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Emma DEWEY - Perry KLINGER Bible Records
Marriage Certificate Photocopy - This Certifies that on the Twenty second day of August in the year of our Lord 1874 Perry M. Klinger of Troy, Bradford County Penna. and Emma Dewey of Sullivan. Tioga County Penna. were united in Marriage at Ward Township, Tioga County, Pennslyvania in presence of R. E. Lyon and Mrs. R. Lyon. [Note conflict with Bible record that says 1873. Two separate versions of Marriage certificate give 1874 as the year. This may be because there are only eight months between August and April which in 1875, was a major issue.]
Perry M. Klinger July 27th 1854
Emma A. Klilnger December 1st 1855
Clarence D. Klinger April 11th 1875
Sylvester O. Klinger September 4th 1877
Emma C. Klinger June 18th 1880
Dorace P. Klinger January 1st 1885
Lulu M. Klinger September 5th 1887
Stella B. Klinger April 2nd 1891
Wm. Earl Klinger May 7th 1893
Ruth Bertha Klinger June 19th 1895
Perry Dewey Klinger January 6th 1900
Perry M. Klinger August 22 1873
Emma A. Dewey August 22 1873
C. D. Klinger , Bertha Welch June 28 1896
S. O. Klinger, Margaret Sweeting (?) July 2nd 1904
Lulu Mae Kllinger, Srummond Christopher June 8th 1910
Ruth Bertha Klinger, Foster Garrison April 21, 1920
Perry Dewey Kllinger, Mary Beechey Dec. 7, 1923
Ruth Christopher & Frank Burleigh May 17, 1933
Rob't Christopher & Katherine Miller Sept. 26, 1933
S. O. Klinger & Harriet Burleigh, May 6, 1932
Perry M. Klinger June 16th 1918
Emma A. Klinger Oct, 7, 1931
Emma C. Klinger September 1st 1882
Dorsey P. Klinger September 9, 1895
Note- Called Dorace on Birth Page
(See Photo)
Stella B. Klinger Feb. 4th 1892
Wm. Earl Klinger March 25th 1894
C. D. Klinger married to Bertha Welch June 28 1894
Bertha Klinger [real name Welch] born Jan, 1, 1857
Clarence Klinger Apr. 11 1875
Donald Klinger Feb. 17, 1897
Virginia Klinger Nov. 21 1898
Marion Klinger Feb. 12, 1901
Durwood Kinger July 17, 1904
Helen Janet Klinger, Apr. 2, 1908
Stuart Delbert Klinger Feb. 27, 1910
Son of S. O. & M. S. Klinger
Douglas Klinger Oct. 30, 1900
Barbara Klinger Mar. 7, 1917
Lulu Klinger & Drummond Christopher
Ruth Christopher born Mar. 18, 1911
Robert Chrisopher July 14, 1913
More Births
Ruth Bertha Klinger married Foster Garrison April 21, 1920
Russell Roger Garrison June 17, 1921
Dewey Albert Garrison Dec. 5, 1923
Foster Garrison Dec. 23, 1896
Mary Elizabeth Klinger Oct. 20 1925
Perry Duane Klinger Feb. 5, 192? (blotch)
Alice Harriet Klinger Sept. 9, 1934
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The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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