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son of John Collson, whose history is given elsewhere, was born in the town of Dorset, Rutland Co., Vt., April 4, 1802. He spent his youth at home on the farm. He was fifteen years old the spring following his father’s removal to Pennsylvania, and aided in chopping and clearing land until the date of his marriage, which occurred Feb. 10, 1822. He chose for his companion, Mary, daughter of Henry Tice, of Chemung County, who was one of the first settlers of the town of Baldwin, then Chemung. By this union there were born eight children, viz., Elizabeth, living at home; Jerusha, wife of Charles D. Woohouse; William; Mary, wife of Abram Shipman, of Elmira; Susan, wife of George Woodhouse; Warren; Elmira, wife of Edmund Woodhouse; and Jonathan. At the age of twenty our subject began life as a farmer, purchasing 57 acres, and began clearing and improving. He built a log house, but some five years after exchanged this property for a tract of 57 acres one and a half miles east of Hammond’s Corners. This he has added to until he has accumulated about 170 acres.

Mr. Collson is one of the pioneers of this town. He has been commissioner of highways for two years, and although frequently solicited for other positions, has declined the honors. His youngest son, Jonathan, is the present supervisor of the town of Baldwin. Prior to Buchanan’s administration he was a Democrat. Ever opposed to the extension of slavery, and of free-soil proclivities, he has been a faithful exponent of Republican principles since 1856. Mr. and Mrs. Collson have both passed their threescore and ten, the latter having been born March 10, 1796.

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