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Transcribed & Submitted by Joyce M. Tice
from poor quality photocopy
Charcoalized photo of Saloma Howe and William Wilson 
from Louis Garrett Wheeler
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Willson - Predmore Bible

Joseph Predmore was born March the 1, 1767
Margarete Harker was born August the 7th 1769
Daniel Predmore was born November the 3, 1789
Samuel Predmore was born January the 2, 1792
Mary Predmore was born October the 1, 1793
Benjamin Predmore born November the 26, 1795
John Predmore born Septmebver the 13, 1798
Aron & Moses Predmore born July the 8, 1801*
Joseph Predmore born August the 14, 1804
Ann Predmore born June the 8, 1810
Saloma Howe born March the 24, 1834
Hiram H. Willson born June 26th 1861
Asa Franklin Willson was born February the 24, 1856
James Ira Wilson was born Aughst 2, 1864
Carrie E. Wilson was born September the 17, 1869
Garrett VanZandt born Apr. 29, 1874
Bertie E. Wilson was Born October the 24, 1869 (3828 srgp)
Lafyett L. Wilson was Born October the 23, 1872
* Others have transcribed this as Aron Maser 
Predmore. I disagree. I believe it is twins.
James Willson and Elizabeth Predmore was married June the 26 1813
William Willson and Saloma Howe was married July the 17 1847 by Rev. Hiram Rockwell*
John H. Willson and Emily Burton was Married April 17, 1839 by Rev.Mansfield
Hiram H. Wilson and Mary Rockwell was married Oct. 29, 1850
Hiram H Willson and Emily Smith was Married June 6th 1869.
Asa Franklin Willson and Lydia Seaman was Married Oct 21, 1878
Joseph Predmore and Margaret Harker was Married February 1787
James I. Wilson and Mary M. Cole was Married Jan 15th 1882
Lloyd Wheeler and Carrie E. Wilson was Married Feb 5th 1885
Charles Smith and Ethel Wilson was Married May 15th 1899
Herman Rose and Mary A. Wilson was Married May 23rd 1900
James I. Wilson and Clara A. Wilson was Married Nov. 19, 1913 by O. B. Besley
* More likely they mean Myron Rockwell
Sarah Ann Willson Died July 30th 1821
3 illegible entries
John Wilson Died October 6th1888
Emily Wilson died April 3rd 1895
William Wilson died April 13th 1891
Saloma Wilson died April 3d 1894
L. L. Wilson died April 26th 1899
Nellie Gee Wilson wife of Bert E. Wilson died March 20th 1905
Bert E. Wilson died June 27th 1905
Ione Wilson died April 8th 1903
Rufus Rockwell Wilson died Dec. 14th 1949
Joseph Predmore Died March the1, 1839
Mary R. Wilson died April 26th 1905
Hiram H. Wilson died  March 25th 1910
Mary M. Wilson died December 5th 1909
Sarah E. Hall died September 7th 1911
Acy Franklin Wilson Died August 2, 1916 Aged 60 years, 5 mos., and 9 days
Ethel M. Wilson Smith Died Dec. 14th 1928
Hiram H. Wilson Died Dec. 28th 1928
James I Wilson died July 5th 1949
Garrett VanZandt died June 26, 1953
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