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Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 . - Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1883 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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1886 30-Jun B Ashley b. son to A. S. Ashly of Mainesburg, Jun 24th
1886 15-Dec B Ayers b. son to Robert Ayers of Westfield, Dec 8th
1886 16-Jun B Bailey b. daughter to C. B. Bailey of Mansfield Jun 12th
1886 17-Nov B Bair b. son to Dr. Bair of Sabinsville Nov 5th
1886 13-Jan B Baker b. son to Clinton Baker of Trowbridge, Jan 1st
1886 28-Apr B Ballard, Mrs. O. P. b. son to Lloyd Ballard of Mansfield, Apr 22nd
1886 15-Dec B Barton b. daughter to J. H. Barton born at Lloyd, Pa., Dec 7th
1886 22-Dec B Baxter b. son to Harry Baxter of Nelson Dec 14th
1886 21-Apr B Bernkopf b. son to Carl Bernkopf of Wellsboro Apr 15th
1886 29-Sep B Bliss b. son to Charles E. Bliss of Round Top (no date)
1886 27-Jan B Boldeford b. son to A. E. Boldeford of Blossburg ( no date)
1886 6-Jan B Boughtin b. daughter to Ed Boughtin of Tioga last week
1886 22-Sep B Boulio b. daughter to Mrs. Reuben Boulio of Brookfield Sep 8th
1886 14-Jul B Bovier b. son to S. L. Bovier of Sabinsville Jul 3rd
1886 17-Feb B Brewer b. son to Lyman Brewer of Mosherville (no date)
1886 21-Jul B Brown, Poleman b. son to Poleman Brown, Crooked Creek (no date)
1886 20-Oct B Bryant b. son to N. E. Bryant of Crooked Creek - no date. He died and was buried there Oct 4th
1886 10-Mar B Buck b. son to Willis Buck of Mardin (no date)
1886 27-Oct B Burdick b. daughter to Uri Burdick of Osceola (no date)
1886 22-Dec B Burnside b. son to Richard Burnside of Elk Run (West Covington twp) - no date
1886 2-Jun B Burr b. son to J. D. Burr of Blossburg (no date)
1886 5-May B Busbee b. daughter to Jeff Busbee of Covington (no date)
1886 17-Nov B Campbell b. twins to J. E. Campbell of Antrim (no date)
1886 8-Dec B Carlton b. daughter to Charles Carlton of Hammonds, Nov 19th
1886 16-Jun B Cass b. daughter to A. A. Cass of Mansfield Jun 12th
1886 10-Nov B Clark b. daughter to John Clark of Lambs Creek (no date)
1886 21-Apr B Clarkson b. son to John Clarkson of Brookfield, Apr 7th
1886 25-Aug B Cockburn b. daughter to James Cockburn, Wellsboro, Aug 15th
1886 24-Nov B Conevery b. daughter to Frank Conevery of Wellsboro Nov 19th
1886 18-Aug B Conley b. son to Charles Conley of Little Marsh (no date)
1886 23-Jun B Coolidge b. daughter to Arthur Coolidge of Round Top (no date)
1886 20-Oct B Copp b. daughter to E. B. Copp of Osceola (no date)
1886 3-Feb B Curtland b. son to George Curtland of Knoxville (no date)
1886 15-Dec B Daily b. daughter to A. Daily of Potter Brook, Dec 7th
1886 5-May B Daniels b. son to John D. Daniels of Blossburg (no date)
1886 12-May B Derby b. son to George H. Derby of Wellsboro May 5th
1886 28-Jul B Dewey b. daughter to Elmer Dewey of Covington (no date)
1886 6-Oct B Dewitt b. son to W. F. Dewitt of Troy Sep 29th
1886 20-Oct B Donahue b. son to Tim Donahue of Crooked Creek - no date
1886 13-Jan B Doty b. daughter to M. N. Doty of Mansfield, Jan. 8th
1886 13-Oct B Durand b. son to D. J. Durand of Lawrenceville, Oct 6th
1886 21-Apr B Eaton b. son to Lynn Eaton of East Charleston (no date)
1886 14-Jul B Eddy b. daughter to David Eddy of Austinburg (no date)
1886 6-Oct B Edgar b. son to James Edgar of Covington Oct 5th
1886 2-Jun B Edwards b. daughter to B. F. Edwards of Round Top, May 20th
1886 7-Jul B Ellis b. son to Delos Ellis of Westfield, June 24th
1886 25-Aug B Ely b. daughter to Andrew Ely, Jr., Blossburg (no date)
1886 15-Sep B Ely b. daughter to John F. Ely of Blossburg (no date)
1886 4-Aug B Everly b. son to Harry Everly of Blossburg (no date)
1886 13-Jan B Everts b. daughter to William Everts of Mansfield, Jan 8th
1886 25-Aug B Fanning b. son to A. C. Fanning, Troy, Aug 12th
1886 3-Nov B Fenton b. daughter to H. Fenton of Westfield Oct 24th
1886 3-Feb B Fischler b daughter to Peter Fischler of Wellsboro, Jan 26th
1886 22-Sep B Flaitz b. son to Alex Flaitz of Wellsboro Sep 8th
1886 30-Jun B Fredrickson b. son to Nelson Fredrickson of Westfield, Jun 18th
1886 8-Sep B Gaitens b. son to Thomas Gaitens of Troy Aug 29th
1886 27-Jan B Gardiner b. daughter to E. C. Gardiner of Sullivan twp., Jan 17th
1886 7-Apr B Gardner b. daughter to Mrs. J. H. Gardner of Wellsboro, great grand-daughter of "Uncle" David Gardner
1886 29-Sep B Gillett b. son to C. C. Gillett of Mansfield, Sep 26th
1886 7-Jul B Goff b. son to George M. Goff of Canton, Jun 25th
1886 17-Mar B Goldmyer b. daughter to Philip Goldmyer of Blossburg (no date)
1886 29-Sep B Grant b. daughter to John H. Grant, Troy, Sep 20th
1886 4-Aug B Hackett b. child to Fred Hackett of Canton Jul 22nd
1886 14-Jul B Hall b. son to Lyman Hall of Farmington twp., Jun 26th
1886 4-Aug B Hall b. daughter to Emmet Hall of Mansfield Jul 27th
1886 10-Nov B Hallehan b. son to Mr. Hallehan of Hammond (no date)
1886 29-Dec B Hamblin b. daughter to Freeman Hamblin of Brookfield twp. (no date)
1886 28-Apr B Harrer b. child to J. F. Harrer of Blossburg (no date)
1886 6-Oct B Hartzog b. son to John Hartzog of Wellsboro Sep 25th
1886 11-Aug B Hayes b. son to S. I. Hayes of Crooked Creek (no date)
1886 18-Aug B Hayes b. son to S. I. Hayes of Middlebury (no date)
1886 24-Feb B Heminway b. twin boys to William Heminway of East Troy, Feb 9th
1886 25-Aug B Hilfigger b. son to Oscar Hilfigger of Mainesburg born last Sat. (column dated 8-16-86)
1886 14-Jul B Holiday b. son to George and Genia Dewey H. Holiday of Crooked Creek today (Jul 12th)
1886 15-Sep B Hollands b. son to William of Elkland Hollands of Elkland (no date)
1886 3-Mar B Hopkins b. son to Mrs. James Hopkins of Somers Lane, Feb 21st
1886 20-Oct B Horton b. son to James Horton of Westfield, Oct 5th
1886 17-Mar B Howe b. son to John Howe of Middlebury, Feb 25th
1886 15-Sep B Hubbard b. daughter to Mrs. Charles Hubbard in Schodac, near Covington Sep 8th
1886 22-Dec B Hugg b. son to Joseph Hugg of Wellsboro Dec 20th
1886 8-Dec B Hurst b. daughter to T. Hurst of Westfield Dec 1st
1886 21-Jul B Husted b. daughter to W. D. Husted of Mansfield, Jul 17th
1886 14-Jul B Hutchinson b. daughter to Henry M. Hutchinson of Wellsboro Mon.
1886 6-Jan B Ingalls b. son to John Ingalls of Mansfield, Jan 4th
1886 7-Apr B Jerould b. son to Ben Jerould of Covington (no date)
1886 13-Jan B Johnson b. son to Clarence Johnson of Wells twp., Bradford Co., Jan 11
1886 8-Dec B Jones b. daughter to Abram Jones of Blossburg (no date)
1886 5-May B Keagle b. daughter to A. L. Keagle of Covington (no date)
1886 20-Oct B Keeney b. daughter to C. P. Keeney of Crooked Creek - no date
1886 23-Jun B Kelley b. daughter to Will Kelley of Lambs Creek
1886 29-Sep B Kelley b. son to William Kelley of Sabinsville (no date)
1886 9-Jun B Kelts b. son to E. G. Kelts in Knoxville, May 21st
1886 17-Mar B Kenkle b. daughter to Dr. Kenkle of Westfield (no date)
1886 28-Jul B King b. son to Herman King, Knoxville (no date)
1886 10-Nov B Kline b. son to Charles A., formerly of Wellsboro born at Manheim, Pa., (no date)
1886 4-Aug B Knight b. son to T. C. Knight of Blossburg (no date)
1886 15-Sep B Knoll b. daughter to Jacob Knoll of Brookfield twp., Sep 4th
1886 17-Nov B Kuhle b. son to W. B. Kuhle of Lawrenceville (no date)
1886 3-Feb B Lamb b. son to H. H. Lamb of Cherry Flats, Jan 26th
1886 22-Sep B Lamb b. daughter to Walton L. Lamb of Lambs Creek (no date)
1886 20-Oct B Landon b. son to Benjamin Landon of Union twp., Oct 2nd
1886 27-Oct B Lawrence b. daughter to F. M. Lawrence of Mill Creek, Oct 15th
1886 24-Feb B Lenox b. daughter to Daniel Lenox of Kelleytown, Feb 15th
1886 3-Feb B Lovejoy b. twins (1 each) to Jim Lovejoy of Kelleytown, Jan 23rd
1886 15-Sep B Mathews b. son to John I. Mathews of Mansfield born in Elmira NY
1886 22-Sep B Matson b. son to Charles of Wellsboro, Sep 10th
1886 21-Apr B Maynard b. son to Mrs. M. B. Maynard of Ansonia (no date)
1886 29-Sep B McMahan b. daughter to James McMahan, Troy, Sep 19th
1886 7-Apr B McNamara b. twin boys to Mrs. McNamara of Blossburg last week (her husband killed near Jackson Summit some time since)
1886 30-Jun B McNinch b. son to James McNinch of Westfield, June 22nd
1886 17-Mar B Meigs b. daughter to Rev. George D. Meigs of Watkins NY Feb 27th
1886 18-Aug B Mitchell b. son to John I. Mitchell of Wellsboro, Aug 11th
1886 28-Apr B Mooers b. child to John Mooers of Blossburg (no date)
1886 17-Mar B Morris b. daughter to Mrs. James Morris of Mansfield, Mar 11th
1886 18-Aug B Moyer b. daughter to Jacob Moyer of East Point (no date)
1886 24-Nov B Nater b. daughter to James Nater of Blossburg (no date)
1886 20-Oct B Newton b. son to Elisha T. Newton of Sabinsville, Sep 28th
1886 24-Nov B Nichols b. son to George P. Nichols of Richmond twp., Nov 12th
1886 22-Sep B Paris b. daughter to James Paris of Mardin last week
1886 8-Sep B Parshall b. daughter to J. W. Parshall of Westfield, Sep 1st
1886 5-May B Patchen b. son to T. W. Patchen of Covington (no date)
1886 12-May B Peck b. daughter to John Peck of Tioga (no date)
1886 19-May B Peck b. son to John Peck of Tioga (no date)
1886 5-May B Potter b. son to M. C. Potter of Keeneyville (no date)
1886 20-Oct B Preston b. daughter to Daniel Preston of Union twp., Oct 2nd
1886 27-Oct B Retan b. son to E. A. Retan of Millerton (no date)
1886 6-Oct B Riberolle b. daughter to George W. Riberolle of Wellsboro Sep 26th
1886 10-Mar B Rice b. son to John Rice of Millerton (no date)
1886 6-Oct B Robertson b. son to R. A. Robertson of Lambs Creek Sep 26th
1886 20-Oct B Robertson b. child to R. A. Robertson of Lambs Creek (no date)
1886 8-Sep B Robinson b. daughter to Way Robinson of Covington Sep 3rd
1886 22-Sep B Roe b. son to Erastus Roe of Wellsboro Sep 10th
1886 10-Feb B Roloson b. daughter to Charles Roloson of Sullivan twp. (no date)
1886 7-Jul B Rosa b. son to E. D. Rosa of Canton, Jun 27th
1886 4-Aug B Rose b. son to Watson Rose of Mansfield Jul 25th
1886 7-Jul B Scheeberg b. son to M. L. Scheeberg of Blossburg, Jun 27th
1886 2-Jun B Schoonover b. son to Job Schoonover of Cowanesque, May 23rd
1886 4-Aug B Schrader b. son to Burt Schrader of Mansfield, Jul 21st
1886 8-Dec B Scott b. daughter to ? Scott of Blossburg (no date)
1886 28-Apr B Sewall b. son to G. P. Sewall of Troy, Apr 18th
1886 20-Oct B Sheive b. twins to Leman Sheive of Jobs Corners (no date)
1886 30-Jun B Sherman b. daughter to Nathan Sherman of Troy Jun 19th
1886 1-Dec B Simmonds b. daughter to Gaylord Simmonds of Brookfield twp. (no date)
1886 6-Oct B Sisco b. son to Frank Sisco of Westfield twp., Sep 26th
1886 28-Apr B Slingerland b. daughter to Walter Slingerland of Tioga (no date)
1886 27-Jan B Smith b. daughter to Charles Smith of Nelson (no date)_
1886 26-May B Smith b. daughter to Lloyd Smith of Wellsboro Sat. (May 22nd)
1886 17-Nov B Smith b. son to O. W. Smith of Mainesburg Oct 37th (sic)
1886 26-May B Spalding b. daughter to George M. Spalding of Wellsboro, May 21st
1886 12-May B Spear b. son to Waldo Spear of Mardin Sunday
1886 9-Jun B Squires b. daughter to Seymour Squires in Rutland twp. (no date)
1886 8-Sep B Stoddard b. son to Ira Stoddard of Lawrenceville ( no date)
1886 10-Mar B Stowell b. daughter to Guy Stowell of Millerton (no date)
1886 20-Oct B Stratton b. son to W. E. Stratton of Crooked Creek - no date
1886 3-Feb B Tate b. son to w. W. Tate of Wellsboro Jan 26th
1886 10-Nov B Thomas b. son to Mrs. Donna Kinney Thomas of Harrisburg Nov 8th
1886 28-Apr B Ticknor b. child to Mrs. Ticknor of Millerton (no date)
1886 21-Apr B Tillinghast b. daughter to William Tillinghast of Millerton, Apr 9th
1886 27-Jan B Tomlinson b. son to J. O. Tomlinson of Sullivan twp., Jan 15th
1886 24-Mar B Vail b. daughter to Mrs. C. S. Vail, Denver CO Mar 19th
1886 29-Dec B Van Dine b. son to E. Van Dine of Troy, Dec 20th
1886 2-Jun B Van Ness b. son to Henry Van Ness of Lambs Creek (no date)
1886 3-Nov B Van Scoter b. daughter to W. Van Scoter of Westfield, Oct 21st
1886 21-Jul B Van Wye b. son to Lew Van Wye of Crooked Creek (no date)
1886 23-Jun B Voorhess b. son to Charles Voorhess of Jackson twp., Jun 15th
1886 17-Nov B Washburn b. son to Isaiah Washburn of Westfield Nov 9th
1886 14-Apr B Webster b. son to Fletcher Webster of Lambs Creek, Apr 4th
1886 23-Jun B Welch b. son to Willis Welch of Blossburg (no date_
1886 4-Aug B Welch b. son to Willie Welch of Blossburg (no date)
1886 9-Jun B Wheeler b. son to Franklin Wheeler at Rutland Hill ( no date)
1886 1-Sep B Wheeler b. daughter to F. E. Wheeler of Tioga Aug 15th
1886 27-Oct B Wheeler b. son to Willis Wheeler of Wellsboro Oct 17th
1886 3-Nov B White b. son to B. E. White of Crooked Creek Nov 1st
1886 7-Apr B Williams b. daughter to Will Williams of Covington (no date)
1886 25-Aug B Wilson b. daughter to Adelbert Wilson, Millerton, Aug 15th
1886 12-May B Wood b. daughter to Emmet Wood of Sullivan twp., last Thur., great grand-daughter of Mrs. Eliza Wood of Sullivan (she is 79)
1886 18-Aug B Woodard b. son to Philo? Woodard of Covington (no date)
1886 17-Nov B Wooster b. son to A. M. Wooster of Troy, Nov 8th
1886 20-Oct B Yeager b. daughter to Frank Yeager of Westfield Oct 2nd
1886 22-Sep Goodwin b. daughter to W. H. Goodwin in Wellsboro at residence of E. B. Young, Esq. Sep 5th
1886 10-Mar Bd Brewer, Jesse bd. Jesse Brewer was 54 on Feb 27th
1886 27-Oct Bd Cady, Mrs. Calvin bd. Mrs. Calvin Cady was 66 on Oct 14th (Crooked Creek items)
1886 22-Dec Bd DeWitt, Joseph bd. Joseph DeWitt of Mainesburg was 40 Dec 20th
1886 17-Nov Bd Gillett, Mrs. Lloyd bd. Mrs. Lloyd Gillett was 74 last Thurs., lives just south of Mansfield - 9 children
1886 8-Dec Bd Hermans, Mrs. bd. Mrs. Hermans had all her children in Mansfield on Dec 7th (birthday?), she is 81. They are: E. J. of Elmira; Rev. C. E. of Bellona NY; H. C. of Binghamton NY; Mrs. George R. Cornwell (Kate) of Penn Yan and Rev. W. S. of Mansfield
1886 25-Aug Bd Howe, J. C. bd. J. C. Howe of Mansfield was 70 last Wed.
1886 20-Oct Bd Packard, Mrs. Rebecca bd. Mrs. Rebecca Packard was 92 at Covington twp., last Wed. - 10 children present - Mrs. P. W. Doud, Mainesburg (age 71), A. G. of Portville NY, D. Packard of Monroeville, Ohio, Mrs. Mary Ingraham, Richmond twp., Mrs. L. S. Smith, Silver Creek Pa., J. H. of Covington twp., N. R. of Mainesburg., Mrs. I. R. Ford, Shippen twp., and A. F. of Cherry Flats (age 47)
1886 10-Nov Bd Pride, C. R. bd. C. R. Pride of Knoxville was 71 last Thurs.
1886 22-Sep Bd Rorapaugh, Clarence bd. Clarence Rorapaugh of Mansfield was 26 Saturday
1886 21-Apr Bd Spear, Mrs. L. R. bd. Mrs. L. R. Spear of Mardin was 80 Apr 15th, came to Lambs Creek 1816 with parents and brothers William C. and Dwight Ripley from Cooperstown, NY
1886 5-May Bd Wilcox, J. P. bd. J. P. Wilcox of Tioga was 62 (what day?). He is one of 9 children, all present; Mrs. Clute, Corning; Mrs. Calkins, Elmira; Mrs. Mott, Mansfield; Miss Carrie Wilcox, Elkland; Mr. Wilcox, Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Pitts, all of East Charleston. He (J. P.) has a daughter Mrs. Tuttle of Addison NY
1886 13-Jan Bd Young, W. W. bd. W. W. Young of Austinville was 45 (no date)
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