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Aurelia GRAY alias Ripley
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Transcribed from photocopies of actual bible pages.
Original owned by Francis O. Morgan, 20 Apr 1986

Gray - Harvey-Ripley Family Bible Records

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between
James R. Harvey of Armenia and Maria M. Ripley of Armenia on April 7, 1849 at Troy
by E. Oliver, Justice of Peace - Witness Mr. & Mrs. E. Oliver

Births Date Comment
Alfred Ripley 9 Nov 1794 Springfield, Mass.
Aurelia Gray 10 Apr 1802 Hartwick, NY
Melissa Ripley 10 Sep 1823 Sullivan, PA
Nancy Ripley 21 Aug 1825 Sullivan, PA
James B. Ripley 23 Apr 1827 Sullivan, PA
Lester Ripley 15 Nov 1828 Sullivan, PA
Maria M. Ripley 14 May 1830 Sullivan, PA
Silas Ripley 30 Apr 1832 Sullivan, PA
Alfred Ripley (Jr.) 4 Oct 1833 Sullivan, PA
Dolphus L. Ripley 30 Jan 1835 Sullivan, PA
Lucy P. Ripley 4 Mar 1837 Sullivan, PA
Amy Ripley 29 Mar 1840 Sullivan, PA
Julia L. Ripley 17 June 1842 Sullivan, PA
James R. Harvey 15 Apr 1827  
Mary J. Harvey 20 Feb 1851  
Asa R. Harvey 14 Mar 1853  
Dolphus L. Harvey 20 July 1855  
Alice Harvey 1 May 1858  
Betsy Harvey 9 Sep 1860  
James Harvey 6 Nov 1862 twin of Joseph
Joseph Harvey 6 Nov 1862 twin of James
Alfred N. Harvey 25 June 1864  
Alfred Ripley & Aurelia Grey 3 Nov 1822 Sullivan, PA
Nancy Ripley & L. Bristol 3 Nov 1844 Sullivan, PA
Melissa Ripley & D. Bristol 7 Sep 1851  
Alfred Ripley & Nancy Shepherd 15 June 1857  
Amy A. Ripley & Addison Dewey 19 July 1857  
Nancy Bristol & Walter Bullard 6 Sep 1857  
Melissa Bristol & J.F. Bristol 24 Sep 1857  
Lucy P. Ripley & Sumner P. Rice 30 Oct 1858  
Lester Ripley & Helen Mitchel 12 June 1861  
Julia L. Ripley & Henry F. Dewey 1864  
Mary J. Harvey & Asa Jackson Jan 1871  
Asa R. Harvey & Harriet Bierdsley June 1877  
D. L. Harvey & Ursula Smith July 1877  
Betsy Harvey & Clarence Moore 4 May 1878  
Alice Harvey & Sylvester Morgan 30(?) Apr 1883  
James Harvey & Eugenia Dewey 9 Dec 1891  
Joseph Harvey & Betsy Lester Mar 1897  
Alfred Ripley 9 Mar 1873  
Aurelia Ripley 24 May 1888  
Silas Ripley 20 Oct 1832  
Dolphus Ripley 19 Oct 1852  
Julia L. Dewey 27 Feb 1869  
Melissa Bristol Feb 1892  
Lester Ripley May 1898  
James R. Harvey 6 June 1864  
Alfred N. Harvey 1 Jan 1866  
Dolphus Harvey and Ursula Smith Married 1877
Photo from Joyce's Collection
Eugenia Dewey & James Harvey married 1891
with children, (pr. ) Wayland and Ruth.
Photo from Joyce's collection
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