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Originally Published in Tioga County PA Records: Births, Deaths, Marriages, 1978, p. 52.
Reprinted on Tri-Counties by permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd
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The following data copied from The History of Surry, New Hampshire Genealogical register 1769—1922 by Frank Burnside Kingsbury Cheshire county, New Hampshire From date of severence from Gilsum and Westmoreland. Page 468 Borden also spelled Boyden

Samuel Borden of Gilsum died in Surry, New Hampshire, of lung fever at the home of Mr. Butler, December 16th 1812. He arrived in Surry a short time before he died from Charleston, Pa., having made the journey on horseback.—G.H.

Samuel Borden had married and had seven children:

1. Selden A Revolutionary Soldier; died in Charleston, Pa.

Married and had six children

Another Record says more.

2. John married Anna Butler, daughter of Daniel Butler, taxed in Surry in 1789

3. Samuel Jr. A Revolutionary Soldier; died of starvation while in the service.

4. Polly Born November 21, 1761; married Joshua Farnum.

5. Susanna married Allen Butler of Surry, New Hampshire, and Delmar, Tioga County, Pa.

6. Hannah born 1768; married David Bliss of Gilsum.

7. Sally married first August 17th 1793 David Dolph (Dwoolf)

For further research and documented records see History of Gilsum, New Hampshire by Frank Kingsbury also Vital Records of Palmer, Massachusetts.

Needed is burial place of Samuel Borden; his wife’s name; and the parents of Samuel Borden who had many descendants living in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

Records of Revolutionary men are still being sought by The Wellsboro Chapter, Daughters of The American Revolution, as they continue their search for Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. The following record of Seldon Borden, son of Samuel Borden, has been compiled from his pension record Number #S 45603 and the family record contained on page 268 Volume 1, The Genealogy of The Cleveland Families by Edmund Cleveland.

Selden Borden enlisted in the Continental Service in February 1781 in the town of Granvil in Capt. Haskill’s Company; Col.Shepherd’s Regiment, and General Patterson’s Brigade in The Massachusetts Line for the term of three years and received his discharge at the expiration of said three years and a copy of his discharge is now in the office of the Secretary of War. A certificate of Pension was issued 12th November 1818 and sent to Elisha Huntley, Esq. , of Alstead, New Hampshire . Addresses given in his pension record are Keene, New Hampshire from November 12th 1818 to 31st July 1822 and in Gilsum, Cheshire Co., N. H.

He bought a 200 acre farm.

The History of Surry, Cheshire County, New Hampshire lists six chi: Rachel; Betsey; Roswell; Selden; Amanda; and Ansil. His wife was Hannah Cleveland. The Genealogy of the Cleveland Family gives us the following record:

Seldon Borden dies September 1858 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. He married 8th September 1785 to Hannah Cleveland, daughter of Hopestill Cleveland (also reference Vital records of Palmer, Massachusetts )

and had the following children

1. Clarissa born 25 June 1787 m. Stephen Cross Jr.

Same man

2. Rachel born 25 Dec 1789 m. Stephen Cross Jr.

3. Betsey born 23 Apr 1792 m. James Mason Adams

4. Roswell born 3 Aug 1794 m. Sukey Farnsworth

5. Selden born 18 Feb 1797 m. Sabra Adams

6. Hopestill born 21 Aug 1799 m.

7. Arminda born 31 Jan 1802 m. Alvin Alden

8.Ansil born 26 Apr 1804 m. Ann B. Hardy

 Reference page 427 History of Gilsum, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, by Silvanus Hayward published in 1881. Additions and corrections see page 274; added data from Cemetery Records Old Butler Cemetery, located in Stony Fork, Delmar Township, Tioga County Pennsylvania. Also Family Record. Bible Record.

John borden, second son of Samuel Borden, born 25 August 1768; died 12 May 1843; married Anna Butler, daughter of Daniel & Barbara (Austin) Butler, born 12 February 1758; died 1st September 1850; Came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania @ 1816.. Married 20 August 1789.

Their children:

1. Submit married Anson Russell

2. Sally born 9th Sep 1791 Gilsum, N.H. m. 28th Mar 1811 at Brookfield, Ma.

To Levi Hardy

3. Lucy born 29 Mar 1793

4. Benjamin Butler born 20 Aug 1796 m. Hannah Parrish

5. Samuel born 20 May 1790 Enlisted in War of 1812; started for Sackett’s Harbor

and died at French’s Mill, New York.

6. Anna born 29 Aug 1800


7. John born 29 Aug 1800

8. Bradford resided in Addison, Steuben County, New York

9. Louisa

10. Margaret

11. Sarah

John Borden lived in Gilsum, New Hampshire in 1794.

John Borden lived in Monson, Massachusetts in 1812.

John Borden lived in Lebanon, New York in 1814.

John Borden lived in Delmar Twp., Tioga county, Pennsylvania in 1818.

Further records are being compiled of these families.

Reference: page 427 Gilsum Genealogies by Silvanus Hayward in History of Gilsum; additions and corrections; family records and cemetery records added to the Bible record.

Benjamin Butler borden, son of John and Anna (Butler) Borden was born 20 August 1796; married 17 November 1819 to Hannah Parrish born N.Y. 13 June 1800, daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Parrish. Benjamin Butler Borden died 29th October 1881 and Hannah his wife died 31st March 1861. The above including Samuel & Elizabeth Parrish are buried in Butler Cemetery located at Stony Fork, Delmar Township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania. In Delmar Twp., prior to 1818.

 Their children:

1. Betsey born 24 Dec 1820 at Stony Fork, Pa….. m. Simon Wilcox

2. Mary born 31 Oct 1822 at Stony Fork, Pa….. m. Henry Simmons

3. Samuel born 30 Aug 1824 at Stony Fork, Pa…. m. Lucretia Simmons

4. Bela born 26 Mar 1826 at Stony Fork, Pa.. m. Sabrina Warriner

5. Cynthia born 10 Apr 1828 at Stony Fork, Pa…. m. Job Symonds

6. Orsamus born 30 Nov 1829 at Pultney, N.Y. m. Sarah Impson & Josephine Butler

7.Lucy Ann born 13 Oct 1831 at Pultney, N.Y… m. Elijah Dimick

8. Jesse W. born 24 Nov 1833 at Stony Fork, Pa.

died 21 Aug 1864, in Civil War Army Hospital, Davids Island New York

9. Achsah born 30 July 1835 at Stony Fork, Pa.. m. Selden Dimmick

10.Alonzo born 13 Oct 1837 at Stony Fork, Pa. m. Lydia Ann Eliett

died 24 May 1864 at Fredericksburg, Virginia

11. Milissa born 31 May 1840 at Stony Fork Pa… m. Austin A. Lawton

12. Hannah Maria born 2 Feb 1842 at Stony Fork Pa…. m. William V. Borden

died 13 Jan 1868

Benjamin Butler Borden, son of John, writes," I cut a little hole in the woods, built a log house, and moved into it 23rd Mar 1820 many big hemlocks did I cut by moonlight, the wolves howling all around, it is said that poverty is the mother of invention, and as we began poor, we were compelled to do all we could ourselves. My wife having children to care for, spinning a churn, and rocking the cradle at the same time."

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tri-County Bible Records
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Tioga County Bible Records
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Copy provided to Tri-Counties by Tioga County Historical Society
Transcribed from photocopies of actual Bible pages

Reese - Richardson - Impson Family Bible

Marriages Date
Josiah C. Reese & Amanda E. Richardson Oct. 10, 1864
Josiah C. Reese & Amanda D. Impson Nov. 10, 1872
Edie Jane Reese & James McFall Mar. 22, 1896
Ethie May Reese & Oren Stocum June 4, 1897
Robert W. Reese & Clarsie Welch Jan. 16, 1901
Elise Lovinnie Reese & Harry Burgett 1901
Jessie C. Reese & Susie Welch Apr. 4, 1901
Anna Bell Reese & Bert Allen May 18, 1907
Martha G. Reese & Forest Haynes Mar. 1911
Lovinnie Reese & Frank Russell July 21, 1913
Edie Jane Reese & Ira Philips 1911
Josiah C. Reese 30 Sep 1839
Amanda D. Impson 6 Aug 1851
Bern--zell Reese 5 Sep 1867
Charley M. Reese 13 Sep 1873
Edward Reese 18 Apr 1875
Robert W. Reese 20 Nov 1876
Infant 15 Oct 1878
Edie Jane Reese 23 Dec 1879
Ethie May Reese 3 Nov. 1881
Edrie C. Reese 1 Sep 1883
Elrie J. Reese 8 June 1885
Elie A. Reese 25 Sep 1886
Jessie Curie Reese 16 May 1888
Elsie Lavinia Reese 18 Feb? 1890
Anna Bell Reese Dec. 1891
Martha Grace Reese 17 June 1894
James H. Reese 11 June 1896
Children of Edie Reese & James McFall  
Henry H. McFall 20 June 1897
Robert McFall 3 Aug 1899
Cecil McFall 23 Feb 1902
Children of Ethie Reese & Orin Stocum  
Amanda M. Stocum 26 June 1898
Gertie B. Stocum 26 June 1900
Rena Eva Stocum 13 June 1902
Maggie G. Stocum 8 July 1905
Children of Anna Bell Reese & Bert Allen  
Madeline Allen 28 Mar 1908
Charles C. Allen 12 Apr 1911
Charley M. Reese 19 Dec 1876
Infant 15 Oct 1878
Eddie N. Reese 30 May 1892
J(ames) H. Reese 17 Jan 1898
Josiah c. Reese 4 Apr 1904
Gertie B. Stocum 17 Sep 1901
Kenneth L. Russell 4 May 1900
Infant 28 May 1912
Edie Jane (Reese) Philips 21 Jan 1913
Edrie C. Reese 26 Sep 1920
Martha (Reese) Bently 22 Dec 1929
Amanda D. (Impson) Reese 29 Dec 1932
Alice Mae Russell 5 May 1932
Elie A. Reese 15 May 1938
Ethie May (Reese) Stocum 1 Jan 1943
Bert Allen 13 Apr 1950
Henry J. McFall 10 Mar 1955
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