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1897 Tioga County History
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1897 Tioga County History Table of Contents
Submitted by Joyce M. Tice
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History of Tioga County Pennsylvania

Embracing Its Topographical And Geological Features; Indians and White Explorers; Beginning and Organization; Pioneers and Early Settlement; Early Courts and Cases; Internal Improvements; Industrial Development; Coal Mines and Mining; Public Buildings and Officials; Legal and Medical Professions; Military History; Literature; Sketches of Boroughs, Townships and Villages; Material, Social, Educational and Religious Progress; Biographies and Portraits of Pioneers and Representative Citizens,Etc,Etc,Etc.

Illustrated, R.C. Brown & Co. 1897


More than one hundred years have passed away since the first white settlers built their cabins along the Cowanesque and Tioga rivers and commenced laying the corner stone of American civilization within the confines of what is now Tioga county. The Indian occupants had been pushed back farther into the wilderness by the advancing tide of progress, and in their place came the hardy, resolute, intelligent pioneers whose descendants now occupy the land. Several generations have come and gone since these events occurred, and the historian of to-day finds a difficult task to unravel the story and harmonize the many conflicting accounts that tradition has handed down from one generation to another.

In writing a history of Tioga county it has been our aim to preserve, as far as possible, a chronological order. Its topographical and geological features come first, followed by a sketch of the Indians whose numerous camping sites, paths and villages prove that " The Land of Tioga" was a favorite dwelling place and hunting ground. The Caucasian race came next, holding aloft the torch of civilization- the founders of communities in which the church and the school followed in the wake of the cabin home. With the gradual settlement of the country came the erection of the county, the establishment if a county seat, civil organization and courts of justice. The early construction of roads, the improvement of waterways and the building of railroads furnished transportation for the product of the farm, mill and the mine, thus keeping pace with the industrial development of the county. The official history of the county has been carefully compiled, and the names of her citizens who have filled public office in the Nation, the State and the county have thus been preserved. The legal and medical professions; the pioneer fathers who served in the Revolution and War of 1812; a roster of Tioga’s sons who went out to defend the flag during the dark days of civil strife; the " Literature of Tioga" and the creation and growth of townships, boroughs, and villages all find appropriate mention in the pages of this work.

The labor involved in this undertaking required the examination of state, county, borough and township records; the careful perusal of books, pamphlets, newspaper files, old family documents, deeds and letters and the personal interviewing of local authorities in every part of the county. To John F. Meginness, Esq., of Williamsport, the veteran historian of the West Branch valley, was intrusted the first twenty- two chapters of the book, and he spent over a year in their compilation. The remaining thirty-six chapters embraced in the general history ,were compiled by Mr. John Meagher, an experienced and pains-taking writer, with the exception of Chapter XLIV, contributed by Rev. David Craft, of Lawrenceville. The chapter on " Coal Mines and Mining" was also written by Mr. Meagher, and the whole work was compared, revised and edited under the personal supervision of the senior member of the firm, who has had a wide experience in this line of historical effort.

One of the most valuable and important portions of the book is that is devoted to personal and family biography, wherein is preserved a vast fund of information relating to the people of Tioga county. The data for these biographies were obtained from families and individuals by our solicitors , and in every case a type-written copy was submitted for correction before publication. Should errors, therefore, be found in any of them, the responsibility rests upon those who furnished the data, or who neglected to correct the errors when the sketch was submitted.

In the preparation of this volume, we received aid from so many sources that it would be impossible to give the names of all in the preface. But the following list embraces those to whose kindly advise and assistance we are most indebted: William Bache, Esq., Hon. Henry W. Williams, Hon. John I. Mitchell, Walter Sherwood, Esq., Maj. George W. Merrick, Hon. Jerome B. Niles, Gen. Robert C. Cox, Anton Hardt, Esq., and Alexander S. Brewster, Esq., of Wellsboro; Daniel Holiday, Esq., of Holidaytown; Hon. Charles Tubbs of Osceola; Dr. James Masten, of Westfield; S.P. Chase,Esq., of Brookfield; Rueben Morse, Esq., of Chatham; Chares Beebe, Esq., of Lawrenceville; Dr. Robert B. Smith, and R.P.H. McAllister, Esq., of Tioga; John A. Holden, Esq.,Hon. Andrew Sherwood, Col. N.A. Elliott, and the late William Adams, of Mansfield; Elliott S. Rose, Esq., of Sullivan; E.R. Maine, Esq., of Mainesburg; John L. Sexton, Esq., of Blossburg; W.S. Nearing, Esq., of Morris Run; Dr. Z.E. Kimble, of Liberty; Enoch Blackwell, Esq., of Blackwell, and D.A. Paddock, Esq., of Gaines. We also gladly acknowledge our indebtedness to the press for the use of newspaper files and words of encouragement; to county, borough and township officials for their uniform courtesy; to the descendents of the pioneers; to pastors and officers of churches and societies; to professional and business men in every part of the county, and to all who have in anyway contributed to the success of our enterprise.

We undertook the publication of this history after consulting many of the leading citizens of Tioga county, and we have spared neither time nor labor nor money to make it an authentic and reliable source of information-- a standard authority on the settlement, growth and development of this section of Pennsylvania. Firm in the belief that we have more than fulfilled every promise made in our prospectus await the approbation of every honest patron. The Publishers.

 Chapter I  Topographical and Geological Feature.

Surface Transformation-Mountain Ranges--Anticlinals and Synclinals-- The Blossburg Mountain Basin-- Dip of the Rocks-- Wellsboro Anticlinal--Crooked Creek Basin--Valley of the Cowanesque--Streams of the County--The Tioga River--Crooked Creek--Lycoming Creek--Pine Creek--Marsh Creek-- The Cowanesque River--Minor Streams--Concluding Observations.................................................................................17-29

Chapter II  The Land of Tioga.

First Occupants--Rugged and Romantic Scenery--Game, Fish and Wild Animals--An Ideal Hunting Ground-- Indian Villages-- French Explorers--and Missionaries-- Boundary Line of the Purchase of 1768--The Old Treaties--The Walker Tragedy--Indian Characteristics and Peculiarities-.29-38

Chapter III  Beginning of Tioga County

Purchase of 1784--Fair Play System--Lycoming Township Formed--Its Boundaries and Area--Old Tioga Township Erected--A Valuable Document Discovered--Boundaries Defined--Other Record Evidence--Tioga Township Taxables of 1800--Additional Extracts from Early Records--Panther and Wolf Scalp Bounties - 38-44

Chapter IV  Tioga County Organized

The Landed Interests--Their Influence on Legislation--Tioga County Created--Form and Area--Derivation of Name--The Term Tioga--Boundary Line Dispute--Origin of the Trouble--Various Efforts to Establish Lines--A Tangle of Perplexing questions--The Latest Commission.-44-55

Chapter V  The Pioneers

First White Men--Samuel Baker Locates to Lawrenceville--Other Early Settlers There--First Settlers along the Cowanesque River--Pioneers of the Tioga Valley--Early Settlers in Other Parts of the County--Hardships and Privations Endured--The Pine Creek Land Company--Morris’ Great Trust--Trouble in the Land Company--Norris and Babb--Horrors of the Wilderness--Taxables of 1812-.56-71

Chapter VI  County Organization Completed

Location of the County Seat--Trustees Appointed-- Proposals for a Site Advertised for the Offer of Benjamin Wistar Morris Accepted--Location Made--Why named Wellsborough--A Town Laid Out--Activity of Morris--Delmar Township Formed--First Commissioners--Early Financial Statements--Other Statistical Information--Growth of Population by Decades........71-79

Chapter VII  Early Courts and Cases

Arrests and Trials Under the Intrusion Law-- The Case of Ezra Spaulding--History of the Defendant--Other Tioga Settlers Indicted--First Courts of Tioga County--Docket Entries--A Horse Thief Convicted--Six Magisterial Districts Established--The Great Slave Hunt--Important County Records Stolen--An Obdurate Judge.........80-93

Chapter VIII  Internal Improvements

First Traveled Ways--The State Line Survey--A Rude Road Brushed Out--The Williamson Road--Why and How it Was Built--A Princely Entertainment in the Wilderness--The Patterson Brothers--Morris State Road--More Roads Laid Out--East and West State Road--Era of Plank Roads--Early Navigation Schemes--The Corning and Blossburg Railroad-- Morris Run and Arnot Branches--The Fall Brook Railroad--The Cowanesque Branch--The Pine Creek Branch--Elmira and State Line Railroad--The Addison and Pennsylvania Railroad--Other Railroads...93-108

Chapter IX Industrial Development

Primitive Saw-Mills and Grist-Mills--The Morris Mills--First Mills at Wellsboro--Babb’s Mill--In the Tioga Valley--Early Lumbering Operations--A Rafting Reminiscence--Along the Cowanesque River--Pioneer Mills on Pine Creek--An Era of Rapid Development--Risks and Charms of the Business--The Tanning Industry--Iron Foundries and Smelting Works--The Manufacture of Glass--Progress of Agriculture--Agricultural Societies.....109-119

Chapter X  Coal Mines and Mining

The Blossburg and Gaines Coal Basins--Theories Concerning Their Formation--Their Extent and Character--The Discovery of Coal at Blossburg--Pioneer Mines and Mining--Early Attempts at Development--The Tioga Navigation Company-- First Geological Survey--The Arbon Coal Company--Sir Charles Lyell’s Visit--Coal Seams Described--Character and Uses of Blossburg Coal--The Manufacture of Coke--Labor Strikes and Troubles--Recent Statistics--Past and Present.- 119-132

Chapter XI  Public Building and Officials

First Meeting Place of the Commissioners--Temporary Quarters Secured--First Public Buildings Erected--An Odd Contract--High Price of Nails--Description of Buildings--The New Court House and Jail--The Present Jail-- The Only Criminal Execution--New Record Building--County House and Farm--Roster of Public Officials.-.132-144

Chapter XII The Bench and Bar

Personal Sketches of President Judges--Many Able and Distinguished Jurist Among Them--The Bar of Tioga County--A Brilliant Array of Legal Talent--The Tioga County Bar Association--John F. Donaldson, Prothonotary and Politician--A Sketch of His Career...........................145-188

Chapter XIII  The Medical Profession

Introductory--Pioneer Physicians--Their Courageous Devotion to Duty--Brief Sketches of Prominent Physicians--The First Drug Store--Sketch of Dr. Robert Roy, Its Proprietor--"Brick" Pomeroy’s Reminiscences--The Tioga County Medical Association.......189-206

Chapter XIV  Early Military History

Introduction--Early Settlers Who Were Revolutionary Soldiers--They Led the Way Into the Wilderness--Peter Shumway’s Discharge--A Priceless Relic--The War of 1812--Settlers of Tioga Who Served in That Struggle--Old-Time Militia System- The Mexican War..........................206-216

Chapter XV  War of the Rebellion

The Firing on Fort Sumter--Reception of the News in Wellsboro--Meeting of the Borough Council--Resolutions Adopted--Mrs. Mary H. Clymer’s Patriotic Act and Letter--The First Volunteers--Gen. Robert C. Cox’s Interesting Narrative--Rosters of Companies Raised in Tioga County--Miscellaneous Commands--In New York Regiments--In Other States--The Fourteenth United States Infantry--Soldiers’ Monument-Losses in the War..... 216-249

Chapter XVI  Literature of Tioga

Josiah Emery’s English Grammar--Lydia Jane Pierson, the Forest Minstrel--Mary Emily Jackson, a Native Poetess--M.H. Cobb, Printer and Poet--"Nessmuk," The Lover and Poet of Nature-- His Rambles, Travels, and Writings......249-258

Chapter XVII  Wellsboro

Descriptive--The Original Town Plot--Additional Lots Surveyed--Prominent Pioneers-- Josiah Emery’s Reminiscences--Postoffice and Postmasters--John Sheffer, The Young Mail Carrier--His Route Through the Wilderness-- Postoffice Statistics--Old Time Taverns and Landlords-- Modern Hotels...258-274

Chapter XVIII  Wellsboro ( continued)

Village Schools--The Old Academy--Its Incorporation--Its Early and Later History--The Building Now Used as a Church--Common School System Adopted--First Public School Building--Later Buildings and Teachers--Willow Hall School......275-295

Chapter XIX  Wellsboro (continued)

The Old Quaker Meeting-House--St. Paul’s Protestant Episcopal Church--Rev. Charles Breck, the Pioneer Pastor--The Work He Accomplished--The Presbyterian Church--Rev. J.F. Calkins’ Long Pastorate--His Semi-Centennial Address--First Methodist Episcopal Church00Rev. Caleb Boyer--The First Class-- Church Organized--First Baptist Church-- Its Organization and Later History--St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church--The Free Will Baptist Church--Cemeteries-- Societies--Wellsborough’s Military Band.....295-316

Chapter XX  Wellsboro(continued)

The Tioga Pioneer--Its Editors and Publishers--Removal to Tioga--Early Advertisements--The Phoenix Appears--The Tioga Herald--George Hildreth, the Old -Time Printer--The Wellsboro Advertiser--The Wellsboro Agitator--The Daily Record--The Tioga Eagle and Its Successors--The Wellsboro Gazette--The Tioga Banner--The Hermaic Journal--The Tioga County Leader--The Republican Advocate--A Noted Correspondent..317-327

Chapter XXI  Wellsboro (continued)

Incorporated as a Borough--First Election--Early Ordinances--Burgesses, Clerks, Treasures and Justices--Borough Boundaries--Fire Department-- Water Works System--The Wellsborough Electric Company.....327-334

Chapter XXII Wellsboro (continued)

The First National Bank--The Old and New Bank Buildings--The Wellsborough National Bank--The Great Bank Robbery--The Property Taken--Two of the Robbers Captured--Tried, Convicted and Sent to Prison--Cosgrove Reforms--His Visit to Judge Williams--Manufacturing and Other Enterprises--The Wellsboro of To-day....335-349

Chapter XXIII  Delmar Township

Creation--Original Dividing Line--Origin of Name--Reductions of Area--Present Boundaries--Character of Surface-- Streams--The "Big Marsh"--Altitude--Population--Pioneer Settlers--Manufacturing Enterprises--Schools--Churches and Cemeteries--Villages and Postoffices.......350-360

Chapter XXIV Charleston Township

Organization--Reductions of Area-- Boundaries--Drainage--Physical Characteristics--Population--The Pioneers--Mills and Other Enterprises--Schools--Justices of the Peace--Churches--Cemeteries--Societies--Villages and Postoffices......360-369

Chapter XXV  Middlebury Township

Organization--Reduction of Area--Physical Features--Streams--Population--Early Settlers--Early and Later Enterprises--Schools and Justices--Church--Cemeteries--Societies--Villages.....369-378

Chapter XXVI  Farmington Township

Organization--Area and Boundaries--Physical Characteristics--Streams and Drainage--Population--Early Settlers--Manufacturing Enterprises--Schools and Justices--Churches--Cemeteries--Postoffices and Postmasters......379-383

Chapter XXVII Elkland Borough

The Old Township of Elkland--Its Organization and Boundaries--Reduction of Area--Organized as a Borough--Enlargement of Borough Limits--Pioneer Settlers--Village Growth--Later Enterprises--Schools--Hotels--Borough Organization and Officials--Postmasters--Physicians and Lawyers--Newspapers--Churches--Cemeteries--Societies............384-394

Chapter XXVIII Osceola Borough

Borough Organization--Unusual Area--The Village of Osceola-Physical Features--Streams--The Word "Cowanesque"--Its Derivation and Definition--"Pindarville"--Origin of the Name--Population--Lands and Settlement--Early and Later Industries--Inns and Hotels--Schools--Borough Organization and Officials--Physicians--Churches--Cemeteries--Secret Societies....395-404

Chapter XXIX Nelson Borough

Organization--Area and Boundaries--Streams--Physical Features--Early Settlers--Manufacturing and Business Enterprises--Borough Organization and Officials--Physicians--Schools--Churches and Cemeteries--Societies.......404-412

Chapter XXX Deerfield Township

Organization--Changes of Area--Streams, Soil, and Forest Growth--Population--Early Settlers--The Strawbridge Lands--Business and Manufacturing Enterprises--Schools--Early Physicians and Justice--Churches and Cemeteries--Villages..412-420

Chapter XXXI Knoxville Borough

Organization--Origin of Name--Area and Elevation--Billings Park--Population--Early Settlers--Manufacturing Enterprises--Mercantile Enterprises--Inns and Hotels--Schools--Borough Organization and Officials--Postmaster--Physicians and Lawyers--Newspapers--Churches--Cemeteries--Societies ....421-430

Chapter XXXII Westfield Township

Organization--Physical Characteristics--Population--Early Settlers--Early Enterprises--Schools and Justices--Churches and Cemeteries--Villages--430-437

Chapter XXXIII Westfield Borough

Location and Surroundings--Population and Taxable Property--Early Settlers--Borough Organization and Officials--Postmasters--Physicians and Lawyers--Business and Manufacturing Enterprises--Incorporated Companies--Hotels--Newspapers--Railroads--Churches and Cemeteries--Societies...438-449

Chapter XXXIV Brookfield Township

Organization--Location and Area--Physical Features--Streams--Forest Growth--Population--Justices of the Peace--Early Settlers--Mills and Factories--Schools--Churches and Cemeteries--Villages......449-456

Chapter XXXV Chatham Township

Organization--Reduction of Area--Physical Characteristics--Streams--Timber Growth--Early Settlers--Pioneer Industries--Schools and Justices--Churches and Cemeteries--Societies--Villages and Postoffices......457-463

Chapter XXXVI Clymer Township

Organization--Origin of Name--William B. Clymer--His Generous Treatment of Settlers--Physical Features of Township--Forest Growth--Streams--Area--Early Settlers--Early Industries--Schools and Justices--Churches and Cemeteries--Societies--Villages and Postoffices .................463-469

Chapter XXXVII Shippen Township

Organization--Present Boundaries and Area--Streams--Physical Features--Population--Early Settlers-- King and Manning’s Explorations--Big Meadows--The Furmans--Assessment of 1824--Division of Township--Settlers on Marsh Creek--Early Mills--Schools and Justices--Churches and Cemeteries--Villages.........469-474

Chapter XXXVIII Gaines Township

Organization--Reduction of Area--Derivation of Name--Physical Characteristics--Streams--Timber and Game--Population--Early Settlers--Past and Present Enterprises--The Gaines Coal and Coke Company--Early Schools--Physicians and Justices--Churches--Cemeteries--Societies--Villages and Postoffices....475-482

Chapter XXXIX Elk Township

Organization--Boundaries and Area--Mountains and Streams--Timber--Population--Early Settlers--Industrial Enterprises--Schools and Churches--Justices of the Peace--Villages......483-485

Chapter XL Morris Township

Organization--Reduction of Area--Physical Characteristics--Timber and Coal--Streams--Railroads--Population--Pioneer Settlement--Mills and Other Enterprises--Schools--Physicians and Justices--Churches--Societies--Villages and Postoffices....486-493

Chapter XLI Duncan Township

Derivation of Name--Organization-- Area--Boundaries--Altitude--Population--Justices--The Fall Brook Coal Company--The Village of Antrim--Hotels--Postmasters--Schools--Physicians--Societies--Churches--Villages........493-497

Chapter XLII Tioga Township

Organization--Reduction of Area--Physical Features--Streams--Population--Pioneer Settlers--Early Enterprises--Schools and Justices--Churches and Cemeteries--Villages and Postoffices.......498-504

Chapter XLIII Tioga Borough

Description--Physical Characteristics--Early Settlers--Population--Village Industries and Enterprises--Early Physicians and Lawyers--Early and Later Hotels--Borough Organization and Officials--Village and Borough Newspapers--Schools--Churches--Secret Societies--Later Business and Manufacturing Enterprises--Tioga Water Works--Hose Companies--Fire and Flood................................................................................505-520

Chapter XLIV Lawrence Township and Lawrenceville

Township Organization--Selection of Name--Boundaries and Area--Physical Features--Early Land Troubles--Conflicting Claims of Pennsylvania and Connecticut--Final Settlement of the Dispute--The State Line Survey--Hon. Samuel Baker, the First White Settler--Other Early Settlers--The Borough of Lawrenceville--Manufacturing and Business Enterprises--Physicians and Lawyers--Newspapers--Schools--Churches, Sabbath-Schools and Cemeteries--Justices and Burgesses-Societies--Horacetown........520-542

Chapter XLV Jackson Township

Organization--Origin of Name--Original Area--Present Boundaries--Physical Features--Streams--Altitude--Population--Pioneer Settlement--Early Mining Enterprises--Schools--Physicians, Lawyers, and Justices--Churches and Cemeteries--Societies--Villages and Postoffices..............543-550

Chapter XLVI Rutland Township

Organization--Boundaries--Physical Features--Streams--Iron Ore--Population--Early Settlers--Mills and Other Enterprises--Schools--Physicians and Justices--Churches and Cemeteries--Roseville Borough........551-556

Chapter XLVII  Sullivan Township

Organization--Original Area and Present Boundaries--Soil and Products--Streams--Derivation of Name--Population--Early Settlers--Business Enterprises--Schools--Physicians and Justices--Churches--Cemeteries--Secret Societies--Borough of Mainesburg--Villages and Postoffices....557-566

Chapter XLVIII  Richmond Township

Organization--Physical Characteristics--Streams--Mineral Deposits--Pioneer Settlers --Pioneer Enterprises --Schools and Justices --Churches --Cemeteries --Villages............567-574

Chapter XLIX  Mansfield Borough

Location and Surroundings--Early Settlers and Enterprises--Borough Organization and Officials--Fire Department--Postmasters--Physicians and Lawyers--Hotels--Public Schools--Mansfield Classical Seminary--The Mansfield State Normal School--The Soldiers’ Orphan Home--Business Colleges--Later Industries and Enterprises--Newspapers--Churches and Cemeteries--Societies....575-592

Chapter L Covington Township

Organization--Original and Present Area--Drainage and Physical Features--Population--Early Settlers--Early and Later Enterprises--Schools--Postmasters and Justices--Churches, Cemeteries and Societies....593-596

Chapter LI Covington Borough

Location and Surroundings--Population--Early Settlers--Manufacturing Enterprises--Early Hotel Keeper and Merchants--Borough Organization and Officials--Postmasters and Physicians--Newspapers--Schools--Churches and Secret Societies......597-604

Chapter LII Bloss Township

Organization--Physical Features--Streams--Forest Growth--Mineral Deposits--Limited Agriculture--Justices of the Peace--Changes in Area and Population--The Blossburg Coal Company--Arnot-- Churches--Societies--Landrus.....604-610

Chapter LIII Blossburg Borough

The Williamson Road--Peter’s Camp--Borough Site and Surroundings--Pioneer Settlers--Early Industries and Enterprises--Discovery of Coal--Judge Knapp’s Enterprises--The Arbon Coal Company--A Real Estate Boom--The Corning and Blossburg Railroad--The Seymour House--Sir Charles Lyell’s Visit--Window Glass Manufactory--The Morris Run Railroad--The Arnot Branch--Borough Organization and Officials--Fire Department--The Fire of 1873--Physicians and Lawyers--Schools--Churches and Cemeteries--Societies--Later Business Corporations--The Cottage State Hospital.611-625

Chapter LIV  Hamilton Township

Organization--Physical Characteristics--Mineral Wealth--Streams--Railroads--Population--Justices of the Peace--Morris Run Mines and Railroad--Coal Mining Companies--The Village of Morris Run--Schools and Churches--Societies-625-630

Chapter LV Ward Township

Organization--Reduction of Area--Drainage--Population--Justices of the Peace--Early Settlers--Manufacturing Enterprises--Schools and Churches--Societies.....630-632

Chapter LVI  Fall Brook Borough

Location and Surroundings--The Fall Brook Coal Company--Its Organization and History--Borough Organization and Officials--Schools--Churches--Societies...633-638

Chapter LVII  Liberty Township

Organization--Physical Characteristics--Soil and Products--Coal and Iron--Timber--Streams--Population--Pioneer Settlement--First White Men--The District Line--Williamson Road--The Block House--Anthony, the First Landlord--Other Early Settlers--Mills and Other Enterprises--Physicians and Justices--Schools--Churches and Cemeteries--Societies--Liberty Borough--Villages and Postoffices....639-649

ChapterLVIII Union Township

Organization--Physical Feature--Streams--Population--Pioneer Settlers--Early and Later Enterprises--Schools--Physicians and Justices--Churches, Cemeteries and Societies--Villages.......649-654

Chapter LIX Biographical Sketches in three parts ...655-780

Part One - Wellsboro
Part Two - Delmar Township
Part Three Charleston Township

Chapter LX  Biographical Sketches   Part One & Part Two & Part Three & Part Four

Middlebury and Farmington Townships--Nelson, Elkland and Osceola Boroughs...780-867

Chapter LXI Biographical Sketches    Part One & Part Two

Deerfield Township and Knoxville Borough--Westfield Township and Borough--Brookfield Township...867-947

Chapter LXII Biographical Sketches

Chatham, Clymer, Gaines, Elk and Shippen Townships....947-986

Chapter LXIII  Biographical Sketches

Tioga Township and Borough-- Lawrence Township and Lawrenceville Borough--Jackson Township........987-1049

Chapter LXIV Biographical Sketches

Richmond Township and Mansfield Borough--Sullivan Township and Mainesburg--Rutland Township........1050-1107

Chapter LXV

Biographical Sketches: Covington Township and Borough--The Blossburg Coal Region--Liberty and Union Township--Morris Township.......................1107-1160


Map of Tioga County..............16

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