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Susie Webber, Troy, Pa

The S. S. Teacher’s Edition


Holy Bible,

Containing the

Old and New Testaments:

Translated out of the original tongues: and with the former

Translations diligently compared and revised.

By his majesty’s special command.

Appointed to be read in churches.


Printed at the University Press.

London: Henry Frowde,

Oxford University Press Warehouse, Amen Corner

New York: 33, East 17th Street

Anthony Haswell

born Gosport, Hants. Apr. 6, 1756, son of

William and Elizabeth Dawes Haswell died

Bennington, Vt. May. 66, 1816 married

Worcester, Mass. April, 23, 1778 Lydia Baldwin

Daughter of Nathan and Lydia Oakes Baldwin

b. Worcester, Mass. Dec. 22, 1759, d Bennington, Vt.

Apr 30, 1799.

David Russell Haswell son of Anthony and

Lydia (Baldwin) Haswell, b. Bennington, Vt.

Sept. 3, 1784. D. Columbia, Pa. Dec. 7, 1834. m

Bennington, Vt, Dec. 6, 1807, Lucinda Beaman.

Dau. of Joseph and Sally ( ) Beaman

b. Willmington, Vt. Apr. 17, 1787, d. South

Creek Pa. Feb. 25, 1861

David Russell Haswell Susannah b. Bennington, Vt. Mar, 11, 1809

d Columbia, Pa July. 4, 1810.

Anthony b. Columbia. Pa July. 2, 1811. d.

Mar. 13, 1883. m. Troy, Pa. Sept. 23, 1835 Martha

Seely. dau of and ( ) Seely

b June 23, 1811. d Owego, N.Y. Dec. 22, 1884.

Adeline b. Columbia, Pa. Aug. 11, 1813. d.

Columbia, Pa. Jan. 8, 1842.

Emeline b. Columbia. Pa. Oct. 18, 1815, d. Troy

Pa. May. 20, 1898. m Troy. Pa. Apr.27, 1837. Ira

Webber son of William and Lois (Baldwin)

Webber, b. Columbia. Pa. Jan. 18, 1809. d

Columbia, Pa. Apr. 25, 1868

Lydia. B Columbia Pa. Nov. 10. 1820 d Jackson

Pa. July.14, 1861. m Columbia, Pa Oct. 10, 1841

David R. Moore son of and

( ) Moore b 18 d

Apr. 16. 1879.

Lucy Beaman. b. Columbia, Pa May. 5, 1826,

d Vinton, Iowa. Jan. 24, 1868. m Columbia.

Pa. Sept. 9, 1848. John C. Houtz. son of

and ( ) Houtz b. Feb. 20,


Emeline Haswell Webber

Susan Eliza, b Columbia Pa. July 27, 1838 d

Troy Pa. Apr. 21, 1879. m Troy Pa. Feb. 26, 1857

Levi C. Preston son of Ebenezer and Lucy

( ) Preston, b Troy Pa 1824

d same Aug. 28, 1884

Benjamin Franklin b Columbia, Pa. Mar 12,

1840 d. Troy, Pa. May 22 1901. m

Sept. 16 1868. Mary Melvina Hickok dau of

Heman and Maria (Greeno) Hickok. b.

Troy. Pa. Nov. 13, 1845. d same June 7, 1925.

William b Jan. 29 1846 d

Sept. 18, 1848

- - - - - - - - - - -

Benjamin Franklin Webber.

Adeline. b Columbia Pa. Apr. 20, 1870 d Canton. Pa

October 11 1936. m. Troy. Pa. May. 9, 1900 William S

Bull son of Stephen and Imogene (Snover)

Bull b Myersbergh. Pa. Sept. 24, 1871. d.

Emeline b. Columbia. Pa Apr. 20, 1870 d

Columbia. Pa. May. 8, 1870 twin of Adeline.

Mary Louise. b Columbia, Pa b. Oct. 22, 1871

D m Troy, Pa July. 20, 1904.

Ernest G. Webster son of William and

Emma (Case) Webster b Mansfield. Pa

Jan. 30, 1874 d

Susan Ethel b. Columbia, Pa Feb. 22, 1874


Arthur Eugene b. Troy, Pa. Mar. 11, 1880 d

M Owego. N. Y. Oct. 14, 1914. Carrie

Anderson dau of Philander and Rebecca

(Andrews) Anderson b Owego. N. Y. Apr 1,

1879. d.

Adeline Webber Bull.

Susan Louise b. Troy. Pa. Feb. 17, 1901. d.

Howard Arthur b. Canton, Pa. May. 21, 1905. D

M Middletown Pa. June 14, 1930

Kathryn Bossler dau of Mahlon G. and Carrie

(Seiders) Bossler b. Middletown, Pa Mar 31, 1906


Olive Imogene b. Mansfield Pa. July. 8, 1907

d m. Canton. Pa.

July 18, 1835 James D. Innes, son of Mr

+ Mrs Anson Innes

{Olive Imogene Bull Innes.

{b. Canton Barbara Imogene Oct. 17, 1936

Harold Lawrence b Mansfield Pa Apr 10, 1911.

  1. m.
  2. January. 23, 1935. Blanche
Howard Athur Bull Janet Bossler Bull b

Jan 21, 1936

Harold Lawrence Bull

Earle William Bull Born April 26, 1936

Mary Louise Webber Webster

Franklin William b Mansfield Pa June 2

1905, d

Bernice Louise b. Mansfield Pa Aug 23. 1906

  1. m. Earl L Benson
Nov 28, 1934, son of Charles, + Sarah Benson

Dorothy Mary b. Mansfield Pa May. 17, 1911.

d m. Howard Norman

son of Mr + Mrs Albert Norman

Feb 14, 1936

Arthur Eugene Webber

Ruth. B. Troy Pa. Nov. 7 1915

Eunice b. Columbia Cross Roads. Oct. 26, 1817.

Carlton b. Troy. Pa. Mar. 3. 1920.

Esther b Troy Pa July. 6. 1922.
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933

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