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Fire Chiefs of Athens, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Article: Fire Chiefs of Athens PA
Township: Athens Borough & Township, Bradford County PA
Written by Eloise FRANTZ Wilson
Photo by Joyce M. Tice
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According to Murray in " Old Tioga Point and Early Athens, Pa. " the first fire company was a line of citizens passing the fire bucket brigade. Next, the ax and hose was added. Dana F. Park and Squire Baird made up the first fire company., one with a bucket and one with a ladder. They would run to the fire.

In an article in the " Scribe" of 1842 the first call went out for a meeting of interested citizens an organizing a fire company after the Athens Academy was destroyed by fire. There was not much response until in 1855 the first action was taken to organize.

C.N. Shipman bought the small fire engine ( hand pumper ) when he saw it on sale at the Elmira, N.Y. fair.

The first company started with employees from the old Foundry plant intended to protect the plant only. Later, membership opened to everyone. It eventually expanded until it became a town fire department.

The original hand pumper is on permanent display in the center of Athens business district.

Protection Hose was incorporated at Towanda courthouse on Apr. 29, 1874. The people who were listed as officers to take effect on December. 31, 1888.; Stephen Finch, President, _______ illegible , Vice President, J.E. Stuwart, Treasurer,

Trustees; Stephen Finch, Joseph M, Ely, A.E. Kirkpatrick, Ezra C. Potter, W.B. Tiffany.

Officers living in Athens Borough with no capital stock;

Charles T. Hull, E.C. Potter, Charles S. Drake, Miles Mitchell, George F. McAfee, A.E. Kirkpatrick, E. Briggs.

Some of the more distrastous fires our fireman have had to fight since 1973 are;

Cox Newsstand fire at the corner of S. Main and Herrick Streets on July 30, 1973

Fire chief; George Whyte

Whipple Lumber Company fire , N. Main St., which was fully involved at 3 : 00 a.m. on Aug. 23, 1977

Fire chief; George Whyte

Spinning Wheel apartment and business building at the corner of S.. Main St. and Center St. on Apr. 11, 1983

Fire chief; Dave Whipple

Rynone Mill fire on Pine St. on Oct. 21, 1991

Fire chief’ Mike Patton

Chief’s were apparently put in office every year for the first several years of operation

First chief was Daniel P. Merriam, elected because he was the heaviest man in the crowd at 300 + pounds, and was an Old School Presbyterian who always stood up at prayers.

Charles T. Hull Jan. 1, 1885

Joseph Merrick. Ely, " chief engineer " June 7, 1878 Lived from Mar. 27, 1832 to Nov. 30, 1914 Buried Tioga

Point cemetery Because of the date, I wonder if he was a chief before official orgainzation.?

James H. Wilson, " foreman" Jan. 3, 1857 Before official organization ?

Ray Finch

Eugene Winters 1928 - 29 - 30 approx. ( his recollection )

Frank Hopkins, after Eugene Winters, served probably less than a year.

_______ Hall

A.H. Spaulding

John Keene

J.J. Keefe

Corlis Howard Reelected fire chief on Dec. 16, 1946. Born 1908 - died 1972 Buried Tioga Point cemetery.

Harlan McMorran " Red "

Raymond ‘ Red " Rogers born Ridgbury, Pa. - died Jan. 5, 1975 Athens, Pa. 69 years. Son of Fred and Cora

Conrad Rogers. Buried Tioga Point cemetery.

Charles Frost served from 1951 - 1955 Dec. 19, 1911 - Sept. 4, 1967 Buried Tioga Point cemetery.

LeRoy Orshall 1956

Pfc. U.S.Army W.W.-2 June 30, 1919 Seattle, Wash. - May 19, 1984 Athens, Pa. Son of

Herbert and Hattie Bulman Orshall. Buried Tioga Point cemetery.

Donald Schrader 1957 - 1958

Mar. 22, 1922 Sayre, Pa. - Aug. 30, 1995 Athens, Pa. Son of Earl and Mabel Covey Schrader. Buried

Tioga Point cemetery.

Glenn Stillman , Jr. 1959 Dec. 9, 1927 Virgil, N.Y. - Nov. 9, 1994 Monroeton, Pa. Son of Glenn, Sr. and

Elberta Welch Stillman. W.W. - 2 & Korea Buried Tioga Point cemetery.

Charles Frost 1960

Dec. 19, 1911 - Sept. 4, 1967 Tioga Point cemetery.

Donald Schrader Two terms 1957 - 1958

Mar. 2, 1922 Sayre, Pa. - Aug. 30, 1995 Athens, Pa. Son of Earl and Mabel Covey Schrader

Buried Tioga Point cemetery. Fire chief two terms 1957 - 1958

Walter Patton 1961 thru 1971

George Whyte Jan. 1, 1972 - Dec. 31, 1980. In charge of the emergency Agnes flood stabalization and recovery

efforts of the fire department ..

After George, apparently the membership voted to have chief’s serve a two year term for the most part.

Dave Whipple , Sr. 1981 - 1982 - 1983

Dave Streeter 1984 - 1985

Dave Whipple, Sr 1986 - 1987

Don Homan 1988 - 1989

Mike Patton 1990 - 1991

Bill Cotton 1992 - 1993

Paul Gilbert 1994 - 1995 - 1996

Skip Roupp 1997

Mike Barry 1998 - 1999

Skip Roupp 2000 - 2001

Subj:  Regarding your Athens Fire Chiefs page
Date:  10/25/2003 8:27:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Leon Pollock)
My name is Leon Pollock. I currently serve as a Captain of the Athens Borough Fire Department from Protection Hose #1.
In case you would like to update the site. The present chief for 2002-2003 is Mike Barry and the Fire Chief for 2004-2005 will be Paul Gilbert.
Leon Pollock

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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