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Name of Cemetery:    Card Cemetery
Read By:  Kenneth & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   July 21. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Between Troy and Sylvania on Porter Road, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: Marie CARD Clark assisted by giving us records and copies of older readings
NOTES: Some Information is from Card and Monro Family records-See Additional Information for names of researchers
 Reading begins at North East Corner
SEE ALSO _ additional information at bottom of page.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Monro Abraham Oct.23.1802 Sep.11.1885   s/o Thomas & Sybil Borden -b.Bristol R.I. - d. Sylvania, PA
Monroe Mary T.   Apr.15.1842 44 yr EGC note: born May 5.1798
Monro Thomas   Mar.11.1836 77y1m23d  
Monro Sybil   Nov.9.1864 91 yr w/o Thomas
Card Sally   Feb.13.1839 47 yr w/o Henry Card - EGC note: Sally Monro
Card Sally Jan.19.1792 Feb.13.1839   North Side of Large Monument
Card Henry Nov.17.1789 May24.1877   West Side of Large Monument
Card Catherine 1808 1885   w/o Henry Card - South Side of Monument - EGC note: 2nd wife
Card Hannah Aug.19.1832 Feb.1.1898   d/o Henry & Sally Card - WTC note: "Little Aunt Hannah"
Card Mary    Sep.6.1853 62 yr w/o Robert Card - MCY note: Mary Gardiner
Card Robert   Sep.24.1856 73y9m17d MCY note: Robert brother of Henry
Monro John B.   Dec.16.1862 47y2m26d EGC note: b.Sept.20, 1815 MCY:s/o Thomas & Sybil Borden Monroe
Card Dorcas S.   Jun.12.1892 78 yr wife of John B. Monro--d/o Robert & Mary Gardiner Card
Colby Sadie E.   Dec. 1.1878 25y10m w/o Royal R. Colby -MCY note: d/o John B. & Dorcas Card Monro
Fish Francis R. Mar.4.1836 Jan.20.1886 49y10m5d PA Sgt. Co. C 12 PA Inf.--GAR Marker & flag
          SECOND ROW
Fish Margaret E.   Dec.17.1863 15y5m10d d/o H.N.&M.E. Fish-EGC note:Horatio Nelson& Martha Eldred Card Fish
Fish Little Callia   Feb.3.1863 7y9m5d d/o H.N. & Martha E. Fish - EGC note: Caroline M. b. Mar.29.1855
Fish Sally E.   Apr.22.1839 42 yr w/o Robert Fish MCY note:Sally E. Monro d/o Bateman Monro
Fish H. N.       FATHER - On side stone
Fish Horatio Nelson Jan. 10.1817 Jul.4.1891   MCY note: s/o Robert & Sarah E. Monro Fish
Fish Martha E. Card Aug.4.1813 Apr.12.1900   w/o Horatio - On stone w/Horatio
Fish Martha        MOTHER - On side stone--MCY note: d/o Henry & Sally Monro Card
Bradford Mary   Feb.15.1842 39y9m On Spire -EGC note:1st wife of J.R. Bradford
Bradford Mary F.   Aug.4.1856 39y1m17d On Spire - EGC note: Mary F. Merrill Bradford - 2nd w/o J.R.Bradford
Bradford Joseph R.   Jun.22.1867 65y6m7d EGC note: Joseph Reynolds Bradford
Bradford H.G. May27.1819 Jul.26.1910   NO Marker--MCY:Harriet Gaylord- 3rd w/o J.R. Bradford 
Metler Sybil B.   Oct.12.1876 65y9m EGC note: Sybil B. Monro d/o Thomas & Sybil
Metler James Jan.1.1805 Dec.31.1891   Has No stone--Buried next to wife per records
Card Flaud 1867 1898   EGC note: s/o Chas.Henry & Mary H. Benedict Card -died Apr.18.1898
Card Mary B. 1850 1877   Same stone w/Flaud
Card Josephine 1874 1966   Same stone w/Flaud
Monro Charlotte 1924 1936   W.T.C. Note: d/o Max L. Monroe
Monro Max L. Jan.21.1889 Mar.30.1919   MCY note: s/o George P. Monro & Josephine L. Embrey Johnson Monro
Metler Clara   Oct.31.1902 67y9m9d WTC note:Nurse - EGC note: b. Dec.25.1833 /d/o James & Sybil Metler
          THIRD ROW
Nash Elizabeth B.   Feb.5.1842 21yr w/o Reuben Nash -MCY note: d/o Henry & Sally Monro Card
Card H. Ann   May 4.1854 5y4m23d d/o Henry & Catharine Card
          MOTHER - Nothing else on stone
Smith Mark J. May12.1863 May 3.1878   s/o A.C. & M.A. Smith
Smith Mary A. Bradford   Jul.15.1897   MCY note:Born April 13,1828 Bristol, RI-d/o J.R. & Mary Monro Bradford
Smith Alexander C. Dec.13.1826 Apr.17.1895   MCY note: husband of Mary Abbott Bradford
Smith Mary E. Avery Oct.7.1854 Apr.1.1896   w/o S. G. Smith--1st mar. Frank Avery/2nd mar. Sanford Smith
Smith Mary E. Avery       Second stone on side - Initials M.E.A.S.
Monro Arie L. Dec.3.1883 Jan.9.1884   MCY note: d/o George Peter & Josephine L. Embrey Johnson Monro
Monro George P. Aug.31.1838 Oct.5.1902    
Fields Robert L.     8 days Info from Marie Clark--s/o James & Stella Monro Fields
Fields Baby Girl     Note from Marie Card Clark--No Stone - d/o Theodore & Joan Fields
Monro John T. 1906 1913   SON - MCY note: Killed by an accidental gun shot.
Monro Ira T. 1882 1943   FATHER - MCY note: s/o George Peter Monro
Monro Margaret 1882 1966   MOTHER - MCY note: Margaret N. Wilson
Card Willie J.   Sep.15.1897 2 mo s/o Ray & Addie Card
Kline Ralph A. Feb.4.1915 Sep.29.1979    
Kline Elizabeth M. Oct.16.1910 Jan.30.1997   On stone w/Ralph A. Kline
Haven Betty Jean Dec.26.1929     On same stone w/Glenn Russell Haven
Haven Glenn Russell Apr.8.1927 Jun.17.1979   BACK: COX US Navy WW 2--Marker & flag
          FIRST ROW
        West Side of Cemetery; North to South
Card Geo. M. Apr.26.1824 Dec.17.1898   Mason Symbol--MCY note: Bro. Of Thomas Monro Card
Card Rachel Jul.19.1827 Aug.5.1913   MCY note: Marguerite Rachel Tabor w/o George Monro Card
Card Maggie R. Jan.21.1867 Sep.2.1883   d/o G.M. and M.R. Card
Cummings Geo. C. 1870 1929   Co.E 14 Cav.Spanish American War-s/o Alfred & Sarah Card Cummings
Card Sarah E. Dec.4.1850 Nov.26.1941   MCY note: Sarah Elizabeth Card was married twice
Mosher Franklin P. Feb.4.1853 Jul.3.1882   MCY note: Husband of Jane Adele Card
Conway J. Adelle Jan.22.1856 Nov.20.1941   MCY note: d/o George & Rachel Card m. 2nd to Michael or John Conway
Tabor Marshall Nov.6.1835 Jul.26.1909   GAR Marker & flag - MCY note: Marshall Phineas "Uncle Doc" 
Card Thomas M. Oct.22.1830 Aug.11.1871    
Card Hannah L. Jul.14.1835 Apr.21.1914    
Card Maude I.C. 1876 1946   WTC note: 2nd wife of Fred W. Card. 
Card Fred W. Feb.17.1863 Feb.17.1941    
Card Addie M. 1866 1904   MCY note: A.M. Williams-1st w/o Fred W.//b.Dec.24.1866-d.Feb.8.1904
Card Herbert W.   Sep.16.1894 3y10m13d s/o F.W. & Addie M. Card
Card Barbara Ann Mar.8.1922 Oct.7.1922   d/o Leslie E. & Eva G. Card
Card Helen Tabor       MOTHER w/o Anson Card
Card Anson M. Jul.26.1846 Jan.11.1887   GAR Marker & flag
Card Helen J. Jan.1.1849 Mar.20.1935   MCY note: Helen Johanna Tabor--2nd inscription - w/o Anson M. Card
Yarnell Mary E. Card Aug.13,1918   w/o Howard W. Yarnell--d/o Leslie Card
Card Leslie E. Aug.10.1893 Jan.2.1986   s/o Fred Card
Card Eva G. Oct.14.1893 Sep.7.1985    
Monro Helen Apr.16.1906 Mar.22.1907   EGC note: Helen Louise d/o John F. and Stella Monro
Card Fannie Mar.5.1854 Aug.18.1894   MCY note: w/o Joseph B. Card - d/o Clinton & Amanda Keyes Strait
Card Joseph B. Aug.4.1850 Mar.16.1927   NO Stone - from Records 
Card James R. Sep.21.1870 Sep.20.1907   (James Reuben) 41683
Keyes Alice L. Feb.18.1864 Feb.9.1895 30 yr w/o James R. Card - Alice Louise, d/o Alden & Abbie M. Bradford Keys 73424
Card Leon E. 1879 1962    
Card Edith A. 1878 1965    
Card  Merrill Elmo Sep.17.1903 Feb.3.1963   s/o Leon Card --- No stone, from records
Card Joseph Bradford Oct.9.1913 May28.1973   s/o Leon Card --- No stone, from records
Card Henry B. Sep.13.1815 Apr.1.1898   MONUMENT - North side
Card Sarah E. Nov.19.1823 Dec.3.1906   MONUMENT- MCYnote:Sarah Eliza Fish d/o Robt.& Sally E.Monro Fish
Beardslee Frank  1864 1939    
Beardslee Mattie E. 1860 1931   EGC note: Martha Eldridge Card - d/o Henry Bowen Card d. July 6,1931
Card Mary Bailey 1860 1942   Notes: 2nd w/o Charles Henry Card - d. Oct.22,1942 -Towanda paper.
Card Charles Henry Dec.5.1842 Oct.6.1908   Co. A 207 PA Inf. 
  Morris       Indiv. Stone - Inscription on Monument
  Ruth       Indiv. Stone - Inscription on Monument
Card Walter T. Sep.10.1867 Aug.4.1938   CARD MONUMENT
Card Mary H. Nov.10.1867 Jun.20.1953   CARD MONUMENT
Card A. Morris Aug.4.1891 Feb.13.1905   CARD MONUMENT (Anson Morris - son)
Card Ruth E. Oct.11.1907   CARD MONUMENT (Ruth - daughter) EGC note: Oct.11.1907 b. & d.
  Walter        Indiv. Stone - Inscription on Monument
Card Effa Alexander 1889 1977    
Card Bowen Oliver 1885 1968   Mason symbol
Card Bowen O., Jr. Apr.26.1914 Apr.13.1983   WW 2 Veteran - No Stone - From Records
Card Richard T. 1873 1945   EGC note: s/o Anson M. Card 
Shaffer Stella C. 1880 1961   MOTHER - Stella M. Card - 1st mar. John Monro
Monro John F. 1876 1927   EGC note: m. Stella Mavis Card d/o Anson M.

Quoted from will of Henry Card who came from Rhode Island in 1829 to settle the farm next to the cemetery.  He raised his 13 children in the house that Marie Card Clark and her husband Owen Clark presently live in.

“And further, out of the land hereinbefore bequeathed to my son, George M. Card, I reserve one fourth part of an acre for a family burial, or ground, where the same now is, with the right to go to and from the same, and authorize the same to be fenced as my executors may think best.”

Credit should be given to the following people:  Joseph Dartt Bradford, who copied from stones in Card Cemetery before 1965, and from his records, by Wendell Thomas Card, before March 1971.  Eva Garnsey Card (EGC notes are by her) completed her data by May 1977, collating with Card notebooks and Monro Genealogy, and sent copy to Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda, PA.  Her daughter, Mary Card Yarnell, (MCY notes are by her) continued to clarify records of both Wendell T. Card (WTC notes are by him), and Eva G. Card thru 1987.   Additional information was given to us by Marie Card Clark, daughter of Wendell T. Card, July 2001.

From a letter written by Joseph D. Bradford of Troy, PA., July 1957 to Eva G. Card:
 “Years ago, the Monros, the Cards and the Bradfords, about once a year or every few years, held a three family picnic.  The picnics were held in the woods on the Tom Monro farm, on the Leonard J. Bradford farm, on the Henry Card farm on the Porter Road, and at the Troy Fair grounds on Alparon Park Troy.  Tom Monro was a son of Dorcas S. Card Monro.  The woods on the Henry B. Card farm and on my father’s farm joined.  The picnic ground on our farm was in the north east corner of the woods just west of the line fence next to Henry B. Card’s farm.  I believe the last Monro, Card, Bradford picnic was held about 1902.”  “The Homer B. Card farm joined my fathers farm on the north.  Walter H. Card worked for Father and lived with us for a year or more.”

 Francis Robert Fish, born March 5, 1836 in Bristol, R.I.  died Jan. 20, 1886 in Troy, PA  His parents came to Sullivan Twp. In 1838 and settled on the farm later owned by Henry B. Card.  He came to Troy in 1846 making his home with his older brother, Nelson Fish.  First man to sign up with the Troy Guards formed in mid April 1861.  This group later became Co. C. 12th regiment, PA reserve corps.  His comrades describe him as “a good soldier, an efficient officer, ever able, willing and ready to do a soldiers’ duty”.  Received a bullet in the leg at 2nd Battle of Bull Run and carried it many years.  Honorably discharged in 1864.  Active in Troy guards and G.A.R.   Nov. 22, 1864, married Miss Mary Ann Kniffin of Le Roy, PA., first casualty in Troy guard among those who survived the war.  Buried in Card Cemetery with military honors from Co. C & Gustin Post G.A.R.

Joe D. Bradford adds this note, “Bowen O. Card Sr. Says that Fannie, wife of Jos. B. Card was Fannie Strait and that she was killed in an accident on Bailey Hill.”  Bailey Hill is on the old road west of Sylvania.  As I have heard it she was thrown from a wagon when the tongue dropped and the wagon crowded and frightened the horses; was so badly injured she died within a day or two.  W.T.C.

Subj:  hi joyce! cemetery corrections!
Date:  06/02/2004 8:52:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To:  JoyceTice

i'm william t. card son of william k.card who is at the sylvania cemetery. soon i hope to be helping out ms.tedesco on the board.i would appreciate it if you would make the proper corrections to my family history as you can.section one:the proper name is florence burritt not florance.she died when i was two.she was known as "flossie b."
also,my father william k.card,section3,also has the "back in 10 minutes" inscription on his side along with the masonic emblem.finally,you should know we buried my mom,mary f. card this last weekend next to can best contact me at

thank you for your help,regards billy.

At right, Kevin, Pat, Ken and Marie meet and plan their strategy

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By Joyce M. Tice

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