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1957 Mansfield Borough History
Chapter X Old Homes
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1957 Mansfield Borough History Table of Contents
Submitted by Chester P. Bailey
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Diana HANCOCK Moilanen
The earliest Seminary (Normal School) Buildings show here as well as the Old White School (Public School in Center)
History of Mansfield Borough 1857-1957

by George A. Retan, Ph.D.
Pictures Collected by Chester P. Bailey

Published by The Council of Mansfield Borough 1956
Copyright Mansfield Advertiser 1957
Reprinted on Tri-Counties Site by permission of Chester P. Bailey, former owner of Mansfield Advertiser

Chapter X - Old Homes

This list is very incomplete. It has been limited by the failure of the Advertiser to give any mention of the homes being built during the seventies other than to say that twenty-four homes were built in 1877. The assessment list of the Borough was of some help, but too many homes were simply given as "very old." It is also true, of course, that the oldest homes have often been added to, or remodeled, so that the do not appear to be old. It is hoped that the list is reasonably accurate:

Probably Built Before 1850

North Main Street:---

No. 18—The original A. J. Ross house. It was sold to Dr. Fred Elliott in 1892, and in 1937 became the Shaw Funeral Home.

Nos. 72, 80, 84 and 98 appear on the 1857 map of M. L. Clark.

No. 107 was built in 1850 or earlier and was the hotel of Oliver W. Phelps until 1863.

No. 241—The Henry Allen house.

No. 304—Built in 1838 or 39 by Capt. Ezra Davis. This house was a station on the Underground Railroad; run-a-way slaves were kept in the attic by John C. Howe, who owned the home for many years.

No. 473—Built in 1835.

South Main Street:--

No. 18—Built shortly after 1829. This was the Brundage Hotel for many years.

No. 146—This is the oldest house still in use. It was built in 1824 by Daniel Holden.

No. 376—The old Butts House.

No. 272—The first brick house, built in 1841 by Ben Gitchell.

Prospect street, No. 45.

Extension Street, No. 56.

East Wellsboro Street, No. 46.

Sherwood Street, Nos. 27 and 28.

St. James Street, No. 317.

Sullivan Street, No. 49-51, the old Baptist Church moved to this location.

South Academy Street, Nos. 20-24, the old Mansfield School House to 1880.

North Academy Street, No. 21, the Clark House on 1857 map.

East Elmira Street, No. 21, the Lawrence House, No. 38, No. 53, the Lamb House, No. 67, the Slingerland House.

Probably Built in the Fifties

East Main Street, No. 161;

College Avenue, No. 24;

First Street, No. 80;

Sherwood Street, Nos. 27

and 105; East Elmira Street, No. 26.

St. James Street, Nos. 181, 214, 260.

East Wellsboro Street, No. 51, the Cummings House;
No. 61, The Captain Pitts House.

North Academy Street, No. 45, possibly built by S. B. Elliott; No. 54.

Probably Built in the Sixties

St. James Street, No. 54 and 125.

Sherwood Street, No. 19, the Dorsett House; No. 22, built in 1863; No. 81, the John Kohn House; No. 55, the Kingsley House; No. 84, the Dr. Cole House.

First Street, No. 37; Brooklyn Street, No. 195.

Prospect Street, No. 49, built by Rev. N. L. Reynolds, a Baptist minister, and for many years the home of Dr. C. V. Elliott.

Morris Avenue, No. 49, reputed to have been a plank school house originally on West Wellsboro Street and may be much older.

Probably Built in the Seventies

North Main Street, No. 36, the Murdaugh House; No. 176, R. R. Kingsley; No. 181, Clark Sherwood; No. 375.

South Main Street, No. 82, and the two houses south by Dr. Smythe; No. 130, the Backer House; No. 170, the Dan Pitts House; No. 207.

St. James Street, No. 65, William Barton; Nos. 96, 120, 151, 184, 196.

West Elmira Street, No. 68; East Elmira Street, No. 85; Extension Street, Nos. 64 and 82.

Sullivan Street, Nos. 5 and 7.

South Academy Street, No. 91, the Williamson House; No. 241.

College Avenue, No. 48, the Verrill House; No. 71, the Allen House; No. 24, the Holden House.

Brooklyn Street, Tom Bailey built nine houses on this street probably including Nos. 2, 145, 155, and 217.

Sherwood Street, Nos. 48 and 65, the Homer Kingsley House.

First Street, No. 56; Second Street, No. 117

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