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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
History of Tompkins, Schuyler, Chemung, Tioga 1879
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Chapter History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins, and
Schulyer Counties, New York
Preface 3
Ch. I Voyage and Discovery 9
Ch. II Pre-Historic Occupancy 10
Ch. III The Revolution - Sullivan's Campaign 13
Ch. IV Land Titles - Colonial Grants & Charters 19
Ch. V Geology of the Four Counties 27
Ch. VI Internal Improvements 29
Ch. VII Military History 32
Ch. VIII Military History (continued) 37
Ch. IX Military History (continued) 42
Ch. X Military History (continued) 45
Ch. XI Military History (continued) 51
Ch. XII Military History (continued) 59
Ch. XIII Military History (continued) 66
Tioga County (NY) (Not to be included)
Chemung County
XXXV Settlement & Progress 205
XXXVI Civil History 206
XXXVII Public Buildings 211
XXXVIII Political History 221
XXXIX The Chemung Civil List 223
XL Educational and Religious 224
XLI The Learned Professions 227
XLII The Press of Chemung County 239
XLIII Societies 245
XLIV The City & Town of Elmira 247
XLV The City of Elmira (cont.) Ecclesiastical History  253
XLVI The City of Elmira (cont.) Societies, Schools, etc. 259
XLVII The Town of Elmira
Military (In Process)
XLVIII The Town of Ashland 304
XLIX The Town of Baldwin 310
L The Town of Big Flats 317
LI The Town of Catlin 324
LII The Town of Chemung 327
LIII The Town of Erin 335
LIV The Town of Horseheads 339
LV The Town of Southport 349
LVI The Town of Veteran 356
LVII Town of Van Etten 368
Chemung County
James Dunn facing 234r
Elijah P. Brooks BT 234,235
Thomas Maxwell BT 234,235
Lorenzo Webber BT 248,249
William R. Judson Facing 252
Daniel Pratt BT 258,259
Ransom Pratt BT 258,259
John D. Williams 261
Asher Tyler Facing 262
Simeon Benjamin BT 262,263
John T. Rathbun BT 262,263
Thaddeus C. Cowen Facing 270
Solomon L. Gillet Facing 271
William Hoffman  Facing 274
J. M. Robinson Facing 275
Robert C. Cable  Facing 276
Richmond Jones Facing 278
Archibald Jenkins Facing 279
Alexander S. Diven 281
John Wheeler Wisner 283
John Arnot 284
Lyman Covell 285
Stephen Tuttle 283
Tracy Beadle 287
Patrick Henry Flood 287
Abel Stowell 288
Jefferson Burr Clark Facing 289
John G. McDowell 289
Hollis S. Chubbuck 289
Jud Smith
Rebecca Matthews
BT 306,307
Chas. E. Coffey 309
Richard Lockwood &
Susan Fischler
Oliver Comfort
Myrtilla Coleman
Levi Little
Abigail Smith
Facing 312
Jeremiah McCumber 314
Jonathan Collson
Mary Tice
Anthony Collson
Eunice Mudge
Philander Collson 316
Nehemiah Cooper 317
Lauren A. Tuttle BT 320, 321
William A. Tuttle BT 320, 321
Varnum McDowell BT 322, 323
David J. Park BT 322, 323
Henry Farr
Jane McCann
BT 322, 323
Charles L. Bacon
Facing 323
Reuben M. Mundy 323
John Kimble BT 324, 325
C. L. Ten Brook BT 324, 325
Henry Backer
Julia Gould
Facing 326
J. J. Cooper
Elizabeth Frank
Nelson Warren
Jerusha Griswold
Garrett M. Hollenback
Mary Woolever
Facing 336
Charles Hullett BT 340, 341
Peter Wintermute BT 340, 341
Jonathan B. Mosher BT 340, 341
Comfort Bennett
Abigail Miller
Facing 341
John Brees
Mary Ann Truesdale
Facing 342
Ulysses Brees
Elizabeth Langdon
Facing 344
Walter L. Dailey BT 344, 345
I. Wintermute BT 344, 345
James A. Christie 347
Robert P. Bush 347
Joseph Livesay
Sally Bennett
Daniel Dalrymple
Emily Edsall
John Brown
Martha C. Waier
Edmund Miller 355
Miller McHenry 356
Asher R. Frost BT 360, 361
Henry Crandell BT 360, 361
Reuben Tifft
Sally Turner
Facing 362
James M. Van Duzer 363
Horace Seaman 364
Moses Cole 365
Charles Hall 366
S. A. Beardsley 366
John Turner 367
S. R. Page 367
Illustrations  Page
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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
History of Tompkins, Schuyler, Chemung, Tioga 1879
Chemung County Section
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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