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Mt. Pisgah in Springfield 1880s

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Postcards: Tower on Mt. Pisgah 
Township: Springfield Township, Bradford County PA
of Springfield
Year: 1870s - 1880s
Article sent in by Dick Dryer
Postcards from Collection of Joyce M. Tice
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Subj: Moses Gustin Mt. Pisgah Tower
Date: 08/08/2000 1:02:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: JoyceTice

Hi Joyce,
Here is the story as it was written by Dorothy Cleaveland Salisbury. She was the wife of Elon G. Salisbury 4 a Grandson of John Salisbury and Hannah Grace Salisbury. This was apparently written around 1964. To lead into this story, let me tell you something of the Salisbury connection to the Graces and Leonards and the  Gustins.

John Salisbury of Phepls, NYcame to the Troy/Springfield Township area in 1831 and bought a 400 acre farm which included all or part of Mt. Pisgah. On May 31, 1832, he married Hannah Grace, daughter of William Grace and Hannah Salisbury , her Mother was a 1st Cousin to John Salisbury.  Hannah Grace's Grandmother was Mara SARGEANT (Grace), the "Molly Pitcher" of the battle at Bunker Hill..  The farm that John Salisbury and Hannah Grace owned was on Sugar Creek (today'sLleonard Creek that flows into Sugar Creek). They cut the white pine timber and cleared the land. John Salisbury had a sawmill on Sugar Creek.

As John approached old age, he divided his property among his children. His son Elon G. had maried a Sullivan Co. girl (my G Grandmother Vicilla Chloe Shadduck) in Fox Township and John had helped them buy a farm in Fox. The Bradford Co. property was divided among the other 5 children. John Jefferson got the part mainly lying on the West side of Sugar Creek. To Mary he gave the Northeast section, including Mt. Pisgah. William rec'vd the section West of Mary's including  the old homestead. Samuel Wilder the section South of William's and Olive the Southeast section.

 Mary had married Moses Gustin, a photographer in Troy, Pa. on Aug 26, 1856. Some time later, but not later than 1880, Moses Gustin, built the tower on Mt. Pisgah.  A Niece, Hannah Eudora SALISBURY "Brenchley Gilbert", who celebrated her 92 nd birthday, Aug 19, 1964, remembers going to Mt. Pisgah as a little girl. She was writing of  visiting her Aunt Mary Gustin. She thought it was so wonderful to climb to the top of the tower and look off so far with a telescope.
There are other stories within Joyce Tice's web site under the section, "Bradford Reporter Articles" about Mt. Pisgah and the Tower. 

Note from Joyce M. Tice: In the late 1950s or early 1960s, I went to the top of Mt. Pisgah with my parents and we explored the ruins of the old buildings shown in these turn of the century postcards. They were very tumbledown and probably dangerous to be in. Trees and plants grew in the buildings and many hundreds of people had written their names and towns on the walls as "tourist graffiti." Apparently exlporing these old ruins was a popular activity. 
The postcard of the Pisgah Inn (Tower) at left was provided by Janet PETERS Ordway
Mt. Pisgah Summer Resort - Advertisement submitted by Don Stanton


This Healthful and Delightful Summer Resort is located in Bradford County, Pa., four miles from the Beautiful Village of Troy, Pa. on the line of the Northern Central railroad, mid-way between the cities of Williamsport, Pa., and Elmira, N. Y.  It is 2,500 Feet Above Sea Level

The air is pure and dry; pure spring water abounds, and mosquitos are unknown.  In such a place

Hay Fever and Asthma are Unknown And those suffering therefrom quickly find relief.  The recent improvements add much to the comfort of guests: the tables are unexcelled and an

Easy Conveyance Meets all Trains at Troy

The most Beautiful and Extensive View in the State

On June Fifteenth the famous resort was opened to the public.  Every attention and care will be extended to the guests.  Platform (not readable)
Recollect this is the only Mount Pisgah where relief from Hay Fever and Asthma is obtained.

A. J. Nash, Proprietor

Mt. Pisgah dominates the scenery in the surrounding area. 
It is the highest peak in the state of Pennsylvania.
My Mountain Home
"Are they not all Ministering Spirit"
O come ye Guardian Angels come,
And linger 'round my Mountain Home,
And whisper words of peace;
O come with great awakening light,
And erring foot-steps guide aright,
And bid all doubting cease.
Come from thy shining courts above,
Where all is joy and peace and love,
And life divine impart;
Come shed upon this lonely way,
A gleam of thy supernal day,
To cheer this faltering heart.
When sorrows clouds obscure the light.
When morning down is turned to night,
And sadness vails the sky;
Then comes with wisdoms guiding ray,
And lead me to the realms of day,
To realms of bliss on high.
When lifes poor transient day shall end,
O be thou still my guardian friend,
And lead me home to rest;
Then guide me to yon peaceful shore,
To join with lived ones gone before,
And be forever blessed.
By M Gustin (Moses)