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From records of Dick McCracken, retired Bradford County Director of Veterans Affairs
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Out of consideration for these cemetery caretakers and association officers, please do not contact them unless you are certain the listing you are looking for is not on the site. Also, Except in case of something critical, writing would be more courteous than calling and interrupting their private time. .
Corson (Walter Lilley Farm) Albany Township 24        
Hatch Hill Albany Township 25 363-2584 Hatch Hill Cem. AssocMax Teeter RD2, Box 139ANew Albany, PA 18833-9652  
Stevenson (Wilcox) Albany Township 26 363-2434 Albany Twp SupervisorsAndrae Cummiskey, Scty RR 1, Box 119-ANew Albany, PA 18833 T-403, Stevenson Hill Road and US Rte 220.
Bump Albany Township 27       T-393, Parks Road, behind yellow modular home in woods.
Corbin Albany Township 30       T-391, off SR 2015, Dewey Road.
Forrest (Furscht) Albany Township 31       T-390, Scribbins Hollow Rd at SR 2015.
Teeter or Hakes (on Kipp Farm) Albany Township 32        
Teeter-Evergreen Albany Township 33        
Hibbard (Private) Albany Township 34        
Evergreen Albany Township 35 363-2967 Evergreen Cem. AssocMs. Connie Bixby, Scty RD2, Box 204New Albany, PA 18833 SR2010, SW of village of Evergreen
Miller (Laddsburg) Albany Township 162 363-2841 Miller Cem. AssocRonald G. Robinson RD 1, Box 94New Albany, PA 18833  
Pierce & Becker Armenia Township 22 297-5090 Armenia Twp SupervisorGary Horning, Scty 16 Canton StTroy, PA 16947  On State Forest land. TR516 (Douglas Rd), NW corner of intersection w/TR503 (Dave Cole Rd).
Covert (Burnham) Armenia Township 23 297-5090 Armenia Twp SupervisorGary Horning, Scty 16 Canton StTroy, PA 16947  TR 389 (Fall Brook Rd). On knoll, 500 yds NW of abandoned church in Covert.
Ellis Hill (destroyed) Asylum Township 225        
Jennings Asylum Township 246 717-265-9212 Jennings Cem. Assoc.Jack Talada, Scty RD 2, Box 154-DTowanda, PA 18848 .6 mi west on TR463 (Cole Rd), N side of Jack Talada driveway.
Storrs Farm Asylum Township 6   Towanda Boat Club   SR187/T450 (Bridge St). Adjacent to and behind the Larry Chilson property.
Old Frenchtown Asylum Township 7       SR2014 at junction w/an old abandoned road. Immed south of iron enclosure of two obelisks.
Macedonia Asylum Township 167 265-2454 Macedonia Cem. Assoc.Marie V. Lines, Scty/Treas RD 2, Box 155Towanda, PA 18848 PA Route 187, Macedonia
Durell Asylum Township 168 265-5794 Durrell Cem. Assoc.Harold W. Bronson RD2, Box 167Towanda, PA 18848  
Frenchtown (French Asylum) Asylum Township 219 265-5937 Frenchtown Cem. Assoc.Jack H. Kilmer, Treas RD4, Box 202Towanda, PA 18848-8902  
Decker (Durell) Asylum Township 227 265-9052 Asylum Twp SupervisorsTerrie Schoonover, Scty RR 2, Box 140-ATowanda, PA 18848 Intersection SR 187, Twp road to Azilum.
LaPorte (Private) Asylum Township 228        
Gilbert (Private) Asylum Township 229 265-8406 Pauline Hutchinson, Owner RR2, Box 276-BTowanda, PA 18848 Midway between road and river at junction of SR2014/T467 (Old Club Rd).
VanDerpool (Private) Asylum Township 231       Along road, near corner of SR 2030 and SR 2021.
Benjamin Asylum Township 251   Viola Benjamin   Nathan & Viola Benjamin property, along shore of Nate's Pond.
Old Athens (Riverside) Athens Boro 37 888-9493 Old Athens Cem. AssocJohn Morley, Pres. 355 Loder StreetSayre, PA 18840 See Update below 
Tutelow or Toodletown Athens Township 14        
Ukranian Catholic Athens Township 15        
Wilawana Athens Township 16   Rev. Phil Bornheimer, pastor United Methodist Church SR 4022 at UM Church.
Sutliff Hill Athens Township 171        
Orange Hill Athens Township 180 888-2949 Orange Hill Cem. Assoc.Mr. John Bradley, Treas RR 2, Box 317-BAthens, PA 18810-9649  
Franklin, Col. John (Private) Athens Township 181        
Tioga Point Athens Township 220   Tioga Point Cem. Assoc.Warren Harding, Pres 803 N. Main StreetAthens, PA 18810 803 North Main Street, Athens Boro
Luthers Mills (Lane) Burlington Township 2 596-3236 Luther's Mills Cem. Assoc.Elizabeth J. Wrisley, Treas RD 2, Box 84Ulster, PA 18850 T552 (Kendall Hill Rd) off T547 (Covered Bridge Rd), village of Luthers Mill
Campbell Farm (Private) Burlington Township 40   Ruth Summons (Sumers?) 400 Page ManorAthens, PA 18810  
Isbell Farm (Private) Burlington Township 41   James Dunn   On Burlington/N. Towanda Twp line off T-547, Buttermilk Falls Road.
Mountain Lake Burlington Township 42 265-2929 Mt. Lake Cem. Assoc.Donald Walborn RD3, Box 195Towanda, PA 18848  
Bailey's Burlington Township 115        
Gustin (Luthers Mills) Burlington Township 146 265-9336 Gustin Cem. Assoc.Roger A. Madigan RD3, Box 113Towanda, PA 18848  
Oak Grove (Oak Hill) Burlington Township 147 297-2258 Oak Grove Cem. Assoc.Elizabeth Bourne, Scty RD2, Box 141Ulster, PA 18850-9625  
Bradford County Memorial Burlington Township 222 265-2226 Bradford Co. Mem. Park, Inc.David Gamzon, Pres. P.O. Box 191Towanda, PA 18848 US Route 6, between Luthers Mills and Burlington.
Main Street Canton Boro 3 673-5604 Main Street Cem. Assoc.Lenore K. Smith, Treas RD2, Box 173Canton, PA 17724 PA Rte 414, Main Street, Canton Borough
St. Michael's Canton Boro 5 673-3702 St. Michael's Cem. Assoc.Kathy Kennedy, Treas. RD 3, Box 746Canton, PA 17724 TR 329, near W. border of borough
East Canton Canton Township 8 673-5341 East Canton Cem. Assoc.JoAnne Chaapel, Scty R.D.#1, Box 270Canton, PA 17724-9742  
Rutty Canton Township 48 673-5528 Rutty Cem. Assoc.Mrs. Jessie Herman, Treas. PO Box 33Grover, PA 17735-0033 McCracken Rd (T534), off State Rte 14.
Grover (Turner) Canton Township 67 673-8270 Grover Cem. Assoc.Mrs. Theron McIlwain RD1, Box 279Roaring Branch, PA 17765 West side SR 14, between Canton Boro and county line.
Alba  Canton Township 85 673-5931 Alba Cem. Assoc.Virginia B. Thomas RD1, Box 50Troy, PA 16947 Route 14, in the village.
Goff or Griffin Canton Township 93 673-5501 Goff/Griffen Cem. Assoc.Lloyd Herman RD1, Box 356Canton, PA 17724 PA Rte 414, behind Township Bldg
Spalding Canton Township 94 673-8793 Spalding Cem. Assoc.Jasper Smith RD1Canton; PA 17724  
Pratt Canton Township 120   Thad & Sheila Woodard Canton, PA In grove, 1/4 mile from road (SR 14) at confluence of two streams.
Beech Flats Canton Township 160 673-5010 Beech Flats Cem. Assoc.Walter K. Metzger, Treas. RD3, Box 610Canton, PA 17724  
Park Canton Township 184 673-8546 Park Cem. Assoc., Inc.Floyd D. Taylor Jr., Scty 60 N. Minnequa AvenueCanton, PA 17724 Off Minnequa Street, northern edge of the Boro
Sellard (Private) Canton Township 232       PA Rte 414, S. of village of Cedar Ledge, between Canton and Grover.
Fries Columbia Township 19 297-5090 Columbia Twp SupervisorsGary Horning 126 W. Main StreetTroy, PA 16947  
Sylvania Columbia Township 71 297-3238 Sylvania Cem. Assoc.Mrs. Eilene Ogden, Scty RD 2, Box 31Columbia XRoads, PA 16914 Sylvania Boro
Card Columbia Township 122 297-5090 Columbia Twp SupervisorsGary Horning, Treasurer 126 W. Main StreetTroy, PA 16947 SR 4008 (Porter Road)
Snedeckerville Columbia Township 124        
Austinville (Morgan) Columbia Township 125 297-2945 Austinville Cem. Assoc.Alfred J. Atwood RD 1, Box 233Troy, PA 16947 200 yds NE of village church, behind houses.
Besley (Columbia Valley) Columbia Township 177 297-3064 Besley Cem. Assoc.Nancy L. Haven P.O. Box 41Columbia XRoads, PA 16914  
Baptist Hill Columbia Township 186 537-2264 Baptist Hill Cem. Assoc.Jeff Warner RD2, Box 817Gillett, PA 16925  
Gladding (Sylvan Hill) Columbia Township 187        
Gernert (Private) Columbia Township 224        
Willey Franklin Township 50 364-5522 Willey Cem. AssocMs. Lisa Mead, Scty RD1, Box 185-AMonroeton, PA 18832 Downtown Franklindale, south side of US Rte 220.
Franklin Center (Christian Church) Franklin Township 150 364-5522 Franklin Center Cem. Assoc.Ms. Lisa Mead, Scty RD1, Box 185-AMonroeton, PA 18832 State Rte 414, at church.
Franklindale Franklin Township 188 364-5522 Franklin Center Cem. Assoc.Ms. Lisa Mead, Scty RD1, Box 185-AMonroeton, PA 18832  
Dodge (Private) Franklin Township 194 364-5522 Franklindale Cem. Assoc.Ms. Lisa Mead, Scty RD 1, Box 185-AMonroeton, PA 18832 T360 (Banks Rd), .10mi North of SR414. On East bank, above road grade. Can't see from road.
West Franklin Franklin Township 195 364-5297 Franklin Twp SupervisorsJulie Lamphere, Treasurer RD1, Box 164Monroeton, PA 18832  
Barclay Franklin Township 237   Penna. State Game Commission   SR 3008 to TR 350 (Mountains Rd) to end of spur in abandoned town of Barclay. On SGL #12.
Unknown Franklin Township 250   Pete & Gloria Vanderpool Canton, PA Just W. of village of West Franklin, along SR414, on land owned by Pete & Gloria Vanderpool.
Granville Center Granville Township 80 364-5720 Granville Center Cem. Assoc.Marcia Martin RD1, Box 90Granville Summit, PA 16926  
Windfall (Methodist-Episcopal) Granville Township 117 673-3361 Windfall Cem. Assoc.Robert Crouthamel, Scty RR 1, Box 179Granville Summit, PA 16926 SR3021 (Windfall Rd), behind ME Church in village of Windfall
Herrickville (East Herrick) Herrick Township 118 744-2341 Herrick Twp SupervisorsDiana J. Dorman, Scty/Treas. RD 3, Box 307Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Ballibay (Balley Bay) Herrick Township 119 746-3351 Ballibay Cem. Assoc.Donald Hillis RD1, Box 89Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Herrick Presbyterian Herrick Township 134 744-2341 Herrick Twp SupervisorsDiana J. Dorman, Scty/Treas. RD 3, Box 307Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Durand Herrick Township 135        
East Herrick Herrick Township 183 744-2742 E. Herrick Cem. Assoc.Oscar Aeppli RR1, Box 91Stevensville, PA 18845  
Mott Leroy Township 11   Mott CemeteryJudge John Mott, Treas 170 South AvenueCanton, PA 17724 From LeRoy, S. on SR 3010, N. on SR 3008 (South-side Rd). On knoll (left) just beyond Holcome Cem.
Holcomb (Private) Leroy Township 12 364-5766 Leroy Twp SupervisorsRewena Shedden, Treasurer RD 1, Box 152Granville Summitt, PA 16926 From LeRoy, S. on SR 3010, N. on SR 3008 (South- side Rd). On creek bank just off highway on left.
Leroy Leroy Township 153 265-9649 Leroy Cem. Assoc.Richard Monk RD1, Box 216ATowanda, PA 18848 South edge of PA 414, East of village of LeRoy.
Baldwin Litchfield Township 77        
Merrill Litchfield Township 78 888-4242 Litchfield Twp SupervisorsKathryn Hunsinger, Scty/Treas. RR 2, Box 269-AAthens, PA 18810  
Campbell Litchfield Township 99        
State Line or Park Litchfield Township 100        
Bidlack, William Farm (Private) Litchfield Township 101        
Hadlock Litchfield Township 102        
Everson or Park Litchfield Township 121        
Warner Litchfield Township 151        
South Litchfield (Bumpville) Litchfield Township 161 888-1209 South Litchfield Cem. Assoc.Jeanne Laninger 122 Paine StreetAthens, PA 18810  
Greenwood (Powell) Monroe Township 49 265-8929 Greenwood Cem. AssocDonald Stranger, Caretaker RD1, Box 76Monroeton, PA 18832 West side of PA Route 414, north of turnoff to Powell; north of the school.
Kellogg Monroe Township 190 717-265-2277 Kellogg Cem. Assoc.Charles R. Benjamin, Sr. RD4, Box 122-ATowanda, PA 18848  
Liberty Corners Monroe Township 208 265-6350 Liberty Corners Cem. Assoc.Lawrence B. Elliott RD4, Box 256Towanda, PA 18848  
Monroeton Monroeton Boro 4   Monroeton Cemetery Assoc.Mrs. Myra Cook; PO Box 157Monroeton, PA 18832 Monroeton Boro at church.
Bailey N. Towanda Township 233   Dennis Carter Carter's MarketNorth Towanda Buttermilk Falls Rd, off Rte US 6 on Dennis Carter property.
Hillcrest (New Albany) New Albany Boro  65 363-2026 Hillcrest Cem. Assoc.Phyllis P. Sturdevant, Scty PO Box 216New Albany, PA 18833 US Rte 220.
Hart (Private) New Albany Township 234   Mrs. Jean D. Hart RR 1, Box 235New Albany, PA 18833-9304 RR 1, New Albany
Catholic (SS Peter & Paul) North Towanda Township 88 265-3184 SS Peter & Paul Cem.Charles F. Miller, Scty 106 Third StreetTowanda, PA 18848 James Street; N. Towanda Twp
Pail Factory or Willow Grove North Towanda Township 105 265-4223 N. Towanda Twp SupervisorsCharmaine Stempel, Scty/Treas. RR 1, Box 211Towanda, PA 18848 Sugar Creek Road
Old Catholic North Towanda Township 116   Catholic Cemetery, N. Towanda Twp.    
Darling Orwell Township 81 744-2188 Darling Cem. Assoc.Fred M. Wheaton, Scty RD1, Box 258Rome, PA 18837 On SR 1036 at T620, between Orwell and Potterville.
South Hill Orwell Township 82 744-2656 South Hill Cem AssocWinola Stethers, Scty RR 3, Box 168Wyalusing, PA 18853 T-705, South Hill Road.
Allis Hollow Orwell Township 141        
Orwell Valley Orwell Township 142 717-247-7856 Orwell Valley Cem AssocBruce Yeagle RD2, Box 103Rome, PA 18837 PA Rte 187 at intersection with Orwell Hill Rd
Jillson (Orwell) Orwell Township 148 247-7098 Jillson Cem. Assoc.Alice Allis, Scty RD2, Box 431Rome, PA 18837 On SR 1053.
Orwell Orwell Township 149 717-744-2434 Orwell Cem. Assoc.Mrs. Winola Casselberry, Scty RR2, Box 77LeRaysville, PA 18829 Orwell Hill, TR 768.
North Orwell Orwell Township 159 717-247-7951 N. Orwell Cem. Assoc.Deville Boardman, Scty RD 1Rome, PA 18837  SR 187, south end of village of North Orwell
Cahill Mountain Overton Township 55        
McGovern (St Patricks) Overton Township 56 265-2208 Charles F. Miller 359 York AvenueTowanda, PA 18848  
Methodist (United Methodist) Overton Township 64 924-3976 Methodist Cem. Comm.Doris Dibble, Scty RD 2, Box 51New Albany, PA 18833  
McCann Farm (Pioneer) (Case) (Private) Overton Township 144 717-363-2258 McCann Farm CemeteryHelen W. Ferris, Scty/Treas RR 1, Box 86New Albany, PA 18833  
St. Francis Xavier Overton Township 145 924-3690 St. Francis Xavier Cem. Assoc.Mrs. Betty Bahl, Scty RD 2, Box 45New Albany, PA 18833  
St. Pauls Reformed Overton Township 191 717-363-2258 St. Paul Reformed Cem. Assoc.Helen W. Ferris, Scty/Treas RR 1, Box 86New Albany, PA 18833  
SS Phillip & James Overton Township 204 924-3690 Sts Phillip & James CemeteryMrs. Betty Bahl, Scty RD 2, Box 45New Albany, PA 18833  
Heverly Farm (Private) Overton Township 205 924-3977 Call Henry Beebe    
Bosworth Pike Township 165 744-1517 Pike Township SupervisorsBeth Alderson, Scty/Treas. RR 1, Box 71LeRaysville, PA 18829  
Dimon (Private) Pike Township 196        
Stevens Pike Township 197 744-2734 Stevens Cem. Assoc.Mary Edith Davis, Treas. RD 1, Box 94LeRaysville, PA 18829-9739  
Neath Pike Township 214 744-2756 Neath Cem. Assoc.Warren J. Roberts HCR 34, Box 7AWarren Center, PA 18851 SR 1026 at TR 713; Welsh Congregational Church, Neath.
LeRaysville Pike Township (LeRaysville Boro) 217 717-744-2253 LeRaysville Cem. Assoc.Francis M. Roof, Scty RR 1, Box 209Rome, PA 18837-9607  
Ridgebury (Our Lady of Perp. Help)(Catholic) Ridgebury Township 38 596-2109 St. Ann's Catholic Church RR 3, Box 138AGillett, PA 16925 Corner SR 4021, Ridgebury Road and T-793, Desmond Road.
Hanlon Hill Ridgebury Township 39 596-3531 Hanlon Hill Cem. Assoc.Linda L. Janowsky RD 3, Box 320Gillett, PA 16925 off Sr 4024 at junction TR 857/590 (Hanlon Hill Rd)
Laurel Hill Ridgebury Township 86       SR 4026 (Thompson Hill Rd).
Bentley Creek Ridgebury Township 87 596-2913 Bently Creek Cem. AssocLynn R. Chamberlain, Pres RD 1, Box 242-SGillett, PA 16925 N. of Bentley Creek on SR 4013, Berwick Turnpike.
Covell Ridgebury Township 123        
Rome Rome Boro 68 247-7771 Rome Cem. Assoc.Charles F. Barnes RD 2, Box 84CWysox, PA 18854-9742 PA Route 187, in Boro of Rome
Elliott Rome Township 113        
McCabe, John Farm (Private) Rome Township 114 265-2762 McCabe Farm Cem.Howard W. Towner, Jr. RR 5, Box 5595Towanda, PA 18848  
Bidlack (Private) Rome Township 155        
Towner Hill Rome Township 156 265-2762 Towner Hill Cem. Assoc.Howard W. Towner, Jr. RR 5, Box 5595Towanda, PA 18848 Corner of T-740 and T-842
Rest Sayre Boro 51 888-0308 Sayre Historical SocietyKenneth J. Bracken, Pres. 130 Bradford StreetSayre, PA 18840 Bradford Street; Sayre, PA
Epiphany Sayre Boro 218 888-9641 Epiphany Roman Catholic Parish ??? 304 S. Elmer AvenueSayre, PA 18840 N. Keystone Avenue, Sayre Boro.
Church of the Redeemer Sayre Boro 243   Church of the Redeemer Wilbur AvenueSayre, PA 18840 Columbarium in the basement of the church
Post Sheshequin Township 18 358-3521 Post Cemeteryc/o Vickie Rhodes, Twp Scty RD 1, Box 157Ulster, PA 18850 S. of Black; 300yds off SR1041, hidden in grove of bushes, near intersection of SR1033.
North Ghent (Trinket) Sheshequin Township 133 358-3392 N. Ghent Cem. Assoc.Howard B. Keir, Treas. RR 1, Box 376Ulster, PA 18850-9523 NE corner SR 1057 and T-687 at church
Gillett, Walter (Gore) (Private) Sheshequin Township 138 358-3521 Gillett (Gore) Cem.c/o Vickie Rhodes, Twp Scty RD 1, Box 157Ulster, PA 18850 Corner SR 1043 and SR 1022, on hill overlooking SR 1043, south of SR 1022 & road to Ulster bridge.
Ghent Sheshequin Township 139 358-3704 Sheshequin Twp SupervisorsRoberta A. Sabitus, Scty/Treas RR 1, Box 138-BUlster, PA 18850  
Hornbrook Sheshequin Township 173 265-2015 Hornbrook Cem. Assoc.Mrs. Betty Smith, Scty RR 5, Box 5469Towanda, PA 18848  
Sheshequin (Sheshequin Valley) Sheshequin Township 203 358-3773 Sheshequin Valley Cem. Assoc.Roland Perry, Scty/Treas RD 1,Uster, PA 18850  
Vought, Joseph Farm Sheshequin Township 221        
Thomas Smithfield Township 10 596-2920 Smithfield Twp SupervisorsRichard A. Yale, Scty RD 1, Box 49Milan, PA 18831 0.2 mi N of SR 4001 on TR 700 (Hill Road)
Allen (Asa Allen) on Chas. Harkness Farm Smithfield Township 59 596-2920 Smithfield Twp SupervisorsRichard A. Yale, Scty RD 1, Box 49Milan, PA 18831 South side of TR 653 (Locust Dr), 0.82 mi east of SR 4013 (Berwick Pike). 0.18 mi west of TR 713.
Turnpike Smithfield Township 60 596-2920 Smithfield Twp SupervisorsRichard A. Yale, Scty RD 1, Box 49Milan, PA 18831 T-643, Collins Road, off SR 4013, Berwick Turnpike.
Union Smithfield Township 140 596-3403 Union Cem. Assoc.Mr. Laurence Allyn PO Box 1East Smithfield, PA 18817  
Faithful Companion Pet Smithfield Township 241 596-3192 Faithful Companion Pet Cem. RD 2Ulster, PA 18850 Ulster - E. Smithfield Road
Old Congregational Cemetery (E. Smithfield) Smithfield Township  9 596-3558 Old Congretational Cem. Assoc.C. LaRue Wakely RR2, Box 219Ulster, PA 18850 SR 4010, across from Federated Church, by square, downtown E. Smithfield.
Gillett (Upper) South Creek Township 57   Gillett Cem. Assoc.Marvin R. Roberts, Scty RD 1, Box 19Gillett, PA 16925 West edge of town on T753.
Thompson Hill South Creek Township 103        
Dunnings (Earl Saunders Farm) South Creek Township 104        
Doty Hill South Creek Township 107 596-3058 South Creek Twp SupervisorsLinda Leonard, Scty/Treas P.O. Box 60Gillett, PA 16925 SR 4030, 0.2mi W. of Ridgbury Twp line.
Checkerville South Creek Township 108 596-3465 Checkerville Cem. Assoc.Connie Beers, Scty RR 3, Box 160Columbia XRoads, PA 16914 On TR688 (Patterson Rd) at SR 4027 in Checkerville.
Gillett (Lower) South Creek Township 189 596-3093 Gillett Cem. Assoc.Marvin R. Roberts, Scty RD 1, Box 19Gillett, PA 16925 In town, PA Rte 14 at the church.
Harkness Springfield Township 53 297-3964 Harkness Cem. Assoc.Wayne C. Gates, Scty RD 2, Box 103Columbia Xrds, PA 16914 SR 4014, midway between Harkness and Springfield
Culp (Private) Springfield Township 54        
Spear or Westbrook Springfield Township 69 596-2910 Springfield Twp SupervisorsDiane L. King, Scty RD 3, Box 416Troy, PA 16947 On SR 4017, midway between Leona & Springfield
Leona Springfield Township 70 297-3893 Leona Cem. Assoc.Richard A. Eaton, Scty RD 2, Box 334Troy, PA 16947 On SR 4017, south end of Village of Leona
Bardwell (Bordel) Springfield Township 136 596-2910 Springfield Twp SupervisorsDiane L. King, Scty RD 3, Box 416Troy, PA 16947  
Leonard (Salisbury - Evergreen) Springfield Township 137 297-3077 Leonard Cem. AssocJudith H. Thorp, Scty RD 2, Box 311-ATroy, PA 16947 TR 615 (Furman Rd), just off SR 4017
Wetona Springfield Township 166 596-2986 Wetona Cem. Assoc.Mr. Paul Sargeant, Scty RD 3, Box 396Troy, PA 16947 TR 700, immediately west of village of Wetona
Brace Springfield Township 178       West side of SR 4027, half mile north of SR 4014.
Grover Hill Springfield Township 179 297-2875 Grover Hill Cem. Assoc.Mrs. Janet Mattocks, Trea RD 2, Box 97-AColumbia Xrds, PA 16914 TR 676 (Wolcott Rd), off SR 4014, W of Village of Springfield
Chase and Newberry Springfield Township 206       T605, half mile west of SR4027
Big Pond (Hillside) Springfield Township 207 596-3782 Big Pond Cem. Assoc.Vernon Robbins, Scty RD 2, Box 117Columbia Xrds, PA 16914 SR 4025, south of Village of Big Pond
Berrytown Springfield Township 236       On hill across road, NW of Berrytown Weslyn Church, T629 (Burt Rd) off T532 (Berrytown Rd).
Cooper Springfield Township 238       SR4013, near Springfield/Smithfield Twp lines
Crandall Springfield Township 242       Driveway 100yds SE of TR690/SR4013, 0.4mi N of Springfield/Smithfield Twp line. Below pond dam.
Standing Stone Standing Stone Township 36 265-5797 Standing Stone Cem. AssocMrs. Dorothy Schultz  RD 2, Box 18CWysox, PA 18854  
Keene Summit Standing Stone Township 47 265-6838 Keene Summit Cem. Assoc.Mrs. Joan Kintner, Scty RD 2, Box 99Wysox, PA 18854  
Universal Standing Stone Township 126        
Ireland Catholic (State Road) Standing Stone Township 127 265-2208 State Road Cem.Charles F. Miller, Scty 359 York AvenueTowanda, PA 18848  
Huyck Standing Stone Township 130        
Gordon Standing Stone Township 131        
Ennes (Innes) (Ennis) (Private) Standing Stone Township 169 265-8355 Standing Stone Twp SupervisorsMary Jean Smith, Scty/Treas. RR 3, Box 74Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Waterman Stevens Township 98 746-1470 Maxine Potts Rossa RD 1, Box 53LeRaysville, PA 18829  
Stevensville Stevens Township 97 746-3188 Stevensville Cem. Assoc.Luke D. VandeMark, Treas RD 1, Box 5Stevensville, PA 18845  
Pine Glen Stevens Township 106        
New Era Terry Township 182 746-1634 New Era Cem. Assoc.Francis D. Hardenstine RD 2, Box 220Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Terrytown Terry Township 215 746-1409 Terrytown Cem. Assoc.B. Jean Mosier, Treas. RD 2, Box 149Wyalusing, PA 18853 Route PA 187, at abandoned church in the village of Terrytown.
North Union Tioga County          
Riverside Towanda Boro 17 265-8496 Riverside Cem. Assoc.Alice M. Grenell, Treas 211 N. Main StreetTowanda, PA 18848 Williams Street, Towanda Boro
Oak Hill Towanda Boro 198 265-6305 Oak Hill Cem Assoc, Inc.Jean Miller, Scty 602 S. Fourth StreetTowanda, PA 18848 Oak Street, Towanda Boro
Cole Towanda Township 157 265-5717 Cole Cem. Assoc.Warren Overpeck, Scty RD 2, Box 209-CTowanda, PA 18848  
St. Johns Troy Boro 174 537-2116 St. Johns Cem. Assoc.Robert J. Brown, Scty RR1, Box 1580Gillett, PA 16925 Surrounding St Johns Church, Troy Boro
Case Troy Township 61 297-4044 Troy Twp SupervisorsLinda T. Everts, Scty/Treas. RD 1, Box 427-ATroy, PA 16947  
Hunt Troy Township 62 297-4044 Troy Twp SupervisorsLinda M. Everts, Scty/Treas. RD 1, Box 427-ATroy, PA 16947 SR 4008
Glenwood Troy Township 79 297-4356 Glenwood Cem. Assoc.Charles Losey, Supt. RD 3, Box 143Troy, PA 16947 Off Rte US 6, east edge of town
East Troy Troy Township 109 297-4044 Troy Twp SupervisorsLinda M. Everts, Scty/Treas. RD 1, Box 427-ATroy, PA 16947  
Oak Hill Troy Township 192 297-2497 Oak Hill Cem. Assoc.Mary K. Morris, Scty RR1, Box 453Troy, PA 16947-9787 Rte PA 14 north of Troy, across from Alpron Park
Ballard Troy Township 199        
Hess (Private) Troy Township 247   Mrs. Donna Hess RR 1, Box 431Troy, PA 16947  
Lyon Tuscarora Township 52 869-1711 Tuscarora Twp SupervisorsRose Babcock, Scty RD 1, Box 1133Laceyville, PA 18623  
Beaver Meadows (Clapper Hill) Tuscarora Township 66 746-3658 Beaver Meadows Cem. Assoc.Charlotte Fassett, Scty RD 2, Box 133Laceyville, PA 18623 Junction of TR506 (Broad Rd) and TR499 (Church Rd) at Beaver Meadows United Methodist Church
Silvara Tuscarora Township 75 869-1711 Tuscarora Twp SupervisorsRose Babcock, Scty/Treas. RD 1, Box 1133Laceyville, PA 18623  
Learn, Albert Farm (Private) Tuscarora Township 76        
Quimby Tuscarora Township 91 869-1711 Tuscarora Twp SupervisorsRose Babcock, Scty/Treas. RD 1, Box 1133Laceyville, PA 18623  
Sturdevant Tuscarora Township 92 869-1711 Tuscarora Twp SupervisorsRose Babcock, Scty/Treas. RD 1, Box 1133Laceyville, PA 18623  
Ackley (Spring Hill) Tuscarora Township 143 717-746-3307 Ackley Cem. Assoc.Barbara S. Gary, Scty RD 1, Box 246Wyalusing, PA 18853 TR 523 (Whitmiller Rd), off SR 1007
Cogswell (Hillside) Tuscarora Township 152 869-1711 Tuscarora Twp SupervisorsRose Babcock, Scty/Treas. RD 1, Box 1133Laceyville, PA 18623  
Shoemaker Family (Private) Tuscarora Township 249   Bret Shoemaker RR 1, Rome, PA 18837 Tuscarora Twp, on border of Wyoming Co. On land owned by Bret Shoemaker
Ulster Catholic (Immaculate Conception) Ulster Township 185 265-2208 Ulster Catholic CemeteryCharles F. Miller, Scty 106 Third StreetTowanda, PA 18848 In village of Ulster, adjacent to the church.
Saco (Moore's Hill) Ulster Township 201       In village on SR 4001, 200 yards NW of SR 4002. In side yard of private home.
Milan (East) Ulster Township 202 358-3637 Ulster Twp SupervisorsJennifer Chilson, Scty/Treas. P.O. Box 185Ulster, PA 18850  
Ulster Ulster Township 216 358-3890 Ulster Cem. Assoc.Betty Layman, Scty PO Box 196Ulster, PA 18850 In the village of Ulster
South Warren Warren Township 1 395-3202 South Warren Cem. AssocMrs. Arthur Painter, Pres. RR 2, Box 401Rome, PA 18837-9559  
Warren Center Warren Township 132 395-3133 Warren Center Cem. Assoc.Emerson Abel, Treas. HCR 34, Box 29Warren Center, PA 18851  
Arnold (Private) Warren Township 163        
N. Warren Presbyterian (Coburn-Dewing) Warren Township 164 395-3318 Coburn-Dewing Cem AssocRussell A. Dewing, Pres Warren Center, PA 18851 TR 1079, north of village of West Warren.
Irish Hill (St. Luke's) Warren Township 170 607-625-4600 Irish Hill Cem. Assoc.James F. Kane, Treas. 55 Highland DriveApalachin, NY 13732  
Neuman, Walter (Private) Warren Township 172        
Cadis Warren Township 211 395-3266 Warren Twp SupervisorsFranklyn Nichols, Scty/Treas. P.O. Box 95Warren Center, PA 18851 Corner SR 1040 and TR 915.
Sleeper Hill Warren Township 212 395-3121 Sleeper Hill Cem. Assoc.Rodney Darling PO Box 28Warren Center, PA 18851 TR 909 (Sleeper Hill Rd).
Owego-Montrose (A. Manchester Farm) Warren Township 213 395-3313 Russell A. Dewing Warren Center, PA SR 1059 between Warrenham and the PA state border.
Coburn Warren Township 223 395-3318 Coburn Cem. AssocRussel A. Dewing, Pres Warren Center, PA 18851 SR 1059 (TR 933), inside State Game Lands No 219 near PA/NY border.
Rogers/Dickerson Warren Township 230 395-3642 Adelle K. Wheaton (Deceased 2003 - does anyone have an updated contact?) RR 2, Box 195-CRome, PA 18837 Antisdel Farm, West Warren. SR 1049
Bowen Warren Township 239 395-3221 Fred Wheaton HCR 34, Box 25-DWarren Center, PA 18851 Off SR 1059, at corner of TR 809
Corbin (private) Warren Township 240 607-687-4465 Marilyn T. Searles 527 Strong RoadOwego, NY 13827 Along roadway, west side of SR 1079, 0.10mi south of radio tower. Location of old Presbyterian Chur
Coryland (Presbyterian) (Wells-Columbia) Wells Township 128 537-2089 Coryland Presby. Cem. Assoc.Velma W. Roy, Scty RD 2, Box 709Gillett, PA 16925 SR4039 at Corlyand Church
Judson Hills Wells Township 129 537-2117 Wells Twp SupervisorsMary Hastings, Scty/Treas RR 1, Box 1575Gillett, PA 16925 SR4039 (Judson Hill Rd)
Mosherville (Wells Union Church, French Mill) Wells Township 158 537-6368 Mosherville Cem Assoc.Robert A. Bevins, Pastor RD 2, Box 533Gillett, PA 16925 At Mosherville Church in the village.
Hilton Troy Township 110 297-3486 Hilton Cem. Assoc.Ms. Jean Bronson, Treas. RR 3Troy, PA 16947 Route US 6
Old Methodist West Burlington Township 63 297-3596 Old Methodist Cem. Assoc.Rowena M. Ward RD 3, Box 431Troy, PA 16947  
Vroman Hill West Burlington Township 209 297-4071 W. Burlington Twp SupervisorsBarbara Bourne, Scty RD2, Box 206Columbia Xrds, PA 16914 Pratt Rd (T551) off Vroman Hill Rd (T529) from SR 3024.
County Home (County Manor) West Burlington Township 210   County Home CemeteryBradford County Commissioners Court HouseTowanda, PA 18848 N. of US Rte 6, atop hill behind county prison.
Elwell Wilmot Township 43 746-3285 Elwell Cem. Assoc.Jane Dietz, Scty/Treas. RD 1, Box 173Sugar Run, PA 18846-9740  
Quick's Bend Wilmot Township 44 746-9099 Quicks Bend Cem. Assoc.Jane Dietz, Scty RR 1, Box 173Sugar Run, PA 18846  
Norconk Wilmot Township 73 928-8550 Norconk Cem. Assoc.Marguerite Norconk, Scty RD 1, Box 140New Albany, PA 18833-9752  
Ingham (Private) Wilmot Township 74        
Wilmot Church Wilmot Township 89 746-1731 Ransom Saxer RD2, Box 22Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Cumiskey (St. Francis) (Comiskey) Wilmot Township 90 928-8932 St. Basil's Cem. Assoc.P. Dean Homer, Treas. P.O. Box 1Dushore, PA 18614-0419  
Steele, R. (Private) Wilmot Township 111   Wilmot Township Supervisors   Private cemetery on the Richard Steele Farm
St. Johns Lutheran Wilmot Township 112 746-1731 St. John Lutheran Cem. Assoc.Ransom Saxer RD 2, Box 22Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Hemann Family (Private) Wilmot Township 248 717-746-1402 Mrs. Frances Hemann RR 1, Box 136Sugar Run, PA 18846 Sugar Run, Wilmot Twp
Babcock Hill Windham Township 20 395-3308 Mrs. Patricia Kuhlman R.D 2, Box 207Rome, PA 18837 Corner TR 898 and TR 833
McKee Farm (Private) Windham Township 21 247-7736 Windham Twp SupervisorsLynette Nichols, Scty RR 2, Box 137Rome, PA 18837 Off SR 1049, north on TR 879 (Reagan Rd), First lane on left.
Tyrell Windham Township 28   Vernon Tyrell   TR 768, 0.2mi N of SR 1042
Wickham, D. (Fox) Estate Windham Township 29   Thomas Jenkins, landowner   Adjacent to east side PA Rte 187, 0.2 mi N of Ray Merrill Garage
Bixby Windham Township 45        
Doane, E.C. Estate (private) Windham Township 46        
Windham Summit Windham Township 95        
Osbourne Hill Windham Township 96       T887 off SR1055, 2.6mi N of intersection w/SR1056 Just S of NY/PA border.
Valley Home (Windham) Windham Township 154 395-3642 Valley Home Cem. Assoc.Adelle K. Wheaton, Scty RD 2, Box 195-CRome, PA 18837-9576 SR 1049, off PA Rte 187.
Buck, Kenneth Windham Township 235       Part of Windham Summit cemetery ?
Wyalusing Wyalusing Township 13   Wyalusing Cem. AssocWyalusing Boro PO Box 131Wyalusing, PA 18853 SR 2010, btwn US6 and River. Adjacent to High School.
Merryall Wyalusing Township 58 746-3358 Merryall Cem. Assoc.Robert P. Hay, Scty RD 1, Box 86Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Camptown Wyalusing Township 72 746-3707 Camptown Cemetery AssocMaxine E. Camp, Scty RR 3, Box 56Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Biles (Porterville) Wyalusing Township 175 607-656-8427 Biles Cem. Assoc.Marian E. Biles, Treas. 530 County Road 2Greene, N.Y. 13778-9571  
Homet Wyalusing Township 176 265-9816 Homet Cem. Assoc.Theresa H. Brennan, Trustee RD 1, Box 80Towanda, PA 18848  
Lime Hill Wyalusing Township 200   Lime Hill Cem. Assoc.Maxine K. Metur RD 2Wyalusing, PA 18853  
Sandor (Private) Wyalusing Township 244   Charlotte Sandor RD 1, Box 58Wyalusing, PA  
Lake Wesauking (Pond Hill) Wysox Township 83 265-2641 Wysox Twp SupervisorsJames Ward, Scty/Treas. 12 Kingsbury AvenueTowanda, PA 18848 End of TR 618, up hill behind Richard Spencer residence.
Mercur or Block Wysox Township 84 265-2641 Wysox Twp SupervisorsJames Ward, Scty/Treas. 12 Kingsbury AvenueTowanda, PA 18848  
Wysox Wysox Township 193 717-265-2676 Wysox Cem. Assoc.Carl S. Covey, Scty RR 1, Box 182Towanda, PA 18848  
Woodburn Wysox Township 226   Bruce Weaver Wysox, PA Rte PA 187, on Weaver flats s. of Gillette's Bridge on Lawrence Weaver property.
Landis (Private) Wysox Township 245   Landis family   Mercur; SR1012, on right just beyond inter- section w/Keene Summit Rd
In a message dated 8/2/2010 7:57:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
TO:  Ms. Joyce Tice
FROM:  William Woodburn
I talked to the Athens Borough July 21st with Mark Burgress and he said that after John Morley died the Old Athens Cemetery Association ceased to exist.  For now the Borough planned to maintain the cemetery and do any minor repairs.
Their contact is:
Athens Borough, 2 South River Street, Athens, PA 18810; 570-888-7392
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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