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Transcribed and Submitted by Esther MAYS Harer
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Dora Rose Snell Jones & John N. Jackson September 5, 1942 Mansfield, PA  
Susie M. Snell & Edgar D. Fish November 23, 1935 Corning, NY  
Katie L. Snell & William Alonzo Edwards May 1, 1931 Corning, NY Now Divorced
Irving P. Snell & Francis Plucke July 10, 1941 Maryland the Now Divorced
Minnie M. Snell  & B. Gordon Mays February 4, 1942 Maryland  
Irving P. Snell & Gloria Kahleke May 5, 1944 New Jersey  
Katie Louise Edwards & Leroy L. Alexander November 3, 1945 Wellsboro, PA  
Elmer R. Snell Jr. & Mary Jane Conners May 15, 1946 Wellsboro, PA  
Carrie E. Snell & Naman N. Wilson July 17, 1946 English Center, PA  
Edgar D. Fish & Helen Batz November 8, 1952 Mansfield, PA  
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Susie Mary Snell 11/12/1915 Tioga, PA
Katie Louise Snell 04/12/1917 Tioga, PA
Irving Parshall Snell 12/07/1918 Chemung, NY
James Richard Snell 06/17/1921 Chemung, NY
Minnie Matilda Snell 01/16/1924 Ulster, PA
Carrie Elizabeth Snell 03/03/1926 Tioga, PA
Grand children    
Elizabeth Susan Fish 10/08/1936 Susies first Baby
James Alonzo Edwards 01/23/1938 Katies first Baby
Edgar Luther Fish 02/04/1938 Susies second baby
Beverly Jane Fish 10/29/1937 Susies third Baby
Elvira Jane Edwards 12/04/1939 Katies second Baby
Janice Joyce Fish 10/04/1940 Susies fouirth Baby
Phyllis May Fish 08/02/1942 Susies fifth Baby
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Anna Bell Rose Mays September 22, 1942 Minnies Baby
David Richard Wilson July 14, 1943 Carries Baby
Myron Jerome Fish December 15, 1943 Susies 6 Baby
Gordon Eugene Mays February 23, 1944 Minnies second Baby
Leon Lyn Snell March 10, 1947 Busters Baby
Richard Eugene Snell March 22, 1947 Jrs Baby
Jeanette Elaine Wilson June 11, 1947 Carries 2nd Baby
Charlene Rose Fish May 2, 1948 Susies 7th Baby
Frank John Snell May 12, 1948 Jrs 2nd Baby
Garry Laverne Fish June 20, 1949 Susies last Baby
Nancy Lee Snell June 30, 1949 Jrs 3rd Baby
Patricia Rose Snell June 30, 1955 Jrs 4th Baby
Michael Dale Wilson November 18, 1950 Carries 3rd Baby
Rodney Leigh Snell March 10, 1952 Busters 2nd Baby
Robert Lee Snell January 30, 1952 Jrs 5th Baby
Ernest Norman Wilson December 29, 1954 Carries 5h Baby
Daniel Dean Wilson September 27, 1956 Carries 6th Baby
Steven Alan Wilson April 1, 1954 Carries 4th Baby
Teresa Jean Snell December 3, 1956  
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Great grand children    
Jeffery Lyn Edwards June 2, 1956  
Brian Arthur Clark October 16, 1957  
Ross Eugen Fish March 8, 1959  
Timothy James Edwards September 13, 1959  
Richard Allan Clark July 1, 1959  
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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