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1885 Seven Counties History - Bradford County PA
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HISTORY OF SEVEN COUNTIES presented by the Elmira Weekly Gazette". It is an “Outline History of Tioga and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania, Chemung, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins and Schuyler in New York by TOWNSHIPS, VILLAGES, BORO’S AND CITIES.” Written expressly for the Gazette Company, Elmira, N. Y. Copyright 1885.From AN OUTLINE HISTORY of Tioga and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania, Chemung, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins and Schuyler in New York by TOWNSHIPS, VILLAGES, BORO'S AND CITIES"


In 1801, Mount Zion township was organized; the Commissioners to fix the boundaries were Ezekiel Hyde, Josiah Grant, William Spalding.  In 1802, the name was changed to Orwell.  It is bounded on the north by the townships of Windham and Warren; on the east by Warren and Pike; on the south by Herrick; on the west by Rome.  Wysox creek, Jerome and Johnson’s creeks are its principal streams.  It is a very fertile and productive township.  There are four post offices in the town, and several small villages and hamlets.

The early settlers were Daniel Russell, Capt. Josiah Grant, Francis Mesusan, Ebenezer Chubbuck, Nathaniel Chubbuck, Ashel Johnson, Zenas Cook, Artemus Johnson, Truman Johnson, Edmund Johnson, Cyprian Allen Samuel Wells, Capt. Samuel Woodruff, Adrian Manville, Levi Frisbie, Richard Marks, William Johnson, Asa Upson, Theron Darling, Abel Darling, John Pierce, Alpheus Choate, Joel Barnes, William Raney, Libbeus Roberts, Capt. John Grant, Joel Cook, William Keeler, Mark Mesusan, George Pendleton, William Pendleton, Hamilton Champlain, Noah Shaffee, John Wheaton, Samuel Mathews, Amos Coburn, Ebenezer Coburn, Miles Pierce, Milton Humphrey, Alvin Humphrey, Parley Coburn, James Bowen, Jason Potter, Uri Cook, Chauncey Frisbie, James Newell, Randall Mathews, Henry W. Hind, Ithiel Allis, William Sexton, Jason Chaffee, Jacob Wickizer, Samuel Wheaton.

--The first Temperance Society was organized in 1829.
--The first school was taught in 1803 by Clarissa Woodruff.
--The first death was the wife of Adrian Manville, May 1, 1801.
--Potterville was named in honor of Jason Potter an early settler.
--The first permanent settlement was made in the township by Daniel Russell.
--Joel Johnson born May 18, 1799, was the first white child born in the township.
--Orwell was named in honor of a town in the State of Vermont, from which some of the early settlers came.
--Capt. Josiah Grant an early settler, was a revolutionary soldier, and a cousin to General Ethan Allen.  He commanded a company of the Green Mountain boys.
--Capt. Josiah Grant, Capt. Samuel Woodruff, Capt. John Grant, Joel Cook, Ebenezer Chubbuck, George Pendleton, Ashel Johnson, were early settlers of Orwell, and soldiers of the revolutionary  War.
--Orwell Library Association was organized in 1812.  The first annual meeting of the Association  was held Feb. 16, 1813; Thomas Elliott, Chairman; J. M. Piolett, Secretary; J. M. Piolett, Jacob  Bell, William Myer, William F. Dinninger, Ashel Johnson, Executive Committee; Doct. S. T.  Barstow Librarian and Treasurer.

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