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      Bible Records for Potter or Tioga Counties, Pennsylvania

Shaff Family Bible Records

Freeman Shaff of Farmington Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and Eveline A. Roe of Middlebury Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania married at Cambletown, New York on July 3, 1873.  William Couch and Mary J. Couch served as witnesses.

Bertha E. Shaff to Joe DeLong on October 7, 1893
Eska J. Shaff to Nellie Beard on May 31, 1901
Faye Shaff to Ira D. Fowler on February 26, 1907

Freeman Shaff  September 2, 1852
Eveline A. Roe  February 12, 1853
Alfred A. Shaff  November 23, 1875
Elizabeth L. Shaff  March 28, 1876
Bertha E. Shaff  January 28, 1877
Eska J. Shaff   December 30, 1879
Bessie Shaff   September 11, 1881
Willard F. Shaff  September 2, 1884
Faye Shaff   January 26, 1887
Infant Shaff   January 23, 1890
Hattie Shaff   February 26, 1891
Harry Shaff   September 19, 1893
Eva A. Shaff   August 5, 1895
Grant H. Delong  April 1, 1895
Luella M. Delong  March 25, 1898
Freeman J. Delong  September 8, 1904
Leah Olive Fowler  December 1907
Bessie Fran Van Gile  September 1, 1906
Bertha S. Delong  February 19, 1925

Alfred A. Shaff  April 20, 1876
Bessie Shaff   December 10, 1881
Infant Shaff   March 10, 1890
Hattie Shaff   February 28, 1892
Willard F. Shaff  October 28, 1893
Eveline Roe Shaff  August 31, 1895
 Elizabeth Shaff
Freeman Shaff  May 10, 1931
Harry Shaff   April 13, 1934
Faye S. Fowler
Eska Shaff
Bertha Delong

Bertha Delong was the daughter of Joe Delong.  They were moving from Slaterville Springs, New York to Niagara Falls, New York

Eva Shaff came to Western New York to work as a housekeeper to a family in Childs, Orleans County, New York at the age of 14.

Eska died in 1950 or 1951 when Donald Mahnke ( Eva Shaff’s son) was age 17 or 18. 

Subj:  Shaff/Roe Bible Records
Date: 7/30/99 7:55:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Doug and Mary Flack)

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I have enjoyed using your site.  I notice that you have a section on your web site for Bible records for families of Tioga County.

Attached to this letter, please find the Bible records for Freeman Shaff and Eveline Amelia Roe.

Freeman was the son of John H. Shaff and Elizabeth Couch of Farmington Township in Tioga County.  Eveline Amelia Roe is the daughter of John E.
Roe and Lois Shaff of Middlebury Township in Tioga County.  Freeman and Eveline are the parents of my grandmother, Eva Shaff Mahnke.

Since I use your site quite often, I felt it was time I submitted something that others might be able to use.

Would you know someone who might be able to help me put the Roe side of the family in order.  I have lots of information from your site, but do not
know how to connect it.


Mary Flack
Gasport, New York

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