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Originally Published in Tioga County PA Records: Births,Deaths,Marriages, 1978

Reprinted on Tri-Counties site 1997 with  permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd
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 The Borden & Butler Family records were brought into Tioga County, Pennsylvania when the families came..These records had been copied from the Family Bible owned by Daniel & Barbara (Austin) Butler and the Bible had been taken to Minnesota with a member of the family, and in the Indian uprisings near Hutchinson, Minnesota 1862—1863 it was lost by fire.

 Daniel Butler born 26 mar 1735; died 20 Mar 1814; married 20 Sep 1752 to Barbara Austin born 5 Jun 1729; died 8 June 1790. In 1767 they resided in Monson, Hampshire ( now Hampden Co., ) Massachusetts; In 1784 they resided in Sandisfield, Berkshire co., Ma…

 Their Children:

 1. Samuel born 1 Jan 1753

2. William born 20 May 1755 died 10 May 1771

3. Anna born 12 Feb 1758; died 1 Sep 1850 m. John Borden

4. Daniel born 28 Apr 1760; died 7 Aug 1790

5. Hannah born 2 Aug 1762; died 3 Nov 1817; m. Nathaniel Warriner

6. Nathaniel born 22 Jul 1766; died 27 Aug 1809

7. Benjamin born 28 May 1769; died Resided Monson, Ma.

8. Allen born 14 May 1771; died 9 Jan 1846; m. Susanna Borden

9. Joseph born 18 May 1773 died 5 Jan 1839

In the 1820 Census Record of Delmar Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania there is listed the following as heads of house holds:

Samuel Parris John Boyden (Borden)

John Dartt Allin Butler

Levi Hardy Luther R. Hildreth

Benjamin Boyden (Borden) Caleb Austin

William Warriner

This is a copy of a record brought into Tioga County by Selden Butler 1806—1888 and had been well preserved in a homemade pouch made of woodchuck hide hand stitched.

Records made available by Waldo S. Butler

Allen Butler born 14 May 1771; died 9 Jan 1846; m. 23 Jan 1794 to Susanna Borden born 15 Oct 1776; died 15 Jan 1850 died and buried Delmar Township.

 Resided 1798 in Surry, Cheshire County, New Hampshire ( near Gilsum)

Resided 1801; Astead, Cheshire , Cheshire County, New Hampshire

Resided 1806 in Rochester, Windsor county, Vermont

Resided 1810 in Delmar Twp., Tioga county, Pennsylvania.

His occupation: Locating pine land for the timber.

 Their children:

1. Providence born 9 Dec 1794; died


2. Susanna born 9 Dec 1794; died 4 July 1870 m. Calvin Brown

3. Belinda born 25 Feb 1796; died 30 Aug 1822 m. Luther Hildreth

4. Betsy born 19 May 1797; died 13 Sep 1868; m. John Dort (Dartt)

5. Allen born 14 Jun 1798 died 23 Nov 1868 m. Fanny Hammond

Lived Gilsum (sisters) m. Dimmis Hammond

6. Hartford born 6 Apr 1800; died 6 May 1876 m. Matilda Hotchkiss

7.Wellman born 29 Oct 1801; died 1 Apr 1884; m. Nancy Rhodes: m. Margaret Matilda Steele

8. Eunice born 13 Jul 1803 died 20 Nov 1828; m. Cyrus Catlin

9. Dolly born 9 Dec 1804; died 26 Nov 1871; m. Simon Dimmick

10. Selden born 15 Jul 1806; died 19 Oct 1888; m. Lucretia Dartt

11. Crety born 6 Mar 1809; died 23 Oct 1873; m. James Warriner

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 19 NOV 1997
By Joyce M. Tice
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