Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
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A Quarterly Magazine of History and Biography
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Towanda, Pa.

Includes some volumes from 1953-1961, and all volumes from 1969-1998.

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"The Settler" is available for review at the Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda, PA.  The Society also sells individual copies of current and archival issues.  For more information see

Some branches of the Bradford County Library also hold issues.  To contact them see

The following libraries also own sections of "The Settler:" 

In Pennsylvania: 
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, 1- 1952-to date 
James V Brown Library, Williamsport, 1- 1952-to date 
Mansfield University, Mansfield, 15- 1977-to date 
State Library of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg; v.7- 1969-to date
Some copies are also held by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg;
the Pennsylvania State University, University Park; and the University of Pittsburgh.

In New York:
Onondaga Co Pub Library, Syracuse, 1-5 1952-to date(?)
Steele Memorial Library, Elmira, 6- 1961-to date
New York State Historical Assn Library, Cooperstown, 1-6 1952-1961 

In IL, WI, OH and MI:
Winnetka-Northfield Pub Library District, Winnetka, IL, 1953-1959 (incomplete) 
State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library, Madison WI, v.1-v.23, v.30-v.36 1952-1997 
Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee WI, 13- 1975-to date
Also some issues held by:
Western Reserve Historical Society Library, Cleveland OH; Flint Public Library, Flint MI. 

Contact your local library for other holding libraries, citing OCLC Number: 6684424

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Articles by Subject - then in Chronological Order
Authors & Named Persons
1953/12 The Geology of Bradford County Richmond E. Myers
1957/12 The Archaeologist's Chronology N/A
1970/09 A Peccary, Platygonus Compressus LeConte [fossils] Re: Merton Harkness
1978/02 Archaeological Discoveries in Bradford County Charles L. Lucy
1975/11 Wages The Hon. Amasa Walker
1991/02 History of Banking in Pennsylvania Francis William Miller
1994/05 1900 Bradford County Directory: Banks and Bankers N/A
1994/05 1907-1908 Bradford Co. Directory: Banks and Bankers N/A
1994/05 Bankers N/A
1994/05 Citizens National Bank of Towanda N/A
1994/05 Coins George Stebinsky
1994/05 Currency Art Van Riper
1994/05 Money John Kenneth Galbriath
1994/05 The Towanda Bank Towanda Bank Official Book of Minutes
1994/05 Towanda Banks Clement Heverly
1994/05 Troy Banks N/A
1994/09 Banking Business The First National Bank of Towanda
1997/05 "High Finance" As It Was Back in 1872 John A. Biles
1954/11 Histories of Bradford County N/A
1973/05 J. Lewis Schanbacker, 'Boy of Appalachia 1900-1910' Bradford Co. Historical Society
1984/02 Cook Book & Home Guide 1877 The Towanda Review
1991/02 Cook's Jingles Troy Civic League Cook Book
1992/05 Bradford County Directory-Athens 1900 George Hanford
1992/05 Bradford County Directory-New Albany 1900 George Hanford
1992/05 Bradford County Directory-Springfield Twp 1900 George Hanford
1992/11 Reprint Edition of Craft's History of Bradford Co. Settler
1994/02 Heverly's Pioneer & Patriot Families Reprinted Settler
1995/02 County History Update Henry Farley
1995/05 Family Histories Needed for Brad. Co. History Update N/A
1995/09 Armenia Mountain Boy Jaames Serrett Smith
1996/11 New Bradford County History Book Available N/A
(Also See Homes & Farms; Churches; Courts; Post Offices)
1956/11 The Pioneer's Log Cabin N/A
1957/09 Taverns, Inns, Hotels, to Motels N/A
1970/09 The Round Barn of Stevensville Ronald L. Blaine
1973/11 The Van Dyne Civic Building Mary Mills
1978/02 The Necessary House Sylvia Wilson
1978/09 Libraries in Bradford County Dawes Markwell
1980/02 The Troy Civic Building Pat Barber
1988/02 The Keystone Theater, Towanda Ashton Merrill
1988/09 Murray's Inn - Athens Louise W. Murray
1996/02 Towanda Historic Dist/Natl. Register - Historical Places Lillian Larrabee
1997/05 The County Poor House Bradford Reporter
1997/05 The County Seat of 1828 N/A
1998/05 Canton's Old Hotels Matthew Carl
1998/09 Historic Structure Report (HSR) Nancy VanDolson & Wendy Zug-Gilbert
(Also See Banking; Lumbering; News)
1953/07 Early Mills N/A
1954/04 An Early Newspaper N/A
1956/11 Early Apprentices N/A
1960/01 The Great Days of Maple Sugar Roy L Butterfield
1961/01 The Passenger Pigeon Catherine McCann
1969/03 Boiling Sap Dawes Markwell
1969/06 Orwell Hill: Its Business and Industry Ethel Cowels
1969/11 Early Electrical Wiring in Bradford Co. Paul R. Harden
1970/05 Towanda Steam Plant D. R. Smith
1971/05 Beaver's Bees Vera Ellenberger
1971/09 American Weaving Charles B. Blanchard
1973/05 A History of the Towanda Motor Vehicle Company Donald J. Summar
1973/09 The Eureka Mower Ashton Merrill
1973/09 Tobacco Henry Earl Benedict
1973/11 Business Locals in 1890 The Bradford Argus
1973/11 The Troy Fire Department Agnes Bailey Clark
1975/05 Long's Roller Mills Troy Gazette Register
1976/09 Pioneer Enterprises in Smithfield Bradford County History
1976/09 Walrods Match Factory, East Smithfield Garrett Marcus Walrod
1977/11 Shorthorn Cattle in Bradford County Laura Baxter
1978/09 The Smith Sanitarian June Mickley
1980/11 Grain Mills N/A
1981/02 Towanda's Toytown Ashton Merrill
1981/05 Wallace's Store Thomas B. Case
1982/02 Shops at Old Tioga Point Louise Welles Murray
1985/09 Pail Factory June Sluyter Jennings
1985/11 The Towanda Motor Vehicle Company Donald J. Summar
1988/02 The Great Days of Maple Sugar Roy L. Butterfield
1989/09 A Day in the Life of a Coal Miner on Barklay Mt. Clarence A. Landmesser
1989/11 The Ice Wagon James A. Griffin
1989/11 Towanda Silk Mill Agnes Mitchell
1991/02 Towanda's Last Carriage Painter Elizabeth Watson Able
1991/05 The Frost Family And It's Furniture Business James Sterrett Smith
1994/02 Anton Loder and the Towanda Brewery J. Acuna M.D. & D. Phillip Van Wieren
1995/05 LeRoy Twp Boasts Many Thriving Enterprises Canton Independent Sentinel
1997/05 Minnequa's Golden Age Dennis Miller
CAMP 103
1995/02 Camp 103 - Part I James Sterrett Smith
1995/05 Camp 103 - Part II James Sterrett Smith
1995/09 Camp 103 - Part III Settler
1995/11 Camp 103 - Conclusion James Sterrett Smith
1960/01 Cemetery Records Cole's Cemetery
1992/05 The Ford Family Cemetery Jeannie Vuichard
1953/07 A Pioneer Church N/A
1969/03 Early Churches Louise McCarty
1970/02 The Churches of Springfield Gladys Burnham
1970/05 The Churches of Springfield Gladys Burnham
1970/11 The Presbyterian Church Ashton Merrill
1971/11 Ulster Village Presbyterian Church Mattie M Howie
1972/05 Moravian Mission at Ulster N/A
1973/05 Catholic Churches of Ridgebury Gladys Burnham
1973/05 The Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul Rose Lewis
1980/05 The Old Burlington Church Thomas B. Case
1982/02 100th Birthday Celebration of Ward Methodist Church Elizabeth M. Boyd
1982/09 The Windows of Christ Episcopal Church Towanda David F. Fortney
1988/05 Old Churches in Bradford Co.-Leona Methodist Evelyn Guthrie
1988/05 Old Churches of Bradford Co.-Old Burlington Methodist Tom Case
1988/05 Old Churches of Bradford Co.-Powell United Methodist N/A
1988/05 Old Churches of Bradford Co.-Presbyterian of Troy N/A
1988/05 Old Churches of Bradford Co.-Sylvania Presbyterian Wendell T. Card
1989/02 The Old Rutland Church, Near Austinville R. Ross G. Watkins
1989/05 The Free Will Baptist Society - East Troy Marion Ballard
1992/02 GR: Churches Phyllis Patten
1992/02 GR: St. Peter and Paul's Henry G. Farley
1997/02 Baptist Mission to the Wilderness, 807 Todd A. Farmerie
1997/05 Friends The Banner Democrat
1997/09 Pond Hill/Lake Wesauking Church & Sunday School Doris Hugo
(Also see County Misc.)
1958/06 Commonwealth Land Titles N/A
1971/11 Early History of Bradford County Kathy Thompson
1972/09 Local Names Origin & History Clement F. Heverly
1975/09 A Study Guide of Bradford County Bi-Centennial Issue
1980/09 The Story of Oil C.F. Talman
1987/05 The Organization of Bradford County N/A
1988/09 A Century Review of U.S. Presidents Daily Review
1998/02 Overview of Bradford County Miss Gladys E. Gay
1953/12 Bradford County - - Agricultural N/A
1953/12 Bradford County - - Congressmen N/A
1953/12 Bradford County - - Education N/A
1953/12 Bradford County - - Financial N/A
1953/12 Bradford County - - Geographical N/A
1953/12 Bradford County - - Governmental N/A
1953/12 Bradford County - - Industry N/A
1953/12 Bradford County - - Officials N/A
1953/12 Bradford County - - State Legislature N/A
1971/11 Bradford County Mildred Knights
1984/02 The Origin & Development of Public Assistance in Pa. Comm. Dept. of Public Assistance
1993/02 Bradford - One County indivisible? The Settler
1997/09 Structural Development of Bradford County Board of Commission Bradford County
1953/07 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges Edward Herrick
1953/12 Bradford County - - Judiciary N/A
1953/12 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges John Nesbit Conyngham
1954/04 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges Horace Williston
1954/11 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges David Wilmot
1955/02 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges David Bullock
1955/11 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges Ulysses Mercur
1956/04 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges Ferris B. Streeter
1956/11 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges Paul Dudley Morrow
1957/09 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges Albert C. Fanning
1957/12 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges Adelbert Canedy Fanning
1958/06 Thumb Nail Sketches of Our President Judges William Maxwell
1958/09 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges William Maxwell
1959/01 Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges Charles M Culver
1960/01 Thumb Nail Sketches of Our President Judges William M Rosenfield
1961/01 Errata - Thumb Nail Sketches of our President Judges Errata
1970/11 The Dred Scott Case Benson J. Lossing LL.D
1975/02 Francis X. Homet Justice of the Peace Asylum Township 1829-1840
1984/02 Our Second Bradford County Court House Leo E. Wilt
1985/02 Land For The Landless Pa. Historical Commission
1986/02 Towanda & The Brink Robbery James Sullivan
1990/05 The First Jail in Bradford County Marlene Whipple
1993/02 Bradford County Judiciary The Settler
1997/09 Bradford County Courthouses Doris Hugo
1998/09 HSR: Architectural History of the Jail Nancy VanDolson & Wendy Zug-Gilbert
1998/09 HSR: History of the Bradford County Jail Nancy VanDolson & Wendy Zug-Gilbert
1998/09 HSR: Sheriffs of Bradford County, 1812-1996 Nancy VanDolson & Wendy Zug-Gilbert
1998/09 Journal of the Jail Finance Committee T. Robert Veleker
1958/06 The Crafts of Our Early Settlers N/A
1959/01 The Crafts of Our Early Settlers N/A
1961/01 Early Entertainment in Troy Francis D ("Pat") Ballard
1989/11 How To Make Farm Paint Emery Allen
(Also See People; Recollections)
1953/07 The Pioneers in the Wilderness N/A
1955/11 Pioneer Life and Suffering in the Susquehanna Valley Sarah York
1977/11 Life in Early Bradford County David Russel Haswell
1992/02 GR: Rural Life Dr. Sandra Folzer
1992/02 GR: Schooldays Grace Wright Selleck
1992/02 GR: Schooldays Henry G. Farley
1992/02 GR: Schooldays Dr. Sandra Folzer
1972/11 The 1972 Flood Dennis Irvine
1995/09 Fire!
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1971/02 Notes on the Genealogy of Bradford County Rudy L. Slingerland
1977/05 Growing a Family Tree Sylvia Sumner Williams
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