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(Transcription provided by and located at Spalding Memorial Library, 724 South Main Street, Athens PA 18810.  Retyped by Barbara Tolbert)


Births and Deaths

Joseph Elsbree  b.July 15, 1790

Mary M. Elsbree  b.Jan 20, 1793

Manson Elsbree  b.Nov 12, 1829  d.Apr 8, 1908

Therase (Therisi) (Knapp) Elsbree  b.Aug 23, 1831 d.Mar 18, 1909

Joseph M. Elsbree  b.Oct 2, 1854

Fred Page Elsbree  b.Feb 13, 1899

Martha Elsbree  b.Jan 30, 1871

Katrina Enevoldsen Elsbree  b.Mar 26, 1876

Joseph M. Elsbree  b.Aug 29, 1897

Fred P. Elsbree Jr.  b.Feb 13, 1899

Inza M. Elsbree  b.May 31, 1904

Fred W. Elsbree  b.Jun 28, 1930

Joseph N. Elsbree  b.Oct 21, 1931

James R. Elsbree  b.Dec 1, 1936

Richard Marison Elsbree  b.Jan 4, 1940

Joseph M. Elsbree  d.Dec 16, 1879

Fred Elsbree  d.Mar 18, 1916

Joseph M. Elsbree  d.Apr 30, 1939

Hiram Knapp  b.Feb 19, 1802  d.Oct 18, 1868

Elizabeth Knapp  b.May 28, 1806

Martha Knapp  b.Jun 23, 1828

Alswitha Knapp  b.Aug 6, 1833

Hiram Knapp  b.Nov 11, 1836

Elizabeth Knapp  b.Jul 8, 1839

Arminia Knapp  b.Mar 20, 1841

Archelus Knapp  b.Mar 8, 1843

Capilli Knapp  b.May 6, 1845

Malangthan Knapp  b.Jun 29, 1849

Josephine Knapp  b.Dec 8, 1850


Dec 28, 1826 Hiram Knapp to Elizabeth H. Easterbrook

Aug 16, 1849 Nathan C. Elsbree to Martha H. Knapp

Jan 22, 1852 Manson Elsbree to Therase Knapp

Jan 30, 1897 Fred P. Elsbree to Katrina Enevoldsen

Aug 21, 1929 Joseph M. Elsbree to Blanche Luther

Aug 21, 1929 Fred Page Elsbree to Inza M. Markham 

 Subj:  Elsbree - Knapp Family Bible
Date:  8/5/2002 2:45:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Eleanor Wolfe)

Hi Joyce,

Martha Elsbree d/o Manson & Therase  d. 4-1-1882
Joseph M. Elsbree s/o Manson & Therase d.12-16-1879
Fred W. Elsbree s/o Fred & Inez Markham Elsbree d. 6-12-1975
Inez Elsbree d/o Wm. & Minnie Markham  d.11-29-1974
Fred P. Elsbree Jr. s/o Fred P. & Katrina Enevoldsen Elsbree d. 5-25-1970 wife Inez
Katrina Enevoldsen Elsbree d. 4-19-1942
Joseph M. Elsbree b. 1897 s/o Fred & Flora Campbell Luther d. 4-29-1939

All above buried at Tioga Point Cem. Athens, Pa.

August 2006 --- I was overjoyed to find your wonderful website at
concerning the ELSBREE-KNAPP Family Bible
I have been searching for at least ten years for the genealogy of Elizabeth Mahaley (Knapp) Taylor. While a widow in Washington state in 1876, she married Samuel S. Tingley, who became one of the most important pioneers here in Skagit County. Elizabeth was herself quite famous because she was a midwife who delivered hundreds of Indian and white babies. Serendipity led me to your page, after my hopes were dashed for so long, including just this week. And we know what a lovely woman Sarah is. I finally took a chance and entered Knapp +doctor +Pennsylvania and your site came up.

All we knew from the extensive Tingley Family Association books was that Elizabeth was the daughter of a Pennsylvania doctor named Herman Knapp, who married Elizabeth Easterbrook, and that the daughter was born in about 1840. If your tree is a correct match, then the first name of the father was confused from Hiram to Herman. The mother's name is exactly correct. And the daughter's birth year is off by only one year. The only other confirming fact that does not yet jive is whether your Hiram was a doctor. I did find Dr. Hiram Knapp Jr. on another site in New York state, who was in the right age range, and I notice that your Hiram had a Hiram Jr.

The other fact that I need to check is daughter Elizabeth's marriage to a man named ?? Taylor. She may have been widowed even before she moved to Washington Territory, in 1872, according to our information. She had one son by Taylor, named Warren, born in @1866.

I truly hope that this information matches. It has been a long hard road. I publish the most extensive website on northwest Washington history and this has been one of the toughest profiles I have yet worked on. Thank you, Joyce for all your hard work. I have nearly 550 stories, so I know what you go through. I also routinely commit "random acts of genealogical kindness." And thank you, Eleanor, for posting that email on the above mentioned web page. Please advise if I have hit the jackpot and headed down the right country lane. Else I will still have miles to go before I sleep...

Noel V. Bourasaw,

Thank you for your kind, prompt answer, Joyce. But meanwhile, I had indeed entered your front door and I spent the last two hours researching deep into your site, which the great Goddess Serendipity delivered to us. And we have nailed it. You can narrow your follow-up to the item below on your page:
Orwell Churches History by V. C. Detty
Dr. Hiram Liscom Knapp, son of William, was born in Springfield N.Y., February 13, 1802, died October 18, 1864. Having studied medicine at Albany Medical College, he settled in Orwell in 1825 and built up an extended practice. On December 28, 1826, he married Elizabeth Haley Estabrook, who was born May 29, 1806 in Woodstock, Windham County, Conn., the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Howard) Estabrook, and died at Orwell in 1885. She was a faithful attendant at the Presbyterian Church. They had eleven children, ten of whom lived to be married, two of whom were physicians, listed in the Genealogical and Personal History ofNorthernPennsylvania (Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1913). Dr. Knapp died October 18, 1864. The names of children and other descendants follows.
Elizabeth H. Knapp, born July 8, 1839, married a Mr. Taylor, and had a son Warren. With this son, Mrs. Taylor went west several years before 1886 to Lyman, Washington. Warren died in December, 1934. Mrs. Taylor married Samuel Tingley, and they lived at Lyman, having five children: — May (deceased), Ben, Henry, Martha (deceased), and Lilly Tingley.
Dr. Capella Brutus Knapp, born at Orwell, May 6, 1845, died March 9, 1896 at Hamilton, Wash., graduated from Hobart Medical College, practiced first at Stevensville, Pa., where he married April 5, 1877, Susan Bosworth Crandal, daughter of Dr. Edward and Electra Crandal, had five children born in Stevensville, one in Hamilton, Wash. Mrs. Susan Knapp was a school teacher before her marriage, and taught also in Washington State. Dr. Capella B. Knapp was known as "Pol." He studied at Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. He and his wife had six children:
Not only does that nail it, but I looked up our burial records, and sure enough, there is her brother Capella, living just across the Skagit River out here, from Elizabeth Knapp Taylor Tingley and her husband Samuel Tingley. I know also know that our Elizabeth's middle name was Haley, not Mahaley, derived from her mother's family.
  I have repeated my original email to you and Eleanor below so that Linda and Victor can come up to speed. I know that the Tingley family out here will be overjoyed to find a whole new branch of their family whom they assumed had been lost in the mist decades ago. This is truly a "random act of genealogical kindness" of the highest order and my hats are off to you.
Meanwhile, when I complete this profile of the Tingleys and Knapps for publication, I will provide a one-page summary for your website, so that the Knapps back there in Pennsylvania can also meet their illustrious family out here.
Bless you, Noel, editor
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