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Originally Published in Tioga County PA Records: Ancestral Sketches Vo. 1, 1973, p.167

Reprinted on Tri-Counties site 1997 by permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd
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 The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New testaments: together with the Apochypha: Translated out of the Original tongues, and with the former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised; with Canne’s Marginal Notes and references to which we added an Index; and Alphabetical table of all the names in The Old and New Testaments, with Their Significations.

 Cooperstown, New York

Published by H. and N. Phinney


 This BUTLER /HOTCHKISS Bible is owned by Ellen BUTLER Hart, 170 Cedar Street, Corning, New York 14830.


 Hartford Butler born April the 6th 1800

Matilda Hotchkiss Butler born March the 17th 1801

Electa Butler born March the 23rd 1825

Lester Butler born Nov. the 2nd 1827

Eunice N. Butler born the 16th 1830

Maryette Butler born Nov. the 17th 1832

Elen Butler born August the 10th 1835

Holace Butler born Sept. the 6th 1839

Alace Butler born Oct. 28th 1842

Laugher S. Butler born Dec. 22nd 1845


 Luther A., son of Electa and Charles W. Hildreth, was born December 30th , 1850 at Stony Fork, Pa.

Ida N. Hildreth was born may 12, 1858 in Delmar Pa.

Flora B., daughter of Electa and Chas. Hildreth was born June 1857 in Clinton County, Pa.

Walter Butler, son of Lester and N.J. Butler was born Oct. 20, 1853 in Delmar, Pa.

Alice, dau. Of Lester and N.J. Butler, was born July 11, 1856 in Delmar, Tioga Co., Pa.

Clara, dau of Lester and N.J. Butler, was born Oct. 10, 1857 in Delmar, Pa.

Wallace, son of Lester and N.J.Butler, was born Oct. 7, 1861 in Delmar, Pa.

Walton, son of Lester and N.J. Butler, was born Dec. 12, 1862 in Delmar, Pa.

Weldon , son of Lester and N.J. Butler, was born June 9, 1871 in Delmar, Pa.

 Jennie Beers Butler was born May 22, 1868, Lawrenceville, Pa.

Edith McInroy bornFeb. 2, 1877

Mildred Butler born May 1, 1897

Sarah Butler born Nov. 9, 1899

Myra born Nov. 9, 1899 died Jan. 2, 1907

Sarah born Sept. 8, 1902

George born Sept. 24, 1907

Welden born May 31, 1911

Jennie B. daughter of Mariette and Geo.W. Sears was born Sept 12, 1853 in Wellsboro, Pa.

Chas. R. son of Mariette and Geo. W. Sears was born Jan. 30, 1860 in Wellsboro, Pa.

Margaret A., dau. Of Mariette and Geo. W. Sears was born Feb. 6th 1864 in Wellsboro, Pa.

Mariah Crowl Wilson half sister of Jane Short, was born May 22, 1841 and died July 23, 1922

Mary M., daughter of Ellen B. and Edwin L. Beers, was born in Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa., Jan. 14th 1863.


 Children of Arthur and Margaret Anderson:

 Nitty born May 31, 1888

Belle born April 25, 1893

Flora born Jan 23, 1898


 William, son of Eunice M. and Howland VanNatter was born June 26th 1847 in Potter Co.,Pa. Died June 27th 1855.

 Lorrs and Hollis, sons of Walter and Jennie Butler, born Nov. 6, 1893

 A son born Aug. 21, 1894 and died.

Suth H. born July 5, 1895

Clara L. born Mar. 1897

Ellen Jane born dec. 1, 1899

Hollis Ross born May 22, 1902

Benjamin Fairchild born March 11, 1907


 Hartford and Matilda Hotchkiss Butler were married June 30th 1824

Eunice M. Butler was married to Howland VanNatter Sept. 24, 1846

Electa M. Butler and Charles W. Hildreth were married

 Lester H. Butler and N. Jane Short were married Nov. 23, 1850

Mariette Butler and George W. Sears were married _______1857

Ellen Butler and Henry Wolfe were married Jan. 26, 1880.

The Ceremony was performed by the Rev. Selden Butler, at the home of the bride’s parents on Sund. Eve.

7 O’clock

Jacob Tallman and Alice M. Butler married

Walton Butler and Stella Harding were married

Wallace Butler and Minnie VanDusen were married

Moses Losey and Clara N. Butler were married

Walter Butler and Jennie Beers married at Corning, ( N.Y.) Dec. 24, 1891

Welden Butler and Edith McInroy married Nov. 17, 1895.


 Eunice M. Butler died June the 27th 1855

Hollis Butler died December the 10th 1857

Alice Butler died November the 9th 1863

Laugher Butler died April 24th 1872

Hartford Butler died May 6, 1876

Matilda Butler died Jan. 16, 1892

Nancy J. Butler died March 8, 1897 was born Sept. 22, 1827

 Alice M. Tallman dau. of L.H. and N. J. Butler, died July 7, 1899

Clara M. Losey, dau. of L.H. and N.J. Butler died Jan. 26, 1902

Benjamin F. Butler died Jan. 19, 1935, Hornby, N.Y. (typist note: Hornby N.Y. difficult to

could by Nornby ?)

Jennie Beers Butler died in Hornby, May 17, 1935

 Jennie Madison Soucher, died in Delmar, (Pa.) Sept. 21, 1929

Walter C. Butler died May 25, 1941 Addison, N.Y.

Hollis, son of Walter and Jennie Butler, died Nov. 13, 1892 aged 1 week.

Lester Hancock Butler died in Delmar, (Pa) on April 5, 1905

Weldon Butler died in Delmar, Nov. 23, 1910. Sermon by Rev. J.W. Totten

Clara L., dau. of Walter and Jennie Butler died of pneumonia near Corning, N.Y. on Oct. 30, 1910 aged

21 yrs. 7 mos. 25 days. Sermon by Rev. Evertts.

Ellen B. Beers Wolf, died in Scranton, (Pa) Mar. 23, 1921 was buried at Waterville, Sat. P.M. Mar. 26, 1921 aged 95yrs, 7 mos, 15 days.

  Marietta Sears died at Galeton, Dec. 4th 1925

George W. Sears died May 1, 1890

  Note: Decendants of Hartford Butler and Matilda Hotchkiss can trace their lineage back to Deacon Richard Butler and Rev. Samuel Stone, Founders of Hartford, Connecticut.

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