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Bellmar Manufacturing Co., Canton, Bradford County PA

Canton Commercial Club Envelope

Article - Bellmar Manufacturing
Township: Canton Borough, Bradford County PA
Year: 1950 
Envelope from Don Stanton (Year ?)
Article by Eleanor PARSONS Keagle 
submitted by Don Stanton
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Eleanor Parsons Keagle
Canton Sentinel
November 30, 1950

The Belmar Mfg. Co., for many years Canton’s largest industry, was started in 1897 in a barn owned by Mrs. Tabor.  L. M. Marble, founder of the Belmar, and Mott Tabor, a skilled mechanic, began construction of special machines for the manufacturing of a combined coat and trouser holder, which Mr. Marble had patented.
After working on the machines for some months, construction was started on the building on Washington Street, which was the nucleus of the Belmar factory.  This was soon completed, and in 1898 Mr. Marble incorporated the Belmar Manufacturing Co., which was one of the earliest companies to be incorporated for the manufacture of coat hangers.
Following the installation of the special machines in the newly completed building, the Belmar started the manufacture of hangers with a small force of men.  George Dell was one of these and completed more that fifty years of faithful service to the firm with which he started as a young man.  Other employees whose terms of service almost equal Mr. Dell’s were Elmer Rockwell, about 47 years; George Goff, nearly 45 years; Charles Renstrom, more than 40 years and Leon Smith about 38 years.
At first the Belmar made only the  combination coat and trouser hanger, but in 1901-1902 they made both ladies’ and men’s garment hangers.  Business continued to increase rapidly and the factory was enlarged by several additions and many more employees were added to the payroll.
On June 12, 1904, disaster struck the growing business in the form of a fire, which destroyed a large part of the factory.  This was immediately rebuilt on a much larger scale, and since then has grown to its present size.  Soon after the rebuilding of the plant, the Belmar Hose Co. was formed, and later a drill team, of which latter organization Edward Carnegie acted as drill master for many years.
During World War I. the Belmar Co. maintained a dehydration plant where they made potato and other vegetable flours for the U. S. Government as the Company’s contribution to the war effort.
During the same period the Belmar Co. ran a soup kitchen, which was under the direction of Mrs. Harry Davenport.  This was a donation to the Red Cross Work.  Local farmers and gardeners donated the vegetables used in the soup, and most of the labor was also donated.  A carload of soup was shipped at one time to France.
In 1926, Mr. Marble added the Liberty Greeting Card Co. to his other activities, and this was operated in connection with the Belmar Mfg. Co. until 1934.  A large and substantial building was built to house the new enterprise, and many fine color presses installed.  Most of the cards printed were handled by the same chain stores to whom the Belmar hangers had been shipped for many years.
Starting with five employees in 1898, the Belmar at one time during the height of the Liberty Card business, employed 350, but the payroll has declined since that time, until now it numbers something over on hundred.
Mr. Marble continued active in the business until his death Nov. 27, 1944.  About six months later, in June 1945, the business was sold to C. K. Ruland of Conneat, Ohio; C. B. Oas of Girard, Pa., and E. C. Johnson of Linesville, Pa., and has been continued under their capable management ever since.

If you have wooden clothes-hangers in your wardrobe, the chances are that some of them were made a Canton, Pa., by the Belmar Manufacturing Co. The company makes 10 to 12 million hangers a year and sells to every variety chain in the country. Above, Miles Campbell, plant superintendent, and Leon Smith, a 39-year employee, show some of the different types of hangers. In the background on drying racks is part of a day’s production. One hundred and 10 are employed at the plant on Washington St. General manager since 1945 is E. W. Johnson, formerly of Linesville, Pa.  Mr. Johnson is secretary-treasurer of the company. Strips of cherry, beech and maple begin to take the form of hangers at the “shaper,” a cutting tool that smoothes the contours and trims the edges. At the machine is George Goff, who has 46 years service.
The process starts with the cut-off operated by Emerson Campbell and Herbert Campbell (cousins). Lumber from the company’s sawmills is kiln dried and then cut to proper lengths. The plant was founded in 1895 by Lewis Marble, who gave it the name of Belmar by scrambling the letters of his last name. C. B.Oas of Girard, Pa., is now president and C. K. Ruland of Conneaut, Ohio is vicepresident. After being shaped, the hangers are either varnished, waxed or enameled. In the picture, Miss Delores Woodward and Mrs. Letha Crawley unload hangers from a waxing drum. The company makes nearly 50 styles of coat, dress and trouser hangers.
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Historic Businesses of the Tri-Counties
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
1889 - Taber Building -  Canton, Bradford County PA
Joyce - Just found the Nov. 28, 1889 issue of the Canton Herald. I see this was only published 2 years. Don Stanton - November 2006

The Taber Building

This handsome fabric, know as the “Taber Building,” was erected by Cyrus Taber in the summer and fall of 1888.  It is the finest business building in Canton, the finest in western Bradford and one of the finest in the county.  It is located on the south side of Main street, directly opposite the Packard House and between the Bacon and Ronan and I. O. O. F. buildings.
The first floor is occupied by the Boston Clothing House, a large clothing establishment, J. Salsburg, proprietor.  Mr. Salsburg has a world-wide reputation and needs no recommend.
The second floor is divided into five large and commodious rooms, one of which is occupied by the Canton Herald.  The HERALD is a handsome four-page paper, issued weekly by the Herald Publishing Company, C. S. Holcombe, editor and manager.  The HERALD is truly a success.  Though but young in years it has a large circulation, one of which any publisher may feel justly proud; and it subscribers have all paid in advance.  The subscription price is 75 cents a year.  Its facilities for job work are complete, of which is receives (sic)a large patronage.
The third floor is occupied by Canton Lodge, No. 415, F. and A. M., and Canton Commandery, No. 64,  The hall is newly and handsomely furnished throughout, and their outfit and regalia is second to none in this part of the state.  Handsome uniform cases have recently been put in the hall for each member of the Commandery.  The Commandery, though organized but four years ago has grown far beyond the expectation of its members, and now has a membership of over sixty.  The Lodge has a membership of about eighty-five.
The structure is a substantial brick building, the front being handsomely constructed with pressed brick and white sand stone, and is supplied throughout with water.

Canton Herald: Canton, PA., Thursday, Nov. 28, 1889

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Historic Businesses of the Tri-Counties
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Swayze Folding Box Company -  Canton, Bradford County PA
Swayze Folding Box Company, Canton PA
Swayze Truck
Detail of above
Note from Don Stanton who sent the photo: 
Hi Joyce - Jane's father, Frank Carrozza is in the passenger seat. 
We do not know who the driver is.
Regards, Don
Crawford's Mill -  Canton, Bradford County PA

Photo is undated but was published 1989 in Canton Independent Sentinel . Looks like WW1 era.
Magic Yeast Salesmen -  Canton, Bradford County PA
Within the Photo - Magic Yeast Outfits
Below picture: This photo has been donated to the Canton Development, Inc,. by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pierce of Troy. 

Published in the Canton Independent-Sentinel 125th Ann. Edition, May 27, 1989

Photo looks to be 1890s era. If you know anything about this company, please contact Joyce. 

1956- Phil Thomas Grocery Store Closes
Phil Thomas Grocery
Canton Independent-Sentinel: 1956

Philip and Naomi Thomas have announced they are closing out their grocery business at the corner of Troy and Lycoming Street as soon as possible, due to the ill health of Mr. Thomas.  The grocery was started in 1916 when Lynn Thomas purchased the store from Henry Breese which was in the now William Brann tenant house at 86 Troy Street.  In 1917 the store was moved into the middle section of the store now occupied by the Acme Market.  The present location was occupied in 1922.

Joyce: Attached is an article on the closing of the Phil Thomas Store in Canton, PA. Also attached is a bill from the store of Lynn Thomas. Lynn was the father of Phil. The photo is of the M. J. Brann Groceries and Provisions. I suspect this is the William Brann tenant house that later housed the Henry Breese store. Does anyone know for sure?

Regards, Don

Above - M. J. Brann Groceries & Provisions
At Right - 1927 Receipt from L. G. Thomas Store

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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