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Ted Besanceny was first Assistant Principal and then Principal of Mansfield Sr. High School from about 1945 to 1976. He is now 92 years old with a memory any of us would envy. His son tells me he remembers every student who went to the school while he was there as well as who their parents and grandparents were. I visited him last month, December 2003, and had a great chat with him. He gave me a copy of his Four Walls and permission to share it with you. I'm looking forward to visiting him again - JMT
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My Four Walls

By Ted Besanceney

October 6, 2001
As growing older can place limits on one’s environment,
Those limits are often a matter of perspective.

On the north, my "wall" has those big old hickory leaves ---- turning 
yellowish-brown with a backdrop of pine needles. 

Close by the kitchen is the flowering crabapple that once was 
a big snowball when in blossom, now loaded with red berries against the red-tinged green leaves. 

The berries will feed the ruffled grouse who walk with dainty steps from limb to limb.

My east wall is a lawn with big pines and a border of 
blueberry bushes with purple leaves. 

The southeast corner is the pond. 
The breeze the morning is just enough to cause small ripples on the water that catch the sunlight and turn into glittering diamonds.

My south wall is pretty much one and one-half acres 
of lawn, the old barn and the board-fenced horse 
pasture stretching to the pond with the silhouette of 
"upside-down" pine trees reflected in it, then on across 
the road spreads fifty acres of green hayfield with the 
skyline of the Armenia Mountain range a few miles away.
My west wall includes the old maroon farm house 
(built in the 1860s), the barn, green fields and the 
orchard, the Ida Red apple trees loaded with ruby 
fruit that the deer cannot reach, and the garden which 
has been harvested except for a few bronze pumpkins 
and spaghetti squash. I don’t know who invented that 
variety, but whoever did will never get my vote!
This is the sixth day of October – a beautiful day – sunny and mild. This western wall is where you can almost see forever. Look over the fields to the
southwest to Armenia mountain, Pine Hill, Maple Hill, Cherry Flats then towards Antrim, Landrus and Wellsboro. All of these beautiful hills, each one so colorful, each one more  beautiful than the last, truly a picture that no artist can duplicate nor improve upon.

My thanks to the Creator for my Four Beautiful Walls.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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Subj:  Thedore Roosevelt Besanceny
Date:  01/28/2004 5:34:56 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Joyce,
The first teaching job that Mr Besanceny had was at the State Road School. (in Sullivan Township). My family had moved up in 1932 in the depression, and went back to Virginia in 1936.We had moved from Mainesburg to the Haarry Hilfiger farm and went to the State Road School. I was in Mr Besanceny's first Class.
He was a great teacher!
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933