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Organization of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union

Windfall, Penna.

The members of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Alba, Penna. met with the women of the Windfall, Penna. on March 30, 1898 and conducted a regular meeting of said society. Opened by singing, after which the 146th Psalm was read by the President and prayer was offered by Mr. W.H. Stevens. After singing again the Constitution for Local Societies was read by the President. Also a letter from Mrs. L T Adams on Branch Unions was read. After due consideration, a motion was sustained to form a Branch Union of Alba W.C.T.U.

The following Pledge was read and adopted by the Branch Union.


"I hereby solemnly promise God helping me, to abstain from all distilled, fermented, and malt-liquors, including Wine, Beer, and Cider, and to employ all proper means to discourage the use of and traffic in the same."

The following women subscribed to the above pledge as constituent members of Branch Society:

President- Mrs. Bertha English

Vice Pres- Miss Abbie Morse

Rec Sec- Mrs. Sula Stevens *

Treasurer- Mrs. Annie Packard

Miss Mayme Lewis

Miss Clara Packard

The following persons have since been received into the Society as additional members:

Miss Carrie Kittle *

Miss Bessie Packard *

Mrs. Flora E Bovier

Mrs. Marian Lewis

Mrs. Fannie Kittle

Miss Nellie Porter *

Miss Elna Chesley *

Mrs. Delle Dresti

Miss LaVille Landon

Miss Cora Bredbinner *

Mrs. Linnie Shoemaker (Called Home April 26, 1902)*

Miss Ida VanHorn

Miss Kyle Loomis (Mrs. Fred Bigsby)

Mrs. Allie Packard *

Mrs. James Ferguson *

Mrs. A Dunbar

Mrs. Rebecca Haflett

Mrs. F.M. Bassett

Mrs. Franc Crandall (Died Mar 15, 1903)

Miss Ida Fitch *

Miss Carrie Hawthorne

Mrs. James Hawthorne

Mrs. A.F. Sanford *

Mrs. Alvira Rice *

Miss Maggie Wilson *

Mrs. O Dakin (Died June 3rd 1900)

Miss Clara English

Miss Minnie Rockwell *

Mrs. James McKerrow

Mrs. Sarah Sturdevant (Dropped)

Mrs. Mary Case

Mrs. Jas. Packard

Mrs. Jennie Hollie

Mrs. Cora Saxton

Mrs. Mansfield

Mrs. Margaret Fitch

Cora C Loomis

Miss Margaret English

Mrs. Sadie Chisley

Miss Marion Bunyan

Dora Haflett

Mrs. Ellen Clark *

Mrs. Julia Ferguson

Miss Maggie Ferguson

Miss Grace Packard

Miss Ruby Phillips

Mrs. Hannah Phillips

Mrs. H.B. Allen

Mrs. Genge

Mrs. Abbie Shoemaker

Miss Bessie Kittle

Miss Jeannette Packard

Miss Virginia Warren

Miss Florence Walbron

Mrs. Albert Porter

Mrs. John Shoemaker

Miss Bessie Fitch

Miss Lois Kittle

Miss Marian English

Miss Bessie VanHorn

Miss Edna Foust

Mrs. Herbert Phillips

Enrolment of the honorary members of Windfall W.C.T.U.

Rev F. M. Clough *

Rev. W. H. Ward

Rev. S. L. Bovier

Mr. W.H. Stevens *

Mr. Kelyon Packard

Mr. M.T.Haxton

Mr. Myrt Ferguson

Mr. Roderic Bunyan *

Mr. Hugh Hawthorne

Mr. Elmer Packard *

Mr. Earle Lewis

Mr. Glen Stevens *

Mr. John Collins

Mr. James Hawthorne

Mr. Clyde W Lewis

Mr. Paul English

Mr. Rufus Battin

Rev. H.E. Mansfield

Mr. H. R. English

Mr. R.A. Sturdevant

Leonidas C Fitch

Rev. Mr Allen

* Note that these names had a line through them.

Minutes of the Windfall W.C.T.U. April 13, 1898- The W.C.T.U. convened at the home of the President. Meeting opened by singing, followed by the reading of the 23rd Psalm and Prayer by Mrs. Riggs. Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. Arrangements were then made to hold a Memorial Service for Miss Willard May 1, Sunday evening. The Secretary Mrs. Stevens, was instructed to procure Mrs. Baldwin of Troy for the speaker of the evening. Three new members were added. After prayer by Pastor Clough adjourned to meet at Mrs. English’s May 11. Mrs. W.H. Stevens Rec. Secretary

May 11, 1898 The Union met at the home of the Pres. Called to order by Mrs. Packard, Pres of Alba Union. Devotional exercises conducted by Mrs. Bovier. Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. The Union decided to buy "The Life of Miss Willard". Also decided to take associate members- the same to have all the privileges of active members except voting. The report of State Convention by Mrs. L.T. Adams- County Delegate- was read by Abbie Morse. Recitation by Grace Packard. Moved and seconded that a vote of thanks be extended to all who assisted in helping make the memorial service a success. As there is a call for dues, it was decided that all dues should be paid by July 1st 1898. Adjoined to meet at the M.E. Church May 26. Mrs. Stevens Secretary

June 8, 1898 the W.C.T.U. met at the M.E. Church. After singing, the devotional exercises were conducted by the President. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Miss Carrie Kittle was then elected Treasurer in place of Mrs. Wm Packard who resigned as account of leaving this place. Mrs. Fannie Kittle elected Organist and Miss Abbie Morse Supt. Of Contest-Work. Mrs. Bovier read a choice selection from the Signal, after which Miss Mayme Lewis recited in her usual pleasing manner. An order of $2.00 was given to pay of book entitled "The Life f Frances Willard". After discussion the Union decided to hold a Mother’s meeting at the home of Mrs. Stevens in two weeks. Mrs. Bovier and Mrs. Stevens appointed Superintendents of that Dept. and also a committee to make arrangements for next meeting. Adjourned after singing. Mrs. Stevens Rec. Sec.

June 22, 1898 A Mother’s meeting was held at the home of Mrs. W.H. Stevens in place of the regular meeting.

Mrs. Porter of Canton, County Supt. Of Mother’s Meetings, was present and took charge of the meeting. After devotional exercise, Mrs. Porter announced that the subject for discussion was Obedience. She distributed a number of written questions, which were read and discussed. Mrs. Baldwin & Mrs. Hutchings of Troy were present and participated in the discussions, adding much to the enjoyment of the occasion. After singing, adjourned to meet in two weeks at the home of Mrs. Flora Bovier. After adjournment our hostess invited all present to repair to the dining room where a bountiful lunch was served.

July 8, 1898 The W.C.T.U. met at Mrs. Bovier. Meeting called to order by the Pres. After singing "Blessed Assurance" the Devotional exercises were conducted by Rev. S.L.Bovier. The Sec. being absent the minutes of last meeting were omitted. Decided to hold a social in the near future. The pledge was then read and an invitation for new members was given. Next meeting to be held at Mrs. Lewis July 20. Closed by singing "Blest be the Tie that Binds". Carrie Hawthorne Sec. Pro Tem.

Aug 3, 1898 The W.C.T.U. convened at the residence of Mrs. Lewis. Meeting called to order by the Pres. Devotional exercises were conducted by Abbie Morse. Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. After singing "Rock of Ages", Miss Carrie Hawthorne read a selection from the beautiful life of Miss Willard. Decided to hold a Medal Contest soon. The Pledge was then read and one new member received, Mrs. Rebecca Haflett, who paid .35 cents toward her dues. After singing adjourned to meet in two weeks from today at such place as the President may announce. Abbie Morse Sec. Pro Tem.

August 31, 1898 The W.C.T.U. convened at the M.E. Church. Called to order by the President. Scripture reading and prayer by Mrs. Packard. After singing, Miss Abbie Morse was elected delegate to the County Convention at East Smithfield. Miss Mayme Lewis Alternate. Adjourned to meet in one month. Carrie S Kittle Sec Pro Tem

Sept 29, 1898 The W.C.T.U. met at the residence of Mrs. Wm Packard. Meeting called to order by the Pres. Devotional exercises conducted by Mrs. Bovier. Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. Miss Abbie Morse then read her report of County Convention at Smithfield. Report accepted. Mrs. Bovier was elected Supt. Of Evangelistic Dept and Mayme Lewis Supt of Mercy Dept. Select readings were given by Mayme Lewis and Carrie Hawthorne. Three new members were received. After singing, "Blest be the Tie that binds", adjourned to meet in four weeks at such place the Pres may announce. Abbie Morse Sec Pro Tem

Oct 1898 The W.C.T.U. met at the home of the Pres. Meeting called to order at 2P.M. After singing, "Rescue the Perishing" the devotional exercises were conducted by Mrs. Delmont. Very interesting selections were read by Sisters Bovier, Hawthorne and Lewis. Decided to hold the next meting at Sister Fannie Kittle’s the same to be a Mother’s meeting and in place of the Bible reading each member was requested to repeat a scripture text. Adjournment after singing, "Throw out the Life Line"

Carrie Hawthorne Sec Pro Tem

A meeting of the W.C.T.U. was convened at the home of Sister Fannie Kittle Nov 16, 1898. Meeting opened by a song "There’s a work for you". In place of scripture, reading the roll was called, and members responded by selections from the scripture. Prayer was then offered by Sister Flora E Bovier. After prayer, the President read a letter from Mrs. A.L. Bird, President of County W.C.T.U. instructing us to withdraw as a branch society from the Alba Union and to be recognized as an independent Union. After due consideration of the correspondence the Union voted to withdraw, and notice was given to the Alba Union to that affect. The Pres. then made a financial statement of the society reporting that after all expenses of the society including Mrs. Conklin’s lecture course of $14.00 there is a surplus fund in the Treasury of $11.55. Sister F.W. Bassett was then elected our Cor Sec for the balance of the official year. A motion was then entertained to contribute from our Treasury $1.50 to the Christmas gold fund of the Union of Bradford Co as a token of their personal esteem of Sister A.L. Bird as a Christian lady and also her very efficient work as Pres of the Bradford Co W.C.T.U.T.U. Sister Mayme Lewis gave a recitation "Poor House Man" in a very pleasing and effective manner. At the close of the session, the Pres extended to the Society an invitation, to a reception at here home for the new members.

Abbie Morse Sec Pro Tem

Pursuant to the invitation issued by Mrs. H.R. English, a large company was convened at her home Dec 16, 1898, Preliminary exercises were rendered consisting of Psalm 146 read by Sister Flora Bovier. Prayer by Rev Bro Ward. Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. A partial report of State Con. Was read by Mrs. Packard of Alba, in connection with extracts from printed report read by her daughter Mrs. Wm Williams. A choir led by Rev. S.L. Bovier furnished for the occasion very excellent music and much enjoyable by all. Very interesting recitations were given by Misses Kyle Loomis, Ida Fitch, Mae Linderman, Mayme Lewis, Carrie Hawthorne & Mrs. Hooker and Misers Glenn Stevens and Myrt Haxton. At the close of the exercises the company was invited to the dining room where the generous hospitality of Mrs. English was made manifest in refreshments well calculated to make all feel an unbounded welcome. Good cheer and social mirth continued to the close of the day, and when the parting hour came, all had been made to feel that the occasion had been not only festive by edifying an hence, up building of the interests of the Union.

Abbie Morse Sec Pro Tem


Jan 19, 1899 the W.C.T.U. convened at the home of sister Jas. Hawthorne. Meeting opened by singing. Scripture lessons read by the President. Prayer by Sister Flora E Bovier. Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. Sister Carrie Kittle read a letter from Sister Bird of her acceptance of the Christmas Gold Gift by the Unions. An order was drawn on the Treas for $2.40 to defray expenses f State Delegate. Select reading by Carrie Hawthorne and Abbie Morse. Membership was then solicited by the Pres. Sister Packard of Alba gave a talk on Temperance. Adjourned to meet at Sister Dell Dreste’s home in two weeks. Abbie Morse sec Pro Tem

Feb 2, 1899 the W.C.T.U. convened at the home of Sister Dell Driste. Meeting opened by singing "Rock of Ages" Scripture reading by Mrs. Stevens. Prayer by Bro. Elmer Packard. Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. Sister Bovier then read a selection entitled "Let us live with our children" A very interesting discussion on several questions followed the reading. First-Children’s parties. What do you think of them? Second- At what hours should it be held? Third- What games should be used? Four- Would you invite –both-boys & girls under ten years of age? Five- What games would you suggest if any? An address was given by Bro. Elmer Packard on child training and temperance. Next meeting to be held Mar 2, also to be a Mother’s meeting. Topic-"Education & training of our girls". Refreshments were then served by the hostess. Adjourned to meet Mar 18, at the home of the Pres.

(No notes for Mar meeting)

April 27th 1899 the W.C.T.U. convened at the home of Miss Carrie Kittle. Opened by Scripture reading and prayer by Miss Abbie Morse. After singing "We Praise Thee", the minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Abbie Morse read a letter from Mrs. Summer of New Albany Mirror to become a temperance paper by getting ten subscribers. Resolved that we appoint Earle Lewis to canvas with the copy we have. Motion made and seconded that we have the last meeting in June for the annual business meeting and that we wait until that time to elect new officers. Motion carried. Select Reading " The Old John and the New" by Earle Lewis. Also a tract " The Four Fold Card" by Miss Morse. Moved and carried that the next meeting be held at the church May 25, Closed by singing.

Carrie Kittle Sec Pro Tem

July 6th 1899. Owing to various reasons no meeting of the Union took place until the above date at which time they convened at the M.E. Church for the election of officers for another year. The meeting was opened by Scripture reading by Mrs. English followed with prayer by Mrs. Bovier, after which the election took place.

Mrs. H.R. English was elected President for another year

Abbie Morse, 1st V. P.

Miss Laville Landon, 2nd V.P.

Mrs. W.B. Packard, 3rd V.P.

Mrs. Frank Bassett, Sec

Miss Mayme Lewis, Rec Sec

Miss Carrie Kittle, Treas

Mrs. Fannie Kittle, Organist

Mrs. Anne Packard, Librarian

An order granted for $1.60 for three copies of Union Signal to be sent to pastors. Also one for $.30 to Mrs. Bovier for postage. Adjourned to meet in two weeks at Mrs. Bassett’s. Abbie Morse, Sec Pro Tem

July 21st 1899 a goodly company of W.C.T.U. women convened at the home of Mrs. Frank Bassett to conduct a "Mothers Meeting". After singing "Jesus, The Light of the World" attention was given to the reading of Scripture by Pres. Followed with an earnest prayer by Sister Packard from the Alba Union. After another song, Mrs. S.L. Bovier, the Superintendent of Mother’s work in the Union took charge of the meeting. The subject chosen was " The Training and Education of Our Girls". Thoughts along this line were guided by the reading of a tract "The Dangers of Our Girls" by Mrs. Bovier. Then questions on the subject were distributed and shortly after, read and answered. Open Parliament was given for each question and many interesting discussions ensued in which valuable thoughts were exchanged. Previous to the close of the meeting a letter from Mrs. Bird, County Superintendent was read by Miss Morse. Also, one from our absent member, Miss Hawthorne, by the Secretary. After deciding to hold the next meeting in the grove at the home of Mrs. S.L. Bovier, Aug 4th the members adjourned, feeling "that, indeed, it had been good for them to be there".

Mayme B Lewis, Secretary

August 4th 1899 the ladies of the W.C.T.U. of Windfall met in the grove at the home of Mrs. S.L. Bovier. A goodly number of members were present and quite a number of visitors. The literary program was opened by singing "Jesus Lord of My Soul". This was followed by the reading of the 146 Psalm and Prayer by Mrs. A.F. Sanford. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Then followed a recitation by Miss Carrie Hawthorne entitled "Gaining Ground". Reading of a tract by Lavilla Landon on "Why should a Church Member be a W.C.T.U. Woman". Recitation by Cora Bredbinner, "The Torch of Temperance". A reading entitled "Women and Temperance Work" by Kyle Loomis. Recitation by Lillian Lewis "If I were a Sunbeam". Reading by Mayme Lewis "The Surrender". Then followed the reading of the Pledge and solicitation of new members by the President, resulting in one new name to be added to our roll call. A short business meeting then took place. After some deliberation an entertainment and ice cream social was fixed upon the 25th of August at the Grange Hall. A few words were spoken about the County Convention Aug 29th and 30th at Athens. Adjourned to meet Aug 18th at the home of Mrs. James Hawthorne.

August 18, 1899 a few minutes after 2 P.M. found the ladies of the W.C.T.U. assembled at the home of Mrs. Jas. Hawthorne. After singing "Glory to His Name" the devotional exercises were conducted. These consisted of the reading of fifteen verses from the 15th Chapter of Romans by Pres. and a Roll Call with Scriptional responses by members. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved. The county convention discussed. Mrs. A.F. Sanford elected delegate, Mrs. Annie Packard, alternate. Arrangements made for the social. Program planned. Other minor business items discussed. Closed by singing, "Rescue the Perishing". To meet again Sept 15.

Mayme B Lewis, Secretary

An entertainment consisting of excellent music and fine recitations and readings was presented Aug 25th at the Grange Hall. At the close, ice cream was served. Proceeds were $17.

Sept 15, 1899 the ladies of the W.C.T.U. convened at the home of Mrs. H.R. English. The meeting began with the usual preliminaries, a song and a Scripture lesson, which was part of the 138th Psalm. This was followed by prayer by Mrs. A.F. Sanford. The minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. The report of the Bradford Co. Convention at Athens was then ably and interestingly given by the delegate, giving us a strong impression that in how all missed some good things. Let us try for our share at New Albany next year! The business affairs of the Union were next noted. It was decided to allow Columbia X Roads, who is grouped with Alba and Windfall Unions to send a delegate to the State Convention in Oct at Phila. A motion was carried to send our share of the yearly expenses, which is $1.25, to Mrs. Bird, the Pres of Bradford Co. Announcement was made of the coming of Mrs. Preston, who is State Superintendent of Loyal Temperance Legion work in Penna. to our place for two days in October. The S.S. Entertainment so long talked of is beginning to mature. A committee consisting of Mrs. A.F. Sanford, Chairman, Mrs. S. L. Bovier, Miss Carrie Hawthorne, Miss Mayme Lewis and Miss Carrie Kittle was appointed to prepare the program. We were glad to hear that Bradford Co. has chosen a press correspondent in the person of Mrs. Moody of East Smithfield who will report our work in certain county papers. Miss. Mayme Lewis was requested to report the doings of our Union to her. The sending of a box of vegetables to Sayre Hospital was considered but no definite action taken. The idea of having more Temperance readings at our meetings was suggestive as we listened to the reading of a chapter from Rum, Rags & Religion by Mrs. Sanford. This was followed by the reading of the Pledge and solicitation of new members by the Pres., which resulted in two more joining our ranks. The announcement that the next meeting would be held in two weeks in the Baptist Church brought this very interesting meeting to a close. Mayme B Lewis, Rec Sec.

Sept 29, 1899 the W.C.T.U. women convened at 2 P.M. in the F.N. Baptist church. Opened by singing "The Old Time Religion". Reading of 146 Psalms by Rev. A.F. Sanford followed by prayer by Evangelist Newton. Singing "Fill me now". Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Then followed a very interesting talk on L.T.L. work by Mrs. Newton and some very good thoughts from Mr. Newton to encourage us in our work. Shut in by the storm, the time was well filled by an informal prayer service. Mr. Newton sang two beautiful solos, one "Saved by Mother’s Prayer" and, the other "Your Mother loves you yet", the latter of which was particularly touching. Mr. Newton gave us some fine ideas on the Temperance question. A few minutes at the last were taken for business. The next regular meeting to be in the same church, Oct 13th. Dismissed with the benediction by Mr. Newton.

Mayme B Lewis Rec. Secretary

Oct 13th the meeting for business in the Free Will Baptist Church opened with song. Miss Kyle Loomis presiding at the organ. Mrs. H.R. English then read the 47th Psalm and Mrs. S.L. Bovier lead in prayer. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. The business affairs of the Union were then noted. The question of whether or not we should take a collection at the S.S. Entertainment was brought up. Miss Mayme Lewis made a motion that we do take up a collection. This was carried. Mrs. Annie Packard then moved that it should be given to Rev. and Mrs. Newton in appreciation of the services they are to conduct here. This was carried unanimously. Miss Carrie Hawthorne and Mayme Lewis were appointed ushers for the Entertainment and Miss Kyle Loomis and Clara Packard to take the offering. The Union as a whole invited to help in decorating the church. Saturday. The next meeting was appointed to be at the home of Mrs.A.F Sanford October 27. The service to be a literary meeting. Arrangements for which to be made by the Secretary.

Miss Mayme Lewis, Recording Secretary

A Union S.S. Temperance entertainment was given in the Free Will Baptist Church, Sat evening Oct 14th. A published program entitled "The Saloon and the Home" was ably rendered. The church was tastefully decorated in autumn leaves, evergreen and flowering plants. Short addresses were given by Rev. Sanford and Newton. Collection $2.70. Notice was sent to out County Press Correspondent.

Sunday Evening, Oct 15 Temperance Sermon by Rev. V.S. Britten in M.E. Church.

October 27, 1899 "Literary Work" by Mrs. A.F. Sanford

Singing "Jesus Savior Pilot Me", Scriptural Reading and Explanation of Crusade Psalm, Prayers led by Mrs. English, Mrs. Sanford and Miss Lewis, Singing: Glory to His Name". Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. Reading by Mrs. Delle Dresde of Miss Willard’s First Temperance Address. Reading by Mrs. Marian Lewis. Reading by Miss Morse "Class No 3" and Recitation by Miss Lewis, "Thy Kingdom Come". Business, voted by Society to give $1.00 to purchase literature for North Woods Band of Mercy. Carried by Society that we engage Miss Mercott of Australia for two days to take the place of Mrs. Preston who cannot come this fall. Invitation to meet at Mrs. Dresde’s in two weeks accepted. Mayme Lewis, Sec.

Nov 10, 1899 the ladies of the W.C.T.U. convened at the home of Mrs. Harmon Dresde. The meeting opened with a song and Scripture lesson, which was a portion of the 138th Psalm, following, was a prayer by Mrs. S.L. Bovier. Singing "Nearer My God To Thee". Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. A short selection was then read by Mrs. Bassett. Reading by Mrs. Dakin. Reading entitled "The Saloon Arrainged" by Kyle Loomis. This was followed by the reading ot the pledge. One new member received. It was moved and carried that an order by drawn for $4.66, it being our share of State Delegated expenses. It was decided to hold the next meeting at the home of the Pres. Closed by singing "Depths of Mercy". Kyle Loomis Sec Pro. Tem.

An all day Mother’s Meeting was held in the Free Will Baptist Church, Friday Nov 17 brought about by the efforts of the pastor Rev. Sanford and the help of Rev. and Mrs. Newton followed by a Solo by Rev. Newton "My Mother’s hands". The address of the morning session was given by Rev. Sanford. Closed with prayer. After an intermission of one hour and a half in which are enjoyable dinner was partaken of the service was opened with song, followed by a session of prayer. Solo by Mr. Newton. Text 28th verse of 1st Chapter of 1st Samuel. Solo, "I will say Yes to Jesus" The report of the State Delegate, Mrs. Besley of Columbia X Roads, from the convention at Phila in October was then ably and entertainingly given. Solo, by Mrs. Newton "I shall know him by the print of the Nails in His Hand". An address by Mrs. Newton on Social Purity to the ladies assembled alone brought to a close a very profitable day.

Mayme B Lewis, Rec.Sec.

A meeting for men only in the evening. Address by Rev. Newton.

Nov. 24, 1899 at Mrs. H.R. English. Opened by singing "Blessed Assurance". Reading of 81st Psalm by Pres. Prayer by Mrs. M.L.Packard. Minutes read and approved. Reading of Report from State Convention by Miss Bessie Packard. Reading, "Who will roll away the stone?" by Mayme Lewis. This was followed by a short talk from Mrs. Packard on Scientific Temperance Instruction. She urged the Union to take up that dept of work. Myrt Haxton made a few remarks on temperance work in neighboring towns. A motion was carried than 1 doz posters be printed for the coming of Miss Mercutt. It was decided to arrange the sending of a box to Sayre Hospital at the regular meeting in two weeks at the home of the Pres. Mayme Lewis, Secretary

Dec 8, 1899 called to order at the home of the President by singing "Rock of Ages". Scripture reading by Mrs. James Ferguson 2 Cor. 9 followed by Lord’s Prayer by all. Minutes read and approved. It was decided to meet in one month at the home of Mrs. Hawthorne, the same to be a Mother’s Meeting. Business reparative to the hospital box being settled, after singing "God Be With You", all proceeded to the packaging. Mayme Lewis, Sec.

Miss Ada Mercutt of Australia was with us two days in December. She gave a Temperance address in the M.E. Church the first evening. The second evening she gave a Stereopticon Lantern Lecture on Australia.


Jan 5, 1900 the ladies of the W.C.T.U. met with Mrs. James Hawthorne in the first business meeting of the year. After singing, "Rescue the Perishing" with Miss Morse presiding at the organ. Mrs. Bovier leads in Scripture reading and Prayer. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. The business was then noted. A letter was read from Supt. Of Sayre Hospital acknowledging the donation of the Union and thanking all very much. A letter was also read from Mrs. Louis Piolet asking us to organize a Woman’s Auxiliary of Sayre Hospital in this place. The feeling of the majority was against taking such an action. A letter was next read from Mrs. Adams presenting very clearly what is meant by a series of Gospel Temperance Meetings. After a considerable discussion in which all of its phases were brought out, it was decided that we hold such a series, beginning Sunday evening Feb 11th and continuing six evenings. Preliminary arrangements for such a series were attended to. Mrs. Hawthorne’s kind invitations to meet with her again in two weeks was accepted. Closed with a song. Mayme Lewis, Sec.

Jan 19th found the faithful ones again in the home of Mrs. Hawthorne. After singing, "Jesus Savior, Pilot Me", the President lead in Scripture reading. Mrs. Bovier following with a prayer, which voiced the sentiment of all present. The business concerned solely the Series of Meetings so soon to be held. The Program was filled out, and arrangements made for printing of posters. Adjourned to meet in three weeks with Mrs. Hawthorne. Mayme B Lewis

Feb 9th 1900 W.C.T.U. convened at the home of Sister Gertrude Hawthorne with worthy president presiding. Opened by singing No. 85. The President then read the 112th Psalm. After which Sister Flora Bovier led in prayer. A select piece was then read by Sister Olive Dakin, which was much enjoyed by all. Moved and seconded that we take up a collection two nights during the Gospel Temperance Meetings at 7:30 P.M. the President appointed Annie Packard to take charge of next meeting to be held in three weeks with Mrs. H.R. English our much loved leader. Closed by singing No 121 at 4:15 P.M. Annie Packard, Sec Pro Tem.

The ladies of the W.C.T.U. may well feel proud of their carefully planned and much prayed over series of Gospel Temperance Meetings. Beginning Sunday Evening, Feb 11th in the M.E. Church. Rev. E.P. Morse of Troy in pulpit followed by Rev. Keltch of Granville Centre, Rev. Dwyer of Springfield, Rev. Briggs of Canton, Rev. Mosher of Troy and concluding with Rev. Hyde of Canton, Friday evening. The temperance questions were presented ably in different lights. The music was especially fine. Collections were taken two evenings Proceeds $6.36.

March 2nd- No Meeting.

March 30th Called to order in the home of Mrs. Harmon Dresde, singing "Yield Not to Temptation" with Miss Hawthorne presiding at the organ. Scripture reading by President followed by Lord’s Prayer by all and earnest petition from Mrs. S.L. Bovier. Singing "A Great Day Coming". The minutes read and approved. The business relative to Mrs. Preston’s coming occupied the attention until time of closing. It was moved and carried to use $100 in sending samples of the New Voice through the neighborhood. Decided to hold the next meeting at Mrs. H.R. English’s the same to be a Parlor Meeting, Friday evening April 13th.

Mayme B Lewis Recording Secretary

April 13th the W.C.T.U. convened at the home of Mrs. Marian Lewis. The opening by singing, Scripture reading and prayer, so

characteristic of W.C.T.U. meetings was carefully observed. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved. It was moved and carried that we circulate petitions for the Anti-Canteen Bill now before Congress. Necessary arrangements for Mrs. Elma Preston, State Secretary of L.T.L. work, were made. It was decided to have her address the people Monday April 23rd and Tuesday Evening April 24th in the M.E. Church. Tuesday afternoon she is to conduct a Mother’s Meeting in the Grange Hall after which light refreshments will be served. Closed by song. M.B.L. Rec. Sec.

The three services conducted by Mrs. Preston were well attended and much interest shown. One member was added to our members.

She left us with an organized L.T.L., officers as follows: Pres. Mayme Lewis, V.Pres. Carrie Hawthorne, Sec. Ida Fitch, Treas. Fred Bovier, Chorister Rev. Mansfield. Let the prayers of the Union be for its success. April 23rd and 24th.

May 13th 1900 the Women’s Christian Temperance Union met in the home of Miss. LaVille Landon. Called to order by singing "Work for the night is coming" Followed by the reading of Scripture Lesson and prayer by Miss. Landon. The minutes of previous meting read by Secretary. Approved by Society. Questions were then distributed and an interesting discussion followed. These questions brought out the relation of the church and the temperance questions, of our work as a society, our Prohibitions principles and the lack of need in the using of Alcohol as a medicine. This was followed by Reading of Pledge and the solicitation of new members. Mrs. Ella Harris invited the Union to meet in her home in two weeks. The invitation was accepted. It was moved and seconded that we plan for a Temperance Sunday, the date to be decided later. An order on the treasurer for $1.85 was given Mrs. English to pay for programs and pledge cards. Mayme B Lewis Rec Sec.

May 25, 1900 in the home of Mrs. John Harris, meeting opened with singing "Glory to Jesus’" reading of seventy-fifth Psalm by President. Prayers by same followed by singing "At the Cross". Reading of minutes of last meting which were approved. A short literary program was enjoyed, consisting of a duet by Bessie and Lois Kittle "When girls can vote". Select reading by Mrs. Bassett, a choice reading by Mrs. Fannie Kittle "Save Thy Sabbath". Readings by Ella Harris and Carrie Kittle also choice piece by Mrs. Dakin. Had a short business session. Decided to have our Parlor Meeting in four weeks at the home of our President and our Temperance Sunday June 2nd. Voted to donate $1.00 for payment of L.T.L. expenses. Closed by singing "Keep Close to Jesus".

Carrie Kittle Sec Pro Tem

Temperance Sunday June 2nd. Choice temperance addresses given in both churches. It is with deepest regret that on record the death of Sister Olive Dakin. Although but a short time a member of our white ribbon band she demonstrated to us her deep interest and willingness to help in the cause of temperance. Invitations were issued for a parlor meeting to be held at the home of Mrs. H.R. English, Friday evening, June 22nd 1900. On account of rain it was postponed until June 29th. That evening found about seventy-five White Ribboners and their friends gathered in the home of our President. After listening to a very interesting temperance program, the guests partook of strawberries and cream, coffee and cake. A pleasant social hour was much enjoyed by all. Two new names were added to our roll. Miss Mayme Lewis, Rec. Sec.

The annual meeting for election of officers took place in the home of Mrs. James Hawthorne Friday afternoon July 20th. Opened with song. "There’s No Light in the Window for me". Miss Carrie Hawthorne residing at the organ. Reading of Forty Third Psalm by President. Prayer by Mrs. M.L. Packard of Alba. Song, "There’s a Great Day Coming". A report of work done through this year given by Secretary, followed by report from the Treasurer. A committee was then appointed consisting of Mrs. S.L. Bovier, Carrie Kittle and Carrie Hawthorne to pass resolutions on the death of Mrs. Dakin. A motion was made and carried to send the Union Signal to the three resident ministers for the coming year. The members then proceeded to elect officers. Mrs. H.R. English was unanimously chosen to continue to be our President, Miss Carrie Hawthorne elected Vice President, Miss Abbie Morse, Recording Secretary, Kyle Loomis Asst, Miss Carrie Kittle, Cor Sec, Mrs. Linnie Shoemaker, Treas, Miss Ida VanHorn Organist, Kyle Loomis Asst, Mrs. Sturdevant 2nd V Pres, Mrs. James Packard 3rd V Pres, and Mrs. Marian Lewis Librarian. It was moved and carried that we send $5.00 to to suffering in India. Miss Carrie Kittle and Miss Carrie Hawthorne were elected delegates to County Convention at New Albany, Aug 22nd and 23rd. Decided to hold our annual social at the home of Mrs. Dresde, Aug 10th. A part of the proceeds will go to relieve the poor of India. The Union invited to the home of Miss Ida VanHorn for next meeting. Invitation accepted. Sing, "God be with you till we meet again." M.L.

Whereas, it has pleased God in his all wise providence to remove from our midst our beloved sister, Mrs. Olive Dakin; and whereas, in her sudden death the cause of temperance in this community has sustained a severe and irreparable loss therefore

Resolved, that we bow in humble submissions to this sudden stroke, recognizing that above dispensations rules a loving Father; and

Resolved, that her example shall inspire us to loftier zeal in the great cause that lay so near her heart.

Resolved, that these resolutions be inscribed on the minutes of the Windfall W.C.T.U. And that a copy of same be sent to the bereaved family. Flora T Bovier, Carrie Hawthorne, Carrie S Kittle, Committee

August 3rd, 1900 the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union convened at the home of Mrs. Edgar VanHorn. Meeting opened with song. Miss VanHorn presiding at the organ. Reading of 107th Psalm by President, followed by Lord’s Prayer by all. Song , "He Leadeth Me". Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. A letter from State Treasurer read by Carrie Kittle. Arrangements made for the annual social, Aug 10th. Committee consisting of Mrs. Sturdevant, Mrs. McKerrow, Kyle Loomis, Ida VanHorn and Mayme Lewis appointed to solicit cake. Mrs. English, Carrie Hawthorne, and Carrie Kittle to solicit ice cream. Committee appointed for waiting on tables. Mrs. S.L. Bovier appointed Supt of Loyal Temperance Legion. Adjourned to meet Aug 31st in the M.E. Church.

Miss Mayme Lewis Sec Pro Tem

Ice Cream Social Aug 10th at Mrs. Dresde’s a great success. Proceeds $30.45.

Aug 31, 1900 the W.C.T.U. convened at M.E.Church. Opened by singing "Blest be the tie that binds". Miss Hawthorne presiding at the organ. Scripture lesson read by Miss Morse. Prayer by Mrs. S.L. Bovier, followed by singing "Any where with Jesus". An acceptable report of the Co. Convention recently held at New Albany was given by delegate Miss Carrie Hawthorne. Miss Mayme Lewis who also attended the Convention was called upon for an additional report. She reported 9 L.T.L’s in the county. Also that the Windfall Union is the Banner Union for Bands of Mercy. Three in number. Miss Lewis explained the Mercy Work, and urged the necessity of having interesting reading matter for the children. The Union responded to the call by giving Miss Lewis an order for $2.00 for Mercy Work. These bands of Mercy have been organized through the untiring efforts of Miss Lewis and it seems fitting that the Union help in every possible way. The Pres. then suggested the advisability of having Mrs. Griffin of Keuka, formerly a Missionary to famine stricken India come to us in the near future and explain the effect of the Liquor Traffic in heathen lands. It was deemed advisable to obtain her services. The Pres. kindly offered to correspond with her in regard to the matter. After singing, adjourned to meet at Mrs. McKerrow’s Sept 29, Miss Abbie Morse Sec.

Sept 29 an interesting meeting of the W.C.T.U. was held at the home of Mrs. McKerrow. After singing, "Stand out on the Promise", the devotional exercises were conducted by Mrs. Bovier. Report of Sec. read and accepted. A literary program was then carried out. Recitation by Lou Hawthorne "Where’s Mother". Miss Carrie Hawthorne read a pleasing selection on the same subject. Very interesting temperance selections were also read by Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Bovier & Miss Morse. Mrs. English then read a letter from Mrs. Griffin stating that she would be with us Oct 6 & 7. The meeting Sat P.M. to be a Mother’s Meeting. After singing, adjourned to meet at Mrs. Sturdevants in four weeks. Abbie Morse Sec.

Oct 6, 1900 Mrs. Griffin gave an interesting talk to the Mothers, after which a Prize Contest was given by the L.T.L.’s.

Oct 7, 1900 Sunday Morning. Mrs. Griffin addressed a large audience. All hearts were stirred by the touching incidents related, all of them from real life. She having been an eye witness to most of them.

Sunday Evening. Mrs. Griffin again addressed a large and appreciative audience. Mrs. Griffin is a pleasing speaker and I am sure we all are the better for having heard her. Collection $1.80.

Oct 27, 1900 assembled in the parlor of Mrs. Sturdevant’s. After singing "Glory to his name", the 146th Psalm was read, at the close of which all knelt and poured out their hearts desire in the prayer given us by Our Savior. The minutes of last meeting read and accepted. Reading on White Cross work by Carrie Hawthorne. Mrs. Libbie Packard also read a choice extract. Miss Mayme Lewis then recited "Little Willie’s Lesson of Love", a drive on wearing of birds on hats. Miss Carrie Hawthorne then recited a temperance selection "The Silver Cup". The Pres. then announced that the Delegate to the State Conv, Mrs. Dayo of Troy would give her report of the Conv. Sunday evening at the Baptist Church.


Feb 16, 1901 the W.C.T.U. met at the home of the Pres. Meeting opened by singing Devotional exercises conducted by the President. Singing from White Ribbon Hymnal. Moved and seconded that this Union send two dollars for the general Memorial Fund for Miss Willard. Discussion in regard to Matrons Contest. Decided to leave the matter till next meeting. Miss Lewis then read a letter from the State Sec. Singing, adjourned to meet in two weeks at Mrs. Hawthorne’s. Carrie Hawthorne Sec Pro Tem

March 2nd 1901 at Mrs. Hawthorne’s. The time was taken up by the participants in the Matrons Contest to be held in the M.E. Church Mar 29, 1901.

Mar 29, 1901 Matron’s Contest held. Grand Success. Mrs. Mansfield winning first prize and Mrs. Anna Packard 2nd.

April 26, 1901 an interesting meeting of the W.C.T.U. was held at the home of Mrs. Dell Dreste. The reading of the Scripture lesson by Miss Mayme Lewis was followed by an able prayer by Mrs. Bovier. Singing "What a Friend we have in Jesus". A choice selection was then read by Mrs. Ella Clark, entitled "The Castle of Sin" after which Mrs. Bovier read Two Women in a very pleasing manner. It was decided to donate from the funds in the Treasury ten dollars, to the churches of Windfall to aid them in their work. Five dollars to be given to the Free Baptist Church and five dollars to the M.E. Church. The Union then voted to observe May 19 as Temperance Sunday requesting the Pastors to preach temperance Sermons on that day. The President then announced the next meeting for May 10, at Mrs. Dora Hafletts, the same to be a Mother’s Meeting, conducted by Mrs. Bovier and Mrs. Mansfield. Subject, food and dress. After singing, "Blest be the tie that binds", the meeting was adjourned. Mrs. Dell Dreste Sec Pro Tem

May 10, 1901 Mother’s Meeting. Meeting opened by Singing "Yield not to Temptation, Miss Lena Clayson presiding at the organ. Reading of the Scripture 1st John part of 5th Chapter and prayer by Mrs. Mansfield. Singing "A Dark Cloud". Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. Reading of vote of thanks from F.W. Baptist Church for the $5.00 donated them. Letter from Co. President, Mrs. Bird was then read by the President. Temperance Sunday postponed by vote of the Union. Reading of a paper on "Clothing" by Mrs. Mansfield. The paper was replete with good things. Mrs. Bovier followed with an excellent paper on "Food". Both papers were duly discussed and many different ideas in the care of children were brought out. New members were then solicited. After singing, "Blest be the tie that binds", the meeting was adjourned to meet at Mrs. Hawthorne’s in two weeks.

Miss Mayme B Lewis Sec Pro Tem

May 24, 1901 a business meeting of the W.C.T.U. convened at the home of Mrs. Hawthorne. Opened by singing "Jesus I my cross have taken", Miss VanHorn organist. Devotional exercises conducted by Mrs. Bovier. An extract in regard to drunkenness among soldiers was then read. Japan has requested that no more soldiers be allowed to land there as they were being sent home. Moved and carried that we invite Mrs. Dayo to be present at out Annual Reception; which is to be held the evening of June 25. After Mrs. Deyo’s address at the church, strawberries and cream well be served at the Grange Hall. A letter from Mrs. Conklin was read by the Pres. Mrs. Conklin wishes to come to the county again for a series of meetings in June or Oct. Decided to write and find out the terms. Motion made and carried that Mayme Lewis have the use of North Wood’s Band of Mercy books during her next school term. Mrs. Ella Clark extended an invitation to the Union to meet at her home in two weeks. The invitation was gladly accepted and Miss Ida VanHorn, Miss Mayme Lewis and Miss Carrie Hawthorne were appointed committee to arrange a literary program. Closed by singing.

Miss Mayme Lewis Sec Pro tem

On June 7 the Union held a regular meeting at the residence of Mrs. Ella Clark. Opened by singing, "Thy light is come", Mrs. Dora Haflet presiding at the organ. Roll call by the secretary, members responded with Scripture selections. Devotional exercises conducted by Mrs. Bovier. Singing. Minutes of last meting were then read and approved. Miss Lillian Lewis then gave a very pleasing recitation, which was followed by select readings by Mrs. Bovier, Mrs. Cora Saxton and Mrs. Bassett. The subject of Mrs. Bassetts selection was Bandy & Wine in cooking which brought on the eloquence of the society in fiery denunciations. The literary program was then continued with a recitations by Miss. May Bovier. Select reading by Abbie Morse. Song by Miss May Bovier. Select reading Mayme Lewis, Mrs. Crandall & Mrs. Mansfield. Questions previously prepared were then distributed by Mayme Lewis. Answers being immediately called for by the Pres.. The secretary then read a letter from Miss Puella Domblazer, one of the State W.C.T.U. lecturers in regard to coming to the county in Sept to hold a series of meetings. Committees were then appointed on the annual reception. Adjourned to meet at Mrs. Hawthorne’s June 21 to make the final arrangements for the annual reception

Miss Abbie Morse Rec Sec.

June 21, 1901 a business meeting of the W.C.T.U. was held at the home of Mrs. James Hawthorne. Meeting opened by singing "There’s a great day Coming". Reading of part of 96th Psalm by the Pres. After which all joined in repeating the Lord’s Prayer. Select reading by Miss. Carrie Hawthorne. Business in connection with the reception was next in order. Names of committees read. Report of one committee, decided to have 5 freezers of ice cream and 1 bushel of strawberries. Also that Mrs. Dayo, the speaker for the evening to be instructed to come by rail. After singing "Stand up for Jesus", adjourned to meet again at Mrs. Hawthorne’s July 19 for election of officers for the ensuing year.

June 28, 1901 Annual reception held at M. E.. Church. Refreshments at Grange Hall. Proceeds $9.10 Expenses $8.20

Abbie Morse Sec.

ANNUAL MEETING July 19, 1901 The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union assembled in the home of Mrs. James Hawthorne for election of officers. Meeting opened with song. Mrs. Mansfield conducted the usual opening exercises of Bible reading and prayer. Miss Carrie Hawthorne, Vice President, then took the chair. Miss Mayme Lewis was asked to take the minutes of the meeting. Nominations for President were then in order. Mrs. English, Mrs. Mansfield and Mrs. Bovier were nominated and seconded. Voting then proceeded by ballot. Mrs. English, having a majority of all the votes, was declsared elected. With a few will-chosen words, she took the chair. Nominations for Vice President followed, Mrs. Bassett & Mrs. Mansfield were nominated. Mrs. Mansfield was elected. Nominations for Secretary were Mrs. Bovier, Mrs. Bassett and Mrs. Dresde. Mrs. Bovier was elected. It was voted that she should choose an assistant. Nominations for Treasurer were Mrs. Hawthorne, Mrs. Lewis & Mrs. Crandall. Mrs. Hawthorne was elected. Mrs. Kittle was nominated and elected organist. Mrs. Dora Haflett elected Asst Organist. Mrs. McKerrow elected Librarian. Mrs. Dunbar elected 2nd V President. Mrs. Fanny Kittle 3rd V President.

The report of the year’s work written by Secretary was read. Motion carried that the regular meetings of the Union be once in two weeks. Invitation to meet with Miss Abbie Morse for next meeting accepted. Mrs. H.R Mansfield elected delegate to County Convention at Canton Sept 4th and 5th. Mrs. Dresde elected alternate delegate. Decided that next meeting be a parlor meting. Committee appointed, Mrs. Bassett, Mrs. Bovier and Mrs. Mansfield to arrange for it.

Committee on music for Temperance Sunday Aug 4th, Mrs. Bovier, Kittle, Haflett, S.L. Bovier, Chairman. A vote of thanks was extended to the committee for the excellent music at the reception, also a vote of thanks for use of Grange Hall that evening. The Secretary was authorized to present such an expression to the Grange. Letter from Mrs. Conklin in regard to literature for Mother’s Meetings read. The pledge was read and invitation to join our ranks given. Closed with song. Mayme B Lewis.

Aug 2, 1901 a goodly number of White Ribboners H.E. Mansfield. Next came an instrumental solo, rendered by Mrs. Dora Haflett. This was followed by the recitation of an original poem by Miss Laville D Landon, in a most pleasing and impressive manner. Following this was a song, rendered by the Misses Vera and Hazel Landon, entitled "Little Boy Blue".

Next in order, was an Essay by Miss Mayme Lewis, subject, "Why I work in the W.C.T.U." A strong and forceful argument by one who practices what she preaches. May we not all, find as strong incentives for earnest, untiring labor, if we look around us upon the great harvest field! A recitation was next given by Miss Helen Bassett, entitled "The Old Playhouse". This was followed by a song by the Misses Bessie and Lois Kittle, very pleasingly given. Miss Bessie Packard then favored us with a happy selection, "Little Rag-Tag", recited in an effective manner.

This was followed by a song by Mrs. Dora Haflett. Next in order was a recitation by Miss Margaret English, which closed the program. Society then adjourned to meet at Sister Dell Dreste’s in two weeks. After adjournment, our hostess invited us to the dining room, where after being seated, we were generously treated to Ice Cream and Cake. All will unanimously agree, I am sure, that this part of the entertainment, at least was a decided success. Mrs. Flora E Bovier Rec. Sec.

Aug 30, 1901 the White Ribbon sisters met at the home of Mrs. James Packard. The meeting was opened by the voices joining in singing "Stand up for Jesus" followed by Scripture reading by our Leader. Hearts were then turned to "Our Heavenly Leader, by the Lord’s Prayer, all knelling. This was followed by the reading of the minutes of last meting. They were approved. Mrs. English then read a letter from Mrs. Bird in reference to Mrs. Bailey, National Organizer coming to our Union. Voted to have her if she comes into the county. It was also moved and carried that the day of the week on which we meet be changed from Friday to Saturday. The next meeting to be in three weeks. As Mrs. S.L. Bovier has tendered her resignation as Secretary, the society was forced to elect another. It was moved and carried that Miss Lewis fill out the vacancy caused by Sister Bovier’s resignation. Decided to meet at the home of Mrs. H.R. English for next meeting. Reading of a poem by Miss Lewis "Nothing and Something" which gave in a forceful way the fact that the results of Intemperance touch every person. This was followed by the reading of the pledge and place for new recruits. Singing "What a friend we have in Jesus". Society then stood adjourned. Mayme B Lewis

Sept 21, 1901 the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union met at the home of Mrs. H.R. English. The meeting opened by singing "Jesus, Lord of my Soul". Mrs. Bassett presiding at the organ, followed by the reading of the 19th Psalm by Carrie Hawthorne. All then knelt in prayer led by Miss Laville Landon. Then all joined in song "Stand up for Prohibition". The minutes of the last meeting read and approved. The business of the day was next noted. Discussion of whom we shall send as our delegate to State Convention at New Castle. Moved and carried that we get pictures of Frances Willard and place them in some of our schools. The Secretary appointed to ascertain the price of the prints. Decided to meet with Mrs. Hawthorne in two weeks. The rest of the time taken up with reading from "An hour in baby-land". Closed by singing "God Bless our Band". Mayme Lewis Rec. Sec.

Oct 5, 1901 an informal business meeting was held in the home of Mrs. J. H. Hawthorne. It was decided to commission the treasurer, with the framing of the Frances Willard pictures. Also decided to put one in Sayles School, Friday Oct 18t.

Mayme Lewis Rec.Sec.

Oct 18th, 1901 found a goodly number of White Ribboners assembled at Sayles Public School. Sister Laville Landon with well-chosen words presented a beautiful picture of Miss Willard to the school. She followed with a half-hour’s talk on Miss Willard’s life, giving interesting glimpses into here childhood days, of her conversion, of her work and of her death. The teacher (Miss Lewis) then endeavored to express the appreciation felt by herself and pupils, in a few words of thanks for the pleasing gift. The President then presented each pupil with a pledge card, asking them to sign it if their parents were willing. She then read the Crusade Psalm and the earnest prayer by Sister Landon seemed a fitting close to the exercises. After the adjournment of the school the President convened a business session. The motion was carried that the next presentation should be to Granville Centre High School, Friday P.M. Oct 25 unless it should prove stormy. If stormy the visit to be postponed a week. Mayme B Lewis Secretary

Oct 25, 1901 at North Woods School. After a short literary program carried out by the scholars, Mrs. H.E. Mansfield stepped forward and with a few well-chosen words presented to the school a framed portrait of Frances Willard. Miss Landon gave a sketch of Miss Willard’s life. Miss Morse reas "Miss Willard as a Patriot". Mrs. Mansfield read two select temperance poems. The Pres. made a few appropriate remarks, presenting each pupil with a temperance pledge. Miss Hawthorne, the teacher, responded in behalf of the school, thanking the Union for their gift, and requested the pupils to give a rising vote of thanks, in token of their appreciation, to which all responded. Miss Morse then read the 1st Psalm and Mrs. Mansfield invoked the Divine blessing. The President requested the members to remain after the dismissal of school, for a short business meeting. Program was arranged for a meeting at Granville Centre (which had litherto been postponed) on Friday Nov 1st. Decided to visit the Block School Nov 8th. Miss Abbie Morse Sec. Pro. Tem.

Nov 1, 1901 a portrait of Miss Willard was presented to Granville Centre High School. The exercises began with a song "America" by the school. Miss Carrie Kittle then presented the pictures and Mr. Mansfield, the teacher, responded with earnest and acceptable thanks. Then Lucy Kittle recited "Right It". Miss Laville Landon followed by Maude Genge. This was followed by able remarks by Genge who is much interested in Temperance work. Then Elsie Taylor recited "The Little Care Taker". Miss Lewis read a prayer of the "Personality of Miss Willard". The President of the Union then told the children what had prompted the gift and presented each pupil with a pledge card. Closed by song and reading of the 13th Chapter 1st Corinthians and prayer by Rev. Genge..

M.B. Lewis Rec. Sec.

Nov 8th 1901 at Block School. Exercises opened by welcome song given by school. Presentation of portrait by Mrs. H.R. English. Response by the teacher-Miss Cora Riggs. Also thanked by the pupils. Miss Sarah Crandall, also, in behalf of the Band of Mercy thanked the W.C.T.U. for the beautiful picture of Miss Willard. Song by the school. Sister Laville Landon then read a paper on the life of Frances Willard. Song by the school entitled " For Home and Temperance". Reading by Miss Riggs "Drink Did It". This was followed by the reading of the pledge by the President and distributing of pledge cards, asking for signers for pledge and members for W.C.T.U. Scripture reading and prayer by Sister Flora Bovier. Closed by song "Good-Bye". A short business session was held in which it was voted to hold a week of Gospel Temperance Meetings in November. Mrs. James Crandall Sec. Pro. Tem.

Nov 16, 1901 a regular business meeting of the Union was held in the home of Mrs. Jas. Hawthorne. The usual opening of song. Scripture reading and prayer were observed. Reading of minutes of last five meetings read and approved. Business concerning the Series of Gospel Temperance Meetings discussed. Decided to have them if all arrangements could be made by Wednesday. A motion was made and carried that $1.00 be expended in buying copies of "Bulletin’" containing a report of State Convention for free distribution.. It was voted to put a shelf in N.Y.C. railroad station and supply it with temperance and religious literature. Decided to meet in three weeks at Mrs. Jas. Hawthorne, have a short meting and present the Windfall School with portrait of Miss Willard, the same to be on Friday. Mayme B Lewis Rec. Sec.

Dec 5, 1901Frances Willard picture presented to Windfall School with appropriate exercises. Opening song "America". Scripture reading by Rev. Jope of Alba. Prayer by Rev. Genge of Granville Centre. Recitation by Daisy Jennings. Presentation by Mrs. F. M. Bassett. Thanks by Miss Porter. Addresses by Rev. Jope and Genge. Recitation by May Bovier. Closing song, "A charge to keep I have". Mayme B Lewis Sec.

A series of Gospel temperance Meetings was held in the M.E. Church Nov 24 to 28. The speakers were as follows, Sunday Eve. Rev Amanda Deyo of Troy; Monday Evening Rev E. P. Huntington, Burlington; Tuesday Eve, Rev Cameron of Sylvania; Wed Eve, Rev Briggs of Canton; Thurs Eve, Rev Genge of Granville Centre; Fri Eve. Rev. Jope of Alba. Exquisite music added to the attractiveness of meetings. Collections $2.20 and $1.80.


Jan 4, 1902 the ladies of the W.C.T.U. held a pleasant well-attended meeting at the home of Mrs. Frank Bassett. The service began with song and reading of 47th Psalm, followed by prayer by the President. Minutes read and approved. Letter in regard to Flower Mission Work read. It was decided that the Union adopt that department. Moved and seconded that our President appoint a Supt and she choose her Asst. Mrs. Margaret Fitch was appointed. Miss Ida VanHorn, Asst. Moved and carried that we expend 24 cents in buying 200 text cards for use in Flower Mission Work. Moved and carried that we send $2.00 to Kane Summit Hospital in McKean County, the same being a temperance hospital. Business done in regards to the New England dinner. Committees appointed. Adjourned. M.B. Lewis Sec.

A New England Dinner was held in the home of Mrs. & Mrs. H.R. English Saturday Jan 18, 1902 Proceeds $9.00.

A letter of condolence and sympathy sent to Mrs. Mansfield expressing the sympathy felt for her in her bereavement.

Feb 1, 1902 the White Ribbon women met wit Sister Laville Landon prompted by love and sympathy for her in her affliction. After singing "My Jesus", "I Love Thee", Rev. H.E. Mansfield read portions of the 91st and 95th Psalms and led in prayer that touched all hearts. Then all united in singing "Blest be the tie that binds". The minutes were read by Secretary and the fact, that Mrs. Clarke had been appointed Second Asst in Flower Mission Work, added. A motion to send fifty cents to a Soldier’s and Sailor’s rest in Phila was carried. The next meeting decided to be a reception for new members. Miss Landon then read an interesting selection. This was followed by a reading by Miss. Lewis "Redeeming the Time". Then Mr. Mansfield gave us some words of cheer and encouragement and in a few well-chosen words presented to Miss Landon in behalf of the W.C.T.U. and community a purse of $31.00. Miss Landon’s thanks were warmly given. Then all hearts were lifted to him who gives the spirit of love and helpfulness to all of his chosen ones and were dismissed by Rev. Mansfield. M.B. Lewis Sec.

A reception for new members was held Mar 6th at Mrs. James Hawthorne’s. A social time was enjoyed and refreshments of ice cream and cake were served. A paper-holder established in R.R. Station at Cowley to be supplied with temperance and religious literature Feb. 22nd.

Mrs. Sylvia Norris, Pres of Bradford Co W.C.T.U. gave an address in the M.E. Church, Sunday morning March 9th 1902.

A regular meeting of the local Union was held at Mrs. Henry Saxton’s March 29. Opened by song "Stand up for Jesus". Devotional exercises, consisting of the reading of the 27th Psalm and prayer was conducted by Miss Lewis. Then all joined in singing "Blest be the tie that binds". Reading of minutes by Secretary followed. Business relating to a County organization Fund was attended to. The motion was carried that 10 cents a member be paid from the treasury this year for that fund. Our share of Mrs. Norris traveling expenses 90 cents was voted out. 27 cents to Mrs. Fitch and 25 cents to Miss Lewis for Flower Mission work and paper holder respectively voted out of treasury. The Secretary appointed Agent for Union Signal and W.T.P.A. Pub. House. Ways of raising money discussed. Talk about a contest. A short literary program was rendered. Reading by Mrs. Fitch "A sad Will". Also a poem by the secretary "The White Ribbon". Mrs. Crandall read an article entitled "What the coming of Jesus the Christ, has done for woman." Also an excellent article by Mrs. Bassett " A country W.C.T.U.". Mrs. Saxton appointed Asst Supt of Mother’s Dept. decided that the next meeting be a Mother’s Meeting. Adjourned M.B.L. Secretary

Mother’ Meeting April 12th at Mrs. Jas. Hawthorne. Song. Devotional exercises conducted by Mrs. S.L. Bovier. Scripture reading found in Proverb 22. Song "Just as I am". Reading of minutes by Carrie Hawthorne Sec. Pro. Tem. Reading by Cora Saxton, "Training of the Boys". Reading "Training of the Husband " by Carrie Hawthorne. Readings by Mrs. Bovier "Obedience", "Temperance". Questions distributed and discussed. Letter from Miss Yaw urging the adoption of Purity Dept in our Union.. Next meeting to be held at Mrs. W.B. Packard’s. Cora Saxton, Mrs. Bassett and Sadie Chesley appointed a literary committee to prepare a program for that meeting. Carrie Hawthorne

Literary Meeting of W.C.T.U. at Mrs. Merton Haflett’s April 25th 1902. Song No 30 White Ribbon Hymnal. Reading of 92 Psalms and Prayer by President. Song, "Rock of Ages". Recitation by Hilda Haflett, "It makes a Difference". Recitation by May Bovier "We must not fail". Reading by Mrs. W.B. Packard "A Parable". Reading by Mrs. Fitch "The Indian’s Doom". Duet by Mrs. Bovier & Haflett "Mothers Know". Recitation by Margaret English "In as much" reading by Mrs. Bovier "The Flaming Sword" The business of the Union then brought up. Decided next meeting to be a mother’s meeting in the home of Mrs. W.B. Packard with whom it was not convenient to meet at this time as voted at last meeting. Announcement made that our next Bradford Co Convention will be held at Troy in August. Decided that Mrs. Snow comes the 9th of May to lecture on Scientific Temperance Instruction.

Plans for Matrons Contest talked over, decided to have said contest May 23. Minutes of last meeting read. Special Prayers by Mrs. Bovier, English, Ferguson, Bassett and Fitch were offered for our afflicted White Ribbon Sister, Mrs. Linnie Shoemaker. Song,"Yield not to Temptation". Adjourned. Mrs. Lewis Sec. Pro Tem.

Mother’s Meeting at the home of Mrs. W. B. Packard, May 10th 1902. Subject, Mental and Manual Training of Children and their effect on Morals of Children. At 2:30 P.M. all united in singing from the White Ribbon Hymnal "Coronation". Roll call by Mrs. Drisde proceeded. Each member present answering with a verse of Scripture. Prayer Service in which many petitions were offered for God’s blessing on our work. Singing "Stand up for Prohibition". Readings of minutes of last meeting. Corrections: Mrs. Snow came the 8th of May: Contest adjourned, date to be announced later. Approved.

Then followed a paper on the subject for the day showing the importance of Mental and Manual work in relation to Morals by Miss Lewis. Reading " Bringing up Children" by Sadie Chesley. Reading "My Own Bookshelf" by Mrs. W.B. Packard. Reading "Teach Children to work" by Cora Loomis. Reading of poem "Tell him the Truth" by Grace Packard. Questions distributed, answered and papers discussed closed a very interesting session. Business was then in order. Request from Carrie Kittle for removal card. Secretary requested to accommodate her. Committee on Resolutions for sister Linnie Shoemaker, Mrs. H.E. Mansfield, Miss LaVille Landon and Mrs. Mayme Lewis. Members advised to pay dues soon. Contest to be in June, not a Matron’s Contest, date to be decided at next meeting. Decided to have next meeting in evening of regular day in the home of Mrs. H.R. English.

Some literary work to be prepared and refreshments served. Committee on Literary Work Mayme Lewis, Grace Packard and Cora Loomis. Mention made of the call for $2.00 from this Union for an organizing fund and that the young girls who care to join the W.C.T.U might do with 40 cents dues. Singing "God be with you". Adjourned. Mayme B Lewis R.S.

A regular meeting in the home of Mrs. H.R. English Friday Evening May 23 1902. Opened by song "Stand up for Jesus". Recitation of 27th Psalms by Miss Lewis. Lord’s Prayer by all standing. Song "A Dark Cloud". The young people (17) then rendered "The Bridal Wine Cup" as a drama. Many compliments were bestowed on the principal character, Miss Grace Packard. Song, "Blest be the Tie". Announcement that the next meeting would be in the charge of Supt. of Purity Dept in the home of Mrs. Packard. Also that a silver medal contest would be given June 20th. Refreshments consisting of lemonade and cake were served to the large number of guests, and a good social time enjoyed. Mayme B Lewis Recoding Sec’y

June 6th 1902 Subject-Purity- conducted by Supt of Purity Dept (Mrs. Annie Packard) in her home. Song "Stand up for Jesus". Reading of the 2nd Chapter of Titus by Mrs. Packard. Lord’s Prayer by all standing. Song "Blest be the tie that binds". Minutes read and approved. Followed by a pleasing recitation by Lou Hawthorne. Reading by Mrs. Crandall. Recitation by Marion English, "The Best-looking Boy". Reading by Grace Packard "My Cabin Boy". Recitation by Iva Bovier, "Awake White Ribbon Sisters". Reading by Ruby Phillips, "A Pauper girl". Recitation by Lillian Lewis "When we tumble out of the right side of the bed". Discussion of Purity work by all. Motion carried to pay Mrs. Packard $.80 for Purity Leaflets. Report of Treasurer given $18+ in the treasury. Motion made to help pay for a 10 gallon ice cream freezer if such a one be purchased by the grange. Secretary instructed to advertise the coming contest. Song "All Hail the Power". Mrs. Lewis, Sec. Pro Tem.

Home of Mrs. S.L. Bovier mother’s Meeting July 18, 1902. Subject-Religious Training of Children. Opened by song No. 107 autumn. Reading of Scripture by Mrs. Bovier from Proverbs chapter 4. Prayer by Mrs. Mansfield. Business of Society attended to. Motion made and carried that we send the Union signal to the following ministers. Messrs Mansfield, Bovier, Allen & Genge.

Resolutions of Windfall Woman’s Christian Temperance Union:

Whereas, in his inscrutable wisdom, God has removed one of our most worthy and esteemed co-workers, Linnie Shoemaker, and whereas, the long and intimate relation held with her in the faithful discharge of duties in our Society make it imminently befitting that we record our appreciation of her beautiful life, therefore,

Resolved that we here bear imperative testimony to the worth of her consistent Christian character in our Society and in the community, and that while we shall everywhere miss the sunny face of Sister Linnie, and her unvarying kindness, that we the more earnestly seek for ourselves a deeper infilling of the Spirit that gave her life its sweetness and faithfulness to duty and that amid the shadows that darken our earthly way we may remember with her the inspiring truth that there is always "sunlight overhead".

Resolved, that those resolutions be spread upon the record of our Society, published in the local papers, and copied forwarded to the husband and mother of our bereaved sister.

Com: Mrs. H.E. Mansfield

Miss Mayme Lewis

Miss Laville Landon

A silver metal contest was held in the M.E. Church June 20th 1902. Proceeds $18.80. Mention must be made of the beautiful decorations and of the music by the orchestra and the high order of literary work. Medal presented to Mrs. H.B. Allen. Prize (2nd)

given to Miss Abbie Morse.

Mrs. Sylvia Norris our Bradford Co President gave a lecture "Our Temperance War for Independence" in the M.E. Church Thursday Evening June 26th 1902.

Decided by vote to send $2.00 for State Appropriation. Also that we subscribe for the "Search Light" for wall pocket in ?

Carried that we give each church $5.00 and Mr. Allen and Mr. Mansfield $2.50 each. Also that $1.25 be given County President for postage and stationery. Secretary instructed to send for several Frances Willard pictures. Carried to pay $1.60 for pledge cards and membership cards already purchased. All requested to pay dues before Aug 1st. Meeting put in the hands of Supt. Of Mother’s Meetings-Mrs. S.L. Bovier. Reading by Carrie Hawthorne "Child Training". Reading by Mrs. Mansfield "The Gentle Art of Managing". By Miss Abbie Morse " The Mother’s Poem". Questions on subject discussed by members. Closed by song.

Grace Packard. Sec Pro tem

Annual Election of Officers Aug 1st 1902 in the home of Mrs. Jas Hawthorne. Song "There is a great day coming". Reading of the 35th Psalm and prayer by Mrs. F.M. Bassett. Song "Yield not to Temptation". Minutes of last meeting read by Mrs. Lewis. Approved by society. Letter read in regard to request for $1.00 for State contest work. Moved to send the amount. Date of Temperance Sermon changed to Aug 24.

Decided to have the next meeting an all day picnic at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Mansfield August 15. President appointed committee of arrangements for dinner. Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. Annie Packard, Mrs. Dell Dresde, and Mrs. Bassett. Literary committee appointed to prepare a program. Voted to hire a tent for holding drama and social. Mrs. English and Mrs. Chesley to make arrangements for hiring it. Voted to pay Mrs. C Fitch $1.29 for Flower Mission Work.

Members proceeded to election of officers, which resulted as follows:

Mrs. H. R. English unanimously nominated and elected President,

Miss Carrie Hawthorne, Vice President

Mrs. Jas Hawthorne, 2nd Vice Pres in Baptist Church

Mrs. Dora Haflett, 3rd Vice President in M.E. Church

Miss Mayme Lewis, Rec. Secretary

Miss Grace Packard, Corresponding Sec’y

Mrs. Jas Hawthorne, Treas.

Miss Eva Stevens, Organist

Mrs. C Fitch, Supt Of Flower Mission Works

Mrs. H Dresde, Mrs. Packard, Mrs. Bassett. Mrs. Saxton, Mrs. Sturdevant, Mrs. Julia Ferguson, Ida VanHorn Asst

Mrs. Bovier, Supt of Mother’s Meetings

Mrs. Sadie Chesley, Supt. Of Evangelistic Work.

The other Supt’s were requested to continue. The society gave Mrs. English a rising vote of thanks and presented her with an order for $5.00 as a token of appreciation of her services. Closed by singing "Rock of Ages" Miss Eva Stevens, Organist,

Mrs. Lewis, Sec’y Pro Tem

Aug 7, 1902 Treasury Report $21.50

Order to Me. E. Church $5.00

Order to Mrs. English 5.00

Dues sent in 18.65

Drama and Social 39.00

Medal Contest 6.70

Conundrum Tea 17.15

Annual reception 18.00

Received for Pictures .70

Received for dues 13.60


Aug 15, 1902 The ladies of the W.C.T.U. met in the home of Rev. and Mrs. Mansfield at East Troy for an all day meeting. A large number were present and enjoyed the following program. Singing by Baptist Quartette. Scripture reading by Miss Laville Landon. Prayer by Rev. Genge. Song-Bessie and Lois Kittle, recitation-Lou Hawthorne, Quartette from M.E. Church, Recitation-Abbie Morse, Solo, Mina Morse, Recitation-Mrs. Soper, Recitation- Grace Packard, Quartette from M.E. Church and Remarks by Mr. Genge.

Business meeting called to order by Pres. Delegates appointed for Co Convention at Troy Aug 27 and 28 Abbie Morse, Carrie Kittle and Margaret Ferguson. Alternates Carrie Hawthorne, Mayme Lewis and Ida Van Horn. Committee read for drama and social at Grange Hall, Sat Eve, Aug 23. Mrs. English Sec Pro Tem

A drama entitled "Aunt Dinah’s Pledge" was very successfully rendered Sat Eve. Aug 23 in the Grange Hall. Ice Cream and cake were served at the close of the drama. Proceeds $39.00.

Temperance Sermon at request of W.C.T.U. preached by Rev. Allen Sunday morning Aug 24. Special music rendered.

Sept 12, 1902 – The Ladies met in the home of Mrs. English for a regular business meeting. Opened by singing "Stand up for Jesus" Miss Abbie Mores, Pianist. Scripture reading 6th Chapter of St John, by Mrs. Fitch. Prayer by Mrs. Riggs. Minutes read and approved. Miss Abbie Morse, Delegate to Bradford Co. W.C.T.U. Convention at Troy- gave her report and also read extracts-accounts of the convention from the Troy Register. Her report accepted with thanks. Decided to send our President as the delegate of this Union to the State Convention. Decided that the next meeting be in the evening at the home of Mrs. English and to be a Flower Mission Fair on the next regular date for meeting. Coffee and cake to be served. Prizes offered for best specimens of flowers. Flowers to be afterward sent to Sayre Hospital. Contributions of old linen also to be sent. Decided to subscribe for "American Mother" for Supt of Mother’s Meetings. The following Superintendents were elected the corresponding departments being adopted- Mrs. John Shoemaker, Supt of Sabbath Observance, Mrs. Frank Bassett, Supt of Soldiers’ and Sailors’. Miss Carrie Hawthorne, Supt of Legislation and Petition Works. Report of years work in our Union read. Closed by singing "Rock of Ages". Mrs. M. A. Lewis

A Flower Carnival was held in the home of Mrs. H.R. English Friday Evening Sept 26. On account of the rain the attendance was only medium but a very pleasant time was enjoyed by all present. The literary program opened with song. Miss VanHorn presiding at the piano. The 24th Psalm was then read by Miss Carrie Kittle and all joined in the Lord’s Prayer. Singing was then followed by a recitation by Lillian Lewis "I’ll do what I Can". Recitation by Marian English, Song, Recitation by Mayme Lewis "Tom", Song. Business meeting in charge of the Pres. Next meeting to be a Mother’s Meeting in the home of Mrs. Phillips in two weeks. A Mass meeting talked of also a Mercy Meeting. Motion carried to have Mass Meeting. Resolutions on Social Purity read by Mrs. W.B. Packard and unanimously adopted. The prize for nicest piece of flowers awarded to Mrs. Frank Bassett. It was a framed picture of Miss Willard. A large box of flowers were shipped the next morning to Sayre Hospital. Bananas and coffee and wafers were served. A social hour was enjoyed. M S L

Resolutions of Windfall W.C.T.U. At a regular meeting of the W.C.T.U. of Windfall, held at the home of the president, Mrs. Bertha English, on Friday evening, Sept 26, 1902, the following resolutions were adopted:

Whereas, the W.C.T.U. was organized for the suppression of vice and immorality, and the establishment of social purity among the human family, and whereas, some of the shows that were permitted to exhibit on the Troy Fair Grounds at the last Troy fair were exceedingly immoral and degrading in the lowest sense, therefore we, the members of the Windfall W.C.T.U. deem it our duty to publish the following resolutions:

Resolved, that we hereby condemn the managers of said fair for allowing such exhibitions as "The Dancing Freda" and "For Men Only" a place on the fairgrounds, where social relations should be of the purest character; and we hereby ask all good people to join with us in condemning the granting of such privileges.

Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be spread on the minutes and sent to Troy Gazette, Bradford Star, Canton Sentinel and Reporter Journal for publication. Written by Mrs. W.B. Packard Supt. of Purity Dept.

Mother’s Meeting at the home of Mrs. M.G. Phillips Oct 9, 1902 at 2 P.M. after being called to order by the President all joined in singing "Your Mother is Praying for You". Mrs. Dora Haflett at the organ. Scripture read by Mrs. Lewis, Proverbs 7, Lord’s Prayer by all, followed by a song. Minutes read, discussed, corrected and then approved. . Mrs. Annie Packard then read a selection, "Other Peoples’ Children" and Mrs. Haflett read "Frightening a Child" and Mrs. Crandall, "Kissing the Baby". Mrs. Saxton "Nursery Manners". Miss Ida VanHorn "Children’s Friendships"’ Questions on the subject "Our Duty to our Children" answered in an interesting discussion. Decided to meet with Mrs. A Porter in two weeks on Saturday P.M. Decided to meet on Saturday during the winter. Letter read by the Pres. From Sayre Hospital containing warm thanks for the flowers sent to them. Decided to make the next meeting a Parlor Meeting. Committee to prepare a literary program. Ida VanHorn, Dora Haflett and Annie Packard. Closed by singing "Jesus is coming". Mrs. Lewis Sec Pro tem

Literary Meeting at the home of Mrs. A.Z. Porter Oct 5, 1902. Song by all "Rock of Ages" Scripture reading and prayer by Mrs. Bovier. Singing "Take it to the Lord in Prayer". Minutes read and approved. Recitation by Margaret English "The Eggs that never hatch". Select reading by Miss. LaVille Landon, "A concert and what came of it". Recitation by Hilda Haflett entitled "He drank all his wife’s starch". Song by Eva and Sada Stevens "A Mother’s Sad Goodbye". Reading by Grace Packard," Shopping for his wife". Recitation by Nellie Packard "Little Orphan Annie". Business of Union attended to. Decided to have a Mercy Meeting in Baptist Church in two weeks as one of the regular meetings. Vote of thanks received from M.E. Church for $5.00 given it by the Union. Committee appointed to see Rev. Mansfield and Allen to decide about the Mass Meeting as follows, Mrs. Packard, Mrs. Dreste, Carrie Hawthorne, Mayme Lewis and Abbie Morse. Pledge read by President and invitation given for new members.

Carrie Hawthorne, Sec’y Pro tem

Mercy Program by Union Sunday Schools Monday evening Nov 7, 1902 in F.W.Baptist Church. Song by children. Scripture and prayer by Rev H.B.Allen. Song by special choir. Report of State Convention at Allentown by Mrs. H. R English. Song by choir. Recitation by Mabel Case ""Rover in Church". "Tell him the truth" by Lois Kittle. "The Story of Wings" by Jenne Packard. "Little Annie" by Nellie Packard. "What Drink can do" by John Lindley. "The Best Beauty" by Gusta Fleming. "The Audacious Kitten" by Lillian Lewis. Song by the children. "The Shadow on the blinds" by Bertha Battin. "Little Willie" by Clarence Fleming. "The Girls that are wanted" by Margaret English. "The Butterflies’ Fad" by Lou Hawthorne. "A Knot of White Ribbon" by Ruth Lindley. This very interesting program to which a good crowd listened was closed by a song by all. Mayme B Lewis, Sec’y

W.C.T.U. Meeting at Mrs. W. B Packard Nov 22, 1902. Song "Stand up for Jesus". Devotional exercises conducted by Mrs. W. B. Packard reading from proverbs 8. Reading by Grace Packard. Reading by Mrs. Bassett "Children’s Friendships". Reading by Miss Abbie Morse "Other People’s Children". Reading by Miss Ruby Phillips "Two ways". Reading by Sadie Chesley. Questions on the subject "Children’s Friendships" then answered and discussed by all. Thus closed an interesting Mother’s Meeting. Business on Union next noted. Letter from Lora Harkness Co Supt read in regard to Mr. Milward who desires to hold a series of Temperance Stereopticon Lectures in our place. The Union voted to employ his services. The President was instructed to see the minister and trustee of the church in regard to these Lectures. Decided to place portraits of Frances Willard in Bailey Corners and Primary Room at Granville Centre School in place of next meeting on Friday Dec 5th. Grace Packard, Sec’y Pro Tem

A Home Protection Mass Meeting was held in the M.E. Church Dec 12, 1902. Beginning Friday Evening with an address by Rev. A.E. Hall of Troy; Saturday an all day meeting address by Rev. George Briggs of Canton, Rev. Genge of Granville Centre and Mrs. Norrish of Athens. A picnic dinner was enjoyed at noon. Saturday evening a silver medal contest was held. Saturday P.M. a recitation by Miss Grace Packard and a solo by Rev. Briggs was much enjoyed. A question box was another profitable and interesting feature

Sunday morning Mrs. Norrish gave an address on "Serving our Generation"; and Sunday evening a talk on National W.C.T.U. Convention at Portland, ME. A special choir rendered music throughout. It was a very profitable series despite the heavy fall of snow.

Dec 19, 1902 met at Bailey Corners Public School to present Frances Willard Picture. Meeting opened by the President reading the 146 Psalm followed by the Lord’s Prayer by all. Picture presented to the school by the President with a short address on Miss Willard’s life. Recitation by Mrs. Fitch "The Name in Sand." Pledge cards distributed. Mr. Baxter, teacher, then thanked the Union in behalf of the school.

At Granville Centre School Primary Room meeting opened by singing by the school, "The Golden Rule" Scripture read by Mrs. W. B. Packard, Psalm 41. Lord’s Prayer by all. The President then presented the picture and gave a talk on Miss Willard. Miss Randall responded with thanks.


At Bunyan Hill School, a framed picture of Miss Willard was presented by the ladies of the W.C.T.U. At the close of the Band of Mercy program given by the school, the President read the 115th Psalm and all repeated the Lord’s Prayer. After a song from the White Ribbon Hymnal, Mrs. W.B. Packard recited "Mrs. Hennessy" and Nellie Packard "The Goblins will get you". The picture was then presented and a history of Miss Willard’s Life read by Mrs. English. The teacher, Mrs. Mabel Packard, then thanked the W.T.C.U. in behalf of the school. Pledge cards were then distributed. Closed by singing "Blest be the tie that binds"

Granville Jan 17th 1903 the W.C.T.U. convened at the home of Mrs. Delle Dreste. Called to order by President. After singing hymn No 103 the president read the 70th Psalm and Mrs. Fitch led in prayer. Union then proceeded to elect a Secretary to fill vacancy caused by the removal of Mrs. Mame Hawthorne. Mrs. Annie Packard was chosen. A proposal was made that we try to get a place in which to hold our meetings. President appointed committee to investigate as follows, Mrs. Delle Dreste, Mrs. Myra Shoemaker, and Mrs. Annie Packard. There was some talk of another Silver Medal contest. Also a Gold Medal contest. Moved and seconded that we give Rev. Mansfield $5.00 for helping in the Drama "Aunt Dinah’s Pledge", carried. Meeting closed by singing No 69.

Mrs. Annie Packard, Sec.

Lecanville Jan 30th 1903 the W.C.T.U. convened at the Lecanville School house for the purpose of Francis E Willard. Called to order by the President. Song No. 69 in White Ribbon. Devotional exercises by Bro Allen, song "My faith looks up to thee". Reading of the minutes, after which a reading was given by Mrs. Sadie Chesley and recitations by Mabel Case and Jennie Packard. Then followed presenting of the picture by Mrs. English and remarks by Bro Allen. Distribution of pledge cards and words of thanks for the picture by the teacher, Mr. Lea Marr Warren. Union decided that the next meeting shall be at the Grange Hall in the form of an entertainment on Feb. 13th. Closed by singing, "Am I a soldier of the cross". Kyle Le Bixby Sec. Pro. Tem

Granville Feb 7th 1903 a special meeting was called at the home of Sister H.R. English in honor of Miss Puella Dornblazer of Williamsport. Song No 104, Scripture reading and prayer by Miss Dornblazer. Song, "Blest be tie that binds". Reading of minutes moved and seconded. We invite Miss Belle Kearney to speak here some time when she comes in this vicinity, carried. President then put the meeting in the hands of Miss Dornblazer, who asked the Union to repeat the pledge, after which she proceeded to ask questions about when and why the W.C.T.U. was organized. She said the two great principals we are working for is Total abstinence for the individual and Prohibition for the Nation. Our motto is "For God and Home and Native Land", the National Motto "For God and Home and Every Land". She then asked the Union to pack a barrel of clothing for the Miners and Foreign speaking people of which department she is Supt . Motion carried. She said that every White Ribboner should take the Union Signal. Questions were then read and discussed and Mrs. Margaret VanHorn proposed we take a vote of the Union for and against Prohibition, carried in the affirmative unanimously. Closed by singing "Some glad day", after which we were very pleasantly entertained with ice cream and cake. Annie Packard, Sec.

Granville Feb 18th, 1903 the young people of the W.C.T.U. gave an entertainment consisting of music dialogues and Tableaus, which were highly appreciated, after which a conundrum tea was served. Receipts of the evening $17.25.

Annie Packard, Sec.

Regular meeting at the home of Mrs. James Hawthorne, Mar 14, 1903. Song by all "Jesus Lover of my Soul". Scripture reading and prayer by Mrs. Bovier. Reading of the minutes of last two meetings. A committee was appointed by the Pres. to make arrangements for packing a barrel of clothing to send to the miners and foreign speaking people. The committee appointed was: Abbie Morse, Cora Loomis, Carrie Hawthorne and Mrs. Sturdevant. Some talk about getting place of our own in which to hold our meetings. This was followed by a very interesting discussion. Subject "The Physical Welfare of Children" Closed by singing "Blest be the tie that binds"

Grace Packard, Sec Pro Tem.

Windfall, Pa, Mar 28, 1903 business meeting at the home of Mrs. H.R. English. Song by all "Jesus Lover of my Soul". Scripture reading and prayer by Mrs. Fitch. A committee appointed to send resolutions on death of Sister Francis Crandall. A vote was taken to send questions, in regard to building hall, to each member of the Union. After a song, we preceded to pack the barrel to be sent. Next meeting to be a Mother’s meeting at the home of Mrs. Cora Saxton. Cora Saxton Sec’y Pro Tem

Windfall, Pa April 11, 1903 regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Cora Saxton. Singing. Devotional exercises by Miss LaVille Landon. Papers were then read by Mrs. Saxton and Miss Eva Stevens. Questions on the subject "Preaching Children Economy" were discussed by all. Votes, in regard to building and location of a hall, were counted resulting in thirty for Cowley and fifteen for Windfall. Committee to get land and build hall, H.R. English, Willis Kittle, James Packard, Myrt Haflett and James Hawthorne. Committee to decide upon the size of the hall; Fannie Kittle, Dora Haflett, Myra Shoemaker and Abbie Morse. Adjourned to meet with Mrs. Delle Drests two weeks from today. Abbie Morse Sec Pro Tem

Granville April 26th, 1903 Windfall W.C.T.U. met at the home of Mrs. Delle Drestes. Called to order by President. Song No 64 and reading of 96 Psalm, after which the Union repeated The Lord’s Prayer in concert and sang song No 112. Then followed the literary program. A piece was spoken by Nellie Packard entitled "Matties’s wants and wishes". Next a select reading by Grace Packard "How we fooled Uncle Jed" followed by a recitation by Margaret English "What can we do?" Also a piece was read entitled "What shall we wear?" Decided to meet in two weeks at the home of Mrs. Fannie Kittle. Annie Packard Sec

Resolutions of Windfall Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

Inasmuch as it has pleased our Heavenly father to remove from our midst our beloved sister, Francis Crandall and whereas our Union has lost one of its most zealous friends and advocates; our community an earnest Christian woman; and the family a loving wife and mother, therefore be it Resolved, that out heartfelt sympathy is due, and is hereby extended, to her bereaved family.

Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be placed upon the minutes of Windfall W.C.T.U.; a copy sent to the bereaved family, also to the Reporter Journal, Troy Register and Canton Sentinel for publication.

"April 1, 1903"

Mrs. Dora Haflett

Mrs. Cora Saxton

Mrs. Fannie Kittle

Windfall, Pa. May 8, 1903 regular meeting of Windfall W.C.T.U. at the home of Mrs. Fannie Kittle was called to order by the Pres. and opened by singing, "Only a Glass", a choir of our younger members, which was highly appreciated. Scripture reading from Gal. 6th Chapter by Miss Abbie Morse. "The Lord’s Prayer was then repeated by all. Song by our choir, "Save the Boy". Report of secretary. Recitations by Lois and Bessie Little were nicely rendered. Reading "Us Boys" by Hilda Haflett. Reading "When Old Enough to Drink" by Mrs. Kittle and Reading "A Drunkard’s Life" by Eva Stevens. Singing by choir. Reading "Still Smiling" by Grace Packard. Reading "Hepzie at the State Convention" by Abbie Morse. Reading "The National President’s Letter" by Mrs. English. Song by choir "Hush Children Hush". Motion was made and carried that we hold a reception at the home of the Pres. sometime in June. Adjourned to meet with Mrs. Kyle Bixby two weeks from today. Grace Packard, Sec’y Pro Tem

Windfall, Pa May 22nd, 1903 regular meeting of the union was held at the home of Mrs. Kyle Bixby. Opening song no 135. Scripture reading and prayer by Rev Roberts followed by singing "Blest be the tie that binds". Reading of minutes of last meting. Recitation "Be a Good Man, Papa, Dear" and "Who Shall Judge a Man by Manners" by Mabel Case. All discussed the subject "What kind of Fiction should our Children read". Mrs. Roberts made pleasing remarks. Resolved to hold the reception June 9th and the following were appointed as the committee on refreshments: Mrs. Libbie Packard, Mrs. Annie Packard, Mrs. Fannie Kittle, Miss Carrie Hawthorne, Mrs. Sturtevant, Mrs. McKerrow, Miss Abbie Morse, Mrs. Dora Haflett. Closing song no 143.

Mrs. Anna Packard Sec’y

Windfall, Pa June 9, 1903 regular meeting at the home of Mrs. H.R. English called to order by President. Opening song," Prevention is Better Than Cure" by the choir. This was followed by Scripture reading and prayer by Rev Delmot. Song by the choir and reading of the minutes of last meeting. The roll was then called and responded to by Scripture verses repeated by the members as their names were called. Repeating of pledge by Union. Recitation "Lascia" by Miss Grace Rice. Recitation "Bashful Zella" by Nellie Packard. Recitation "A Happy Day" by Bessie Kittle. Song "Hush Children Hush" by the choir. Remarks by Rev. Delmont. Temperance leaflets were then distributed. Closed with benediction. Mrs. Annie Packard Sec’y

June 9, 1901 Annual Reception at the home of the President. A fine supper was served. In the evening a musical and literary program was well carried out. Cream and cake were then served. The reception was considered by all very enjoyable and a great success.

Windfall, Pa. June 26, 1903 meeting of the Union at the home of Sister Gertrude Hawthorne called to order by the President, and opened by singing, "Rescue the Perishing". Scripture reading and prayer by Sister Flora Bovier. Song; "Praise God from whom all blessings flow". Reading of minutes. Reading "Lesson from Ben Hadad’s Defeat" Sadie Chesley. Carrie Hawthorne then read "The farmer and the saloon". Reading by our Pres. " The Gideon’s against whiskey hotels". Moved and seconded that we pay fifty cents more for the use of the Grange Hal at the time of our conundrum social. The motion was carried. Decided to meet with Mrs. Edgar VanHorn two weeks from today. Closing song "Stand up for Jesus". Mrs. Anna Packard, Sec.

Windfall, Pa. July 10, 1903 regular meting at the home of Mrs. Edgar VanHorn in charge of the Supt of Purity Dept. Singing by the choir. Miss LaVille Landon then read Psalm 92, and led the Union in a prayer. The choir then very nicely rendered another selection. The minutes were then read, after which Mrs. Dora Hafflet gave an excellent reading entitled "Social Impurity" by Emma Bush. Recitation "Rum’s Alphabet" by Clara E English. Reading "Aunt Jemima’s Crusade" which was very pleasing by Miss Landon. Recitation "Jennie’s Stand" by Nellie Packard, followed by another good reading by Mrs. Sadie Chesley. After another song by the choir, questions were then distributed and discussed very thoroughly. Mrs. Dora Haflett pleasingly rendered a solo. Decided by vote to hold our next meeting (it being the election of officers) at the M.E. Church. There was some talk about having a membership contest. After the reading of the pledge, the literary part of the meeting closed by singing the "Temperance Doxology". Our hostess then very liberally treated us to ice cream and cake and all enjoyed a very social time. Taken altogether, we conducted a helpful and instructive meeting, one new member being added to our band.

Anna M Packard, Rec Sec’y

Windfall W.C.T.U. met at M.E. Church July 24, 1903. Opened by singing,": Lord of Harvesh". Reading of Psalms by President, followed by prayer by Mrs. Fitch. Singing. Reading of minutes. We then proceeded to elect officers for coming year. The motion was made and carried that we elect by acclamation. Moved and seconded. Mrs. H.R. English is President, carried unanimously. Moved and seconded we have Mrs. Annie Packard for Vice-President, carried. Moved and seconded, that Mrs. James McKerrow act as Vice Pres for Baptist Church, carried. Moved and seconded that Grace Packard act as Sec., carried. Moved and carried Mrs. Gertrude Hawthorne, act as Pres. Miss Eva Stevens was elected organist. The Local Supt’s were the same, as last year. Decided to have same com. on serving refreshments at Mrs. Phillips’s, as the Annual Reception. Committee on announcements, the young ladies of the Union. Refreshment committee, Mrs. Dora Haflett, Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. Annie Packard, Mrs. Marion Lewis, Mrs. Gertrude Hawthorne and Mrs. Etta McKerrow. Bill of 75 cents presented by Mrs. Fitch. Moved and carried that we pay the bill. We then listened to the report of Pres. for past year. Receipts of the meeting $5.30. A selection was read by the President " Why the Liquor Traffic Exists". Closed by singing No 66. Anna M Packard
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