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This data was taken from the Dimon family bible (dated 1843). The bible was donated to the Genoa Methodist church at Genoa, Illinois. The family register is in the possession of Kevin D. Bacon, a descendant of Sarah Jane "Jennie" DIMON Gross.

There was a notation on the family record indicating that the Dimon family moved to DeKalb County, Illinois from Van Etten, Chemung County, New York in 1852 and settled in Mayfield. The family moved to Creston, in Ogle County, Illinois about 1868.

James Dimon’s mother, Elizabeth and their daughter Caroline are buried at Westbrook cemetery at Van Etten, New York

James and Cyntha Dimon are buried at the Vandeburg cemetery near Kingston, Illinois with their two youngest children Phidelia and John.

Submitted by Kevin Bacon

James Dimon

Born June 28, 1801 Died January 20, 1878

Son of John Dimon and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown)

Cyntha VanDeBurgh

Born November 21, 1810 Died May 19, 1870

Daughter of Cornelius VanDeBurgh and Nancy Swartwood

Married January 19, 1831


Nancy Elizabeth Dimon

Born March 29, 1832 Died March 20, 1907

Married August 26, 1852 to _____ Clark

Daniel Dimon

Born October 27, 1833 Died August __, 1914

Married December 8, 1859 to Arvilla Woodard

Married May 4, 1893 to Mary Swift

Asa Dimon

Born December 11, 1835 Died December 2, 1923

Married January 1, 1862 to Rose Rickey

Sarah Jane "Jennie" Dimon

Born February 23, 1838 Died December 25, 1921

Married December 25, 1866 to Joseph K. Gross

Jacob Dimon

Born March 12, 1841 Died May 30, 1893

Married October 25, 1876 to Jennie Ament

Mary Dimon

Born January 21, 1843 Died January 8, 1910

Married June 23, 1874 to William Harrison

Caroline Dimon

Born October 18, 1846 Died August 4, 1848

Emeline Dimon

Born October 18, 1846 Died April 13, 1907

Married January 16, 1877 to John Harbison

Phidelia Dimon

Born July 19, 1851 Died March 16, 1855

John Dimon

Born February 28, 1854 Died April 13, 1854

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Titus-Norris Bible
Town of VanEtten, Chemung County NY
August 2009

I found this bible and wanted to pass on the information. Not our family but for a family in Chemung/Schuyler counties.

Spellings as written in the bible but column format has been altered to be a single list.

Terry Pritchard

From a bible published in 1856 with family births and deaths

Mrs Elisabeth B Titus Book presented to me by my mother Julia Norris Jan 7th 1857

By the Revd Mr Cobb June 5th 1856 Mr David S Titus of Newfield to Elisabeth B Norris of Vanetton

David S Titus was born July 17th 1835
Elisabeth Norris was born July 9th 1838
Herbert Augustine Titus was born April 11th 1857
Mary Lennette Titus was born December 26th 1858
Albert Irving Titus was born October 26th 1860
Caroline Elisabeth Titus was born January 18th 1863
Charles Austin Titus was born January 9th 1865
Ellen Augusta Titus was born December 17th 1866
Clarence Edwin Titus was born August 12 One Thousand Eight Hundred & Seventy-one
Julia Alice Titus was born February 27 One Thousand Eight Hundred & Sixty-nine
Helen Grace Titus was born August 3 One Thousand Eight Hundred & Seventy-three
Florence Ethel Titus was born September 28 One Thousand Eight Hundred & Seventy-five
Jessie Marion Titus was born March 8 One Thousand Eight Hundred & Eighty-one

David S Titus died April 27 – 1925
Elisabeth Norris Titus died Feb. 23 – 1923
Herbert Augustine Titus died April 1863
Caroline Elisabeth Titus Crandell died Feb. 12 – 1949
Albert Irving Titus died July 15 – 1947
Ellen Augusta Titus died April 1887
Charles A. Titus died July 2 – 1926
Julia Titus Guard died
Clarence E. Titus died
Helen G. Titus died Feb. 11 – 1933
Florence Ethel Titus died May 16 – 1901
Jessie Marion Titus Weed died

The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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