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Stone Cabins on Mt. Pisgah in Springfield 1880s
Photos: Stone Cabin on Mt. Pisgah 
Township: Springfield Township, Bradford County PA
of Springfield
Year: 1870s - 1880s and 1896
Photos sent in by Dick Dryer & Janet PETERS Ordway
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Photo at left from Dick DYER
Photo below from Janet PETERS Ordway
Note: If you compare the stonework above the door of these two photos of the same building, you will see that one of them is reversed. Which One? Your guess is as good as mine. A third photo of the stone house found in my download directory (shown below left)  indicates that the triangular stone above the lintel belongs on the right meaning that the photo below is the one that is reversed.
 Subj: Old Photo
Date: 4/21/2001 8:02:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: JoyceTice

Hi Joyce,     I thought you might be interested in viewing this old photo. It was taken in the late 1870's or early 1880's. It was taken at one of the stone cabins on Mt. Pisgah, this cabin was built by Moses Gustin, he and his wife Mary Salisbury Gustin lived in it for some period of time while Moses was building the Tower on Mt. Pisgah. In this photo left to right are:  Samuel Wilder Salisbury (son of John Salisbury), Hannah Grace Salisbury (Grandaughter of Mara Sargeant Grace and wife of John Salisbury), John Salisbury also known as Capt. John, Mary Salisbury Gustin (dau of John Salisbury and wife of Moses Gustin),  Moses Gustin (built the Tower on Mt. Pisgah)  and sitting in front, Emma Porter Salisbury (wife of Samuel Wilder Salisbury)   . I have other photos you may also be interested in of  John Salisbury, Hannah Grace Salisbury, Moses and Mary Salisbury Gustin.....all in this same format (from our Dryer Family Web Page, I would love to see you add them into your site, if you wish to.     Best Regards,  Dick Dryer  (Gr Gr Grandson of John Salisbury). 

This photo is the one I have determined to be in reverse.
Picture from glass plate negative-1900- Lillian Joralemon - Dr Perley Barker Cottage on Mt Pisgah  "Bidawee" 
Photo from Edward P Ballard
Added to existing page on site June 2006
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By Joyce M. Tice
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