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Date Read - 2004

NAME OF CEMETERY:   Cadis Cemetery a.k.a. Prince Hollow Cemetery
READ BY: Tim Rodabaugh
DATE: June 2004
TYPED BY: Tim Rodabaugh
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Subj:  re-reading of Cadis (Prince Hollow) cemetery (with corrections & additions)
Date:  06/26/2004 7:46:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  TimRodabaugh2003
To:  JoyceTice

Prince Hollow Cemetery

This is a small country cemetery located at the intersection of SR1040 & TR915 in Cadis, Warren Township, Bradford Co., Pa., and was founded in 1812.  It sits on approximately 1/2 acre of nice flat ground.  The cemetery is kept nicely mowed by the man across the road.  He had been repairing & re-setting stones as time allows.  Several years ago two large trees fell into the cemetery, breaking many of the Lunn family stones.  All stones that can be read have been & are recorded here.  There are several "marker" or foot stones with only initials or mother, father etc., that are not included in the main listing.  Therefore this is the complete listing.  There are two known Revolutionary War Veterans & one known War of 1812 Veteran buried here.  Their graves are marked with flags & their surnames are underlined.  The earliest known burial is 21 Nov 1821 being that of Sally Dodge, the latest known is 30 Jul 1995 being that of Aubrey B. Brister.  Corrections and/or additions are welcome at any time in order to make this a complete & accurate listing.
This re-reading was done by Tim Rodabaugh on Saturday June 26 2004.

Bradford, Cynthia P. b. 24 Mar 1818 no death date (wife of William Bradford)
Bradford, Hannah d. 7 Aug 1871 ae 21y2m24d (dau of William & Cynthia P. Bradford)
Bradford, Stattira d. 17 Jul 1852 ae 63y11m17d (wife of William Bradford)
Bradford, Tryphena d. 9 Jan 1838
Bradford, William d. 27 Sep 1851 ae 58y7m
Bradford, William b. 16 Feb 1816 d. 18 Jun 1874 (husband of Cynthia P. Bradford)
Brister, Aubrey B. b. 1 Jan 1919 d. 30 Jul 1995
Brister, Shirley G. b. 1 Aug 1923 d. 23 Jun 1995 (wife of Aubrey B. Brister) her name appears on two stones, one with her husband and one alone
Chapman, Betsy b. 1793 d. 21 Feb 1853 (on stone with Wm. & Cynthia Bradford)
Clines, Thomas d. 19 Nov 1852 ae 77y8m23d
Corbin, Hannah M. d. 27 Apr 1837 ae 4y8m (dau of Lewis & Cynthia J. Corbin)
?Corbin d. 3 Jan 1837 ae 44y9m13d stone next to Hannah Corbin - first name broken off
Cummings, George W. d. 13 Nov 1884 ae 62y
Cummings, Jane d. 18 Apr 1913 ae 79y (wife of George W. Cummings)
Dodge, Calvin d. 15 May 1882 ae 67y7m
Dodge, Edward d. 4 May 1837 ae 43y
Dodge, "Elder" Garley d. 17 Nov 1835 ae 26y7m24d
Dodge, Sally d. 21 Nov 1821 ae 49y (wife of Asa Dodge)
Edwards, Freddie d. 3 Mar 1864
Elsbree, Martin d. 5 Feb 1854 ae 3y4m10d (son of Benjamin C. & Mary Elsbree)
Evans, Catharine E. d. 13 Apr 1872 ae 5y8m17d (dau of David & Eliza Evans)
Hickok, Asa d. 29 Mar 1836 ae 81y10m5d (son of Justice Hickok) "Revolutionary War Veteran"
Hickok, Esther (Hinman) d. 23 Apr 1844 ae 86y7m5d (wife of Asa Hickok)(dau of Ebenezer Hinman)
Hickok, Louisa d. 12 Apr 1879 ae 79y
Hickok, Reuben d. 7 Jan 1862 ae 83y3m4d
Hurlbert, Thomas M. d. 21 May 1855 ae 1y11m21d (son of M. H. & Rebecca M. Hurlbert) this stone lays flat on the ground, his name is broken off the top
Lunn, Chloe d. 1 Jan 1853 ae 69y1m22d (wife of Jesse Lunn)
Lunn, Franklin d. 30 May 1842 ae 17y11m27d (son of Jesse & Chloe Lunn)
Lunn, Franklin d. 23 Nov 1845 ae 2y3m15d (son of Calvin & Almain Lunn)
Lunn, Infant Daughter d. 10 Feb 1833 (dau of Prockton & Alvira Lunn)
Lunn, Infant Daughter d. 1833 (dau of Prockton & Alvira Lunn) stone broken in half
Lunn, Lovina d. 19 Sep 1841 ae 1y1m11d (dau of Prockton & Alvira Lunn)
Lunn, Sumner d. 13 Nov 1837 ae 23y9m2d
Marbacher, Miranda d. 5 Apr 1911 ae 11d (dau of Joseph & Suzan Marbacher)
Mory, Catherine C. d. 7 Feb 1845 ae 6y7m (dau of Joseph & Laura A. Mory)
Mory, John M. d. 16 Jun 1862 ae 31y10m21d (son of Joseph & Laura A. Mory)
Mory, Joseph d. 27 Aug 1864 ae 77y
Mory, Laura A. d. 19 Nov 1886 ae 86y (wife of Joseph Mory)
Mory, Mary Jane d. 1 Jan 1864 ae 26y (dau of Joseph & Laura A. Mory)
Nichols, Alburn b. 1843 d. 1901
Nichols, Ann Eliza d. 18 Jan 1832 ae 12m26d (dau of Seth & Fanny Nichols)
Nichols, Fanny b. 18 Jan 1800 d. 26 Apr 1883 (wife of Seth Nichols)
Nichols, Lydia b. 1847 d. 1925 (wife of Alburn Nichols)
Nichols, Mahala b. 1879 d. 1933 (dau of Alburn & Lydia Nichols)
Nichols, Seth b. 2 Jun 1791 d. 8 Jan 1864
Nichols, Seth b. 1885 d. 1885 (son of Alburn & Lydia Nichols)
Pierce, Abel S. d. 28 Jul 1838 ae 16y7m7d
Pierce, Sally M. d. 5 Apr 1832 ae 2m22d (dau of Job & Mary Pierce)
Prince, Abel d. 2 Jun 1867 ae 78y "War of 1812 Veteran" tall beautiful stone
Prince, Annora B. d. 22 Mar 1864 ae 3y11d (dau of Goerge W. & Phebe D. Prince)
Prince, Elizabeth b. 1845 d. 1907 (wife of John Prince)
Prince, Emma B. d. 14 Nov 1828 ae 17y8m19d (dau of Myron B. & Almira T. Prince)
Prince, Fred E. b. 1878 d. 1912 (son of John & Elizabeth Prince)
Prince, Hannah C. d. 13 Jan 1832 ae 44y9m13d
Prince, John b. 1834 d. 1903
Prince, Joseph d. 5 Dec 1880 ae 93y1m6d
Prince, Julie T. d. 17 Mar 1832 ae7m9d (dau of Joseph & Hannah C. Prince)
Prince, Ruth d. 19 May 1870 ae 71y5m (wife of Abel Prince)
Rockefeller, Charlotte Ann d. 3 Feb 1845 ae 11m29d (dau of Francis & Charlotte Rockefeller)
Rockefeller, Charlotte E. d. 31 Dec 1853 ae 27y1m22d (wife of Francis Rockefeller)
Rogers, John Hobert d. 4 Mar 1852 ae 5y7m4d (son of John H. & Eliza Rogers)
Russell, Hira d. 31 Mar 1856 ae 57y9m17d
Sherwood, Stratton d. 27 Jul 1845 ae 96y8m18d "Revolutionary War Veteran"
Storer, Abraham d. 15 Dec 1882 ae 82y
Storer, Georgie F. d. 4 Apr 1875 ae 24y19m
Storer, Sarah J. d. 12 Apr 1875 ae 43y
VanDyke, Aaron d. 24 Jan(?) 1881 ae 80y18d top of stone is broken off where month is
VanDyke, Polly (Hughes) d. 22 Jan 1864 ae 55y3m15d (wife of Aaron VanDyke)
Wheeler, Hiram R. d. 20 Jun 1861 ae 18y3m (son of S. A. & Clara Wheeler)
Wheeler, Willson A. d. 29 Jun 1861 ae 15y4m (son of S. A. & Clara Wheeler)
Wolcott, Elmer E. d. 7 Oct 1870 ae 18y3m16d (son of L. E. & L. A. Wolcott)
Wolcott, Henry d. 11 Mar 1833 ae 4y2m2d (son of Josiah & Lydia Wolcott)
Wolcott, Josiah d. 19 Jul 1876 ae 63y
Wolcott, Lydia d. 9 Feb 1871 ae 64y
Yarback, Esther d. 17 Feb 1835 ae 47y (wife of Henry Yarback)

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