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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

The following note was sent in about a small burial ground in Orwell that we have not identified. If you know the name of this cemetery  please contact Joyce M. Tice at THanks, Joyce M. Tice

Date: 06/24/2000 10:50:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (no3rules)

   A few weeks ago I was at the Tioga County, NY Historical Society and was talking about family to someone and was told of a cemetery on a hill near the Ray Merrill property on Rte. 187 outside of Orwell.  So today I went over to see what I could find and found a few headstones in a small grove of trees.  There were a dozen or so most broken stones and  most unreadable, but I did manage to get some information from a few.  The information I got is as follows:
Johathan Payne died 1861
on the same stone was the name Hannah, date couldn't be read.
William Payne 3/30/1841
Harvey Fox
Sarah w/o  ? Fox
Thomas Fox
All the stones are slate except for a few white granite.
Reva Wagner

Subj:  Re: [PABRADFO] New at Tri-Counties Site
Date: 06/25/2000 9:56:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dick McCracken)

Joyce & all,

The cemetery in question is the D. Wichkam (Fox) Estate Cemetery.  It is actually located in Windham Twp, adjacent to the E. side of PA Rte 187, 0.2 miles N. of Ray Merrill's Garage. It is cemetery number 29 in the Bradford County Veterans Graves Registration Records.  See the cemetery file provided by me and on Joyce's site.

Information on the three veterans listed as buried there will be available on Joyce's site in the not too distant future.

The three veterans buried within:  Thomas Fox, Revolutionary War; Thomas Fox, unknown service, probably War of 1812; Jonathan Payne, War of 1812.

I visited this cemetery in 1995 and would like some hefty help in reading it.  It is a mess and will require moving several heavy headstones.

Dick McCracken
Townada, PA

Subj:  Re: [PABRADFO] New at Tri-Counties Site
Date: 06/25/2000 12:34:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dick McCracken)
To: (George Fox)
CC: (JoyceTice)


Yes, there are two Thomas Foxs in the burial record.  Following is the entire record of the three vets buried in Wickham Estate (Fox) Cem, Windham Twp, Bradford Co, PA:

Thomas Fox
b. 1754; d. 1837
War:  Revolutionary; US Army; Pvt.
Unit(s):  PA Continental Line, Capt Buel's Company; & Col Wylly's CT Line Troops (served in both CT and PA units).
Grave found during inventory?  Yes (1994)
Source:  WPA project #18078, 7 Mar 1939.
Remarks:  Grave unknown/unlocated.  found 1994.  Stone fallen - erect.

Thomas Fox
b. 4 Feb 1834; d. 1903
War:  Unknown; Branch:  Unknown
Grave found during inventory?  No (1994)
Source:  WPA project 18078, 21 Nov 1938
Remarks:  Added 7/19/1996; found in Alpha file
(As you can see, the period of service is questionable.  He was not born early enough for the War of 1812, was probably too old for the Spanish-American War (1898).  I mis-spoke when I stated earlier that he probably served during the War of 1812.  If he served it was Peacetime service.

Jonathan Payne
b. 1789; d. 20 Feb 1861
War:  1812; Branch:  US Army
Grave found during inventory?  No (1994)
Source:  WPA proj 18078, 21 Nov 1938 & 15 Oct 1941.

As an aside:
I lived in the village of North Orwell from 1978 to 1989, next door to Tom and Alice LEONARD Cook.  She is a daughter of Leonard Fox. Leonard's beautiful, grey barn is pictured on Joyce Tice's Orwell Twp page!  Leonard was a spry extremely likable, pleasant man, approaching 100 years of age and still raising a few head of cattle when I settled there.  I've seen a photograph printed in The Daily Review (Towanda) of Leonard and his horse-drawn milk wagon, delivering or picking up milk in the village of North Orwell many years ago.  It appeared while he was still living.

I don't know of any Wickhams still living in the area, but there are descendants of Leonard Fox of the long Fox line.

Dick McCracken
Towanda, PA

George Fox wrote:
> HI Dick
>  Are you saying there are 2 Thomas Foxes buried in That same place ? > I am researching my Foxes that I believe came from Bradford Co.
>          Thank You
>           George Fox
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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