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Samuel Ellis – Born July 16, 1791  -  Died Sept. 30, 1868
Sally Ellis – Aug. 16, 1795
Robbert Ellis – Aug. 15, 1817
Katharine Ellis – Sept. 1, 1815
Stephen Ellis – Sept. 3, 1819
Ira Ellis – July 30, 1821
Earl Ellis – Aug. 3, 1823  -  Killed June 30, 1854
Ellen (?) Ellis – Oct. 23, 1825
Milan  Ellis – Nov. 10, 1827
Ansel Ellis – Feb. 10, 1830
Jackson Ellis – Aug. 20, 1832
Silvia S. Ellis – Sept. 20, 1834
Esther M. Ellis – Jan. 20, 1837
Hiram Ellis – Oct. 17, 1839  -  Died Jan. 25, 1863
David Phillips – Sept. 7, 1860  -  Died Nov. 9, 1930
Sylvia Phillips – March 9, 1860  -  Jan. 10, 1945 

December 2005
I note Mrs. Sarah Ellis was Sarah Crane and they were from  NY.    I am curious about son Earl Ellis who died (was killed in 1854).    Trying to figure out if he married Elizabeth Gardner.   Elizabeth had two children with an Ellis....Savallah and Frank  1853 and 1854.   By 1860 she was married to Henry I Leach, widower to Mehitable Loucks.        Frank is listed as Ellis on the 1860 census but appears as Frank Leach on the 1870 census.   Elizabeth Gardner and Henry Leach had a son Alpheus.   When Savallah died in Brooklyn in 1898 (married Frank Herbert Mallory, but having an affair with John William Mollenhauer,) Elizabeth and Alpheus came to make arrangments.    some of the property in Tioga Co was left to her uncle, Charles Gardner.     Sarah Bowman was first married to Alanson Cady.   She had a daughter Irene who was a witness at the marriage of Charles Gardner.   Sarah married William L Mallory second, brother of Frank Mallory who married Savallah.     Alpheus Leach had a daughter Savallah (stone in Mt Pleasant Cem with no dates) who married the son of one of the other Bowman daughters.

A large portrait of Savallah Ellis Mallory was burn in a fire at Alpheus home.   She was reportedly a very beautiful woman.

Any suggestions how I can find out how Earl Ellis died and if he was married to Elizabeth Gardner.

Regards, Mallory Smith

PS: A while back I sent you the story of Savallah's death and you asked where it should be posted....     there were so many connections to the area I really don't know...

Irene Cady was a witness at the marriage of Charles Gardner and Mary Lousie Bowman, along with Elizabeth (Gardner) Ellis, mother of Savallah Mallory.
Irene Ester Cady 14 May 1844 d 18 Feb 1923 Troupsburg Steuben Co Ny  = David Clarkson 5 Apr 1843 Ovid Ny

1.                                        Halsey A. CLARKSON b: 5 JAN 1868 in Troupsburg, Steuben, NY

2.        Harry W. CLARKSON b: 20 MAY 1871 in Troupsburg, Steuben, NY

3.        Sara 'Sate' B. CLARKSON b: 8 JUL 1873 in Troupsburg, Steuben, NY

4.        Louisa M. CLARKSON b: 11 FEB 1876 in Troupsburg, Steuben, NY

5.        Lena Mae CLARKSON b: 26 MAY 1880 in Troupsburg, Steuben, NY

6.      Ina D. CLARKSON b: 17 SEP 1882 in Clarkson Homestead, Parallet, NY

1860 Hector, Tioga, PA Census Pg149, #13, Sept 25 (Hard to Read)
Henry I. or J. Leach  32  Farmer  NY
Elizabeth  26  PA
Savalla? Ellis  7?   PA
Franklin  Ellis  4  PA

1870 Hector, Tioga, PA Census Pg534b, #6, July 5
Henry Leach  45  Farmer   NY
Elizabeth  35  PA
Frank  14  PA
Apheus  9  PA
Albertus  7  PA

 Earl Ellis – Aug. 3, 1823  -  Killed June 30, 1854  (Samuel Ellis 16 Jul 1791 8 Aug 1868 = Sally Crane 16 Aug 1795 d 27 Mar 1875)  (Stephen Crane 1776 Poughkeepsie NY = Elsie Grinnell 1 Jun 1777 Jerico Ny )

Regards, mallory Smith

Note from Joyce to Mallory - A census record for Hector, Tioga, PA makes no sense at all, particularly at those dates of 1860 and 1870. There is a Hector in Potter County, but Tioga and Potter were formed the same day - both just had their bicentennial in 2003 or 4. Hector inNY is now in Schulyer County. I am not aware it was ever in Tioga and certainly not at that date. What was your source for those census records? Thanks, Joyce

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