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son of John Cooper, and grandson of John Cooper, Sr., a native of New Jersey, was born in the town of Enfield, Tompkins Co., N. Y., Nov. 7, 1822. At the age of three years he removed with his father’s family to Alpine, Cayuga Co., where he resided for nine years. He then removed to the town of Chemung (now Baldwin), in Chemung County, where he assisted his father in clearing and improving the farm. He was thus engaged until his twenty-fourth year. In 1842 he purchased twenty-eight and a half acres of land, and two years later twenty-six acres more, after which he embarked in agricultural pursuits upon his own possessions. This small beginning was the nucleus of his present fine farm and home.

In 1846 he married Charlotte, daughter of William Woodhouse, a native of Rutland Co., Vt. By this union were born to them five children, viz., Hannah Ophelia, George Franklin (died young), Lloyd H., Delphine, and Monroe. The latter died at the age of ten years.

Mr. Cooper, like so many of our successful American farmers, is a self-made man, his chances for an education having been quite limited. For several years he was proprietor of a hotel, but abandoned it for the more congenial pursuit which now engages his attention. In politics he is a Democrat, and he has served his town as assessor for three years, as collector for two years, and has held other offices in the gift of his fellow-townsmen.

 John Kimble was born in Sussex Co., N. J., May 23, 1789, and is consequently now in his ninetieth year. He is the son of Peter and Eve (Kouse) Kimble, who were among the old settlers of his native county. He received what little education he had time to acquire in the public schools of Sussex Co., N. J., and has followed agricultural pursuits as a vocation the greater part of his life.
 On the 6th of March, 1816, he united in marriage with Lydia Scott, daughter of Joseph Scott, who was born at Muncy, Pa., on the 16th of March, 1793. She died on the 19th of June, 1839. They had a family of nine children, the names of whom, and the dates of whose births, are as follows: Peter, born March 5, 1817; married Mary Davis. Eve, born Nov. 5, 1818; died March 30, 1841. Henry S., born Dec. 29, 1820; married Lucetta Stine. Deborah, born June 10, 1822; married Phineas Catlin, of Odessa. Joseph, born June 24, 1825; married Sarah Austin. George, born Dec. 24, 1826; married Mrs. Martha Ray. William, born May 27, 1829; died Feb. 23, 1856. Jemima, born Sept. 25, 1832; married James Becker. John, born Aug. 29, 1837; died March 31, 1841.
 Between two and three years after the death of his first wife, Mr. Kimble married again, August 15, 1841, choosing as his second wife Mrs. Martha Truesdell, by whom he had two children, namely: James D., born February 15, 1847; married Lizzie Lane. Charles A., born October 8, 1850; died May 13, 1862.
 Mr. Kimble removed to the town of Catlin in 1844, and has since resided there. He has reached the good old age of eighty-nine years, and is still hale and hearty, which is owing to the regularity of his habits, and a temperate and industrious life. He has been an enterprising farmer for many years, and has lived an honest and upright life. His friends and neighbors regard him as a man of irreproachable reputation, whose life has been as nearly blameless as it is possible for erring humanity to be. In politics Mr. Kimble is a Republican; in religious belief he is liberal.
 The portrait which accompanies this brief sketch of his life has been inserted by his daughter, Mrs. Phineas Catlin, as a token of filial regard, and as a deserving representation of a worthy man on the pages of local history.
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