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Published by Merriam, Moore & Co.  1845

Dennis Haws Hotchkiss,
Born May 8th, A.D. 1815

Diantha E. [Eames] Hotchkiss,
born October 16th, 1815

Seymour L. Hotchkiss,
Born June 5, 1845,

Eugene B. Hotchkiss,
Born April 15, 1847

Millard F. Hotchkiss,
Born Dec. 9, 1848

Infant Babe,
Born August [?] 1850
Died August 26, 1850, age 2 weeks and 5 days

Pardon Damon Hotchkiss,
Born February 5, 1852

Susan E., daughter of S.L. and ? [initials too faded to read]
Born March 16, 1873

Archibald, son of S.L. and Alice,
Born May 9, 1875

Infant babe 1850 [above]

John Norris Hotchkiss
Killed by Rebel’s shot on the Battle field of South Mountain, Pa [?], Sept 14th, 1862. Age 49 yrs.
Enlisted as volenteer [sic] under Capt. [?] Schefflein. Served under Coln. Welch’s regiment 45 Co. H. Pa Volt’s.

Dennis Haws Hotchkiss, son of Harris and Lucy, died near Tioga Pa, Oct 27th, 1891.

Pardon D. Hotchkiss, son of D.H. and Diantha, died at Adrian Hospital [faded] Jeff Co [?] Pa [?], July 18, 1899

Millard F. Hotchkiss, son of D.H. and Diantha E. Hotchkiss, died at Lamb’s Creek, Pa, May 20, 1925

Eugene Hotchkiss died in Tioga Pa, Tioga Co., Mar 26, 1932

Seymour L. Hotchkiss died at 4:30 pm at Lamb’s Creek, Pa, Tioga Co on Jan 6 1933 at the home of Russell Niles.

Lucy Hotchkiss
Died August 27th 1853
Age 84 years 4 months and 5 days
Mother of D. H. Hotchkiss

Father of D. H. Hotchkiss
Harris Hotchkiss
Died Nov 21 1854
8 o’clock and 40 minets [sic] evening
Age 96 years, 27 days

Wife of D. H. Hotchkiss
Diantha E. Hotchkiss
Died Feb 22, 1885
At 11 o’clock in the evening
Gen’l Washington Birthday

Rosa M. Wife of S. L. Hotchkiss
Died at Lamb’s Creek Tioga Co Pa
Tuesday June 23rd, 1925 at 5:30 am
Aged 63 years and 4 days

Susan E., daughter of S.L. and Alice Hotchkiss
Died Nov 2nd, 1882, aged 9 years, 7 months and 17 days

D.H. Hotchkiss was married to Miss Diantha Eames, in the town of Charleston, Tioga Co, State of Penna, by James Jackson, Esq, June 23, 1844

Seymour L. Hotchkiss was married to Mrs. Alice Cady of Nelson at the House of L.H. [undecipherable] or Richmond, Tioga Co. Penn by G. P. Watrous, Oct 7, 1866

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tri-County Bible Records
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Tioga Township, Tioga County, PA
Records on a typewritten page
Copy provided to Tri-Counties by Tioga County Historical Society
 Bible in possession of Louise Brigham
Added to Tri-Counties Site June 2006


Frankie Westbrook died 1862; aged 21mo 18da
Alta Leone Westbrook born July 12, 1862
Rena M. Westbrook died January 3, 1901; aged 36 yr
Edsal M. Westbrook born February 21, 1875; died August 15, 1932
Albert H. Westbrook died March 28, 1883; aged 54yr
Brittania Mitchell Westbrook died January 5, 1901; aged 63yr
Alta L. Westbrook died? (no date listed)
Albert H. Westbrook and Brittania L. Mitchell married January 14, 1860
Rena M. Westbrook and Frederick Firth married 1902
 (I question this date since she died January, 1901 - source  Mansfield Advertiser January 9, 1901 anbd Bible record above - May be a different Rena Westbrook or a wrong date.)

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tri-County Bible Records
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Tioga Township, Tioga County, PA
Copy provided to Tri-Counties by Tioga County Historical Society
Donated by Louise Brigham
Transcribed from photo copies of actual Bible pages.
Prutsman - Millar Family Bible  
Marriages Date
Jacob Prutsman to Mary Millar December 5, 1797
Elias Westbrook to Polly Prutsman June 7, 1817
Jacob Prutsman, son of Gertrude and Nicholas Prutsman March 21, 1773
Mary Millar, dau. of Mary E. and Christian Millar June 8, 1778
Children of Mary (Millar) and Jacob Prutsman:-  
John Prutsman August 6, 1798
Polly Prutsman March 27, 1800
Abraham Prutsman December 17, 1801
Elizabeth Prutsman May 7, 1804
Jacob Prutsman (Jr) March 6, 1806
Andrew Prutsman December 18, 1807
Adam Prutsman July 23, 1809
Sarah Prutsman January 27, 1811
Catharine Prutsman October 12, 1812
Rachel Prutsman October 4, 1814
Margaret Prutsman June 10, 1816
Susanna Prutsman August 1818
Eunice Prutsman June 18, 1819
George C.M. Prutsman October 28, 1822
Children of Jacob and Mary Prutsman:-  
Jacob Prutsman March 7, 1813
Susanna Prutsman August 1818
Eunice Prutsman January 18, 1832
Sarah (Prutsman) Smith April 14, 1839
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tri-County Bible Records
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Tioga Township, Tioga County, PA

This is a transcription of a Wales Family Bible of which the original is in the possession of George E. Wales, Jr. from Lesage, WV.


Dwight W. Wales was born June 28th 1833
        Dec 25-1833
Bradley H. Wales was born Sept 7th 1860
Georgie E. Wales was born Sept 24th 1862
Freddie B. Wales was born March 31st 1870
Lenord B. Wales was born July the 25 1904.
Charles H. Wales was born the 14 of March 1906
William Fred Wales born the 21 of Jan 1910
Drusilla Wales was born Oct 14th 1835
Ella M. Wales was born Oct 3d 1865Pola M. Wales was born Oct 29th 1867
Nittie G. Wales was born Mar 22th 1812
Bertie Wales was born the 13 of August 1877.
Mable Brown was born the 27 of May 1887 at Niles Valley, Tioga Co. Pa.
Isabelle Wilcox was born Feb 14th 1883
Isolia Aditha Wilcox was born July 14th 1885
Marth Drucillia Wilcox  was born November 11th 1887
Lorenzo Wilcox was born Dec 27th 1889
Raymond G Wales born the 25 of April 1912
Perry T. Wales born the 18th of Feb 1915
George E. Wales born 4 of Oct 1918
Myrtle Claudia Wales was born No 21-1907and died Nov 22-1907

All of Bradley H Wales and wife Mable Wales children was born in Tioga Co Pennsylvania except one George E Wales was born in Williamsport Hospital Lycoming Co. Pa.

Herman L Wales son of William Fred Wales born Oct 16, 1931
Beverley Jean Wales born 3, June 1934
William H. Wales born 5, 1936


Dracilla Wales died Dec. th19, 1900
D.W. Wales died Aug 23, 1914
Georgie E. Wales died June 13th 1864
L-- D. Wales
Charles H. Wales dide June the 20 1906.
Bertie Wales died 23 Dec 1916.
Isabelle Wilcox died April 2nd 1884
Isolia Aditha Wilcox died Jan 2ed 1891
Winniefred Wilcox died May 5, 1905
Winniefred Sedona Wilcox was born April 2 1895.
Lucretia Elizabeth Wilcox was born June 5 1892
Bradley H. Wales died Jan. 15,1938


Dwight and Drusilla Wales were married March 27th 1856
Bradley H. Wales and Mable Brown were married December 28 1903.
Raymond Mary Wales wear married May 20,1945
Charles and Ella Wilcox were married Jan 29, 1882
Fred W. Wales Franses Gleason married August 13, 1930
George Eddie Wales Jr. born 22 of August year 1942.
Gorge  Wales Ann Wines wear mared Sept. 1941

Transcribed letter for letter.  Typos are from the authors. The two separating lines occurred in the original text.
Transcribed by Joyce A. Wheaton

Wales - Wilcox - Cornwell - Gleason - Baker Bible


Mr. B. H. Wales and Miss Mable Brown were married Dec. 28. 1903
Grant Allen & Cortinee were married the 14th of Feb 1904.
Miss Katie Gleason and George Heights were married Jan 3. 1915.
Miss Nina Gleason and Edd Avention were married the 9 of Jan. 1915.
Fredie William Wales and Franses Gleason was married 21 of Sep 1930. At Wellsboro, Pa.
Ida Wales & Perry Baker were married the 25. Of Dec. 1886.
Perry T. Wales and Mildred Seager was married the 5th Dec. 1937. At Borden. N.Y. by the Rev. George Arnold.
Mr. George E. Wales and Ann Wines were married 12 day Sep 1941
Married May 20 1945 Raymond _ Wales & Mary Wines.
Leonard Wales and Violet Hopper was married 12 of Aug 1954


Charles H. Wales died th 20. Of June. 1906.
Myrtle Claudia Wales, Died 22nd of Nov. 1907
Mable Wales Mother
Mrs Carrie Gleason died the 26 of July 1913.
Mrs. Phebie J. Rockwell grandma of Mable Wales dide the 19 of April. 1917.
Melvin Cornwell died Mar. 5. 1930
Uncle Bert Cornwell died 31 of April 1927
Vern Cornwell died Feb 15. 1925.
Bradley H. Wales, Died the 25 of Jan. 1938.  Husband of Mrs. Mable Wales.
D. W. Wales died the 23 of Aug. 1913.
Bertie Wales Died the 11, 1916 of Dec.
Janie Morsman daughter of Mr and Mrs Bert Cornwell died May 3, 1935.
Ella Wilcox Died April 18, 1941 sister in law to Mable Wales
Cousin Herman Cornwell died the 24 of April 1942.
Elnoria M. Wales died Aug 30, 1944 dauter of George & Ann Wales Grandmother Mable Wales.
Anna M. Cornwell aunt of Mable Wales Died Feb. 15. 1945, aunt to Mable Wales
Judy Arlene - Dec, 1949
Wales grandauter Mable Wales


Mable Brown. Born the 27 of May. 1887. Mother Raymond s Wales
Lennord B. Wales. Born th 25 of July. 1904.
C.H. Wales Born th 14 of March 1906.
Myrtle Claudia Wales Born 21st of Nov - 1907.
Grant Allen Born the 14 of June 1885.
Guy P. Allen Born the 28th of Dec. 1906.
Henery L. Allen Born the 18th of Jan. 1908.
R. Borother _______ Gleason Born the 26 of Sep. 1906.
William Fred Wales the 21. Jan. 1910.
Perry Baker Born. Feb. 7 1862.
Fred Baker Born. Dec. the 2. 1887.
Lulu Baker Born. Oct. the 7. 1891.
Lucy Baker Born. Feb. the 24. 1895.
Myldred Baker Born. Aug. 22. 1901.
Ada M. Baker Born. Nov. the 19. 1903
Miss Carrie Rockwell Born the 28 of Feb. 1865.
Ramond Grant Wales Born the 25 of April 1912.
Perry J. Wales Born the 18 of Feb. 1915
George E. Wales Born 4 of Oct 1918
Herman L Wales Born 26 of Oct 1932

In the margins:
Beverely Jean Wales Born 3 of June 1934
Frances Wales Born 16

This has been transcribed word for word.  Misspellings and wrong punctuation were done by the original author.  Transcribed By Joyce Wheaton

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