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Simpson - Olmsted Family Bible

Bible given to Maggie May Southworth Leach (d. 1962) by her mother Mary Victoria Simpson (d. 1937) (daughter of William R and Esther Olmsted Simpson).

Bible in possession of Donna Pritchard of Westfield Pa in 2006


Aldruda Simpson was born in Troupsburg N.Y. Jan 22nd 1841

Albert Simpson was born in Troupsburg N.Y. Feb 20th 1842

Malvina Gertrude Simpson was born in Chatham Pa April 23rd 1847

Lucy Elisabeth Simpson was born in Chatham Pa. May 23rd 1850

Mary Victoria Simpson was born in Deerfield Pa. August 25th 1858

Maggie May Southworth was born in Chatham Twp July 11, 1877

  • Marriages

  • William R Simpson and Esther Olmsted were married in Troupsburg Jan 1st 1840

    Lorenzo Southworth and Mary Victory Simpson were Married in Knoxvill PA Oct 7th 1876

    E. August. Tremain and Lucy E. Simpson Feb. 1880

    W.H. Cooper and and Mary Victoria Nov. 22 1882

    Maggie May Southworth & Wayland Raleigh Leach were married in Woodhull, N.Y. Mar. 26 1902

    No deaths page was included in bible

    Transcribed February, 2006

    Terry Pritchard

    Also in the bible was an apparent commercial reprint of a Simpson Family gathering (newspaper?) from the early part of the 20th century. Written at the top in ball point pen is a note that says: Dr. Simpsons father Henry & William Simpson were brothers


  • Simpson Family Meets July 4th5th

  • Simpson Family
  • Meets July 4th5th (Year not on article)

  • The descendants of Alexander Simpson will meet for preliminary organization at the Jasper Four Corners school house on July 4. They will attend the annual meeting at that time.

    Alexander Simpson with his wife Patty (Martha) Turk and one child Nancy, came from Scotland to Salem, Washington County, N.Y. Their other children were born in this country: John, Mollie (Mary), Jane, James, Martha, Alexander, Betsey (Elizabeth) and William.

    Andrew fought in the Revolutionary War with his father. He married Rebecca McWherter and they were parents to 10 children. He came to Jasper in 1807 or 1812, settled where the present village is located and built a log cabin where the Drake hotel stood in later years. He was a first master of Evening Star Lodge No. 44, F. and A. M., now in Hornell.

    The first Jasper town meeting was held in his home. His daughter married Samuel Gregg of Elmira and it was the first marriage ceremony in the town. His daughter Minerva married Jeffery Smith, one of the founders of Woodhull, and another daughter Jane married Ira Smith of Woodhull.

    Darwin, another son of Andrew, married Hannah Kinney. He was an early town collector. Later he moved to Turtle Point, Pa. And from there his daughter Hannah attended Alfred University and was among the first graduates. She later married Adoniram Spencer of Jasper, there they lived for many years. Their four sons and two daughters all were college students, and the four sons being college graduates. The late Alfred Spencer of Savona was the second of those sons.

    John, a son of Andrew, was the father of Andrew Jackson Simpson and Henry Simpson, both of whom lived in Troupsburg and had much to do with the organization and maintenance of the Troupsburg Fair. John, was married twice and his other children were Ira W. (who married Emma F. Hooper), Eunice who married Hiram Schoonover, Jennie who married Daniel Tucker, late of Canisteo; John, Lucy and Minerva.

    Some of the older residents of Jasper will remember Resolvo S. Wyckoff, prominent farmer in Jasper 60 years ago. His daughter married Charles Elsworth Simpson, son of Andrew Jackson Simpson. Ellsworth died in 1897 A daughter Mrs. Louise E. Staire has earned a fine reputation as a musical composer.

    At the same place and day the descendants of Jerome Madison Simpson and Nancy Ann Griffin Simpson will meet to form a permanent organization. Jerome was the adopted son of Alexander, second brother to Andrew. He was born in Salem, N.Y., December 12, 1771 and was married twice. The children by his first wife Lucy were William, John, Wheeler, Alexander, Jefferson and Charlotte; by his second wife Nancy were: Lucy, Sally Ann, Caroline Amanda, James, Monroe, Almon Bartlett, Nancy Maria and Harriet Sophia. On the death of Alexander 2nd, his widow Nancy and some of her children came to Jasper and settled on a farm near what later was known as the John Murphy farm. Sally Ann, Caroline Amanda, Almon Bartlett and Jerome Madison spent the remainder of their lives in Jasper where they were buried. Almon was a good businessman and accumulated considerable property. Jerome was a justice of the peace for 40 years.

    Perhaps no better place can be found in this part of the state than the town of Jasper – and adjoining towns—for the organization—where for so many years members of the Simpson clan resided as bulwarks of the community.

    Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
    Tri-County Bible Records
    Bradford County PA
    Chemung County NY
    Tioga County PA
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    BOSARD - WASS FAMILY BIBLE - Added to Tri-Counties Site June 2006
    This Bible belongs to Perry & Elizabeth Hale, Hornell, NY - 1910
    Photocopied pages are in the Tioga County Historical Society, Wellsboro PA
    William Wass March 27, 1795
    Pollie Humphrey March 12, 1797
    George Wass August 7, 1819
    Elinor Wass March 2, 1821
    John Wass January 6, 1823
    Salann Wass September 10, 1825
    Harriet Wass February 3, 1827
    Mary Wass June 3, 1830
    William Wass (Jr.) September 25, 1832
    Alexander Wass April 15, 1835
    David Wass May 12, 1837
    Robert Wass May 29, 1839
    William B. Wass October 13, 1850
    Ellen M. Wass December 3, 1851
    Hattie M. Wass January 3, 1854
    Mary E. Wass January 20, 1856
    Flora L. Wass May 25, 1863
    Perry E. Hale June 1, 1885
    Cleveland G. Hale December 24, 1887
    Mortimer Hale June 29, 1889
    Kirtland Bosard June 15, 1849
    Ray Bosard June 24, 1879
    May Bosard June 24, 1879
    Adelaide Bosard February 7, 1894
    William Wass May 12, 1889
    Pollie Wass January 16, 1882
    Jane (Faulkner) Wass April 19, 1889
    Harriett Wass February 25, 1875
    Mary Wass Faulkner December 8, 1913
    David Wass February 14, 1914
    Lucinda Wass December 23, 1913
    John Wass August 3, 1908
    Geo. Wass July 23, 1898
    Robert Wass (No month or day) 1887
    William Wass April 18, 1920
    Sallan (Wass) Humphrey October (no day) 1901
    Elinor (Wass) Faulkner March 12, 1905
    Alex Wass March (no day) 1915
    May Bosard November 16, 1885
    Addie Bosard Cole November 26, 1916

    Kirtland A. Bosard of Osceola and Hattie M. Wass of Chatham were married on May 1, 1878
    by Ruben Morse (Justice of the Peace) witness - Frank E. Bosard and Cora A. Bosard

    George Wass of Chatham and Jane Faulkner of Deerfield were married on February 11, 1848

    Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
    Tri-County Bible Records
    Bradford County PA
    Chemung County NY
    Tioga County PA
     Bible Records
    Tri-Counties Genealogy & History Sites
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    Deerfield Township, Tioga County, PA
    Copy provided to Tri-Counties by Tioga County Historical Society
    Mosher - Wiest Family Bible

    Charles E. Mosher (Jr.) and Viola K. Wiest were solemnly united by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Knoxville, PA on January 1, 1883 by J.E. White
    Witnesses - Carrie Stevens and Mrs. A.B. Graves

    Births Date
    Charles E. Mosher (Jr.) May 20, 1860
    Viola K. (Wiest) Mosher December 1, 1866
    Children of Charles & Viola-  
    Curry A. Mosher October 16, 1885
    Delos V. Mosher August 30, 1888
    Nelson Mosher March 18, 1890
    Leon E. Mosher October 16, 1892
    Gertrude L. Mosher May 14, 1895
    Lala M. Mosher March 14, 1896
    Arnol E. Mosher January 30, 1900
    Lillian V. Mosher June 6, 1903
    Richard H. Mosher February 1, 1906
    Grandpa-     Notes from Mosher-McGaffey added by JMT
    Charles E. Mosher (Sr.) b. November 26, 1819 d. November 2, 1861 Buried Horsehead NY - but marker in Wormer Cemetery
    Lucy A. Mosher b. August 4, 1826 d. August 22, 1890 Lucy Ann Garner, Buried Wormer Cemetery, Chatham
    Great Grandfather-      
    Jonathan E. Mosher b. 1780 d. 1822 1781-1833
    Great Grandmother-      
    Babbie (Basheba) Mosher no dates   Bathsheba Fuller 1793 -08 JAN 1871, Short Cemetery
    Welcome Mosher no dates   06 FEB 1801 - 23 FEB 1866 - Turner Cemetery
    Nelson Mosher June 4, 1890   child of Charles Mosher & Viola K. Wiest
    Lala M. Mosher May 18, 1913   child of Charles Mosher & Viola K. Wiest
    Delos V. Mosher October 8, 1918   child of Charles Mosher & Viola K. Wiest
    Charles E. Mosher (Jr.) July 14, 1936    
    Viola (Wiest) Mosher March 28, 1950   1866-1950 Wormer Cemetery
    Marriages   (Possible Spouse)  
    Curry A. Mosher January 19, 1910 (Mabelle Perry) OK 
    Gertrude L. Mosher December 24, 1914 (Nathan Reynolds) OK
    Leon E. Mosher March 16, 1918 (Carrie Pease)  
    Arnol E. Mosher March or April 17, 1922 (Mildred Smith)  
    Lillian V. Mosher December 24, 1926 (Willard Goodwin) OK
    There were no spouses listed in the Bible records for the marriages, but those added by the transcriber agree with the entries in the Mosher Genealogy I checked this against (JMT)
    Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson through Seven Generations, Revised Edition, 1990, Compiled by Mildred MOSHER "Chamberlain" and Laura McGAFFEY "Clarenbach,"
    Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
    Tri-County Bible Records
    Bradford County PA
    Chemung County NY
    Tioga County PA
    Chatham Township
    Copy provided to Tri-Counties by Tiioga County Historical Soiety.
    Records given by Beach & Eleanor CARSON Davis.
    Transcribed from typed pages.
    Records as copied from the Bible of Curry Beach, father of Maggie BEACH Davis.
    Bible in possession of Mary ROBERTS Lattimer Dec. 15, 1960.
    Beach - Davis Family Bible
    Curry John Davis & Pauline J. Wilcox   20 Mar 1925  
    Marguerite Davis & Basil W. Bradley   14 Jul 1931  
    John B. Davis & Ruth Ann Robinson   15 Dec 1933  
    Marjorie Davis & Harrison C. Hoyt   15 Jan 1939  
    Beach Davis & Eleanor Carson   17 May 1941  
    Bernice Payne & Milton Ferris   22 Jan 1939  
    Curry E. Beach 11 Oct. 1833 30 Sep 1909  
    Mary Leonard 1 Jan 1842 16 Mar 1880 1st w/o Curry Beach
    Elsworth L. Beach 8 Jan 1865 1 Sep 1892  
    Jennie Beach 30 May 1866 28 Jun 1958 w/o Willard Seely
    Emma O. Beach 29 Nov. 1867 4 Feb 1959 w/o John Picton Roberts
    Maggie M. Beach 30 May 1879   d/o Curry & Mary Beach; w/o Charles E. Davis
    Esther O. Curren 30 Jan 1843 14 Feb 1926 2nd w/o Curry Beach
    Satie A. Gardener 19 May 1875    
    Humphrey Roberts 18 Jan 1892    
    Mary J. Roberts 24 Aug. 1894    
    Bernice E. Seely 25 Nov. 1897    
    Edna M. Seely 5 Sep. 1899    
    Curry John Davis 10 Dec. 1901    
    Percy Beach Davis 11 Jul 1907 21 Dec 1907  
    Satie A. Davis   19 Jan 1930  
    Robert Payne   20 Feb. 1930  
    Willard Seely   7 Jun 1938 h/o Jennie Beach
    Charles E. Davis   25 Jan 1939  
    John Picton Roberts   18 Apr 1958 aged 92y 8m 13d; h/o Emma Beach
    Marguerite Davis 26 Jan 1909    
    Marjorie Davis 21 Oct 1911    
    John Beach Davis 12 Sep 1914    
    Beach Davis 1 May 1919    
    Charles Eugene Davis 18 Aug 1926    
    David Curry Davis 30 Apr 1930    
    Sally Ann Davis 17 Aug 1933    
    Curry Beach Davis 6 Oct 1939    
    Nancy Lee Bradley 9 Oct 1932    
    Ann Davis Bradley 11 Nov 1938    
    Mary Jane Bradley     no date listed
    Joan L. Davis 28 Dec 1936    
    Linda J. Davis 1939   no month or day given
    Alan Davis     no date listed
    Richard Davis     no date listed
    Nehemiah Beach 27 Aug 1806 16 Jun 1886  
    Arsenath CURRY Beach 16 Jun 1808 21 Apr 1844 1st w/o Nehemiah Beach
    Winthrope Beach 30 Sep 1830 June, 1913 no day given
    Lucian O. Beach 10 Mar 1832 10 Dec 1903  
    Curry E. Beach 11 Oct 1833 30 Sep 1909  
    Ruth Beach 31 Dec. 1834    
    Milton Beach 20 Mar 1836    
    Emma C. Beach 4 May 1838    
    Cynthia Orcelia Beach 23 Jun 1840 19 May 1913 w/o Henry Brague
    Charles S. Beach 30 Dec. 1841 Feb. 1916 no day given
    Abbie Arcenith Beach 29 Nov. 1843 17 Nov 1935 w/o Asa Short
    Caroline A. Curry 19 Dec. 1827   2nd w/o Nehemiah Beach
    Sarah Beach 29 May 1845    
    Simeon P. Beach 19 Nov 1847 3 Oct 1907  
    Ruth M. (Thorpe?) Beach 16 Jul 1808   3rd w/o Nehemiah Beach
    Clarrisa L. Beach 30 Dec 1856    
    Myra Olive Beach 28 Dec 1858    
    Cora D. Beach 25 Aug 1861    
    Mary BROWN Beach   May, 1901 w/o Lucian Beach
    Mary (Dickerson?) Beach   1 Sep 1914 w/o Charles Beach
    Jessie Beach Potter   20 Jan 1902 d/o Lucian & Mary Beach
    Note by PNS - Nehemiah had a 4th wife, Cynthia Irene NEWTON mother of Clarrisa, Myra and Cora. Cynthia Irene (1822-1887); Clarissa, d 25 Aug 1859; Myra d. 28 Feb 1876; all are buried in Middlebury Union Cemetery, Middlebury Twp., Tioga County PA.
    Nehemiah, Arsenath, Caroline (d. 12 Dec 1847), Ruth (d. 27 Mar 1855)- all are buried in  Free Church Cemetery, Deerfield Twp., Tioga County PA.
    Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
    Tri-County Bible Records
    Bradford County PA
    Chemung County NY
    Tioga County PA
    Chatham Township, Tioga County PA
    Transcribed from  type written pages.
    The Holy Bible published in 1838
    Written in the Bible - May God give grace to all who read these words of eternal life.
    Baker - Philley Family Bible      
      Birth Date Death Date Age
    Edith G. Baker August 5, 1877 November 27, 1893 16y 3m 22d
    Angels guard her home, Jesus save her soul.      
    Ira Baker February 26, 1815 September 23, 1894 79y 6m 28d
    Lydia (Philley) Baker June 8, 1820    
    Laura Baker June 28, 1842    
    Allen Baker January 15, 1844    
    Allamira Baker October 21, 1847    

    Note added on typed page:- 1850 census of Chatham Twp., No. 135; Ira Baker age 35 b.NY;
    Lydia age 30 b.NY; Laura age 9 b.PA; Allen age 7 b.PA; Allamira age 3 b.PA

    Note from transcriber:- Lydia's surname, Philley was found on the Tri-Counties site;
    Edith was dau.of Allen & Hattie (Guile) Baker also found on Tri-Counties site.

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