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From Family Bible of James and Eliza A. Wells Pollock, Tioga Co., PA

In a message dated 4/9/2012 12:11:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
You can acknowledge my contribution of the Pollock-Wells bible now. I think it would be advantageous to post my name (and email) so relatives could get in touch when they discover it.
The url is
I was up to visit you once and saw your barn-museum.  Memorable visit and glad to finally meet you and see the lay of the land in Sullivan Twp. and visit the Mainesburg Cemetery. I am still plugging away on Anson and Charity TERWILLIGER Wells (gg grandparents) who lived there. On my next visit I will try to pinpoint their house/land. Charity's parents are still mysteries to me.
Marjorie POLLOCK  Bridges
Stanford, California


James Pollock, Gartshrrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland, 31st December, 1842

Eliza A. Pollock, Wellsburgh, New York State, 19th March, 1844

Jean Findlater Pollock, Fall Brook Penna. 13th December AD 1866

Alexander Pollock, Fall Brook, Tioga Co., Penna., August 17th 1868

James A. Pollock, Fall Brook, Tioga Co., February 16th, Sabbath morning, 1873

Aydie Eliza Pollock, Friday Eve, April 23d, 1875 at Fall Brook, Tioga Co., State of Penna.

Anson Wells, born ?July 2, 1814 (SRGP 74959 - IN Sullivan Township 1870-1880 censuses, buried Mainesburg Cemetery - Note from Joyce M. Tice)

Charity Annette Wells, June 22, 1817Henry James Wells, June 1st, 1836

Sarah Jane Wells, Mar. 27th, 1839

Frederick H. (Wells), Dec. 1st, 1841Eliza Annette (Wells), March 19th, 1844

Elizabeth Mary (Wells), December 26th, 1846

Nelson Anson (Wells), Oct. 20, 1850Harriet Lafrances (Wells), June 2, 1854

Annette Mary P(ollock), Dec. 15th, 1881 at Clermont, McKean Co., PA

Christina Anna P(ollock), Jany 1st, 1884, Antrim, PAAnson Samuel P(ollock), Feb. 2nd, 1885, Antrim, PA

Alexander Pollock Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland Dec. 6th, 1806

Jean Findlater, Sept. 16th, 1806 Glasgow

Christina Pollock, Campsie, Sept. 1837

Alex Pollock, Passover (Scotland), Sept. 7th, 1840

Wm. Pollock, Gartgill, Nov. 1st, 1844John Pollock, Gartgill, Jan. 18, 1846

  1. J. Pollock, Gartgill, Jan 1849
Some of the ones below are duplicates of above:

James Pollock, Gartsherrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland, December 31st, 1842

Eliza A. Wells, Wellsburgh, NY, March 19, 1844

Jean Findlater Pollock, Fall Brook, Penna, December 13th, 1866

Alexander Pollock, Fall Brook, Penna., August 17th, 1868

James Anson Pollock, Fall Brook, Penna., February 16th, 1873

Aydie Eliza Pollock, Friday Eve., April 23d, A.D. 1875 at Fall Brook, Tioga County, Penna.

Annette Mary Pollock, born December 15th, 1881 at Clermont, McKean County, Pennsylvania

Christina Anna Pollock born January 1st, Monday morning, 1884, Antrim, Penna.

Anson Samuel Pollock, February 2d, Monday morning, 1885, Antrim, Penna.

Helen Louise Pollock, Saturday AM, July 20th 1889 Antrim, Pa

Sara Alice Pollock, born April 19th, 1891 at Antrim Pa., daughter of Alexander W. and Mary Gregory Pollock


James Pollock and Eliza A. Wells married 22d Feb., 1866 by Rev. Mr. McDermond

Jean F. Pollock and Frank H. Marvin married 4th of January, 1888 by Dr. Moon of Elkland, Tioga Co., PA

Alex W. Pollock and Mary Gregory, July 2nd 1890, Rev. Tavalan Jones, D.D., officiating

Aydie E. Pollock and Homer F. Cox married March 22nd 1899 by Rev. Dr. Shaw of Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA Wednesday P.M. 1 o'clock, Antrim, PA

Frank N. Grinnell and Christina A. Pollock married Decembr 29th 1905 Rev. George W. Briggs, Waverly, NY, officiating

James A. Pollock and Ellen T. Pearson married Feb. 12th 1919 in Antrim, PA by Rev. Freedomfelt, pastor of Swedish Lutheran Church

Jessie H. Steinmesch and Annette M. Pollock married April 15th, 1908 by Rev. J. L. Bogue, Pastor of the Baptist church of Antrim, PA at 12 o'clock in Antrim, PA

Anson S. Pollock and Elva Archer married at Crooked Creek, PA by Rev. on Sept. 1908

William J. Neal and Helen Louise Pollock married August 9th, 1916 at Antrim PA by Rev. Peter Hershey


Henry James Wells died November 29th, 1838 (added): at Antrim, PA, burial at Mainesburg, PA.

Frederick H. Wells died Oct. 13th, 1890 at Fall Brook, was buried there the 15th at 3 p.m. interrred service to Mainesburg

Mr. Alexander Pollock died Jan. 23, 1892. At 12:50 p.m. at Wellsboro and was buried Jan. 27th in Wellsboro cemetery at 2 o'clock. Aged 82 years, 1 month and 17 days.

Charity Wells died June 30th at 11:45 p.m. and was buried in Mainesburg cmetery July 3rd 1893 aged 76 years and 8 days.

Sarah J. Edwards died Dec. 10, 1905

Phineas Edwards died Nov. 19, 1901

Phineas Edwards born Dec. 24, 1837

Anson Wells born 1814 died Oct 30th, 1899 at 11 o'clock PM. Was buried Mainesburg. Nov. 2nd, at 1 o'clock P.M. 1899. Aged 85 years 3 mos., 29 days

Jean Findlater Pollock died Jan. 28, 1897 at Houtzdale, Clearfield Co., PA at the home of her daughter Mrs. Cameron. Was buried in Wellsboro Cemetery Feb. 1, 1897. Aged 90 years, 4 mo. 12 days.

Harriet L. Dewey died March 30th, 1909 buried in Mainsburg April 2nd 1909. Aged 54 years 9 months and 28 days.

Jean Findlater P. Marvin died March 29th, 1910 and was buried in Wellsboro, PA March 31st, 1910. Age 43 years 3 months and 16 days. Rev. J. L. Bogne (or Boyne) conducting the burial service.

Jean A. Steinmesch, born Oct. 8, 1910, died Sept. 26, 1911

Eliza Annette Wells Pollock died September 13th 1911, aged 67 years, 5 months, and 25 days, and was buried in th Wellsboro Cemetery on Sept. 16th, 1911. Dr. Shaw of Wellsboro officiating.

James Pollock died August 4th, 1929 age 86 years 7 mos and 4 days. Was buried in the Wellsboro Cemetery, August 7, 1929. Mr. Cocks of Wellsboro Pres. Church officiating. Died in Scranton at 5:30 Sabbath morning at Aydie's.

Anson S. Pollock died Nov. 11, 1918 at Pittsburg, Pa. Buried at Crooked Creek Nov. 14thth, later interred to Wellsboro cemetery. Age 33 years-9 mos.-11 days.

James A. Pollock died June 5th 1945 at Harrisburg. Buried in Wellsboro Cemetery. Age 72 years-4 mos-19 days.

Frank Hughes Marvin died Oct. 14, 1951 at Mansfield, buried in Wellsboro Cemetery. Age 90 years, 10 mo., 15 days.

Alexander Wells Pollock died Nov. 3, 1951. Age 83 yrs-2 mos-17 days. Buried in Wellsboro Cemetery on Nov. 7. Died at Ramage W. Va. 3 o'clock Saturday morning.

Aydie Pollock Cox died at Friendship Haven, Ft. Dodge, Iowa on Aug. 22, 1959. Buried in Wellsboro Cemetery, Aug. 27, 1959. Rev. Bruce Porter committal service at grave. Age 84 years-4 mos.-1 day

Elva Archer Pollock Waple died Feb. 28, 1960 at Tyrone, PA Buried in Wellsboro Cemetery Mar 2, 1960. Rev. Peace of Tyrone officiating. Age 77 yrs, 4 mos., 5 days.

Homer Frank Cox died at Friendship Haven, Ft. Dodge, Iowa, on May 5th, 1962. Buried in Wellsboro Cemetery May 11, 1962. Committal services at grave. Rev. Bruce Porter, Pres. Minister of Wellsboro. Age 89 yrs. 10 mos, 10 days.

Robert C. Cox died Aug. 1962, Wellsboro Cemetery Aug 1962. Rev. Bruce Porter, Pres. Minister of Wellsboro.

Ruth Cox Connolly died Dec 1962 at Whittier, Cal.

Sara Alice Pollock died March 6, 1963 at Gen. Hospital, Charleston, W. Va. Age 72 yrs. Burial in Wellsboro Cemetery, Bruce Porter officiating.

Harold Thomas Davis died June 25, 1963. Buried June 27 Wellsboro Cemetery. Born July 14th, 1916. Rev. Templeton, St. Paul's church

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