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Powers Corners 1930s Post Card 
Junction of Route 549 and Route 6 east of Mansfield PA

Article: Powers Corners
Township: Richmond, Tioga County PA-
Mansfield Borough
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Subj:  Powers Corners Community House
Date:  7/8/2003 2:34:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Joyce,
  Are the two pictures I sent the proper resolution? I had to make a compromise between resolution and file size.
  I don't know what you know about Powers Corners, but here's a little history from the 1950s era. My father, John Zellner, bought the Powers Corners property, all except the community house, in 1949. We lived in the big house by the creek and renovated the cabins and operated the business as Esso gas station, a snack bar and tourist cabins called "Cabins by the Brook". In 1950 in cost two people $8.00 to rent a cabin for a night. When my brother, John C. Zellner, and I, Robert O. Zellner, left for the Korean War in 1950 and 51, my father couln't run the place by himself so he leased the gas station and snack bar to Leon Aumick of Mainesburg and continued to rent the cabins in the summer time. He worked around Tioga County at a few different jobs for a year or two and then went to work as an Ad salesmen for the Corning Leader newspaper. In the meantime, Morgan Smith of Mainesburg offered to buy the gas station about 1956, so my father sold it to him and he operated it for a number of years. Sometime around 1958 My father was approached by WNBT radio in Wellsboro to come to work for them as a salesman. He accepted, and within a few years was the station manager. He retired in 1966.
  Rt. 549 used to pass to the left of the gas station past the big house, over a bridge and up the hill. The state changed all that bout 1955 and moved Rt.549 about a quarter mile east and took out the bridge. You can still see the remnants of the road going up the hill across the creek.
  As the tourist cabin business faded because of modern motels, my father moved three of the cabins together and made them in to a small house and he and my mother moved in and sold the big house by the creek. They lived there until my mother, Emily B. Zellner, died in 1970 when my father, who had become blind, moved in with my family in Apalachin, NY. A little over a year later Hurricane Agnes came through the area and completely destroyed the little house along with Dick Smith's stable and mobile home on the next lot. My father died in 1975.
  As you no doubt know, the property has gone down hill steadily since then. The old house is almost decrepit now and the gas station and community house are gone. I don't get to see it very often since I now live in Mechanicsburg, PA, but I am saddened whenever I do.
  One of my fond memories of that time was the Saturday night square dances we used to hold in the Community House every week. They were usually attended by the Zellner family, the Denzel Rose family, the Harold Clark family, the Boyd Smith family,  the Wilbur Smith family, the Priest family and others I can no longer remember.

Regards, Bob Zellner 

 Subj:  Power Corners
Date:  09/29/2003 12:36:43 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Joyce,
  In my note to you about Powers Corners I said that Morgan Smith bought the gas station from my father. I got a note from Norma Mattison today correcting me. The station was bought by Morgan Cook and his wife Ruth.
Bob Zellner

Powers Corners Community House - Above two photos dated early 1960s. 
1960s Photos from Bob Zellner
I believe the Community House is the one in the postcard (at top) on far left.
Community House 1985 (1985 Photos from Joan NASH O'Dell)
Powers Corners 19 DEC 2002 by Joyce M. Tice. Red Truck & Blue Car are about where the Community House was. Building in center that was the old gas station was razed spring 2003. Without knowing it, I got this photo just in the nick of time. 
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/07/2003
By Joyce M. Tice 

The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933