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Article: The Watering Trough
Mansfield Borough, Tioga County PA
Article by Chester P. Bailey
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 18 DEC 2002
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Watering Trough

by Chester P. Bailey

Typed for Tri-Counties Website by Pat SMITH Raymond

April 7, 1908 – L. A. Elliott presented to the Boro Council an offer from D. J. Butts to give to the Borough a fountain, to be placed at the intersection of Main and Wellsboro Streets, near Shepards Store, now the Homestead Reality Building. [In 2002 it is B. C. Technologies] Mr. Elliott stated that the Water Company of which he was superintendent, would furnish water for the fountain, which the Borough was asked to maintain after it should be placed in position. It was moved that the offer be accepted with thanks, that the water and sewer committee confer with Burgess Ross with respect to erecting the fountain and that the Burgess present to the Council an ordinance covering the acceptance and maintenance of the gift. The ordinance, when presented gave the Water Company the duty of furnishing and maintaining water for man and beast. There was at that time a watering trough for horses on Wellsboro Street near the exit of Hoard Street across from the fire hall. It had been there since 1888 when the Opera House was built, (from an old picture). It was removed in 1924 when Wellsboro Street was paved. It ended in a scrap pile until George Borden discovered it and put it to use again on his farm west of town. It was returned recently by his son Lyle. It now rests in the little park at the corner of Wellsboro and Sassafras streets. Also a historic site of the Orphans school kitchen. We understand that the Council has approved a marker in honor of George Barden for preserving this nice old piece of Mansfield’s history. Mr. Barden’s father Dr. William Barden was one of the first Doctors in Mansfield. In 1915 the Civic Club purchased and installed a public drinking fountain, a bubble type. Prior to this everyone drank from the tin cups fastened to the fountain by chains. It replaced the 1908 fountain. 

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