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The following record was found on a piece of paper in a Bible once the property of Sally Ann Cortright Dawson and now in the possession of Mrs. Linwood Stearns, 119 South Hill St., Jackson, Mich. (probably in 1970s or earlier)

A controversy over the surname of Charity, whether Perkins or Young, has circulated a long time. I am not sure this resolves it conclusively since the source is not clear. It is merely a paper stuck in a Bible with no indication of where it came from. JMT

Comfort Richard B. Nov.11, 1770, D. Jan.17, 1824
Comfort Charity Young B. May 22, 1748, D. Aug. 11, 1815
Comfort Edward B. Nov.11, 1770, D. Jan. 6, 1852
Comfort Robert B. Aug. 16, 1772
Comfort Elizabeth B. Aug. 11, 1773 D. Jan.17, 1852
Comfort Jacob B. Jan. 8, 1775 D. Sept. 21, 1812
Comfort John B. Oct. 21, 1776 D. Ap. 1851
Comfort Sarah B. Aug. 2, 1778
Comfort Mary B. Sept. 10, 1780
Comfort Hannah B. Aug. 29, 1782
Comfort Benjamin B. Oct. 21, 1784 D. Ap. 1851
Comfort Richard B Ap. 17, 1787 D. Nov.13, 1840
Comfort Charity B. Jan. 31, 1789
Comfort Mercy B. Dec. 7, 1790
Comfort Thomas B. Apr. 31, 1794

Comfort Richard II B. Ap. 17, 1787, Mar. Aug. 12, 1807
Comfort Hannah DeVed B. Mar. 22, 1783
Comfort Rebecca B. Aug. 22, 1809
Comfort Lavinia B. Feb. 21, 1811
Comfort Orrin F. B. Mar. 13, 1812
Comfort Henry W. B. Oct. 14, 1813
Comfort Berlin P. B. Aug. 3, 1815
Comfort Simeon I. B. Dec. 10, 1816
Comfort Eli C. B. July 22, 1818
Comfort Caleb B. B. July 27, 1820

Comfort Henry W. B. Oct. 13, 1813 Mar. Oct. 29, 1835
Comfort Marie A. Young B. May 27, 1813
Comfort  Frances M. B. Jan. 26, 1837
Comfort Rush B. Mar. 27, 1838 D. Mar. 28, 1838
Comfort George W. B. Ap. 12, 1839 D. Mar. 13, 1865
Comfort Samuel W. B. Aug. 1, 1840 C. July 13, 1841
Comfort Ruth R. B. June 19, 1842
Comfort Wallace C. B. Ap. 18, 1844
Comfort Lydia L. B. Sept. 7, 1846
Comfort Richard P. B. Nov. 13, 1848
Comfort Laura A. B. Feb. 24, 1854
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