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Brewer Family has Interesting History
( Special to the Elmira Star Gazette)

Wells, Pa. September 1, 1910- The 26th annual reunion of the Brewer family was held at the residence of C. S. Owens in Wells, Pa. last Thursday. Nearly 200 relatives from various sections of New York and Pennsylvania were present. C. S. Owens was re-elected president, and M. C. Congdon was chosen secretary and treasurer for the ensuing year. The next reunion will be held at the home of Joseph Brewer in Wells, Pa. on the last Thursday in August, 1911.

The members of the Brewer family of various names, through marriage are descendents of Hendrick Brewer, who came to America before the Revolution and purchased 160 acres of land on Manhattan Island where Trinity Church now stands. He had seven sons who served in Washington’s army. Two of his grandsons, Johnson and William Brewer; Sons of Johnson Brewer, came from Fishkill Landing to Trumansburg, Tompkins County, New York, when this section of the country was called the “West.” Here they married two sisters, Samantha and Lucy Barber and they had eleven and fourteen children respectively.

Those born to Johnson and Samantha Brewer were Daniel, Polly, George, Charity, Elias, Hiley, Nathan, Olive, Phoebe, Jane, Rueben and Frederick of whom Nathan, Olive, Phoebe, Jane and Frederick survive.

The children of William and Lucy Brewer were Ephriam, Eliza, William, Aaron, Lyman, Jesse, Huldah, Mary, Johnson, Phoebe Ann, Hendrick, Caroline, Elsa, and Lavina. Those surviving are Lyman, Jesse, Huldah, Johnson, Hendrick and Elsa.

In 1827 William Brewer drove a pair of colts from Tompkins County, New York to Wells, Pa. and traded them to Dr. Rose, agent for the Bingham Estate, for 700 acres of land, which now consist of the farms belonging to John Voorhees, Jansen Lewis, Ferris Sturdevant and Charles Shieves.

The stories those surviving sons of the pioneers of Wells township tell rival the “ Leather Stocking Tales.” They turned the paths of the deer and bear into the roads for their ox teams and felled the mighty virgin pines to clear a “patch” in which to raise sustenance for themselves and stock, and from the logs made cabins to live in and enclosures for their stock to protect them from “varmints” and other marauders. Some of the survivors still own the land they wrestled from the wilderness and on which they hunted the bear and deer in their younger days.

The Brewer’s have the reputation of being a “rugged race” and their works prove that they have justly earned the title.

Statistics from the Brewer  - Schofield Bible

Dated 1890


Joseph W. Brewer and Alice Schofield were married October 9, 1878 by Rev. Levi Stone at Gillett, Bradford County Pennsylvania.

Luella Brewer and Charles Besley were married at her home December 27, 1906 at Wells, Bradford County, Pa. by Rev. Mr. Ferguson.

Lyman Brewer and Mary Oldroyd were married December 25, 1900 at Pine City, New York by Rev. Mr. Brainard.

Edson Brewer and Alice Benson were married at her home August 25,1918 at Wells, Bradford County Pa. by Rev. D. Foster.

Fred Brewer and Blanche Updyke were Married at her home January 1, 1914 by Rev. Fanning.

Raymond Brewer and Helen Bristol were married November 6, 1926 at Epworth Methodist Parsonage, Elmira, New York.


Frank Brewer died October &, 1894- age 18

Edson Smith Brewer died December 26, 1910 of typhoid

Anna C. Brewer died April 7,1917 Age 24(Eileen’s mother, Ray Brewer’s first wife)

Joseph Brewer died March 25, 1926 aged 71 years.

Walter J. Brewer died October 14, 1939 aged 40 years-Setting an electric pole and it fell on him

Mrs. Alice J. Brewer died May 1, 1945 age 85

Raymond E. Brewer died March 30, 1958 age 64

Mrs. Louella Brewer Besley died November 8, 1958 age 75

Fred H. Brewer died March 2, 1964 age 71

Norman Brewer died February 14, 1974 Woodbridge, Virginia- 3 children Norman, Roy and Betty

Lyman Brewer died February 4, 1948


Joseph W. Brewer was born August 11, 1854

Alice Schofield was born August 8, 1859

Lyman Brewer was born July 28, 1879

Frank Brewer was born November 8, 1881

Louella Brewer was born August 2, 1883

Edson S. Brewer was born January 10, 1886

Frederick H. Brewer was born April 15, 1892

Raymond Brewer was born June 15, 1893

Walter J. Brewer was born March 10 1899

Eileen Marie Brewer was born April 6, 1917.
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933

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