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Becker Corners or Pierce Cemetery, 
Armenia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Cemetery information provided 
by Fay TILLER Morgan. 

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Obituaries for Armenia Township Burials

Corner of Douglas Road and Becker Road - Beckers Corners
Global Position - Latitude 41.72804 - Longitude 76.86754

Becker John S. Nov. 16, 1806 Apr. 5, 1888
Becker Hannah Aug. 5, 1818 Sep. 27, 1881 His wife
Becker Clyde July 7, 1899 Sep. 19, 1899 Son of R. E. and E. Becker
Becker Ralph Jan. 15, 1892 May 2, 1903 Son of C. H. and M. J. Becker
Becker Floy May 15, 1`888 Feb. 1897
Becker ? 1822 1916
Becker Joseph 1827 1899 N. Y. Volunteer
Benson Julius B. 1866 1931
Benson Florence 1867 1960 This was last burial in the cemetery
Chapman Alice June 23, 1898 35y7m3d Wife of Theodore Chapman
Chapman Eliza 1862 1931
Douglas Adam 1859 1938
Douglas Andrew C. Mar. 18, 1825 Mar. 7, 1894
Douglas Christina Mar. 5,1832 Mar 11, 1894 His wife
Dumond Harriet May 22, 1818 Mar. 31, 1888 Wife of Jacob Y. Dumond
Dumond Clarence D. Apr. 3, 1856 Oct. 8, 1886 Son of J. Y. and Harriet
Dumond James K. June 16, 1864 22y9m2d Son of J. Y. and Harriet
Dumond John H. June 26, 1865 17y5m10d Civil war veteran
Dumond Julia 22y10m Daughter of Horace (stone broken)
Dumond Lena Dec. 25, 1882 2y8m22d Daughter of Horace and Frances
Dumond William Jan. 4, 1896 32y3m21d Son of Horace and Julia
Dumond Elizabeth Douglas 1851 1936
Field Abijer Apr. 13, 1858 72y5m3d
Green John J. Nov. 16, 1896 78y
Green Emily Jan. 8, 1862 38y His wife
Green Charles Oct. 18, 1846 Dec. 29, 1912
Green Kennie J. Kiff Jan 7, 1858 Dec. 17, 1912
Green Carl A. May 12, 1889 7y9d
Green Sarah 1851 1906
Kendrick Jennie Oct 15, 1872 29y7m11d Wife of Samuel Kendrick Jr. and daughter of Jacob Y. and Harriet Dumond
Kiff John M. 1823 1872
Mason Lillea Daughter of Samuel and Roberta Mason
Mason George Feb. 25, 1863 10m5d
Miller Hiram On single monument
Miller Margaret On single monument, wife of Hiram
Miller Abner On single monument
Miller Esther On single monument
Miller Florence On single monument
Miller Loceska On single monument
Miller Murry On single monument
Miller Rebecca On single monument
Miller Samuel
Monroe Andrew August 12, 1799 Jan. 6, 1873
Monroe Anna Goope Jan . 19, 1801 Jan 22, 1881 His wife
Monroe Thomas July 1, 1843 Feb. 3, 1868
Morgan Dwight June 8, 1816 Aug. 3, 1888
Morgan Clarinda Wood Apr 15, 1829 Sep. 10, 1888 His wife
Morgan Thomas Frank Apr 18, 1849 Jan 29, 1928
Morgan Alice ROOSA July 20, 1856 Apr. 8, 1897 His wife
Morgan Nelly May Feb. 20, 1881 3y26d Daughter of Frank and Alice
Morgan Edna A. 1903 1910
Morgan H. Sylvester June 13, 1856 May 25, 1940
Morgan Alice Harvey May 1, 1858 Mar. 5, 1934 His wife
Morgan Dwight H. Mar. 28, 1884 June 10, 1896 Son of H. Sylvester and Alice
Pierce Hannah Aug. 16, 1861 29y Wife of Franklin Pierce
Pierce Wright Aug. 30, 1881 91y1m26d
Pierce Asenath Mar. 17, 1868 75y8m10d His wife
Pierce Caroline Daughter of Wright and Asenath
Pierce Rhoda R. Aug. 7, 1869 Nov. 24, 1916
Rogers Cora May 3, 1870 8y Daughter of Frankllin and Lillian
Sweeney Hiram J. Feb. 20, 1865 48y8m11d Son of John and Hannah
Sweeney Fredie Sep. 12, 1875 2y7m12d
VanSickle Benjamin F. Mar. 11, 1847 Aug. 7, 1902
Webler Caroline O. Monroe Mar 3, 1830 Aug. 7, 1873 Wife of C. H. Webler
Whitehead J. H. Mar. 21, 1865 32y9m Civil war veteran
Whitehead Sterling H. Dec. 24, 1864 3y8m16d Son of J. H. and E.J.
Williams Isaac Stone broken, not legible
Williams Experience Nov. 19, 1800 Mar. 12, 1880 His wife
Youmans John S. Nov. 27, 1894 64y
Robert Storch of Troy, PA did some investigating and found these additions.

Becker Cemetery on Armenia Mountain:
George Mason
Son of James and Jane (Mason)
Died Feb. 26 1863
10 mo. 15 days

Alba Cemetery:
Arthur Mason

Robert's grandmother was Ruby Mason, daughter of Robert Mason

Sally Anne Case

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