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Commerce is the foundation of human society. Before the churches, before the schools, before the other public institutions, there were businesses. The exchange of goods and services is the force that keeps human society functioning. Understanding the goods and services available to our ancestors at a given time is the essence of understanding the culture in which they lived. Understanding the businesses that could have employed any of your ancestors is also part of  knowing the world they lived in and the options and opportunities they had in their lives. We will be very pleased to receive business histories and photos for inclusion in this section of the Tri-Counties Site. From the one person operation to the billion dollar corporation, if they are part of this area and its history, we want to know about them and preserve their memory.
This postcard of Tice Bros. Ice Co. is from the MidWest, not our own area. It was sent to me by a person years ago and the business page seems a good time to finally display it. 
Do you have articles or business histories you would like to submit for inclusion here? Contact Joyce at above Email address. 
Business & Industry
Farming a Hundred Years Ago
Trades Our People Followed
1868 - How to Succeed in Business
Tri-County Hotels
Industrial Development - Chapter 9 of 1897 Tioga County History
1871 Business Directory - Canton PA
1899 Tioga County Business Directory
1899 Tioga County Directory - Index to Advertisers
1907 Mercantile Directory Bradford County
1909 Classified Ads, Tioga County
1925 Saturday Evening Post Ads
Early Industry in Chemung County
1857 Elmira Business Directory
1863 Elmira Business Histories
1863 Elmira Business Directory
1866 Elmira Business Directory
1868 Chemung & Schuyler County Business Directory
1869 Town of Chemung Business Directory
1872 Chemung County Farmers
1874 Classified Business Ads, Elmira
1874 Horseheads Business Directory
1880 Chemung County Villages - Business Directories
1880 Elmira City Business Directory
1882 Elmira Business Directory
1882 Horseheads Business Directory
1888 Elmira Business Directory
1917 Elmira Business Directory
1923 Phone Book Ads
1946 Phone Book Ads
Tioga County Businesses
1899 Tioga County Business Directory
D. O. Merrick 1897 Dentist
1908 Kears Cash Store, Mansfield
Advertisers in Mansfield Advertiser 1911
1916 Bailey's Quick Lunch
1920s Reuben Squires Store at Elk Run
1927 Dairyman's League
The Neighborhood Baker
Jewelers in Mansfield
Bates Pharmacy, Mansfield
Mansfield Iron Works
New Era Mill, Mansfield
Mansfield Tannery
Paisley Wool Factory, Mansfield
Mart King's Furniture Factory, Mansfield
Mansfield's Novelty Works
1971 Mansfield's Novelty Works - Urban Renewal
Friends Store
1893 Rose Store at Mainesburg
1965 Ernie's Restaurant
Jones Store, Blossburg
1883 Hanyen Store in Roseville
1879 L. Beach & Co., Mansfield - Furniture & Undertaking
West Sullivan Creamery
1907 Decker's Water Wagon in Mansfield
Glass Factory in Covington (JSM folder)
Strait's Hardware - Mansfield
The Stone Quarry at Westfield
W.S. Merrell bus 1920s
1910 - Hay Press Gang at Copp Hollow
Filling Station and Store at Lawrence Corners
1883- Farming in the County
Chamberlain's Student Transportation
Nellie Rockwell, Mansfield Milliner
Finesilver's in Mansfield
M. H. Shepard, Clothier
Lumber Camp Photo
Dunham's Department Store 100th Anniversary 2005
Garrison's Men's Shop Fiftieth Anniversary
Morris Farms in Mansfield
Daggett Saw Mill History
Wellsboro Shoe Hospital
1882 Physicians Registered in Tioga County
Sampson's Station - Canoe Camp
Frank & Walt Sawyer Store - Liberty
First Plane Lands on Liberty Air Strip
Mudge Grocery, Elmira St., Mansfield
Jupenlaz Harness Shop 1890 - 1980
1851-1870s Henry Card papers
Mansfield's Board of Trade
Fiftieth Anniversary Mansfield's Chamber of Commerce
History of the Mansfield Advertiser 1872 to 1970
A, J. Smith Store in Keeneyville 1895
Helvetia Milk Plant and Eberle Tannery
1912 Political Rumblings in the Telephone Association
Shoe Stores in Mansfield
1972 Mansfield Licensed Merchants
Coal Discovered in Bloss
John Way, Railroad Conductor. promotion 1888
Bradford County Businesses
Hollenbeck's Store At Tioga Point 1787
Pomeroy Brothers of Troy
Munson & Sons Furniture 1908
Minnequa Springs Hotel and Spa
1888 Old Union Bridge Works Blacksmiths
E. H. Dewey Store, Sylvania
Silvara Creamery
First Nat'l. Bank of Canton
Bellmar Manufacturing, Canton
Silvara Stores
Gleckner & Sons Harness, Canton
Bellows - Valvair, Canton
Rockwell Feed Mill, Canton
Canford Manufacturing, Canton
Tobacco Fields in Leroy
Fairview Dairy, Troy
F. T. Maynard Roller Mills, New Albany
Allen & Napoleon Peterson, Barbers of Mansfield & Canton
Sawmill at Franklindale
Nail Works at Towanda - 1890 Roster
Bowen's Tannery in Troy
Ice House on Porter Road
Cutting Ice at Lake Nepahwin and at Sylvania
Viele's Mill at Dunning
Mrs. F. F. Bristow, Millinery, Canton PA
1893 - Waldo Store at Sylvania Built by a Thief and a Scoundrel (Porter-Coan Scandal)
Boiling Sap on Armenia Mountain
1883 Revenue Tax Changes
Potash & Pearlash - Early Products
1886 Incorporation of Austinville Creamery
Troy Businesses & Professionals 1879
Vickery Funeral Home and History of Undertaking in Troy PA
Granville Summit Creamery Company
Troy Businesses 1886
1889 Ad - F. E. Sand of Sylvania
1890s - Magic Yeast Salesmen
1890 Milan Blacksmith
Buying Shoes in 1896 - Woonsocket Rubbers
1913-14 Business Sponsors of Smithfield Yearbook
1914 Troy Engine & Machine Company
1939 Bill F. Palmer of Troy Retires
1940 Business Sponsors of Smithfield Yearbook
1947 Theetge Chevrolet (Sayre)
1956 - Thomas Grocery Store Closes - Also Brann Store Photo (Canton)
1961 Troy Business Leaders
Gibbs Perennial Gardens, Leraysville
Shepard's Store in Mosherville
Mosherville Creamery
Bradford County Century Farms 1981
Bradford County Farms - Troy Gazette Register series 1960s
Cutting Ice
Maple Sugar Production
Chemung County Businesses
Hollenbeck's Store at Newtown 1783-1787
Knapp Store Records - Southport 1819
Milk Station at Erin
Chemung County Newspapers
Salute to Hibbard Hardware
1928 Growing Beans at Millport
Dr. Carey's Marsh Root
Jane Wells, Elmira's First Florist
Hosmer Billings, Bookseller
T. A. Pagett, Music Dealer
1897 Crandal & Brooks
James T. Wise, Jeweler
Elmira Oil Company
H. Strause, Tailor
LaFarge & Swarthout, Jewelers
Frederick Ayers, Jeweler & Optician
Ayers Marble & Granite Monuments
Theodore Friendly, Carriages
Coykendall Shoes & Slippers
W. Prentice, Household Goods
John Collins, Harness
Elmira China
Funeral Director, Charles Davis
1923 Phone Book Ads
1946 Phone Book Ads
Gus Valois, Barber to Mark Twain
Chapman's Grist Mill & Other Erin Photos
1883 Wagon House Ledger
Knapps Service Station
The Doylemarx Story 1898-1948
Charles MacDougall, Milkman of Veteran
Charlie Ackley, Barber to Five Generations
Foundry in Elmira
Elmira Diners
Wagner's Grocery - Pine City
K. B. Matthews Ad Card, Chemung
Ed Marks, Pharmacist
Hancock Bakery
1884 Elmira Businesses & Education
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
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