisha 1875 County Commissioner
Purple, N. H. 1832-35 County Auditor
Purvis, John T. 1893 County Surveyor
Putnam, Thomas 1821-23 County Treasurer
Raesly, Henry E. 1890 County Superintendent
Raesly, Henry E. 1893 County Superintendent
Raesly, Henry E. 1896 County Superintendent
Rathbone, Clarendon 1826-28 Deputy District Attorney
Rathbone, Clarendon 1834 Deputy District Attorney
Rathbone, Henry 1854-55 County Treasurer
Reese, John J. 1881 County Commissioner
Reese, Thomas M. 1896 County Commissioner
Reese, Thomas M. 1891 Jury Commissioner
Retan, M. K. 1876 Associate Judges
Rexford, Job 1861 County Commissioner
Rexford, Job 1867 County Commissioner
Rexford, Job 1870 County Commissioner
Reynolds, Newell L. 1857 County Superintendent
Reynolds, Newell L. 1864 County Superintendent
Ripley, Homer J. 1888-96 Register and Recorder
Robb, John C. 1851 County Auditor
Roberts, Giles 1874 Coroner
Robinson, John L. 1843-45 County Treasurer
Rockwell, Myron 1863 County Commissioner
Rockwell, Silas S. 1880 Mercantile Appraiser
Rose, Joel 1853 Coroner
Rose, William Sr. 1846 County Commissioner
Rowland, Henry 1873-74 County Treasurer
Rumsey, Charles M 1881 County Commissioner
Ryon, Charles 1852 County Auditor
Ryon, John Jr. 1824 State Senator
Ryon, John Jr. 1820-22 State Representative
Ryon, John Jr. 1833 Associate Judges
Ryon, John Jr. 1842 Associate Judges
Ryon, John Jr. 1850 District Attorney
Ryon, John Jr. 1819 County Commissioner
Sears, L. A. 1878 County Auditor
Seeley, H. B. 1868 County Auditor
Seely, E. S. 1864 County Commissioner
Seely, L. D. 1858 County Commissioner
Seely, Morgan 1847 County Auditor
Seely, Nathan 1817 Coroner
Seymour, Charles H. 1877-80 State Senator
Sheffer, Francis M. 1888 Sheriff
Sheffer, Francis M. 1894-96 Prothonotaries
Sheive, J. E. 1875 Mercantile Appraiser
Sheive, L. B. 1873 County Commissioner
Sherwood, Daniel L. 1846 Speaker of the Senate of Pennsylvania
Sherwood, Daniel L. 1846 State Senator
Sherwood, Daniel L. 1842-43 State Representative
Sherwood, Henry 1870 Representatives in Congress
Short, B. 1874 Mercantile Appraiser
Shuman, Jefferson 1841 Coroner
Skinner, B. W. 1868 Mercantile Appraiser
Smith, Benjamin B. 1833-36 Register and Recorder
Smith, F. B. 1896 State Representative
Smith, L. L. 1875 County Commissioner
Smith, Lewis B. 1871 Associate Judges
Smith, O. A. 1878 County Commissioner
Smith, O. A. 1875 County Auditor
Sofield, A. J. 1862 Commissioners' Clerk
Spencer, A. M. 1864-65 County Treasurer
Spencer, C. O. 1842 County Commissioner
Spencer, Uriah 1818-21 Prothonotaries
Spencer, Uriah 1824-31 Prothonotaries
Spencer, Uriah 1818-21 Register and Recorder
Spencer, Uriah 1824-30 Register and Recorder
Spencer, Uriah 1809 County Commissioner
Squires, Isaac 1889-92 State Representative
Stebbins, M. H. 1890 County Commissioner
Stevens, D. G. 1856 County Commissioner
Stewart, Alphonso 1813 Deputy District Attorney
Stewart, Alphonso 1814 Deputy District Attorney
Stiles, Elijah 1821 Sheriff
Stiles, Elijah 1824 County Commissioner
Stilwell, E. C. 1884 County Auditor
Stilwell, E. C. 1879 Jury Commissioner
Stoddard, Henry W. 1831 Coroner
Stone, Israel 1866 County Auditor
Stone, Israel 1869 County Auditor
Stone, Israel 1872 County Auditor
Stone, William A. 1874 District Attorney
Stowell, Hezekiah, Jr. 1861 Sheriff
Strang, Butler B. 1874 Speaker of the Senate of Pennsylvania
Strang, Butler B. 1870 Speaker of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania
Strang, Butler B. 1873-76 State Senator
Strang, Butler B. 1861-62 State Representative
Strang, Butler B. 1856 District Attorney
Strang, J. C. 1871 District Attorney
Stull, M. W. 1834 County Commissioner
Stull, M. W. 1841 County Commissioner
Sykes, C. N. 1836 County Commissioner
Symonds, Job 1870 Mercantile Appraiser
Tabor, Leroy 1864 Sheriff
Tabor, Leroy 1867 Jury Commissioner
Tate, W. W. 1884 County Auditor
Taylor, O. F. 1858-59 County Treasurer
Taylor, Orlando F. 1887-89 County Treasurer
Thomas, C. E. 1886 Mercantile Appraiser
Thompson, Bethlehem 1812-13 County Treasurer
Tremain, Seth 1887 County Commissioner
Truman, Lucius 1887 County Auditor
Tubbs, Charles 1881-84 State Representative
Tubbs, Robert 1827 Sheriff
Tubbs, Robert 1816 County Treasurer
Tubbs, Robert 1818-19 County Treasurer
Vail, Levi 1827 County Treasurer
Van Dusen, Benjamin 1852 County Commissioner
Van Ness, H. P. 1845 County Commissioner
Van Ness, P. V. 1866 County Commissioner
Van Ness, P. V. 1869 County Commissioner
Van Ness, Peter V. 1880 Associate Judges
Veil, Charles F. 1866 Associate Judges
Veil, Charles F. 1881 County Treasurer
Veil, Charles F. 1875 Commissioners' Clerk
Veil, Charles F. 1856 County Auditor
Veil, Charles F. 1859 County Auditor
Veil, Charles F. 1862 County Auditor
Veil, Charles F. 1865 County Auditor
Veil, Charles F. 1873 County Auditor
Wakeley, John Brown 1877 Mercantile Appraiser
Waklee, John 1841 State Representative
Waklee, John 1837 Sheriff
Walker, Delos H. 1876 Sheriff
Warner, John S. 1847-52 Coroner
Washburn, Chas. 1896 Mercantile Appraiser
Watkins, Frank 1888 Commissioners' Clerk
Watrous, James S. 1860-61 County Treasurer
Watrous, James S. 1855 County Auditor
Watson, Daniel 1876 Jury Commissioner
Weeks, James 1825-27 County Auditor
Welch, Elijah 1823 County Commissioner
Wells, O. B. 1854 County Commissioner
Wetherbee, Francis 1831 Sheriff
Wetherbee, M. W. 1868 County Commissioner
Wetherbee, M. W. 1873 Mercantile Appraiser
Wheeler, H. D. 1887 County Commissioner
Wheeler, Royal 1861 Associate Judges
White, John C. 1893 Mercantile Appraiser
White, R. G. 1830-31 Deputy District Attorney
White, Robert G. 1840-42 County Treasurer
White, Robert G., Hon 1837-38 Member of Constitutional Convention
White, Robert G., Hon 1850 President Judges
White, Sumner P. 1883 Mercantile Appraiser
Whittaker, J. C. 1856 Associate Judges
Wickham, B. C. 1850 County Auditor
Wickham, J. P. 1878 County Auditor
Wilcox, Porter J. 1882 Mercantile Appraiser
Willard, Oliver 1820 County Commissioner
Willard, William 1823-24 County Auditor
William, Henry W. 1887 Associate Justice
Williams, Henry W. 1871 President Judges
Williams, Henry W. 1865 Additional Law Judges
Williams, Henry W. 1854-55 Mercantile Appraiser
Williard, William 1809 County Treasurer
Williard, William Jr. 1824-26 County Treasurer
Williston, Horace 1849-51 President Judges
Williston, Horace 1831 Deputy District Attorney
Williston, L. P. 1857-60 State Representative
Wilson, Henry 1813 Deputy District Attorney
Wilson, Luman 1836-39 Register and Recorder
Wilson, Luman 1842-48 Register and Recorder
Wilson, Stephen F. 1864-66 Representatives in Congress
Wilson, Stephen F. 1863-65 State Senator
Wilson, Stephen F. 1887 President Judges
Wilson, Stephen F. 1871 Additional Law Judges
Wood, Thomas 1857-58 Mercantile Appraiser
Wright, Cyprian 1814 County Auditor
Wright, Josiah 1842 Coroner
Youmans, John 1875 County Auditor
Young, Hugh 1877-78 State Representative
Young, Robert K. 1896 State Representative

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