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Oldroyd - Beckwith Family Records

Oldroyd Bible in possession of Winnie Harkness and photocopy in possession of Nelda COOK Holton, town of Southport Historian, Chemung County, NY. Following transcribed by J. Kelsey Jones. (Locations outdated at time of publication on Tri-Counties Site)

Typed for Joyce M. Tice website by Pat Smith Raymond


Silas Beckwith born December 28, 1752

Anna Beckwith born August 10, 1752

John English born March 12th in the year of 1755 and died May 22, 1832

Liddie English born March 18, 1755 and died March 8, 1798

Samuel Beckwith born Feb. 15, 1781

Hannah Beckwith born July 11, 1793

Stella Beckwith born August 19, 1810

Seth S. Beckwith born January 15, 1813

Betsey Cole Beckwith born Sept. 6, 1815

Alma Beckwith born January 20, 1818

Lydia W. S. Beckwith born July 20, 1820

Ocksey Beckwith born August 26, 1822

Harriet ______Beckwith born June 23, 1825

John E. Beckwith born June 9, 1827

James Beckwith born Sept. 18, 1829

Levi Beckwith born January 12, 1831

Samuel Beckwith Junior born June 6th 1833

Henry Oldroyd family record:

Elisebeth Oldroyd born June 15, 1839

Harriet Oldroyd born Feb. 28, 1841

Phebe Ann Oldroyd born October 8, 1842

Write Oldroyd born August 13, 1844

Roxy Hall Oldroyd born May 29, 1847

Edward Milton Oldroyd born July 5, 1849

Mason G. Oldroyd born August 31, 1851

Judson Oldroyd born May 10, 1853

Terrance Oldroyd born March 28, 1855

Henry Oldroyd Jr. born April 27, 1857

Margret R. Oldroyd born June 7, 1859


Samuel Beckwith and Hannah Beckwith married Oct. 29, 1809

Stella Beckwith married Isaac Cooley December 14, 1829

Isaac Cooley married Elisebeth Cummins December 3, 1837

Seth S. Beckwith married Emaly Relly May 22, 1834

Seth S. Beckwith married Rebecka Stevens March 31, 1840

Alma Beckwith married Henry Oldroyd August 31, 1837

John E. Beckwith married Mary Ann Henry Feb. 5, 1846

Rocksey Beckwith married Anson A. Hall August 13, 1840

Lyddia M. Beckwith married Uriah Stevens October 13, 1840

Harriet _____Beckwith married Samuel ______ Oct. 29, 1842

Judson Oldroyd married Helen Benson May 11, 1871


Stella Cooley, d/o Samuel & Hannah Beckwith died January 23, 1831

Betsey Cole Beckwith died October 29, 1830

James Beckwith died November 2, 1829

Anna Beckwith died May 18, 1834, aged 81yr11m 27da

William H. Hall son of Anson A. and Roxy Hall died July 27, 1842 age 1 yr 5 da

Wright Oldroyd died Oct. 22, 1844, aged 10 weeks

Phebe Ann Oldroyd died Oct. 29, 1844, aged 2 yr 21 da

Levi Beckwith died July 5, 1852, aged 21yr 5mo 23da

Hannah Beckwith died April 3, 1853, aged 61 yr

Elizabeth Oldroyd died Dec. 1, 1855 aged 16 yr 5 mo 16 da

Ebenezar & Joanna Cory Bible Record
In a message dated 4/17/2011 11:55:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Ebenezar Cory born Nov 15th 1754
Joanna Cory born Oct 14th 1755
Sibbel Cory born April 30th 1776.
Thomas R. Cory born Oct 14th 1782.
Selinda Cory born March 1st 1785.
Ebenezar Cory Jnr. born Sept. 15th 1787.
Joanna Cory born June 19th 1790.
Sally Cory born June 17th 1792.
William Cooper was born Oct 25th 1796.

.Cory family of Columbia Township. Bible record contained in Revolutionary pension application. 

Second page of bible: 
Ebenezer Cory died July 2nd 1833 with a severe but short illness of about 24 hours being 78 years 7 months and 17 days old.

J. Kelsey Jones

Merritt-Cummings Family Bible
In a message dated 4/22/2011 9:33:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Hi Joyce,
I found another Revolutionary Soldier in Columbia Township - Nathaniel Merritt (will send this information later).
I am attaching the first page of the bible record of the family of Nathaniel Merritt and Hepsibah Cummings of Columbia Township that was furnished with her pension application.
Kelsey Jones

Calvin Merrit born the year 1782 augst 12th
lyda Merrit Born December 2th ye 1783
Wiliam Merrit born October 2th ye 1785
Betsa Merrit Born Mar 17 ye 1788
Martha Merrit Born May 16th ye 1790
Reuben Merrit Born September 18th ye 1792
Nathaniel Merrit Born October 14th ye 1794
Curtis Merrit Born August 21th 1797
Here is the record that was furnished in 1838 with the pension application and actual bible pages. This record is more legible.

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