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1957 Mansfield Borough History
Chapter VI - 1913-1929
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Chemung County NY
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1957 Mansfield Borough History Table of Contents
Submitted by Chester P. Bailey
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Diana HANCOCK Moilanen

Straughn Hall, 1929
Chapter VI  1913-1929
This period of almost seventeen years is one for which there were available no sources of information except the minutes of the Council and some scattered papers. For some years only one paper was found. This is most unfortunate for it includes the years of World War I. During that time we know that the citizens were engaged in many patriotic activities. Organizations of "Minute Men" went out selling war bonds. The record on the wall at Strait’s Hardware shows the contribution made by the community in terms of manpower. Many of our present citizens spent considerable time in the trenches in France. The Austin-Cox Post of the American Legion, in its name, bears tribute to two who paid the supreme sacrifice.

Much of the history of the period has to do with the changes brought about by the coming of the automobile. Two of these, the paving of streets and the building of garages are so prominent that they have to carry the story right down to the present.

In 1920 the President’s Mansion at the College was built, in 1925-26 the new Presbyterian Church was built, and in 1917 the Holy Child Church was erected.

In 1919 the Council purchased a chemical engine for $500.00 and a second hand scraper for work on unimproved streets. In 1926 a grader was bought. The tax rate during part of this period was 10 mills for general purposes and four mills for sinking funds, but was increased to fourteen mills and four mills to meet the increased cost of the paving. Ransom Bryant was night watch for most of the time at a salary of $20.00 per month. Ordinances were passed for a curfew in 1919; against dumping rubbish on the streets and driving on the sidewalks in 1924, and prohibiting fireworks in 1928.

In 1924 the Girl Scouts organized their first troop in Mansfield. In 1925 the American Legion installed the Boulevard Lights at the square. In 1928 the markers and plates at the Borough limits on No. 6 and 15 were erected by the combined Womens’ Clubs. In 1927 it was agreed with the Alumni of the old Soldiers’ Orphans School that they might erect a marker in memory of Fordyce A. Allen at the N. W. corner on the square.

In the fall of 1926 a Community Bazaar to raise money with which to buy a fire engine was held. This was truly a community effort extending over most of a week, centering in the Grange Hall, and was very successful. In connection with the fire siren which had been purchased by the Council in 1922 and which was blown at noon from Palmer’s Jewelry Store, as well as for fires, much better fire protection was provided for the community.

Two other community efforts are worthy of notice. At this time, of course, there were not available State Welfare Services, nor County Nurses, and other services now provided for the County. In 1926 there was organized the Mansfield Welfare Association and in 1924 the Community Nurse Association. Both were supported at this time by annual drives made throughout the community. The Welfare Association has continued to this time though there is less demand for its services now than in the past. The Community Nurse at first gave half her time to the schools and half to any needy cases in the town. Her work was partly supported by the School Board, and later partly by the College also. In 1950 she became a school nurse giving all her time to the children in the schools and paid by the college and the school board.

The Physicians during this period were: H. C. Harkness, L. J. Neal, F. G. Wood to 1916; J. H. Doane from about 1918: F. G. Elliott.

The Dentists were A. W. Edstrom to 1927; Robert DeWaters from 1927; J. E. Williamson and Adolph Schlappi.

The Lawyers were: Frank W. Clark, Harvey Leach, and for a few years Donald Rockwell.

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