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Mr. Brodrick, on left, was tailor for Shepards for many years.
Business: M. H. Shepard, Clothier
Township: Richmond Township - Mansfield Borough
Photos from varous sources
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Morris H, Shepard established his men's clothing store in Mansfield in 1889. He was not established at this location until after the fire of Hotel Allen which earlier stood on this corner (NW corner of N. Main and Wellsboro Streets)
The Shepard-Bailey Building was built in 1906. Initially Shepard's occupied the left half and by 1907 Grange National Bank occupied the right half. By 1920 Palmer Brothers Jewlers had moved into the right hand location. 
Evolution of Corner of N. Main and Wellsboro Streets
1867 Soldiers Orphans School
1890 Hotel Allen
1906 M. H. Shepard's Clothing
Garrison's Men's Shop
199? B. C. Technology
Clippings on the Shepard-Bailey building in Mansfield built on the location of the former Soldiers Orphans School, later the Hotel Allen wich burned 1904.

Local Facts & Comments
- The Mansfield Advertiser says: “ The asphalt and gravel roof which Charles W. Earley recently placed on the new Shepard-Bailey building, if in one roll would weigh nearly twelve tons. The stone walk in front of the building is being extended to the stores by means of cement. The roof and the brick work by plasterers is being rushed.” [Wellsboro Agitator Sept. 12, 1906]

Local Facts & Comments
- A Grange National bank, it is stated, will be started in Mansfield this summer. Circulars announcing the fact have been received by some of our citizens. The capital stock will be $50,000. – Advertiser [Wellsboro Agitator May 29, 1907]

Grange Bank Buys Building [right half of the Shepard-Bailey Buidling]
Important Real Estate Transfer in Mansfield Last Week
Postmaster T.H. Bailey, of Mansfield, last Wednesday sold his half of the new Shepard-Bailey building at the corner of Main and Wellsboro streets to the Grange National Bank for $6,000.
The Elmira Advertiser says: “It will soon be handsomely fitted up for use as a banking office. W.D. Husted, for a quarter of a century connected with the Ross & Williams bank, has been elected cashier of the Grange bank. He is now engaged in the insurance business, with offices in Williamsport. He stated that after weighing the matter carefully, he had concluded t0 accept the position, because it will admit of his being at home steadily instead of only occasionally. Leon Lewis, a member of the C.S. Lewis Company, dealers in wagons and agricultural implements, has been elected assistant cashier. He is a graduate of Mansfield Normal School, and later was a student in Meeker’s School of Commerce, Elmira, until the death of his father, C.S. Lewis, several months ago, when he was obliged to return to Mansfield to look after the business interests of the estate.”  [Wellsboro Agitator July 10, 1907]

Grange Bank at Tioga
To Be Established Soon in That Town by the Pomona Grange
A Bank in Every County
Urged by the Pennsylvania State Grange – Master Hill Reports Plan to the National Convention – Tioga the First – Philadelphia a Centre.

It is very evident that the recent visit to Tioga of W.F. Hill, Master of the State Grange, and Hon. John G. McHenry, a banker of Benton, Columbia county, was productive of good results, as it is now confidently expected that a bank will be started in that borough in the near future.
A grange national bank in every county of Pennsylvania, with farmers as its principal stockholders, was a project discussed most generally by members of the National Grange at Atlantic City the past week.
A dispatch says:
The life insurance scandals, the failure of the Enterprise National Bank, resentment at what the grangers believe is the use of their own money against their interests by the big banks and trust companies, desire to reap the financial benefits of bank stock held by themselves; these are a few of the motives that are appealing to the farmers for support of the plan.
The idea comes in the form of a carefully prepared report by W.F. Hill, Master of the Pennsylvania State Grange. With John G. McHenry, of Benton, Pa., President of the Columbia County National Bank, as the principal backer, and with the member of Pomona Grange of Tioga county, as stockholders and directors, the idea will be put into practical shape within a few weeks by the organization of the Grange National Bank, of Tioga, in the borough of Tioga.
The capitalization of this first bank has been fixed at $25,000. Of this amount $6,000 was subscribed by residents of the borough and by farmers who live near it. Its organization will be followed within a few months by the foundation of fifteen other Grange National Banks in as many counties. Within two years, it is planned to have one Grange National Bank in each of the forty-five counties of Pennsylvania in which the Grange has a Pomona, as the central county Grange is called.
All of these banks will feed and be fed by the Grange National Bank of Pennsylvania, which will be established in Philadelphia. Organization of this central institution will be perfected after about a dozen of the smaller banks have been established.
Members of the Pennsylvania State Grange who are in attendance upon the National Convention are unanimous in their endorsement of the plan.
“It will give to the farmers the use of money to finance their own improvements, such as rural telephones,” said Mr. Hill in urging the idea. “It will make the individual farmer more prosperous, and will be wonders toward advancing the welfare of communities. Of course, there must be wise and conservative administration of all the affairs of these banks. They will be independent of each other, but each will have several men upon the board of trustees, who will be also trustees of the other grange banks. This will assure a uniformity and conservatism of action through all. The amount of capital in each will depend upon the financial resources of the district. Capital outside of the grange will be accepted. So certain of success are we that Mr. McHenry has offered to make a written guarantee to the stockholders of the Grange National Bank of Tioga, that he will buy the stock of any holder who wishes to sell two years after its foundation at a substantial increase upon the original investment. [[Wellsboro Agitator Nov. 23, 1905]

Mort (Morris H.) Shepard with wife Flora E. Richmond 
and daughter Ivah
1927 Yearbood Ad
Mort Shepard died 1936 and he is buried in Prospect Cemetery

Garrison's Mens Shop

Garrison's succeeded Shepard's Mens Shop in this first building of the North Main Street west side block. The Shepard business was purchased by John Myers and Merle Garrison. Later in the early 50's Merle and Jane Benedict Garrison bought it from John. Merle had worked for Mort Shepard. Mort Shepard's mother was Angeline Garrison, a sister of Merle's grandfather.  It was all in the family.

1954 Carontawan Ad
BC Technologies occupies the location where Shepard's and Garrison's operated.
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