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Orwell Township

in Bradford County,


Orwell Township Histories
Named for Orwell, Vermont, earlier home of many settlers. Renamed from the older township of Mt. Zion
Mother Township for Warren, Windham, Pike, Rome and Herrick
Orwell Township History by H. C. Bradsby
Orwell Township History from Seven Counties Outline ...
Orwell Township History by D. C. Craft
Township Articles
Township Postcards & Photos
Orwell Village 1912 & 1999
Post Offices
Orwell PO
North Orwell PO
Potterville PO
Allis Hollow PO
South Hill PO
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Villages Past & Present
Orwell Township Census Records
1800 Ulster Township, Luzerne County
1810 Orwell Towship, Luzerne County
1820 Orwell Township Census
1830 Orwell Township Census
1840 Orwell Township Census
1850 Orwell Township Census
1860 Orwell Township Census
(Volunteer Needed)
1870 Orwell Township Census
1880 Orwell Township Census
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 Volunteers needed
Orwell Township Directories
1900 Orwell Township Directory 1907/08 Orwell Township Directory
Township Tax Records
1812 Taxables at County Formation
Orwell Township Cemetery Records
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Darling Cemetery/ East Orwell (KMJ)(2000)  Darling Cemetery/ East Orwell (RW)(2000)
Darling Cemetery Obituaries Orwell Valley Cemetery Obituaries
Orwell Valley Cemetery (1955) Orwell Valley Cemetery (2008)
Jillson Cemetery/ Orwell (1999)
Jillson Cemetery Obituaries
Ransom Corners (Labbeus Roberts, Rev.War)
North Orwell Cemetery (2008)
South Hill Cemetery (2000)
Orwell Hill  Cemetery (1999) / Orwell / Old Cemetery of the First Presbyterian Church 
of Orwell - (Also called Orwell Ridge, I believe)
Orwell Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Woodruff's Corners  Cemetery
Allis Hollow Cemetery (1955)
Allis Hollow Cemetery [2008]
Spaulding Cemetery
North Orwell Cemetery Obituaries
South Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Wells Cemetery (2000)
Roswell & Polly Russell Farms
Orwell Township Schools
1868 School Photo 1917 Allis Hollow School
Orwell High School 1930/1935 Allis Hollow School
1916 Allis Hollow School Tater Hill School (North Woods)
Potterville School House by Sarah Edsell 2002 1898 Potterville School 1899 Potterville School
1901 Potterville School 1901 Potterville School 1905 Potterville School
1912 Potterville School 1914 Potterville School 1916 Potterville School
1921 Potterville School 1922 Potterville School
1920. 1922, 1923 Orwell High School
1869 Orwell School Districts
1. (Not Named in Atlas) 7. (Not Named in Atlas)
2. (Not Named in Atlas)  8. (Not Named in Atlas)
3. Wells Hollow District 9. (Not Named in Atlas)
4. South Hill District 10. Russelville District
5. Allis Hollow District 11. Union District
6. Potterville District Orwell Village - Independent District
Orwell Township Business Histories & Photos
1907 Orwell Businesses
Orwell Township Organizations
1917 - A Play at the Orwell Grange 1957 Orwell Grange Members Photo
Amateur Dramatics at Orwell 1901 - 1934
Orwell Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
A History of the Churches of Orwell
by V. C. Detty
Orwell Township Family Bible Records
Robinson-Parker  Family Bible Barber-Wilcox Family
Hill - Holt Family Bible Beardslee - Darling Bible
Orwell Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Dolly FOX and her daughter Eliza HILL
of Orwell & Windham
1892 Cyrus COOK & Caroline ELLSWORTH of Potterville
1901-1904 Reunion Notes of Robinson Family
Emmett Manchester,  Centenarian Joel Cook Genealogy & 1838 Poem by Cyrus Cook to Caroline Ellsworth
1846 Ralph Cook Death Memento Manchester Family Reunions
Orwell Township Resident Photo Album
Some Potterville Group Photos
Potterville Family Photos
Orwell Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents
1858 - The Path Master
1877 Civil War Pension Van Orman
1892 - Will of Cyrus Cook
1885 Civil War Pension Van Orman
1860 Oliver Ellsworth Will
1868 Will Mary KEITH Ellsworth
John Hill Pension Documents
Orwell Township Military Records
Civil War Pass for Cyrus Cook
WW2 - Three Potterville Brothers
Orwell Township Sports 
1927 Potterville Aces Baseball
1933 Orwell High School Basketball
Orwell Population Statistics
1840 Orwell Township = 1037
1887 Orwell Township including the 
following villages = 1307
1887 Orwell Village = 157
1887 Potterville Village = 120