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Fellows and Landon Family Bible

Property of Duane and JanNeita Taylor


Miron Fellows  Union
Adaline Landon March 8th 1849
Miss Abbie Fellows Lock Haven
G K Taylor (George Kenderick) Oct 17th 1871
Miss Ida Fellows Canton, Pa. 
M D Fitzwater March 18th 1878
Miss Dora A Fellows Canton, Pa. 
Matt Fitzwater Dec 22nd 1875
Ella Fellows Beech Flats, Pa
John Blauk Feb 14, 1883
Jennie Fellows Canton, Pa. 
Alden Swayze June 1, 1883
Charles F Fellows Waverly, NY
Eva G Murdock Sept 7th 1898


Miron Fellows Shelburne, (looks like Mafs) Mass Aug 29th 1826
Adaline Landon  Jasper, NY Dec 29th 1829


Ida Fellows Canton, Pa. Nov 29th 1850
Mary A Fellows Canton, Pa. Dec 8th 1852
Dora A Fellows Canton, Pa. Sept 4th 1855
Hattie Ella Fellows Canton, Pa. Sept 12th 1859
Jennie Fellows Canton, Pa. Aug 5th 1866
Charles S Fellows Canton, Pa. June 14th 1871

Benjamin Landon Jan 22nd 1788
Abigail Cole Jan 25th 1789
Amanda M Landon Dec 10th 1808
Louisa Landon March 22nd 1811
Elizabeth G Landon May 1st 1812
Samuel Landon July 24th 1814
Benjamin F Landon Oct 17th 1815
Hiram W Landon Feb 12th 1818
Sally AnneLandon Feb 24th 1820
Mary S Landon Apr 16th 1822
Levi D Landon Oct 27th 1824
Lucy Ann Landon June 13th 1827
Martha A Landon Dec 29th 1829


Benjamin Landon Aug 20th, 1855
Abigail Cole Landon June 19th 1871
Louisa Landon March 22nd 1811
Samuel Landon Aug 4th 1814
Benjamin F Landon July 29th 1820
Hiram W Landon Aug 23rd 1862
Sally Anne Landon Dec 1845
Mary S Landon Sept 29th 1841
Levi D Landon February 7th 1905
Lucy Ann Landon April 12th 1904
Mary A Fellows May 7th 1875
Myron Fellows November 27, 1917
Adeline Landon Fellows  June 13, 1922
Dora Fellows Fitzwater October 18, 1923
Ida Fitzwater Clark August 9, 1931
Charles Landon Fellows December 22, 1931
Hattie L (Ella) Landon December 6, 1939

Also found in the Bible was a letter from the Department of the Interior Bureau of Pensions dated Aug 1, 1912 to Miron Fellows Canton Boro, Pa.

Removal Division

Inv. Ctf 348552

Miron Fellows

Co. K 2 New York Cav

Your above entitled claim for pension under the act of May 11, 1912 requires the testimony of a physician and of two credible witnesses, showing whether you are unable to perform manual labor by reason of disability from nasal catarrh and polypus and slight deafness of both ears alone. The affiants should describe the disability and state the extent to which you are disabled.


This is to authorize Benjamin Landon to Preach the Gospel in the Methodist Episcopal Church so long as his doctrine and practice agree with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the discipline of said Church. To be renewed in 12 months.

Done in quarterly conference held at Tioga for Tioga Circuit July 8th 1820. Geo Lane P.E.

(Certificate of Endowment)

This is to certify that Mrs Jennie F Swayze of Canton, Pennsylvania (Treas Myron Fellows Estate) has deposited with the Beech Flats Cemetery Association the sum of sixty dollars lawful money, with the understanding that the whole sum shall become an Endowment Fund to be invested by the Trustees of the Beech Flats Cemetery Association, the principal to be thus preserved by them and the income thereof to be used by the said association for the perpetual up-keep and improvement of Lot No nineteen said Cemetery. Signed by Secretary R D Gray. Witnessed by Trustees R U Fitzwater, J W McStu? And Wm Hoose in Canton, Pa on January 8th 1924.

Additional information found in inserts of a Family Bible Record that was saved from an older Bible.

Amanda M Landon Dec 10th 1808 January 3rd 1882
Elizabeth G Landon May 1st 1812 December 17th 1892
Martha A Landon Dec 29th 1829 June 13 (no year)
Laban Landon Jan 13, 1759 June 29, 1828
Elizabeth G Landon Aug 20, 1765 June 23, 1848
Laban X Landon Sept 2nd 1785 April 28, 1869
Mahala Landon Mar 29th 1787 March 29th 1787
Benj Landon Jan 22nd 1788 August 20th 1855
Ezra Landon July 5th 1790 January 8th 1869
Levi D Landon March 29th 1792 April 17th 1862
Betsey Landon July 20, 1794 September 25, 1891
Hannah M Landon Aug 9th 1797  
Mercy & Sarah Landon Oct 5, 1796 Oct 5th 1796
Joshua G Landon Feb 27th 1800 May 9th 1870
David S Landon Mar 2, 1802 May 11, 1880
Catharine Landon December 28, 1803  
Nancy Landon Nov 25, 1805 July 20th 1883
Eldoah Landon April 15, 1808 August 10, 1895


Benjamin Landon to Abigail Cole  Apr 11th 1808
Amanda M Landon to Ellis Doty Feb 8th 1829
Elizabeth G Landon to Horace Ward Feb 9th 1831
Mary S Landon to Levi Taylor Oct 18, 1840
Sally Ann Landon to Philander D Pratt Oct 22, 1840
Hiram W Landon to Mariah Antoin Apr 16th 1845
Lucy Ann Landon to Horace H Fitch April 9th 1846
Levi Landon to Abbey Spencer  Dec 19, 1848
Adaline Landon  To Miron Fellows March 8, 1849
Abbie Fellows To G K Taylor (Lock Haven)  Oct 17, 1871
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