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Explore Local History One Township at a TIme in Tioga & Bradford Counties  PA & Chemung County NY
Photo taken at Covert Corners in Armenia by Joyce M. Tice July 4, 1998

Welcome to Armenia Township

in Bradford Couty, Pennsylvania

Created from Troy and Canton in 1843. Named by Noah Wilson, a very early settler of Armenia
Armenia Township Histories
History of Armenia by H. C. Bradsby
History of Armenia by D. C. Craft
Armenia History from Seven Counties Outline ..
The Mountain Roars by Budd Mitchell (Permission Needed to Reprint on Site)
Armenia Township - by C. F. Heverly 1923
Township Articles
Fay TILLER Morgan. Tax Collector, Retires
Township Postcards & Photos
Post Offices
Covert PO (1888)
Postmark Here
Villages Past & Present
Armenia Township Census Records
1800 Wysox, Luzerne County 1870 Armenia Township Census
See Troy & Canton for early listings 1880 Armenia Township Census
1850 Armenia Township Census 1900 Armenia TownshipCensus
1860 (Volunteer Needed) 1910, 1920, 1930 (Volunteers Needed)
1850-1880 Mortality Schedules
Armenia Township Directories
1900 Armenia Directory 1907 Armenia Directory
Township Tax Records
Armenia Township Cemetery Records
If You can Provide GOOD Driving Directions or GPS coordinates for any of our 700 cemeteries, please send to Joyce
Pierce Cemetery (Becker Corners)
Lat 41.72804 - Long 76.86754
Armenia Township Burials Cemetery Obituaries
Morgan Cemetery Burton Fassett Cemetery (a.k.a. Cummings Cemetery)
Furman Cemetery (Ward Township) Wallace Burnham (McIntire) Cemetery
Covert  Cemetery or Burman Cemetery
three unmarked graves on the Claude Becker farm one stone in the Grant Cole dooryard
Armenia Township Schools
1915 Burnham School 1920s Biddle School
1924 Burnham School 1920s Pierce School
1925 Burnham School 1920s Covert (Burnham School)
1869 Armenia School Districts
No. 1- Morgan District No. 2 - Covert District No. 3 - Pierce District
No. 4 - Biddle District
Armenia Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Old Covert Church (Wesleyan Methodist) Armenia Baptist Church History
Armenia Baptist Church Old Home Days
Armenia Baptist Church Secretary Books 1876 - 1923
Armenia Baptist Church Covenant Meetings Attendance 1876 - 1882
Armenia Township Family Bible Records
Hannah SMITH - Burr WOOD Bible Alice Beardsley - Burr G. Wood Bible
Emma WOOD - Horace JOHNS Bible Ruth/Ros UNKNOWN -  D. G. ALEXANDER Bible
Bixby - Button -Fisher Bible
Armenia Township Families & Individuals,
Noah Wilson
Alice Rosa & Tom Morgan (Photo)
By Reason of Strength - Tales of Long Ago - Gladys YOUNG Burnham
Armenia Township & Borough Resident Photo Album
Sherman Corners 1945
Field - Sherman Reunions 1906 - 2006
Armenia Township Diaries & Letters 
1873 Simeon Sherman Diary 1876 Thomas Morgan Diary
1903 Emma FIELD "Sherman" 1927 Mary Jane HARVEY (Jackson)(Morgan)
Armenia Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Pension Papers of Bridget HUBBARD Burnham
Pension Papers of William NEWELL 1881
Henry Newell Pension 1878
Albert Newell Pension 1887
Armenia Township Military Records
Civil War Soldiers of Armenia
Pension Papers of Hosea P. Scott
Armenia Township Population Statisticss 
1887 Armenia Township = 410